Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tenang: Who got the extra card...

Its nomination day for Tenang state seat by-election. Irrespective of how many candidates are taking on Barisan's Azhar Ibrahim, the party workers must bear in mind that its a new 'war game' this time around.

After 21 years without any by-election in Johor, dont take for granted that the political scenario is similar to what we had back in the 1980s. The playground is getting bigger, the players have multiplied while the modus operandi gets more sophisticated.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin has threw a challenge for BN to chalk 'at least 5,000 majority' victory on January 30 poll, almost double from the 2,492 votes registered in the 2008 general election. Who would translate that challenge into reality?

The party workers will have to bear such a big responsibility. Confidence in winning is there - knowing Johor is BN's strongest stronghold - but the figure can either be enhanced or reduce significantly.

I just want to see BN workers start working in the morning and not to wait until the sun is down, unlike the Opposition party workers (especially Pas) who are accustomed to start wooing voters after the Subuh prayer.

I have covered almost all general elections and by-elections since 1981 and I noticed how Pas campaign machinery start cracking in the morning while the government supporters taking their sweet time before getting on the job.

When Pas party workers have already distributed about 10,000 pamphlets, the BN workers were just about to begin!

As both candidates, including Pas' Normala Sudirman are known to be fully-respected by the people in Tenang, character assassination is expected not to be part of campaigning issues. Even locals are not used to such 'dirty tactic' and badmouthing, thus sending a signal to both sides (including bloggers) not to start one.

Tenang folks are also united in so many ways. As to whether they are members of Umno, Pas, MCA, PKR or what, they dont mind sharing the same coffee table and chat as friends. Their political ideology may differ but not their line of friendship.

So, bloggers and journalists alike, you need to be more careful as this is not Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Gantang or Galas. There is almost no major issue in Tenang.

The only issue is to display our extra cards in wooing their support for BN. Do we have that?


kunci mas said...

i am confident bn will win but not confident of a higher majority. as u wrote, its a different ball game now

sapien said...

5,000 majority is impossible. i understand both candidates are even and well-recognised by tenang people for their contribution.

its not going to be easy for barisan nasional untuk secure that majority.

in fact, it could be less than that of 2008 poll

telur separuh masak said...

alaaa bang.

apa salahnya bagi pas menang, bukan jejas kedudukan kerajaan negeri pun.

pas ni orang melayu, orang islam. harap melayu tenang undi pas

orang kampung said...

Perhaps that's the reason why UMNO from other states are not quite welcome in this by-election. Presumably, they will just spoil the broth.

PAS, on the other hand, is being given massive support from its allies from all over the country.

A contrasting strategy but which one will deliver hinges on how the strategy is being implemented.

No one party, not even the incumbent UMNO, can take things for granted. It'll be a fatal mistake.

darling said...

diorang mesti spin kisah video chua soi lek, 1malaysia, isu kematian teoh beng hock dan sebagainya.

pembangkang takda modal sebenarnya. di tenang pun, pengundinya sudah biasa dengan perangai pembangkang, khasnya pas.

kita yakin menang, cuma semua pihak kena kerja keras untuk jamin majoriti tidak berkurangan

first floor 1977 said...


tenang is a sure win for bn

that is why umno johor wants to manage it by themselves.

whatever it is, HIDUP UMNO!

Anonymous said...


pas boleh menang jika umno kalah.

umno boleh menang jika pas kalah.

kublai khan said...


apa isu besar di tenang? soi lek ada join ke?

tak lama lagi, prk merlimau pulak.

untunglah bloger macam kau, asyik menuai je kejenya!

long john silver said...

let the war begin.

many say pas will lose in tenang. i think its 80 per cent true.

however, if the majority for bn is reduced, it means bad sign for barisan nasional in the next coming national poll. johor will be infected and affected!

Anonymous said...

piirraahhh umno.

jangan cakap besar. kalau kalah, kita tengok siapa menangis!

pas memang underdog di tenang... tapi air tenang jangan disangka takda buaya!

Anonymous said...

PAS boleh menang, Inshaallah. kami dah meluat dengan UMNO, parti yang berlagak melayu tapi tak faham inti melayu....pemimpinnya ramai yg bongkak kerana mengejar wang....

ming said...

nobody has the extra card, sir.

it all depends on the voters. if they think bn is a better choice, they will vote for bn, and vice versa

orang air panas said...

nampak gaya makin ramai orang luar, terutama penyokong pas yang masuk labis.

tak payah la datang ramai2 oiiii... buat sesak jalan je.

labis ni bukan besar sangat pun!

umno pun dah tentu menang...

amour said...

politik johor ni lain sikit bro. melayu tetap bersatu walaupun berlainan parti.

janganlah ada pihak yang hentam sana, hentam sini masa berkempen.

silap2 kena baling dengan kayu nanti!

Anonymous said...

pas akan menang,

tengoklah nanti!

umno dah tak boleh pakai