Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Khazanah should learn from Temasek's greed

Khazanah's boss Azman Mokhtar was cautious about further investments and acquisitions, saying it would be silly if the entity fails to recognise the high risk of spreading its empire.

"You can see markets started in 2011 in fairly buoyant fashion ... but we think one has to be nimble in this market," he said, adding that the government's investment agency was cognisant of factors beyond its control such as liquidity, investor sentiment and global events that could quickly sour the market (here).

"We need to increase our portfolio value, but the portfolio value is not just about the market price," he said about Khazanah Nasional which manages some RM112 billion in its portfolio.

And perhaps Khazanah should learn something from its 'carbon-copy' Temasek Holdings which has to pay a 15 billion Indonesian-rupiah (US$1.7 million) fine after Indonesia's Supreme Court again rejected its request for a review of a previous ruling that it breached antimonopoly laws.

"Temasek is disappointed that its application for Civil Review has been rejected as it has not contravened Indonesia's antimonopoly laws," Goh Yong Siang, Temasek's senior managing director of strategic relations, said (here).

Indonesia's Anti-Monopoly Commission, or KPPU, had previously ruled that Temasek violated the country's antitrust laws as it held indirect stakes in two cellular providers, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia and PT Indosat. Temasek appealed that ruling in May 2008, but it was turned down later that year.

And for Khazanah to consider investing abroad, they should take the cue from Temasek. After all, if Amok is appointed a minister in PM's Najib Cabinet, he wont leave behind a lump of manure behind...


nya-MOK said...

amok a minister?

what a joke.

he is not the brain behind khazanah, if u should know.

obviously he has created some manures during his tenancy as khazanah boss. plse check their record

vincent said...


i know u and azman used to be buddies when u were with business times.

what happened? dia tak offer u anything ka?

rilex man... he is going, not as a minister but as a monster in the making

tukang cat said...

takut tersilap langkah je. duit rm112b bukan banyak sangat, boleh abis sekelip mata kalau gagal. temasek lain, duit dia hampir S$1 trilion, so dia tak heran bayar denda banyak tu.

Anonymous said...

what minsiter and which portfolio? he should replace NMY as the minister who created a lot of mess!

junker said...

azman mokhtar can make a good minister, just like idris jala. dont underestimate his talent, u people!

after all, he is my friend. heh heh

Tenang Lautan Biru said...

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Terima kasih.

senior citizen said...

too many people are appointed to cabinet of late. no wonder how good they are in their discipline, the number should be limited.

some are not even worth-elected.

why not let them stand for general election instead of having an easy passage?

any thing is, we got too many senators, almost half of whom are not contributing!

budak sekolah said...

khazanah patut tumpu pada pelaburan dalam negara dulu dan pelbagaikannya, bukan setakat pilih bank, tenaga dan perkhidmatan sebagai pilihan. ini tak payah suruh, budak sekolah pun tahu nak labur.

tapi bidang lain yang meningkat naik seperti SMI dan sebagainya menjanjikan pulang besar jika diuruskan betul2

Anonymous said...

a big gap between khazanah and temasek, bro.

in terms of investment portfolio, khazanah is so rigid in terms of making investment and diversifying.

temasek got leading economists who can foresee and calculate the risk at random before letting the company invest and diversify.

mancis said...

yang saya tau, temasek dikuasai dan dimiliki bukan saja oleh kerajaan tetapi perdana menteri dan ahli kabinetnya yang lain secara terbuka manakala khazanah didaftarkan sebagai milik kerajaan. takkan pm dan orang besar kita takda share dalam sahamnya? takkan azman takda pegangan langsung di dalamnya selain menhuruskan 'pemerintahannya!'

Anonymous said...

bukan dia yang buat kerja untuk khazanah tapi orang lain.

dia duduk meeting je... bukan tak kenal

kuppu said...

i personally believe azman has been leading khazanah well and is fit to become a deputy or a full minister.