Sunday, January 16, 2011

Israeli soldiers kill 1337 Palestinian children

I just couldnt sleep after receiving an e-mail from Reza al-Mehdi, a journalist friend in Ramallah who wrote:

"My bro, do you know that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and Israeli settlers have killed 1337 Palestinian children since the Aqsa intifada in late September 2000 until late 2010? Its an alarming figure but the international community seems to ignore it. What have the children done to them?"

The figure was released by the Ahrar Research Center on Friday. The study said the children were killed in direct murder crimes or during shelling, random firing, confrontations, and targeting residential areas.

The biggest number of children killed was in Gaza (977) followed by Nablus (92) then Jenin (77).

The study also said that the IOF detained around 3300 Palestinian children in 2010 and around 11000 in the past three years, including 103 girls.

Fuad Al-Khafsh, director of the Ahrar center, held the Israeli occupation authority fully responsible for crimes committed against those Palestinian minors. He asked human rights groups and all concerned institutions to prosecute IOF leaders and Israeli security apparatuses for such crimes.

In a related development, IOF soldiers stormed Zabuba village west of Jenin on Friday night and took away a 16-year-old boy from his home.

Witnesses reported that the soldiers broke into several homes and questioned their owners after searching them.

Such a brutality on Palestinian children happens everyday in Gaza and other occupied territories. Why are the Israeli kidnapping or killing them? To avoid them from growing up to join intifadah!


cakrawala said...

i am deeply moved. its sad to note how israel refuse to distinguish between adults and children.

the united nations should be more strict in dealing with israel and usa veto against any resolution adopted to halt israel aggression.

but what can they do? the americans are funding them...

penny said...

we can only sympathise... nothing more... so sorry for what befall the kids

hj mustaqim said...

ia angka yang amat memeranjatkan, sdr. tidak pernah terfikir begi ramai kanak2 tidak berdosa jadi mangsa yahudi di palestin.

sampai bilakah dunia akan hanya duduk memerhatikan kekejaman ini?

apa sudah jadi dengan perpaduan dan kerjasama yang sepatutnya wujud di kalangan negara islam dan arab, seperti yang dituntut oleh islam?

Anonymous said...

barack obama only talks cock.

he will just let israel kill all palestinians!

jin kutub said...

PBB dah jadi makin buta dengan sikap amerika dan konco2nya yang menyokong israel terang2an.

selagi washington masih menguasai badan dunia itu, sampai bila2 pun israel akan terus meratah daging rakyat palestin!

lang tengah said...

kita boleh buat apa jai?

negara arab yang dekat dengan palestin pun tak buat secukupnya kerana nak jaga hati amerika. ni kan pulak kita yang jauh ni...

cuma kita mampu berdoa...

Anonymous said...

whatever happens to the palestinians, the un and the us should be responsible!