Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gone! Money for RTM extra channel

On February 10, 2006 Kadir Sheikh Fadzir announced that Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) would have another TV channel by September that year. It would serve Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Klang and Seremban before going nationwide (read here).

However, nothing happened. No extra channel, not extra announcement, even after Kadir resigned and Ahmad Shabery Chik took over the portfolio.

The Finance Ministry was said to have pumped in about RM80 million for the purpose, hoping RTM to be more competitive with the private TV operators.

Although the new digital channel was again mentioned during Shabery's era (and Pak Lah's), it fell short of expectation. Again, nothing happened and nobody knew where the money had gone to.

And under Datuk Rais Yatim, few of his officers told me the money was no more there. Where did it go? Back to Treasury or being siphoned to other Info Ministry's projects?

Who should answer this - Kadir, Shabery or Rais? (I dont think Rais knows about it...)


rusliesophian said...

Salam Tuan,
Susah nak cakap! Tapi sejak ketiga-tiga terajui di RTM, peluang kami sebagai penulis skrip semakin terhakis. Konsep pitching yg diadakan pun hanya sebagai wayang...!

Anonymous said...

No need answers to such questions. Just BLINDLY allow/ensure BN to remain in power BY ALL MEANS.

After all, is that not the ONLY agenda?


Anonymous said...

Yeah. And it's called Muzik aktif channel 180 on Astro, go check it out now. The name and content will change this year to be more contemporary.

Check your facts man!

Anonymous said...

Of course I dont know anything bout it. I'm busy trying to force myself on my new Indon maid.

Kawan Bru

ex-husband said...

i think i know where the money went - for some renovations at VVIPs house!

Anonymous said...

kadir resigned before the project was on air.

he got to answer that, not shabery or rais!

asst producer said...

RTM belongs to the govt. so far, much has been done to enhance its progs and other things.

however, it got so many heads and they spoilt so many good things at the station.

when kadir was minsiter, he was good in the sense that he always review the station from every aspect and tried to improve it.

however, some of his good ideas got the boot

telur separuh masak said...

kenapa sekarang baru nak bongkar kes ni, bro?

nak kenakan siapa? kadir atau shabery chik atau rais?

aku tak fikir rais terlibat dengan isu ini. kesian dia, dah teruk korang belasah dia!

gred 3 said...

kat astro dah ada tapi bukan itu yang dimaksudkan. yang kat astro tu tak pakai modal.

yang dimaksudkan saluran baru ni ialah di saluran tv rtm. yang inilah perlukan modal besar.

entah2 sebab duit dah takda, tu pasal saluran tu tak dilaksanakan.

Anonymous said...


memang benar kata RUSLIESOPHIAN. tiga menteri sejak kadir cuma mementingkan nama sendiri, tak pikir masalah penulis skrip dan yang lain2.

asyik pentingkan tempolok sendiri jugak hingga pelanggan RTM lambat terima bayaran dan bayaran pun tak setimpal

Anonymous said...

duit tu dah dihantar ke tabung majapahit... hehehe

Cucu said...

Not true la...Kadir The Mamak was probably referring to RTM's Pilot Project for the Digital Terrestrial TV in the Klang Valley which was duly caried out.The actual project costing around Three Billion was probably put on hold as Gomen takdak duit kot.But this does not stop those in power from salivating at the huge opportunities arising from such a project.Macam2 cerita dah kuar beb!

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,
Dah biasa beb dalam hal Menteri BN umum sesuatu projek. Sekejap ada, pas tu lesap. Melayu mudah lupa..Rakyat..He3..