Thursday, January 27, 2011

'Dont corrupt people of Tenang!'

I like what Home Minister Hisham said in Labis on Tuesday that politic of racism, hatred and division is not accepted in Johor. Johorians, irrespective of race and religion will never advocate themselves to such a politic.

In a statement prior to Tenang by-election on Jan 30, he said nobody should be allowed to sow the seeds of hatred in the state because Johorians will not accept it.

Frankly, I admire how the people in Tenang are still one despite subscribing to different political ideology. The Malays, Chinese and Indians observe mutual respect and will not do anything to provoke each other into an argument or confrontation.

And Hisham is right. Johor politics differ from that of other states. I think its unique in the sense that their politicians do not really go for personal attacks or character assassination during campaigning. They normally go after professional arguments. It is only of late that one of two 'growing up' politicians have subscribed to unpleasant tactics.

I believe in what Hisham said. A few days in Tenang proved it. The unity demonstrated by its people is not similar with that of other places. The people not only know each other but also can tell one's house. The Malays, Chinese, Indians and others bump into each other mostly everyday at the 'pasar tani' and the wet market.

Some say such a social environment is attainable because Tenang is a small area. I agree but there are many other smaller constituencies in Malaysia where the people are not only politically divided but 'they screw each other' (the best to describe it,I guess!).

In Tenang, you can be a member of Umno, Pas, PKR, DAP, MCA, Gerakan and other parties but they always meet at coffee shops and other places. Members of Umno, Pas and PKR usually meet at suraus and mosques and they can talk for hours without offending one another.

Members of MCA and DAP share the same 'house of God' and meet up regularly to discuss social and political issues but they never land a fist on each other's face.

For years, this people have observed mutual understanding and respect. For outsiders who came to Tenang for the by-election, they too should recognise the fact that Tenang's unity is not easy to be rattled. Badmouth campaigning should be avoided as the people, irrespective of politics, do not like it.

In fact, both candidates Azahar (BN) and Normala (PR) are not aliens in Tenang and Labis. Both are well respected and recognised for their contribution to the constituents.

As how Hisham puts it - dont corrupt the people of Tenang with bad politics! Let's have a clean one...


khair, segamat said...

jai, kau ampu hisham atau johor?

tapi sebagai orang johor, aku berterima kasih kepada kau kerana tulis benda yang betul ni.

memang kami orang johor tak suka bermusuhan sesama manusia hanya kerana perbezaan politik. kami tak mahu jadi seperti negeri lain di mana ayah dan anak pun tak bercakap sebab sorang umno dan sorang pas.

kita di johor ni baik2 je, takda nak hasut orang lain agar benci parti itu dan parti ini.

cuma terserahlah kepada kebijaksanaan pengundi dalam memilih parti yang benar2 boleh bantu semua rakyat.

kau masih di labis ke?

hanee said...

woi! why the sudden change?

rilex bro, i agree with hisham too. johorians dont like confrontation.

Anonymous said...

as for now, johor is quite a safe state. but wait la next general election.

dont care la whether its bad or good politic. the aim is to win!

channel 69 said...

menteri amaran dalam negeri ni memang pandai berkata-kata tapi tak pandai laksanakan tugas dengan betul!

kau puji dia buat hapa!

dia ada kasi ke?

pom-pom boys said...



johor memang best!

vlanderen said...

u picked a good pic of him... looks just like his late father.... but will he get the chance to climb up to no.1?

observer said...

what he said is true but johorians are becoming more mean nowadays.

some of its MPs are becoming more like kelantanese when the talk

dont believe me?

go to dewan rakyat then!

akob klebang besau said...

mentang2 la kau anak melaka yang skolah kat johor. bukan main puji lagi kau ye!

kita tengok le prk merlimau nanti, bro. tengok macam mana orang melaka pulak.


Anonymous said...


how much is paying u.

u are known to shooting continuously at hisham... why the turnaround?

anthing haaa???

anak perak di johor said...

i believe hisham was sincere in making that statement. johor is not like selangor, kelantan or penang. the people remain united no matter what party they are. i am an outsider who ve been living in kluang for 20 years and i notice what hisham said is true and undeniable.

Anonymous said...

How could he be telling others? Hisham was as guilty as one with his keris weilding act.

vincent said...

tenang is flooded, bro.

by feng-shui, its a good sign for barisan nasional!

Anonymous said...


the people of tenang are already corrupted bu chua soi lek's sex scandal.

jalil tebuan said...

jangan puji hisham tu banyak2 bro. dia ni memang suka dipuji tapi takkan tolong kawan2 punya.

sejak di kementerian pelajaran lagi, dia dah kedekut nak bantu kawan2 yang pernah angkat dia naik dalam politik.

masuk je kdn, hidung dia makin kembang dan tinggi.

apa yang dia dah bagi kau?

Anonymous said...

some bloggers are also corrupting them with their vulgarity in writing. they should observe some ethic if they want to help umno and the malays

air tenang said...


johor tak perlukan orang luar untuk ajar kami siapa yang patut kami pilih.

kalau yang datang tu nak cakap dan berucap benda mengarut, hentikanlah, terutama pas dan pkr.

Anonymous said...

saya setuju dengan hisham.

melayu johor, cina johor, india johor dan semua kaumnya amat mementingkan keharmonian.

so, janganlah dikeruhkan keadaan. kami tak suka

gunung lambak said...

i dont quite like hisham's way on handling the home ministry but i am supporting his statement about tenang and johor.

sabri, ulu tiram said...

kau memang hampeh sebab sokong hisham... tapi aku setuju yang kau pun setuju dengan kenyataannya mengenai politik johor.

kali ni aku sokong kau sebab tulisan kau mengenai politik johor memang tetapi dan memberangsangkan.

kalau kau ke jb, aku belanja kau seafood

he he he

ms teh, yong peng said...

as a chinese, i am also of the opinion that politics of johorians are not similar to that in other states.

we respect each other although we may differ in ideology.

i would suggest for anyone who wants to study politic to come to johor, stay here and mingle around with the people.

nasi dan kicap said...

wah wah wah.

kau dah ok ke dengan hisham?

elok lah, mana la tau dia bagi kau projek baik punya. boleh gak aku tumpang.

jangan marah ye bro!