Friday, January 14, 2011

Be fair, MCMC!

I was told that about 800 telco transmission towers are for grab at the MCMC. If an average cost per tower is RM1.5 million, it means RM1.2 billion worth of project awaits local contractors holding the NSP license.

But as to how far is the truth that those in Sabah, Sarawak and Pahang are 'untouchable' because they are meant for Sabahans, Sarawakians and a 'royal' group in Pahang, has yet to be ascertained.

Its a common practice that government projects in Sabah and Sarawak are prioritised for locals. In Sarawak, for instant, Cahayamata is the master.

It is also understood that some have been awarded in Kedah and Johor while the rest is undergoing 'screening' at the MCMC.

I think I've seen an open tender last year calling on local contractors to bid for it. I know someone who offered the lowest price was booted out 'politically' although he was told by someone 'inside' that the a letter of award was ready.

Soon, there would be more calls for suc tenders. I believe the MCMC is a 'fair' government agency...


bloombug said...

fair, u say?

they cant be fair as long as rais is there!

Anonymous said...

kau sindir siapa ni, jai?

kalau nak hentam minister, hentam terus je, jangan simpan2.

dia takkan saman kau!

tiga bini said...

who gets pahang job?

another thing, u dared to mention cahayamata sarawak in this posting. careful, u wont be able to cover sarawak election!

swee king said...

its normal la they wont give to the lowest bidder. the margin is low, so they cant nego the kickbacks.

they will go for the 'a bit higher' quotation. u know why la.

mr kudita said...


your friend ali hanapiah has been promoted to CEO of MCMC.

why not get some contracts from him, instead of you blaming the agency!

Anonymous said...

nobody is fair, bro.

not easy to be fair.

even najib is not being fair to his ex-family

temper said...

nak dapatkan NSP lesen dah la mahal, lepas tu tak dapat pulak projek daripada MCMC.

kalau taknak bagi, janganlah galakkan syarikat tempatan khasnya bumiputera mohon lesen tu.


Blognostic said...

Government without transparency, is Government without governance.