Monday, January 10, 2011

Ban Hindraf, Najib... and strip Moorthy's citizenship!

None of the Malaysian Chinese, the second largest race in the country had never instigated Beijing to sever its trade or other bilateral ties with Malaysia. Yes, there were some mistreatment and things like that. They understand that no government is so perfect.

Neither MCA, Gerakan nor other Chinese associations or NGOs have ever requested mainland China to do so. They remain Malaysians.

However, Hindraf which represents a minority of Malaysian Indians went overboard by asking New Delhi to sever all trade relation with Malaysia. There only reason, 'ill-treatment of the Indians by Malaysian Government' (here).

The call was made based on Hindraf’s Malaysian Indian Minority and Human Rights Violations annual report 2010 which claimed that Malaysian Indians were suffering grave human rights violations committed by the Malaysian government. Hindraf activists had distributed copies of the report at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (Overseas Indians Conference) in New Delhi, which commenced yesterday last Friday.

(Former MIC president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu was also there leading a 150-strong delegation but did not say anything to refute Hindraf's claim).

Based on news reports published by the Malaysian media, the Hindraf report alleged that 95 per cent of those killed by the Malaysian police were Indians, 90 per cent of custodial deaths and 80 per cent of those who experienced 'police harassment, unlawful arrests, frivolous and malicious prosecutions', were Malaysian Indians.

The report added that 48 per cent of prisoners in 28 prisons in Malaysia were ethnic Indians and in 2010 alone, 5,000 Indians were arrested and detained under the Emergency Ordinance, which allowed for detention without trial.

But a Human Ministry's report said about 200,000 Indian youths in Malaysia were involved in crime. About 100,000 ethnic Indian gangsters operate in Malaysia.

This gave Hindraf chairman's P Waythamoorthy (pic) the 'license' to ask the Indian government to issue a note of censure against its Malaysian counterpart in a language consistent with the serious and urgent nature of the problem.

I think Moorthy doesnt consider himself as a Malaysia, and so the rest of Hindraf members. They feel they are citizens of India. That's why they wanted to see the Malaysian economy takes a flop, hence giving room for its Indian gangsters to run an amok for survival.

This guy is a traitor. I commend former premier Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for outlawing Hindraf during his tenancy but Najib legalised them.

People like Moorthy doesnt deserve to be a Malaysian and I personally would like the Home Minister to take up this matter. If there is a need to strip his citizenship, I believe many Indians would support the move!

Moorthy and his followers can leave Malaysia once they get their Indian citizenship!


karipuley said...


strip his citizenship and expel him from the country. let him choose a country he deems good to stay.

malaysia doesnt need a citizen like this. he is more dangerous than anwar ibrahim and netanyahu!

suu suu lee said...

m i glad to be a chinese. malaysian chinese got probs too but will never try to cause any harm to it.

i love my country maaaa!!!!

pedati said...

ada ke kau mintak hisham ambil tindakan ke atas moorthy! dia takkan buat punya, bro!

tak caya, kau tunggu je la. elok dia duduk ofis dan goyang telur je.

apa yang dibuat oleh hindraf ni boleh dikategorikan sebagai satu pengkhianatan dan cuba mensabotaj negara sendiri, ekonomi sendiri.

memang patut diambil tindakan keras. cuma harap datuk najib je boleh timbang buruk-baik perlakuan mamat india ni.

nak harapkan hisham, entah la. elok suruh dia main golf je siang malam!

Anonymous said...

PM india pun paham..specis mcm ni mmg mentalitinya PARIA..kalau dilayan mmg merosakkan NEGARA..

Kat india orang mcm ni banyak sangat & berak merata2 di longkang awam..

Manmohan Singh pun tahu India Malaysia paling bertuyah dan lebih baik dari Majoriti Paria di negara India..

y6g banyak melalak dlm Dap, PKR, BN dll ialah specis ini..

Anonymous said...

hindraf is a hindrance to national unity, to national progress and to national integrity.

as far as i know, they contributed nothing to the well being of the malaysian indians. they only talk cock and demanding this and that.

the home ministry and pm should reconsider them!

virus said...

tell him to fuck off from malaysia!

dajal suci said...

orang macam ni patut ditahan di kamunting, bagi pendidikan sikit mengenai pentingnya ekonomi negara berkembang untuk semua kaum.

nak biarkan orang macam ni menghasut negara lain agar putuskan hubungan dagang dengan malaysia, adalah cukup bahaya.

orang macam ni cuma pandai cakap, tak sedar diri. majoriti orang india pun tak sokong dia, apa lagi rakyat malaysia.

bangang punya worang!

jangan pandang atas said...

dulu masa paklah haramkan hindraf, ramai yang bantah, termasuklah ngo.

ni mana dia ngo yang sokong kenyataan moorthy gila ni?

takda akal ke?

the best murthy said...

hindraf must do some fact findings here as to why more indian youth are becoming gangster rather than turning to india to seek solace.

such a high percentage shows a seriouos moral decay in the indian community. what is hindraf doing to address it?

the govt is not to be blamed. the govt has and is doing what is best for all malaysians, irrespective of race and religion but hindraf is playing with a serious sentiment by asking a foreign government to sever trade ties with malaysia.

what is his gain in doing this?

Anonymous said...

menghasut negara lain memutuskan apa juga hubungan dua hala dengan malaysia ialah satu perbuatan khianat dan subversif.

tidakkah datuk najib terfikir untuk mengharamkan semula hindraf?

Anonymous said...

siapa patut dipersalahkan dalam hal ini?

siapa lagi kalau bukan si hisham yang lembik tu. kalau aku jadi menteri kdn, aku dah humban dah india gila ni penjara ISA.

yob lekior said...


samy vellu ada kat sana masa tu tapi dia senyap je, tak cakap atau komen apa2.

apsal samy?

trivia said...

this guy is dangerous to the country.

the govt should consider an action.

Bawal said...

Apa lagi tunggu... Strip him of citizenship..

oppsss... JANGAN !!!! nanti PAS sembahyang hajat lak...

Paitium said...

Either the guy is mad or just stirring shit.

The Indians are far better off here than in China, Belgium, North Pole and Siberia put together. Even in India, they will be treated like an outcaste.

So what's their beef?

Anonymous said...

he worships india more than malaysia. he considers himself an indian citizen.

so, he should not become a malaysian.

bekas sarjan said...

sebagai rakyat, kita sepatutnya membantu memajukan negara dalam keadaan apa sekalipun. walaupun ada maalah, keutamaan dan kemakmuran negara mestilah dipelihara demi rakyat.

kalau beginilah sikap moorthy, dia bukan seorang pemimpin yang waras kerana bukan saja membelakangkan kepentingan negara, malah rakyat.

dia tidak harus dibiarkan bermaharajalela. sikapnya tidak melayakkannya menjadi warga malaysia kerana dia ingin menjahanamkan negara.

kerajaan harus bertindak ke atasnya sebelum terlambat.

jika tidak, biar rakyat sendiri yang ganyang dia!

nang nak said...

tunggu apa lagi, datuk hisham?

takkan nak diam diri je dalam hal ni! moorthy ni tak bahaya ke?

Anonymous said...

let him become a citizen of india or other nations. he is not fit to become a malaysian!


Anonymous said...

hindraf is a terrorist and subversive group. they are not only against the govt but also against the malay rulers and the malays.

Anonymous said...

agaknya hindraf ni nak try penangan orang melayu...!


penggali kubur said...

he enjoys a good living in malaysia and now he wants to ruin it.

dia ni dah gila, takda otak.

pukimak punya orang!

Rasputin Beliong said...

Have you guys not realised Samy is working hands in glove with (the behind's rough) Moorthy not dissimilar to MCA-DAP arrangement. That way they can extract more than their share from our subdued UMNO-led government.

vinnan said...

Against an Aneh UMNO never had, do not have and will nwver have the balls to touch them. Why? Wasn't UMNO riled by an Aneh for 22 years who till today is considered by the majority of Malays as a Melayu hero?

Anonymous said...

Then what? Go back to india as Pariah?
Sleep on the sidewalk? Free drinks of drain water.

Been To India and seen it lah. From Pariahs to Brahmins.

Mat Bonk

moon rose said...

Sad..if ur not happy in Malaysia. Please feel free to go india...see how long u can survive there..

even org india kat INDIA tuh pun dengarnye tak suka org india MALAYSIA. Why ? because they consider org india MALAYSIA dr golongan PARIA! betol ke?

So apa lagi.. x happy kat malaysia?
ha pi la balik INDIA.

Jangan nak samakan keadaan di Malaysia dgn keadaan di INDIA.

moon rose said...

Sad..if ur not happy in Malaysia. Please feel free to go india...see how long u can survive there..

even org india kat INDIA tuh pun dengarnye tak suka org india MALAYSIA. Why ? because they consider org india MALAYSIA dr golongan PARIA! betol ke?

So apa lagi.. x happy kat malaysia?
ha pi la balik INDIA.

Jangan nak samakan keadaan di Malaysia dgn keadaan di INDIA.

Anonymous said...

it seems to be true.....indian always think of india, even when they are MALAYSIAN