Thursday, September 30, 2010

AG must give priority to Kelantan royal tussle too...

Latest: Sultan strips younger brother's titles

The Federal Court has set Oct 23 to decide whether it has the jurisdiction to hear Sultan Ismail Petra's petitions on the legality of Tengku Faris appointment as the new Sultan of Kelantan, and whether the latter (as a Regent) has the executive power to amend the state constitution.

Looks like the bitter feud between a father and son is far from over. The Palace is ripped into two while the rakyat, too is divided over the issue.

However, there are serious aspects which entailed the crisis to be considered, not only by the Court but also by the government. Reports lodged by both sides had since failed to arouse concern at the Cabinet and judiciary. AG Gani Patail who is directly involved in the case got his mouth sewed while Prime Minister Najib and Home Minister Hishammuddin were tightlips over the matter.

So much attention are given to the murder case of Sosilawati and three others, Namewee's U-Tube and others, with no indication given to events and reports about the royal feud, among which are the U-Tube which clearly showed UTK ambushed the deposed Sultan at gunpoint and the murder of a Palace guard earlier this year.

Former IGP Musa Hassan is seen to have 'washed his hands' from the case but as long as the legal proceedings are concerned, no stones will be left unturned. He will be required to give statements to the court when required, and so will Kelantan police chief and a few officers. Even Tengku Faris and his brother Tengku Fakhry can be summoned for their statements too.

As many had said, the royal feud should be left to the Palace to solve but when so much publicity involving outsiders interference (including the UTK and Bukit Aman) are confusing the public, its not becoming the Palace domain anymore. After all, there wont be a Sultan without the rakyat and Constitution support.

There were some intriguing arguments raised by different parties. Although Faris appointment was said to be valid and approved by the state government, a few issues had brought about some points of contention.

Some of the issues are whether the amendment to the state constitution was done accordingly, whether a Regent is empowered to amend any clause of the constitution, whether the amendment comes into force without having it gazetted for a stipulated period, and why the Rulers Council was not informed of the appointment of a new Sultan.

Sultan Ismail's counsel Param Cumaraswamy said it was premature for the Regent to arrogate to himself the power conferred to the Sultan as the issue was still being considered by the Federal Court, and secondly, it seems invidious that the Council of Royal Succession, whose very existence is in dispute, can choose and appoint the Regent as the Sultan.

The unpleasant news is, Sultan Ismail himself did not recognise Faris as the new Sultan, and his son too did not visit his parents (like other Muslims should do) during Hari Raya.

Of course, the court is just the right avenue to solve the crisis. The question here is whether it will be conducted thoroughly and get cooperation from all parties. Otherwise, the war will rage on...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

100 policemen against 50 Perkasa members!

About 50 people staged a peaceful anti-Namewee demonstration in front of the Chinese Assembly Hall in Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur around 8.30pm last nite.

The demo was a usual one, just like others. However, when some 100 policemen came to disperse them, it turned out to be a farce. 100 against 50! When I organised the demo at the Australian High Commission earlier this year, there were only about 30 policemen against 500 demonstrators.

I guess the presence of Perkasa members sent down shiver, either to the police or those inside the Hall. Namewee, now a 'superstar' in inciting racial disharmony, was inside for his latest album recording (here).

Wira Perkasa Malaysia head Arman Azha Abu Hanifah who headed the gathering tried to enter the building but he was prevented by the police.

I can see that the label 'Perkasa' is getting strong recognition from the non-Malays. Good la...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Najib must takeover Home Ministry!

What Cabinet reshuffle? People are talking about it already, that Prime Minister Najib Razak will 'streamline' his Cabinet after Hari Raya. A minor one... and the guessing game makes me quite excited as well.

Some say Pemuda Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin will be given a seat in the minor shakeup. I know many people are against him for 'being the son-in-law' of former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (ha ha ha...) but its the prerogative rights of the Prime Minister to include KJ if he wants. After all, KJ is said to has done a good job in rallying Pemuda members behind him.

Rumormongers also help Najib, in a way or another, by hitting out at Minister at the PM's Department Nor Mohamed Yakcop, hoping for him to face the axe.

Who else? Nazri Aziz? Hmmm.... that's unlikely. No matter how much controversy he creates, he is a survivor.

However, I dont care. My main focus is the Home Ministry. It is high time for the portfolio to go back to the Prime Minister. That's the tradition we had since Independence.

Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the last premier to hold that important portfolio. When Pak Lah took over, he 'gave it away' and took over the Finance Minister position instead.

Dr Mahathir was forced to hold the Finance portfolio after the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim. I guess at that particular time, nobody else was fit to replace Anwar. However, Pak Lah failed to recognise the importance of such a portfolio to be put under him.

And Najib follow suit. He was more keen to become a Finance Minister at the same time when there is/are candidates suitable for that post. He too fails to identify the significant of holding the Home Minister portfolio while expediting his duty as a Prime Minister.

I dont want to say anything about Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. While many say he is not a performer and doesnt fit well into that position, some quarters say he is doing okay. So, better leave it to Najib's discretion.

Whatever it is, Najib should take care of the Home Ministry!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shall we flush out the 3 million Indons?

Its about Indonesia again. While both governments are doing the best to patch up things, there are certain quarters in Indonesia who preferred us to part for good. The latest demonstration at our ambassador's residence in Jakarta was regretted.

About 500 Bendera and other members of anti-Malaysia groups demanded the envoy to leave the country in two days of face the consequences. From territorial dispute, it spread to the latest maid abuse in Penang.

I (can I say we?) would like to tell Jakarta (where some ot its politicians also joined the anti-Malaysia bandwagon) that by virtue, Malaysians too got the right to stage similar demo at their embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Why? We host about 3 million Indonesians in the country, almost one third entered our territory via the back doors. By right, we can easily flush them out for violating our law. However, we legalised some of them as there were demands for workers in various sectors.

We announced the amnesty plan mostly every year for the illegal to go home and we only impose a RM800 penalty each for an exit visa. Even that, many got reduction on humanitarian ground as some of them could not produce sufficient fund for it. And of course, some Malaysians help them out, too.

Now, did we ever complaint to the Indonesian government about a few thousand Indonesian who breached our law here? When you in Indonesia made noise and politicised the issue on the detention of Indonesians waiting death sentences and those behind bars, did we simply catch and punish them?

They are murderers, rapists, kidnappers, armed robbers and drug traffickers. Some of this 'high-ranking' convicts of yours are also on your wanted list. When they killed and raped Malaysians, did we show any kind of protest or stage an ugly demonstration in front of your embassy or your 'Rumah Indonesia'?

What about those who indulged themselves in vice activities, theft and others? Did we blame the whole Indonesia for what they did here?

We do understand that out of 3 million Indonesians in Malaysia, we cant help but accept their wrongdoings and, of course, we have to reprimand them. Is that also wrong? Or is an Indonesian of the same class as an American where none of them should be produced in overseas court?

And your plan to 'sweep' Malaysians out of Indonesia - what would be your gain? If you still want to advocate yourself to Sukarno's 'Ganyang Malaysia', may as well we break off. Malaysia wont lose anything. We can always recall our major investors home, the few hundreds students and at the same time tell the 3 million Indonesians to go home as well.

You may not be able to export you clove cigarettes to Malaysian (admit it that its sales is one of Indonesia's major revenue earners), no more Indon movies, no more 'dangdut' albums and no more Indonesian delights for Malaysia. That's okay.

Remember when you made an issue out of culture and dances? One of your dances was Indian-originated but no Indians made noise about it but when Malaysians performed it, you accused us of stealing it.

I believe those who showed such a protest do not know history. Please acknowledge that many Malaysians have their ancestors in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and other parts of Indonesia. When they migrated to Malaysia many years ago, they brought with them similar culture, language and the way of life. They practiced it here. Aren't you proud of it?

So, when you told our ambassador to go home, shall we tell your 3 million people here to leave as well? I believe you (those anti-Malaysia groups) are serious about it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are not hard up for Indon maids!

We should respect Indonesia's decision to ban prospective maids from going to Malaysia. Kuwait and Jordan are also on the list. Whether the decision has anything to do with the soured diplomatic relations between us and them, we should not be alarmed.

We got options, good ones. We have the Filipinos, Indians, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis and others who are also hard working. The Filipinos and Sri Lankans have what most Indon maids dont - loyal and obedient (here).

So, there is no need to be so hard up for the Indonesians. Better if we stop employing them as they also contribute to social problems in the country.

The Indonesian government was so uptight with some abuse cases involving their nationals in Malaysia. We got about 280,000 Indon maids working here... and how many of them were abused? 50,000? 100,000 maybe?

They are human and they serve human. Some human are good while the rest are evil. Some maids are evil too. Did the Indonesian government know how many of their maids working in Malaysia fled with their boyfriends and friends, most of whom are Indonesians as well? They couldnt care less if they run away without their pasports as the Malaysian government would give amnesty mostly every year for those who want to return home.

Does the Indonesian authority know how many of these maids are involved in vice activity as well? Furthermore, are they aware that there are cases involving Indonesian maids abusing babies, children and people in their care? And how many of them were caught stealing from the house they serve?

There are also cases where some maids who left their hubbies and children in Indonesia, cheated their countrymen (and some stupid Malaysian males too) into marriage on the pretext that they are divorcees. Disgusting, isnt it?

Going by ratio, the abuse cases are so small compared with the 'unpleasant' cases they indulged in. The Malaysian authority is always quick in taking action against employers who abuse their maid. There are thousands good employers who treat them as family members, provide them with good lodging, food and others.

In fact, Jakarta should also show appreciation to some good employers who arranged their maid to get the PR status (those who have served them long enough). Some of them are no longer treated as maids but as business partners. And why didnt Jakarta say something soothing about such a golden treatment?

A few cannot speak for many. There could be one or two bad employers in 1,000. If Jakarta is fond of politicising this few cases, they should also know how to appreciate the good ones. When Bendera staged demonstrations at the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta and pelted the building with dongs, did we call them evil? Nope!

So, suit yourself if you dont want your maids to work in Malaysia. You may also call home those who are already here. We will not complaint. Its your call, anyway! Sometimes it doesnt pay to be nice and helpful, right?

To the Indon minister, are you aware that most of your maids who have completed their service here refused to go back to Indonesia or to be sent home? You better ask them why!

I think it is time for our government to review the whole policy of employing Indonesian maids. They are not our only source. Rather than employing them, we better set up a special college to train our dropouts in housekeeping. At least, they deserve better wages!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace is observed today. Throughout the world, all wars and conflict should cease, at least to respect it. However, it is sad to note that the Israeli soldiers are still bombing Gaza Strip amid global calls for Tel Aviv to halt it.

In Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, nobody cares for the Day. The US soldiers are still at their offensive in both Iraq and Afghanistan while warring factions in some parts of Pakistan are still killing each other.

Israel doesnt belong to humanity, I suppose.

The International Day of Peace, observed each year on 21 September, is a global call for non-violence. This year, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (read his message) is calling on young people around the world to take a stand for peace under the theme, Youth for Peace and Development.

Youth, peace and development are closely interlinked: Peace enables development, which is critical in providing opportunities for young people, particularly those in countries emerging from conflict.

Healthy, educated youth are in turn crucial to sustainable development and peace. Peace, stability and security are essential to achieving the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations, aimed at slashing poverty, hunger, disease, and maternal and child death by 2015.

Why cant we observe the day? To those at war, aren't we sick and tired of it?

Monday, September 20, 2010

'Pregnant school' gets students

A good start. Five pregnant teens will enrol at the Sekolah Harapan in Jasin today. The Form Four and Form Five students are from Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur, Pahang and Johor.

The school, specially 'designed' to cater for teenagers who got pregnant out of wedlock, is also meant to reduce, if not halt, baby dumping case which is on the rise in the country (read here).

However, Chief Minister Ali Rustam, in announcing this yesterday did not say whether the students, of whom one is a Chinese, are already married to their 'boyfriends' as getting-married-first is a 'compulsary permit' for them to enrol.

The idea received pros and cons response when it was announced about two months ago. The Opposition and some NGOs lambasted it as not practical because it would encourage our teenagers to indulge themselves in free sex while some quarters supported it.

I was in Kelantan during Hari Raya. I was told that some 'madrasah' in the State were issued with 'sembahyang raya' sermons about the issue, which among others made fun of the Sekolah Harapan and Ali himself, that the school is built on 'sins'.

I dont know how many more young pregnant girls will seek 'protection' at the school but I am sure those involved will undergo special rehabilitation programme aided by Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka.

What is your comment, friends?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm sorry, columnist tells Muslims

A senior journalist with the New York Times yesterday wrote an apology to Muslims worldwide about the misconception most Americans (including the media) harbor toward them since the Sept 11, 2001 extremist attacks.

Nicholas D Kristof, a columnist for The Times since 2001 and a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who writes op-ed columns that appear twice a week, said moderate Muslims should also speak up and work alongside moderate Americans in correcting the unbalanced view about Islam (read his article here).

"... and as a moderate myself, I’m going to take it... I hereby apologize to Muslims for the wave of bigotry and simple nuttiness that has lately been directed at you.

"The venom on the airwaves, equating Muslims with terrorists, should embarrass us more than you. Muslims are one of the last minorities in the United States that it is still possible to demean openly, and I apologize for the slurs," he wrote.

His article is, perhaps one of the most encouraging effort by the American media to neutralise the adverse general public labeling of the religion, which links Islam to terrorism. I personally commend Kristof (whom I met when he studied Arabic in Cairo in the 80s).

"I apologize to Muslims for another reason. This isn’t about them, but about us. I want to defend Muslims from intolerance, but I also want to defend America against extremists engineering a spasm of religious hatred."

(I wonder whether Malaysian media and bloggers would also apologise for some of their 'inciting' news and postings, especially with regards to race and religion).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zahrain vs Jahabar or Malaysian Insider?

It's far from over. The war between Zahrain Hashim and the Malaysian Insider CEO Jahabar Sadiq rages on. Rather than solving it in a gentlemen manner, both chose going for the arbitrator. While Jahabar lodged a police report to deny the YB accusation, Zahrain went a step ahead by demanding the government to close the news portal.

Wow! Was Zahrain against Jahabar or the Malaysian Insider. After all, he only accused Jahabar of associating himself with Indon's Bendera, an opposition-cum-opportunist group that staged anti-Malaysia demonstrations at our embassy in Jakarta recently.

Just a question to Zahrain (whom I knew when I was a bureau chief in Penang during the early 90s) - Jahabar of Malaysian Insider?

If there is a case against Jahabar, then take on Jahabar alone. There is no need asking the government to close down the news portal. I have not read anything Bendera-linked article in the Insider ever since the Malaysia-Indonesia friction erupted.

I am not taking side here but for Zahrain to make such a serious allegation, he must have tangible evidence of support.

Another thing, Zahrain can make a better Home Minister than Hisham. I believe a lot of blogs, news portals and a few newspapers would be closed down...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sept 17 - Remembering Sabra and Shatilla...

While we celebrate our Sept 16th Malaysia Day, I could not erase my mind of what happened today, exactly 28 years ago in Lebanon. Sept 17, 1982 was when the Israeli-backed Christian Phalangist ambushed Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps south of Beirut, killing about 3,500 people, mostly the defenseless women and children.

Twenty eight years ago, a scene of unspeakable horror rocked the rubble strewn alleys of Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps as vengeance vied with naked lust in a massive display of human malice illuminated for the Israel Defense Force (IDF) overseers of this massacre with flares that provided an unobstructed and panoramic view for Israeli Defense Minister, Ariel Sharon and his Chief of Staff, Rafael Eitan.

They were watching from the seven story Kuwaiti embassy which provided logistical support for their Phalangist allies as they massacred for 36 to 48 hours the hapless Palestinians imprisoned in the camps.

The number of casualties was more than that of the Sept 11, 2001 extremist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York. However, the Americans want the whole world to remember the date while Sept 17 seemed to have been forgotten. Actually, the West wanted it to be forgotten!

A young journalist then, I arrived in Beirut from Baghdad six days after the massacre. I had been in Iraq for about three weeks covering the war when news about Sabra and Shatilla hit the headlines. It was two days before I flew back to KL via Bangkok when I managed to get a Baghdad-Beirut-Istanbul-Bangkok-KUL reroutes.

I wept like a baby on my first sight of the still-unattended-to mutilated bodies. The scent of the decays didnt bother me much as the shocks were unbearable. I told an Indonesian journalist who was with me from Baghdad, Petrus Suryadi that the massacres would remain a forever shame for the perpetrators. Suryadi, who is a Christian himself, agreed. (I wonder where he is now. He was with Kompas).

And until today, the whole world keeps silence on Sabra and Shatilla. I dont know why but they were very quick at blaming the Muslim terrorists in the Sept 11 attacks. Nothing has been done to prosecute the perpetrators before the international justice.

It was 28 years ago that I saw images of butchered Palestinians, piled up like sacks one over the other. I saw images of murdered men, women, children and elderly filling the streets. I saw women crying and shouting and cursing. I saw Sabra and Shatila.

I think of their pain, their suffering and of their fear. I think of 62 years of murder, 62 years of terror and 62 years of Zionism occupying Palestine and threatening global peace.

It was in Sabra and Shatilla that I understood for the first time what it means to mourn, what it feels like to lose someone, how much it hurts to see someone lying in their blood, heard the stories of the their last minutes and listen to the screams of those who survived.

What can be said 28 years later? It is, after all, but an incident in the horrors of sixty years stretching from the middle of the 20th century into the second decade of the 21st. It is an icon of American and Israeli horror, a burial of thousands destroyed savagely and forgotten while a symphony of hypocrisy extolling our virtues buries the reality.

Those who died never existed, their sons and daughters never existed, their dreams and aspirations never existed, the fruit of their loins never blossomed to feel the heat of the sun, the coolness of the water, the fruit of the tree of life. We the indifferent cannot accept their existence nor recognize it lest we accept as well our guilt in their deaths

Returning to Sabra and Shatilla would be an act of retribution, an act that gives voice to the dead that suffered there, to accept responsibility for the horrors we allowed to happen there, to seek forgiveness of those who lost their lives there and cannot ever live those lives again nor see the sun rise or hear the baby’s cry or know the laughter of their children or weep at the loss of a mother or father … their voices have been silenced forever, yet they echo throughout the ages how vicious is the soul of humankind to remain silent and indifferent to their brothers and sisters in death...

also read Big Dog's piece here

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy birthday MALAYSIA... (and LKY)

We dont really know why the Government took 47 years to celebrate the formation of Malaysia on Sept 16, 1963 for the first time and gazetted it as a public holiday. To say that its so close to Aug 31 Independence Day doesnt chime any logic.

However, here we are, thanks to the wisdom of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Of course, this augurs well for his 1Malaysia.

As a Malaysian myself, I am proud not to be an American (to be despised and hated by many for flexing its muscle on others), or a Singaporean (for looking down at its neighbours), or as an Indonesian (a country too difficult to manage for having thousands of islands), an African (for living in the dark), a Palestinian (for being oppressed daily by the Israelis) or as an Arab (for having to become an American yes-man) or perhaps not as a citizen to some parts of Europe where racism thrives.

In 1963, Malaya along with the then British crown colonies of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore, formed Malaysia. The proposed date for the formation of Malaysia was 31 August 1963, to coincide with the independence day of Malaya and the British giving self-rule to Sarawak and Sabah.

However, the date was delayed by opposition from the Indonesian government led by Sukarno and also attempts by the Sarawak United People's Party to delay the formation of Malaysia.

According to Wikipedia, the inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak into Malaysia was met with strong opposition from Indonesia (over its claim on North Kalimantan) and the Philippines (over Sabah).

That prompted Sukarno to launch 'Ganyang Malaysia' on 27 July 1963, months after his Foreign Minister Subandrio announced on Jan 20 that Indonesia would pursue a 'confrontation policy' against Malaysia, which Jakarta described as a British puppet. (Some Indonesians, till to date still uphold that 'Ganyang policy' each time they demonstrate displeasure toward Malaysia).

During the 1962-1966 confrontation, Malaysian allied forces (together with UK, Australia and New Zealand) lost 114 army personnel while Indonesia lost 590. A total of 36 civilians also died.

This is a history Malaysians should learn and remember. The early years of Independence were marred with unpleasant incidents, not only the Konfrontasi but also the eventual exit of Singapore in 1965, the racial riot in 1969 and the threats from Communist Party of Malaya.

I wonder if most of our present and future generations would remember how the map of Malaysia looks like. I studied Sejarah (History), 'Ilmu Alam' and Geography during my primary and secondary schools. We studied every inch of our country, every city and town that made us appreciate our Land and be proud of it. Unfortunately, such subjects are considered as not important anymore since the 1990s.

Opppsss... just for our common knowledge. Singapore Mentor Minister Lee Kuan Yew also celebrates his birthday today. I wonder why did our leaders choose this date to form Malaysia. Of course Lee Kuan Yew was there during that time. Knowing he would pull Singapore out of Malaysia two years later, he could have influenced the leaders to pick the date - as he didnt want Malaysians to forget him... forever!

And for Malaysians who still dont know how our map looks like and where Perlis. Sabah or Melaka are located, I give you a simple one up there...

PS... didnt someone vow to takeover Putrajaya on Sept 16? Who? When was that?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why can't we sue Astro?

My buddy Syed Akbar Ali who just returned from a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam wrote about 100 Astro channels for RM16.00? in his blog, which drew my immediate attention. That's the price the Cambodians have to pay compared with about RM100 for a package of between 15-50 channels in Malaysia.

Excerpts: Cambodia has much, much less infrastructure than us. They need to spend more to provide satellite tv services and yet they are about six times cheaper. And considering that they get about four times as many channels, you can approximately ‘compound’ their ‘cost advantage’ and say that they get 24 times more “value for money” than us in terms of paying for satellite tv (6 times cheaper price x 4 times more channels = 24 times more “value for money”).

Bro, allow me to add something to it. How many years has Astro been introduced to Malaysians? How many times have we cursed Astro for the time-to-time disruption during bad weather? During the World Cup in South Africa recently, tell me how many hundred times were the 'live' programmes got screwed by just a slight drizzle?

Forget about heavy rain or a storm, Astro's 'service without interruption' warranty is just a marketing gimmick.

I was in Manila few months ago where its satellite TV (over 120 channels) did not show any glitch under bad weather. It was also cheap.

The problem with our Astro is, their service is so bad but they are so good in making you pay your bills. A day late, and you got cut off. Apart from posting the bills, they also call or SMS you as a reminder.

They are complacent. Just because nobody has even taken them to task - such as suing and dragging them to court - they take us for granted. And just because they dont have competitors, they are happy enough to monopolise the business.

The government should consider issuing another license to another provider. Let Astro feels some competition there as to wake them up. This could solve the problems!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A murder case turns into racism time-bomb

Racism at its utmost! Sosilawati murder case has been turned into a racism cannonball. The government, especially Home Ministry and Bukit Aman must attend to this and not allowing it to explode on our faces.

Some parties are fast to point their fingers at 'the uprise of Indian gangsterism' in the country. The arrest of 8 suspects (all are Indians) has inspired some people to conclude that 'penyangak bangsa India' is on the prowl, seeking revenge on the Malays and others with a message that they are the 'big boss' now.

Text messages sent out by this number, 016-6356--- reads: "Pembunuhan Sosilawati. Org India nak tunjuk mereka gangster HEBAT di Msia... org Melayu mesti bertindak... jika tidak bacul la org Melayu, tak de telor!! Yg tau nak hasad dengki saja..."

I got it at 12.16pm today. I dont know under whose name the number is registered with but it may lead to a backlash by the Malays.

About four hours later, at 16.38pm, the same number sent me another SMS (I believe similar messages were sent out to many, and not to specific persons only), which reads:

"BBM, Barisan Bertindak Melayu, sdg mngatur strategi utk mnyerang minda org2 Melayu yg prihatin. No more slow & free selected act by police twds Indian groups. BBN is a non-reg'td body incline to be a Malay mafia rebellious group."

Its full of TNT here, dont you think so?

Danger awaits Istana Mahkota Kelantan

latest: Tengku Faris is new Ruler of Kelantan

Kelantan palace braces for 'internal trouble' - Free Malaysia Today

Federal Government says Faris appointment is valid - Malaysiakini

Lawyers for Faris father file petition

Kelantan to install a new Sultan today (Sept 13)? I am not in the position to meddle in this but I saw the Sultan during a Hari Raya open house at the Istana Mahkota on Friday. He was recuperating fast and many agreed he was not in what was described by some quarters as being in a 'critical condition'.

However, I came across this statement by the Sultan's sister, Tengku Puan Sri Utama Tengku Merjan ibni Almarhum Tengku Yahya Petra who questions the legitimacy of the installation and its consequences to the Federal and State governments should the ceremony goes on.

I dont know how serious this matter is and how the Federal and State government should step in but the tone in which Tengku Merjan wrote was pointing at more miseries await Istana Mahkota...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

KJ needs a diplomatic lesson

"He may be an intelligent young man but he is not necessarily wise." Foreign Minister Anifah Aman threw this at Pemuda Umno chief Khairy Jamaluddin who asked the government to recall our ambassador to Indonesia if Jakarta fails to quell the anti-Malaysia demonstration in that country (here).

Personally, I dont agree with KJ either. Such a statement is equally diplomatically provocative, or a step closer to severe all ties with the Indonesians.

As there were no more demonstrations in front of the Malaysian Embassy since Tuesday, leaders from both sides are relieved that efforts to put our ties in order again have showed positive signs.

Although KJ got a point that the Indonesian authority was not at their full swing in putting the demos under control, Malaysians and Indonesians are well aware that relations between both countries should be maintained best.

Recalling our ambassador will lead to Jakarta to recall its envoy to KL, too and that, in diplomatic scope, would not stop just there. The end result is always unpleasant for both sides.

So, we are not going to advocate to such an act. As the diplomatic approach is still wide open while the Eid has somehow diffused the tension along our common border, let us observe a good sense of belonging here - that Malaysia and Indonesia are inseparable!

Friday, September 10, 2010

What is Eid without forgive and forget...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin

To Allah SWT, forgive me for my sins,

To Omak and Abah, forgive this son of yours for being too busy,

To my siblings, let's forgive and forget,

To my family, I have forgiven you a long time ago,

To my relatives, let's forgive, forget and be one big family again,

To my bro Rockybru, let's call it 0-0 and forget that I used to borrow from you (issshkk...),

To the government, I am sorry for criticizing (once in a while),

To the Opposition, let's shake hands (for the time being),

To my fellow bloggers, go on with you good work,

To my readers, forgive me for I am not perfect,

To friends, let's keep on forgiving and forgetting before we die,

To those who dont like me, I like you and I forgive you,

To all Malaysians, let's celebrate this Eid in the spirit of friendship and without prejudice,

To Muslims in the United States, sorry that your Eid falls on Sept 11 (brave it!),

To Muslims in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, go on protecting yourself, and

To non-Muslims worldwide who think Islam is a religion of terror, forgive yourself! In fact, no religion advocates to terrorism, right?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hisham and Musa start trading punches...

update: Home Ministry's sec-gen refutes IGP's claim

Oopsss... the 'war' between Hishammuddin Hussein and Musa Hassan is escalating, both at their best defense and offensive. The Home Ministry has denied what the outgoing IGP described as KDN interference in the police duty while the latter uncompromisingly blamed the ministry for its efficiency.

Hisham said yesterday he was not aware of any kind of interference from KDN which prompted Musa to speak his heart out during a press conference on Monday. On the other hand, he said everything was in order and his relation with Musa was always good (read Utusan here).

(Good in the case of Dr Mahathir and Anwar before the latter was sacked from Cabinet. Both looked okay in public... that's what you meant, Hisham?)

Musa, on the other hand 'blamed' the ministry for its slow response to the list of senior police appointments which caused some States police stations without an OCPD and officer in command.

Bkt Aman, he said sent a list to the ministry sometimes in November last year but no actions were taken to fill up the vacancies for senior police positions (here).

Well... hope both of them are happy now that they dont have to meet up to often after this. As Musa is retiring in a matter of days while Hisham will have Tan Sri Ismail Omar as the new IGP, let's see whether the air fresheners at the Home Ministry is changed to new ones, and whether Hisham and Musa will go on trading accusations, nobody cares!

What matters most is an efficient ministry and a worth-depending police force...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Musa Hassan blasts KDN

Finally, outgoing IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan managed to get it out of his chest. He lambasted the Home Ministry for 'interfering' in police work, and that some VIPs also tried to dictate the force to do this and that.

But who are the people, Musa? Could it be Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein? Or Abu Seman? Ministry's sec-gen Mahmud Adam, maybe?

Who are the VVIPs and VIPs? Some members of the royal family? Could it be Kelantan? Some politicians protecting loan sharks, pimps and gangster groups? As you will be a civilian in less than a week, you may speak up. Blow it out, bro!

No need to be afraid because there is no cause to protect and defend them. The 'third party' interference (here) will go on damaging PDRM reputation if you put these people at bay. Name them. At least, you will be remembered for this.

However, on second thought, you are the police chief. Why did you let this people interfere in police job? Were you and your senior officers not that firm or you just didnt want to land in trouble? We can understand that, no worries.

Please, dont leave us in the dark. Name them laaarrr! You got so many unanswered questions. Retire on a good note!

PS... is it true that your relations with Hisham was not 'so good' all this while, and that the ministry did not inform you about ending your contract on Sept 12? Gosh, that is bad, Hisham! How did that happen?

Anyway, Tan Sri, take a good rest. (Is it true PM offers you an ambassador job?)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Explain before you go, IGP!

Yes, outgoing IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan must answer this nonsense. He knew what actually happened. For the police to act such, approval must be sought from him or his deputy. Only Musa and his deputy (and of course Home Minister) can approve it.

When the U-Tube (July 22) about the Police Special Force (UTK) storming Sultan Kelantan's motorcades on May 4, 2010 was made available, many readers came back to me (some did call) asking whether the Sultan was really there in the MPV as the video failed to proof anything. They doubted it.

However, God is Great. One of the UTK members involved in that ambush 'defected' out of his conscience and handed over a copy of the video he took on that day (he was carrying a beta-cam to record the disgusting and disgraceful event). Many thanks to him.

Watch for yourself how the UTK members pointed semi-automatic rifles at the MPV which carries the Sultan, and a photo of the defenseless Sultan inside it.

Now, Musa and Hishamuddin Hussein must answer this. Musa, especially must explain in details what actually took place, who requested it, why did Kelantan Police Chief comply to the request and sought Bukit Aman's approval.

Before you leave the police force for good, clear your name and image of this embarrassment. If you dont, then PDRM is not fit to use the word 'Diraja'. I am sure you, Hisham and few people at Bukit Aman and KDN know the actual truth and got copies of the video.

'Memalukan' is precise to describe what they did on May 4 outside Istana Mahkota, Kubang Krian. When you point a gun at a Raja Melayu, what is the penalty if you are found guilty?

To Hisham, its your responsibility too. You were given a copy of the second video CD but you ignored it on promises that the ministry would investigate and issue a statement. Are you also part of the conspiracy to ambush, hijack and kidnap a Malay Ruler?

Prime Minister knows about it too but he is 'lost in words'! He rather wash his hands than meddling with this insulting episode that smears the good image of his government, the Home Ministry and PDRM.

As I mentioned many times, I have been very supportive of the police but NOT this one!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Malaysians against Burn The Quran Day

Its still Ramadan. Muslims in Malaysia are expected to celebrate the Eid (Victory Day) on the Syawal moon on Friday, Sept 10. In other parts of the world, incuding the United States, the Eid is on Sept 11, the date already set by an extreme Christian group for 'Burn the Quran Day'.

Met with heavy criticism from all over the world, including fundamentalist Christian organisation in the US, India, Canada, UK and others, the group led by little-known preacher, pastor Terry Jones in Florida is organising it to symbolise their hatred towards Islam for Sept 21, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre building in New York, which since then has labeled Islam as a religion of terror.

Since last week, Islamic, Christian and religious groups in various countries have called on Muslims worldwide and others to unite against Jones and his group, describing them as religious extremists which may dampen efforts to clear Islam of the tragedy.

Terrorists come in many forms and got nothing to do with religions. We have seen Christian, Tamil, Sikh and Buddhist extremist on rampage in the past but nobody blamed their respective religions. Similarly, we dont hate the Jews for what befalls the Palestinians but we are against the Tel Aviv administration for its continuous atrocities on them.

In India, church leaders in the country will condemn the burning of Quran by the 'fanatic' Christian groups in US (here). Catholic and Protestants leader will come together in Mumbai on Wednesday to stress on Christianity's message of peace and condemn those acting contrary to it.

The meeting will be attended by the Catholic archbishop of Mumbai, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, along with bishops of the Protestant Church of North India and other Christian groups.

In Gainesville, about 20 religious leaders representing three faiths and a number of denominations stood together on the steps of City Hall at noon Thursday as a show of solidarity against a small Gainesville church that has commanded worldwide attention for its plan to burn the Quran on Sept. 11 (here).

With the city at the “center of a spiritual storm,” the Rev. Larry Reimer, the minister of the United Church of Gainesville, US called for citizens to rally around Muslims “in a time when so much venom is directed toward them.”

However, what Diana Clark of the Canadian Free Press wrote, drew my attention. "...Certainly, the Bible cautions Christians to reject false doctrine. But that is a very simple and personal act of turning away, in your own mind, heart and actions, from that which subverts or denies the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Nowhere in the Holy Bible, however, does it tell us that we are to control the minds of others. God gave men Free Will, because He intends for each of us to make our own choices, for which He says He will hold us accountable..." (here).

Muslims in Malaysia are going to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri in peace and joy. However, those in the US are in fear of the Sept 11 backlash. And in Malaysia, Muslims, Christians and other religions are also against the Burn the Quran Day, aren't we?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Eyes on blogs

OUCH! Beware bloggers and news portals. Home Ministry is setting up a special committee to monitor what you write. Anything to do with racism and other 'harmful' posting and articles, you will walk to jail for free.

Looks like the Internet is causing big problems, not only to Malaysia but in other countries. Since we are multi-racial and multi-religious, such postings and stories inciting racial unrest have gone beyond control. U-Tube, for instance is most popular in displaying such unwanted videos.

Home ministry deputy secretary general for security Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi said the unit would involve the police, Internet regulators, the information ministry and the attorney general's chambers.

"It is a mechanism that will coordinate these various agencies to help monitor what is being said in cyberspace and to take action against those that are trying to stoke racial tensions and disunity," he told AFP here.

Abdul Rahim said the group would also monitor alternative and mainstream media for similar content.

Fair, dont you think so?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mainstream media has to lie, Mr PM!

Prime Minister Najib, I got two questions here - do you trust the mainstream media, and do you believe in everything they write and publish?

Your immediate answers (I guess) would be - "of course I do (in publishing what I said and in putting the national and the government interest above all... that they have Barisan Nasional at their upkeep... and that their editorial policy should support the legitimate government..."

As for question no.2 - "they report the truth, we believe in them. Afterall, if they tell lies, their printing permit will be at stake..."

My apology, sir but when mainstream media is put to question, many would say that they belong to BN and its components like Umno, MCA, MIC and others. To some extent, they would ask 'who isn't Umno?'

At the NSTP on Thursday, you advised the mainstream media (namely NSTP, Media Prima, Utusan group, RTM, Bernama, Nanyang Siang Pau and a few more) to base their reporting on actual fact and figure (here). Which is wise and smart.

You were also admitting the fact that they (the mainstream media) was facing a stiff challenge from the new media such as blogs and websites (some of which are more factual and precise in reporting the truth).

Now, the problem with mainstream media is they cannot and are not allowed to tell the whole truth about anything. Why? To protect the government, the leaders, the banks, the GLCs and others. There are some blankets being applied. We could understand that as it is one of the ways to lure foreign investors to Malaysia and not to frighten and chase them away.

The mainstream media will always be very protective of the government and its leaders, regardless of whether certain policies do work or if some Cabinet members are involved in graft of other irregularities.

They become so protective that they are willing to lie to the rakyat and the readers. Politicians from the ruling party are also allowed to ride on this mainstream media for their political and personal interest, on reasons that should their wrongdoings are exposed, it would humiliate the government and will cost them dearly at the next elections.

The bosses of this mainstream media are all pro-government and the best 'Yes men' around. For instance, if Rosmah gets more or as much publicity as Najib, that is because those 'Yes men' feel oblige to report anything she does, from A to Z. Compared with other First Ladies in the whole world, none gets so much publicity and in some cases, we hardly read them in newspapers or watch them on television.

Yes, mainstream media is the greatest liar and the best 'Yes man'. So, when blogs and websites published what they refused to publish, it puts them in a limbo. When more people go for blogs and news portal, their readership and circlulation are very much affected.

But it leaves them to no choice but to go on lying and hoarding facts for the sake of their 'masters'.

That is why mainstream media should be free of political control. The government already have Bernama, RTM and its radio station. Tying Utusan to Umno, NSTP to Umno or Nanyang Siang Pau to MCA, for instance will only make them the government tools and propaganda machineries.

We are not living in the 60s, 70s and 80s where newspapers and TV stations were very important in disseminating news and information. The Information Department (Jabatan Penerangan) used to be very important in carrying out such tasks but I think it is high time for it (Jabatan Penerangan) to be dissolved for its redundancy.

My conclusion is, the mainstream media cannot help but to go on spreading lies, exaggerations and bias reports. The business is good but its political attachment will continue to change the rakyat's perception on them, that they are just a propaganda machine!

Listen to Yudhoyono

We wont go to war with Indonesia. There wont be any. Malaysia and Indonesia are like brothers. We share many special and common assets. Issues pertaining to our border dispute can be ironed out anytime and without prejudice.

So, why must there still be protest in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta? This time around, it involved thousands of university students. And why didnt Malaysians 'reciprocate' by hurling human feces to the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

And why didnt there any reports about any Indonesians became victims of tit-for-tat in Malaysia?

There are more than two million Indonesians in Malaysia - some entered the country legally while the rest through back doors. They are safe, their security guaranteed not only by the government but also by Malaysians. So, we just dont understand why they are still against us.

Let's listen to Presiden Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono who described Indonesia-Malaysia relations as most important (read

Yudhoyono said the two nations have historical and cultural relation and "We have the responsibility to nurture and continue this brotherhood," a relation which Yudhoyono claimed as the important pilar in the big family of ASEAN on which the four decades of robust growth of the region is based.

"At least two million of our fellow countrymen work in Malaysia, about 13,000 Indonesian students are studying in Malaysia and about 6,000 Malaysian student study in Indonesia. Malaysian tourists are the third largest coming into the country, and Malaysia has 285 investment projects in Indonesia in the last five years worth US$1.2 billion," he said in an address to his irritated nation last night.

So, to Indonesians and Malaysians - listen to Yudhoyono. He is among the best leaders both countries ever had.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet Ah Wei, a Chinese in a Malay house

To those racists out there, I have something to tell you. Either you are Malays, Chinese, Indians or Sikh or what, lets see if you can do this. I am not ringing my own bell but I think I am more 'Malaysian' than you people who bicker about race, religion and color.

After 53 years of Independence, we should be as one - living in harmony, solid cooperation and trust. And to our Prime Minister Najib, your 1Malaysia is nothing new to me. Why? I have been practicing it long before you introduced it to our Malaysians.

With special reference to the Chinese and Malaysians in general, meet this chap - Ah Wei, 29, born and brought up in Raub, Pahang. Got married at the age of 21 to a beautiful lady who later left and deserted him for another guy, a few months after giving birth to a baby girl. Yee Ling, now in standard one at a SRJK (C) in Cheras (not in picture) never met or knew her mom.

Ah Wei took her to Kuala Lumpur when she was three, leaving her to one babysitter to another. Sweet girl she is now (and brilliant), she joins her father on weekends and school holidays.

Their meeting point is my house. Why? Ah Wei has been staying with me for almost three years now, in our single-storey terrace rented house. I saw him and Yee Ling in 2007, sitting at a canteen for hours, without eating nor drinking. My heart was more for the small girl who was crying then. I approached them, asked questions and that was how it started.

Ah Wei has two other siblings who live 'quite OK' in KL but they refused him because he is a bit illiterate and doing odd jobs. His talent is more in air-conditioning maintenance but it was not easy for him to get a job. He used to run a small business but his partner screwed him all around. It left him destitute, without a dime for a room and food.

So I offered him a room. My family objected then but after convincing them that we must be human, they finally agreed. Nope, I never collected a single sen for the room. I help him, instead in getting small contracts so that he can afford his daughter's monthly allowances and her babysitter's fee.

He eats what we eat. Unless he needs his own type of food, he will have it outside. As a blogger, I am not rich but I support both of them within my capability and affordability. We became good friends and he is nice to us. His brothers will come and visit him once in a while but they never invited him to stay with them. On my part, he is free to go when he is okay, financially but I never ask him to. His Bahasa Malaysia has improved much (ha ha) and we keep on learning Mandarin from him.

Almost three years with us, none of my family members has tried to persuade him to embrace Islam. The only thing about Islam that he asked me was when he followed me to pay tithes last week, and I explained. He is still very much a Chinese and a Buddhist. I am glad that we dont talk race, religion or color. And we are all happy.

So, to some readers who accused me of being a racist in their comments, I appreciate it. However, you dont really know what racism is. I dont think you understand what 1Malaysia is all about. And I dont think any Chinese out there can take a Malay to stay with you. I will salute any of you who dares to challenge me to talk 1Malaysia or to offer Ah Wei a job or a shelter. Anybody? Will you do the same? I doubt it.

So, stop accusing me of being a racist and mirror yourself. After 53 years of Independence, your prejudice gets thicker and thicker!