Monday, May 31, 2010

The God and King in Samy Vellu

Samy Vellu did it again. This time, he fired S Murugessan (pic) as MIC sec-gen for questioning the sacking of four CWC members recently. Aiyoo karawalle!

So, nobody can touch this 'king'. Nobody is allowed to question his action and decision. No one should complaint or say unpleasant things about him (read here). He only deserves praises and compliments. Then, he is like a God in the MIC.

The partymembers should learn from Palanivel and the others who survive the many years with Uncle Samy, the legitimate power of the Malaysian-Indians. So powerful that he can hire and fire whoever he wants and likes to be with him.

That's the truth. Mugilan would like to confirm that when only 3,000 attended the Gerakan Anti-Samy (GAS) gathering yesterday, out of 15,000 who had agreed to participate. I believe the other 12,000 didnt want to loose their MIC membership as whoever listens to the Big Boss, they will be 'save'.

The event, however, was slightly marred by an incident where an elderly man started hitting at an image of MIC president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu on a banner with a shoe propped on his walking stick (here).

His action created a commotion when some of those present tried to stop him while some others urged him on. Eight people spoke at the rally with several banners carrying anti-Samy Vellu slogans hung in the hall.

Nevertheless, whatever they do, it wont rattle the President. The King decides everything...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Doa for Sultan Kelantan

I am in Kota Bharu, visiting relatives and friends. As a journalist, I did asked some distinguish figures about the health condition of His Majesty Sultan Ismail Petra ibni Almarhum Sultan Yahya Petra, who has been ill for quite sometimes.

I was told that he was recuperating, thanks to the continuous effort put up by his family members to cure him.

I believe the rakyat of Kelantan are concern about his health and the events that took place during his absence from the throne. Many versions of stories came to me, some of which were shockingly unbelieveable. I hope to stay awhile and dig up the truth myself.

Anyway, I would like to call on all Malaysians to pray for his health and wellbeing. The Kelantanese say he is a good and caring Sultan, so I agree. I came from a state without a King and I understand how proud is it to have one.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Vell Paari apologises... OK laaarrr!

Its OK, bro. We accept your apology to Prime Minister and Umno President Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak. When you accused Umno of being the hidden force to oust your father as MIC President, you didnt know the actual story. Its OK.

Umno members and the Malays are not such. Never had they interfered in other party's business. When MCA and MIC were plagued with domestic problems, of course Umno leadership were worried, Umno members were worried too. Why, Because you people help strengthen Barisan Nasional, our ruling party.

We didnt interfere, except advising the leaders or MCA and MIC to find amicable solution in solving problems to their respective parties. A weak component will also weaken our bonds. To step a foot in your domestic affairs is beyond our level-headed minds.

I think you should focus what is happening in MIC now. Your daddy needs to explain to MIC members why he sacked four members of the central working committee (CWC). Even party sec-gen S Murugesan has openly questioned such an action (read here).

The Gerakan Anti-Samy (GAS) is also your domestic problems. So, help your father to address it. V Mugilan, one of the sacked must have reason to launch his GAS.

The Malays have high regard for MIC contribution in Barisan Nasional. If we want to continue being partners, its best that we dont make any controversial statements and stop screwing each other. Not nice la.

The next time we meet, I will buy you 'arevekade mutte, rende'!


Gautama Buddha never taught his followers and believers any bad things - murder, graft, gamble, taking drugs and alcohol, ill feeling towards others and other bad habits. In fact, he wants them to observe mutual respect, living in harmony and helping each other. Read Prime Minister's message HERE


Going back to the rakyat.... hmmmmm

The people's feedback. That's what Datuk Najib said yesterday - that the government will listen to the people's feedback first before making any decision whether to increase, reduce or phase out subsidies on essential goods. Politically, such a statement sells. Its commendable, too. Recognising the role of our rakyat in determining what they favor and not should always be on our mind.

But why only now? Although its never too late, we should have subscribed to this approach a long time ago, not only during Najib's era. Some of our decisions were never popular, in fact were shot down by the people.

Actually, its the way to go. Anything that matters the rakyat most, should be referred to them. Not that we need a referendum (why not?) before implementing a policy but at least we are able to determine what the masses say about it. They are not the post-Merdeka rakyat as the majority of them are well-educated or at least know what is taking place in the country.

There are many things we can always refer to the people. One of which is the popularity of a 'wakil rakyat'. This is most important as they are they ones who voted for them in elections. Popular can either be hard-working and effective or vise versa - a political crook!

Believe it or not, there are many political crooks in Umno. A non-Parliamentarian division chief may launch an offensive againts his deputy who is a Member of Parliament although he (the chief) has had his chance for a term. He also thwarts any effort by his deputy to introduce good programs to his constituency by launching a 'bad mouth policy' to smear his name. He will make the MP looks unpleasant to top party leadership.

This is happening. Najib should seek the rakyat opinion about their MPs and Aduns. Dont listen totally to what the state's Umno head says about his 'no problem'. Sooner or later, Umno will have to pay heavy price for its ignorance. The next general elections will answer this.

Similarly, there are other things where the people's feedback comes handy. For example, the establishment of a regional economic zone. It sounds so grand, allrite but as to whether it really benefits the rakyat should be considered. No point having a mega project is the locals cant afford to participate in its activities or whether it fits into one race needs.

Without the rakyat, there would be no government. What Najib said is good - going back to the people. Let the people give their feedback before we step on anything.

I believe Najib, too wants to know what the people think of his wife...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Condemn Israel!

Amnesty International has again condemned Israel atrocities in Gaza, calling it one of the saddest episode in human kind modern history. In Europe, the Swedish Parliament was applying pressure for Israel to lift blockade on a flotilla of nine multi-national ships to Gaza, one of which carries a group of Malaysian journalists and volunteers.

In Washington, Obama was silence over the Amnesty reports. The US, in demanding Tel Aviv regime to halt attacks on Gaza and other Palestinian territories, is being seen by the international community as 'toying around' with its peace plan. Israelis are still getting US 'soft permitting' in building new settlement on the Palestinian land.

Unveiling its annual 2009 report on the global state of human rights at a press briefing in Berlin, Amnesty's head of Germany branch Monika Lueke said there are daily human rights violations, and the Israeli seige of Gaza is an example of breaching human rights (here). Todate, some 1.5 million Gaza-based Palestinians have been cut off from vital food supplies and 8,000 North Gazans have no access to water.

Also, at least 27 Palestinians died last year because they could not receive on time medical treatment. Referring to the 2008/9 Gaza war, Lueke stressed that Israeli military attacks against UN institutions, schools and hospitals constituted a violation of humanitarian laws of war.

The Israeli government’s siege of the Gaza Strip stretches back to 2005, and it has been rigorously enforced since the Israeli military offensive of late 2008 and early 2009, which left more than 1,400 people dead and 14,000 homes damaged or destroyed. Israel argues its military offensive and tightening of the siege are a response to Palestinian rocket fire, ordered by a Hamas government whose legitimacy it does not recognize.

However, as leading watchdogs such as Human Rights Watch have repeatedly documented, the Israeli military response has been overwhelmingly disproportionate.

The ongoing siege does nothing to target Palestinian militants but instead violates international norms by holding all responsible for the actions of a few. A report published by Amnesty International, Oxfam, Save the Children, and CARE stated that, The humanitarian crisis in Gaza, according to them, is a direct result of ongoing collective punishment of ordinary men, women and children and is illegal under international law.

As a result of the siege, civilians in Gaza, including children and other innocent bystanders who are caught in the middle of this conflict, do not have clean water to drink because authorities cannot rebuild water treatment plants destroyed by the Israeli attacks. Air strikes that damaged basic civilian infrastructure, coupled with curtailed imports, have left many in Gaza without the food and medicine needed to lead healthy lives.

I wish our journalists and volunteers on one of the ships find a safe passage in and out of Gaza.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are the Chinese ungrateful? Read Sanusi Junid

Call him a nationalist, a chauvinist or anything. What this former Cabinet minister and Umno veteran wrote here demands us to reconsider our political atmosphere, our unity and of course, our 1Malaysia. Datuk Najib, Muhyiddin, Soi Lek, Samy Vellu, Kit Siang, Anwar and others should read this piece - about next general elections, the future of the Malays and Malaysians and how national unity will be at stake if we take things for granted.

He reminds us about the possible status confrontation we might possibly face during the next PRU, the attitude of the Malaysian Chinese towards the government and how Umno leaders are facing conflict of detente in wooing back the support of the Malays, including its members.


"...Seorang bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri telah menjanjikan Islam sebagai wadah perjuangan sebelum beliau menjadi Menteri sehingga beliau begitu popular dan dipilih menjadi pemimpin di peringkat atasan. Apabila beliau memegang jawatan sebagai Menteri Kewangan beliau menjanjikan pula kekayaan dan kemewahan kepada penyokong-penyokongnya. Ternyata wang lebih popular dari agama sebagai hadiah untuk mendapat sokongan. Apabila ditakdirkan hilang kuasanya sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri beliau terpaksa merobah janjinya untuk memperjuangkan keadilan untuk rakyat jelata. Keadilan yang mempunyai berbagai wajah ini pula ditafsirkan oleh yang bukan Melayu dan Bumiputra sebagai usaha menghapuskan hak dan keistimewaan orang-orang Melayu dan Islam..."


"... Sudah terlalu ramai pula dari kaum China yang bangga dengan ke Chinaannya, tetapi anti sikap 'racist' yang ada pada Melayu, turut marah jika diingatkan sifat imigran yang ada padanya, tetapi lupa untuk berterima kasih kepada pemimpin mereka yang terdahulu seperti Tun Tan Siew Sin dan Tun Sambanthan yang tidak lupa berterima kasih kepada pemimpin Melayu yang dengan rela dan senang hati menerima nenek moyang imigran mereka untuk menjadi rakan senegera dengan pemberian kerakyatan..."

As usual, readers have different comments. one of whom suggested that its time for the Malays to start eating pork in order to advance their status like the Chinese and Japanese.


"... Maybe as suggested, the malays should copy the Chinese and start eating pork to improve themselves overall. Obviously, not eating pork hasn't helped them to advance.."

Not with any bad intention, I guess. Sanusi was focusing more on the plight of the Malay politics and how their leaders have failed them in so many aspects. I reserve my comment.

Monday, May 24, 2010

RPK and Bala make us bloody fools!

Believe me, RPK and P Bala will soon sought political asylum in the United Kingdom. A friend at the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur said their aides did approach him a few months back about the procedures and other things.

Now, our government and its authorities are just being too soft, playing stupid or ignorance about the set of laws available to bring this two back. Why must the MACC opted going to London to record Bala's statement when he can be summoned home? There is no need to spend a lot of government's and taxpayers' money for such a purpose. Instead, the government should book him a cheap Air Asia ticket.

Why must the government bow to this two? I believe Malaysia and UK have extradition agreement. A court order and a diplomatic approach are what we need to ensure that they are in Kuala Lumpur. If they are not criminals, then another provision is always available to force them home if they cannot be tried in UK.

RPK has challenged us to charge him in any British courts (here) but obliviously we cannot do that as the 'crime' he committed is here in Malaysia. And so is Bala. If they think London is a safe hideout, its means we are the bloody fools for letting them to slip away that easy.

Cummon folks. We need to hear from them. Their statutory declarations have stirred the air since last year. Irrespective of whether Bala has withdrew his, the fact is both had made accusation against Prime Minister and his wife, Rosmah of their alleged involvement in Altantuya murder case.

We want Najib to clear his name. So, bring them home and put them to special inquiry. RPK made Najib and his government look so weak by avowing his challenge, that London is his territory. Whether he gets support from somebody or some parties in Malaysia, is irrelevant. What is relevant is to clear the air that we breathe. We dont want a Prime Minister involved in such a crime, dont we?

So, bring them home. If the findings point out that they had deliberately or politically 'framed' the premier, then execute them accordingly. If they sought political asylum, then it would be difficult unless we act fast by convincing the British that they dont qualify to be political refugees and hence, dont deserve the asylum. Arent our relations with UK strong enough?

Dont let them set precedent. Otherwise, sooner or later some people may take the advantage of screwing the government and then flee to London to hide. If we make London a safe heaven for people like this, then our set or laws are most incompetence!

Dont go down to their knees. This two are not VIPs. They started everything and its their duty to finish it. However, they are afraid of the consequences and fled to London with, of course, the helps of some friends in the Opposition. They are cowards for running away from the mess they created.

So, is it wise to find them over there just for one of two statements? After a visit, then we will have to go on a second, third and fourth visit. Is our lawmakers and diplomats' knowledge about international law is so shallow that we are turned into a group of 'orang bodoh' by this two? We are the ones turning them as 'heroes' in London.

Unless we want to cover up something....

Also read RPK speaks out and loud in London
and Unraveling the mystery of the great RPK manhunt

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Allah revisited... at BUM 2010

BUM 2010 blasted!

The forum on 'Allah' at BUM 2010 in Subang Jaya yesterday drew some furious comments from readers on this blog and also on Rockybru's. Some were nasty, too.

bujai, tanya rocky - adakah kebebasan dalam BUM bermakna mereka bebas memilih topik perbincangan yang tidak sepatutnya? adakah BUM sengaja berbuat demikian untuk menyemarakkan lagi sentimen agama di malaysia? adakah BUM ini terlalu bebas sehingga dibenarkan oleh kerajaan untuk membahaskan tajuk sedemikian? adakah orang2 seperti ini yang patut bercakap mengenai ALLAH sedangkan mereka ini sendiri patut dikecam kerana pendirian yang bercanggah dengan islam? apa pendirian BUM sebenarnya?


"secara peribadi, saya mengecam forum BUM 2010 yang membenarkan isu allah dijadikan bahan senda dan polemik ahli politik dan bloger picisan. hal seperti ini tidak seharusnya berlaku, apa lagi ia membabitkan parti politik yang ternyata menggunakan nama allah untuk memancing sokongan orang bukan islam. rata2 yang datang ialah bloger antikerajaan dan penyokong politik pembangkang. kerana itulah, saya kira, isu allah ini sengaja dibangkitkan semula untuk menghangatkan suasana forum. saya sama sekali tidak menduga orang seperti harris ibrahim boleh bercakap merapu mengenai allah, al-quran dan hadis sedangkan dia sendiri ternyata berpendirian islam-sekular dan tidak menghiraukan agamanya dipermain-mainkan oleh orang lain. memang saya kesal kerana penganjur tidak memilih topik yang sesuai untuk dibahas dan dibincangkan. isu allah sepatutnya tidak dipolitikkan demi kepentingan peribadi. datuk rockybru harus mengambil kira sentimen yang ada sebelum membenarkan tajuk ini dijadikan bahan senda. di kalangan hadirin semalam, ramai yang menyatakan rasa tidak puas hati dengan isu itu walaupun forum ini bagus diadakan bagi merapatkan hubungan pelbagai pihak. kita perlu peka dengan isu yang tidak sepatutnya dijadikan bahan polemik ahli politik murahan seperti ini. saya harap mereka akan lebih berhati-hati pada masa depan. janganlah kerana kita inginkan perhatian, kita sanggup menggadai maruah agama sendiri!"

Earlier posting:

I thought its all over or at least things have cooled down. Now I understand why some politicians and even bloggers love riding on sentiments, very sensitive sentiments.

At bloggers BUM 2101 Forum today, the Allah issue took center stage again (here). Panelists, both from Umno and the Opposition exchanged views and words about Allah.

When one said Allah is a universal word and can be used by all religions, the other contested it. Although different opinions didn't lead to breakup among friends (both from pro and anti-govt), I personally believe such a topic could have been avoided.

Speakers like PKR's Zaid Ibrahim, lawyer Harris Ibrahim and Khalid Samad of PAS spoke different aspects of Allah and on individual tone. So was blogger Akramshah Sanusi.

The bottom line is, let us not relive and add fuel to the issue. Although the government, especially Umno has yet to come up with a solid proposal as to how the issue should be resolved, let's everybody - irrespective of political parties and religions - put it to rest and live as Malaysians!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Is London a perfect hideout?

London seems to be the most favorite hideout for Malaysian's good, bad and ugly. Also, one of best picks to do business.

Some of them who once were big names in local business are finding solace in London after their regime took a tumble or lost the government's favor. They started to relocate elsewhere - to the Middle East, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and other countries. South Africa is of no exemption.

Where are the likes of Tajudin Ramli, Halim Saad, Nazri Abdullah (ex-group editor of Berita Harian), Uncle Sam and other corporate figures who suddenly 'disappeared' from local arena?

Even Kalimullah has chosen London for his 'hide and seek' ever since Pak Lah retires as Prime Minister. Who else?

Then, another trend emerges. Those who made headlines as being among the 'most wanted' figures for what they had done - whether its right or wrong - are also turning London as their best hideout.

Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin and private investigator P Balasubramaniam are also in London. Afraid to come home for investigation, I suppose. RPK didnt come home when his son who is now behind bars was hospitalised recently.

Bala, too didnt come home to face the MACC. Both RPK and Bala are involved in making statutory declarations about the murder case involving Mongolian's Altantuya Shaariibuu. Their families are in London too.

How long will they enjoy London is not an issue. The question is - is it save for them?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodbye Fabio...

I lost a friend, a joker and a professional photojournalist on Wednesday. Fabio Polenghi, 48, was shot and killed during a shootouts between the Thai police and the Red Shirts in Bangkok. Another 2 reporters were also injured.

I first met Fabio, an Italian freelance, in Johannesburg, South Africa in June 1997. We stayed at the same hotel but on different mission.

I was covering Dr Mahathir's official visit to Kasane, Botswana for the South African International Dialogue (SAID) while Fabio was looking at angles of the city.

For three days, we had breakfast and dinner together before parting. I remember teaching him a few Malay words like 'saya', 'kau', 'apa khabar' and 'terima kasih'. Few days after I got home, he called, saying he might come to Malaysia. I waited for 2 years but he didnt.

Surprisingly, I bumped into him at the residence of Guissuppe Mariascarpa de Marsellis, the Italian Ambassador to Malaysia in November 1999 and he immediately uttered 'alloooo kawan!'. I took him to NSTP the next day and then he left.

We did exchanged e-mails from time to time, the last was three months ago.

So long, Fabio. Rest in peace...

Appreciating the police...

Look carefully at this photo. May I ask you Malaysians - do you want your kids to be like this? Disrespecting law and order, confronting the police and turning them (our youths) into subversive agents?

What IGP Musa Hassan told Ahmad Talib during a 'live' interview on TV3 last night was right (here). The policemen were trained to act accordingly but there are a few who went overboard. If the public refuse to cooperate in keeping a harmonised neighborhood, dont blame it on the police.

Also, he urged poliicians (especially the Opposition) not to interfere in police duty as it will disrupt the procedure of investigation. However, that's what they love doing, trying to become hero to a clear-cut criminals and politicising whatever the police do.

I dont want to go deeper into this issue but we, as parents and members of the community, should ask ourselves - is it fair to blame the police all the times when they catch your kids riding or driving around without a valid driving license?

Or is it fair for a politician to find 'a way out' for an 'ahlong' or a drug dealer being held at a police lockup?

Let's not single out any relevant case as many readers do not like it. I believe there are more good policemen than the bad ones. Generally, more people are having their brain shrink when it comes to admitting the fact that they too are not contributing to preventing crime and other sorts of wrongdoings.

Go back to the picture... ironically, many people are proud to have kids like this.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We are the 10th most competitive

So, Malaysia is the world's 10th most competitive economy. We are proud, of course. It reflects how much the government under the stewardship of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has excelled tremendously in just a year.

Citing Malaysia's ability in wooing more foreign investments, political stability and a pragmatic government policy as among the criteria for elevating its position from 18th in 2009, the International Institute of Management Development (IMD) in its World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010 also praised Malaysia for its bold economic approach.

It was referring to the RM67 billion stimulus package unveiled by Najib, who is also Finance Minister, to mitigate the economy from the global slowdown due to the fallout from the US subprime credit crisis (full report here).

Malaysia was also ranked highly, thanks to what IMD said was the strong resilience of the economy to (down) cycles, sufficient transparency among financial institutions and government bureaucracy not being a hindrance to business activity as evident from the rapid expansion in the economy over the past year.

After languishing from the global economic crisis, the economy recovered in fourth quarter of last year by 4.4 per cent and even more remarkable by a 10.1 per cent in the first quarter of this year.

The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY) is the world's most renowned and comprehensive annual report on the competitiveness of nations, ranking and analysing how a nation's environment creates and sustains the competitiveness of enterprises.

I dont remember what was the best position we every had under the Reports but I believe this is our best ever.

Note: I compare Malaysia's position to that of South Korea as we used to be positioned behind them about 10 years ago.

Hahahaha to local politics

I have been away for almost 2 weeks, roaming some places in and out of the country. Some interesting events took place since then - the PKR saga, Anwar's sodomy case, Wee Choo Keong quits PKR, Sime Darby and of course, the Sibu by-election which BN lost!

Lost? Hmmm.... local politics. It really sucks!

For all the effort, project-promo and round-the-clock campaign, we ended as losers. Unlike Hulu Selangor, Sibu was said to be among the safe constituency for Barisan Nasional. Nevertheless, lots of lesson to be learnt.

When will Prime Minister reshuffle the Cabinet? A few heads have to roll, many suggested. Rumors are that Nor Yakcop and 2 ministers will be chopped, 2 deputies will be promoted to full ministers while 3 others will be dropped.

Former MCA President Ong Tee Keat will be retained, I think while the guy who trashed him in party elections a month ago, Chua Soi Lek has declined any Cabinet position until the next election next year... a true gentleman!

I also hope to see one or two Mentri Besar to be removed. Umno should know who and who and why they have to be replaced by better candidates.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Go on strike, PDRM!

This is my suggestion to IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

Order your men to go on strike for a month, stop patrolling, stop traffic control, no neighbourhood surveilance and stop taking down reports. On top of that, close all police stations, IPPDs, IPKs and Bukit Aman for the same duration.

As an alternative, appoint Lim Kit Siang as the IGP for a month and Yong Teck Lee as his deputy. They may choose other high ranking officials from among their friends and 'chulai' to take over the duty for a month. Let us see if this blubber mouth people can really understand what police works are all about.

Yes, nobody seems to appreciate what the police has done in maintaining public order. I agree with Musa that the public only knows how to lambast at them and never show a simple appreciation over their good job. The police, in the public eyes, is wrong in many directions.

I just want to click on a short logic in the Aminulrasyid Amzah case. A 15-year old is definitely without a driving license. Eluding the police is also an offense. The family who let him drove the car should be blamed and penalised.

In many countries, anyone who flees from the police patrol at 2am will subject himself to suspicion. He might carry guns or drug in the car. He might have just robbed a bank or he might have kidnapped someone for ransom.

So, when the police shoots someone on such suspicion, the whole force is blamed. When a policeman got killed or injured on duty, nobody show sympathy. Are we being fair? And its normal when those who lash out at the police are the ones getting the most protection from the police!

Use your brain laaaaaa!!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hisham speaks like a party President

If we talk about relevance, many things are not. Not everybody can talk relevance. We cant question the relevant of others if we ourselves are not relevant to some people.

So, Umno vice-president Hisham said MCA must prove that it was still relevant to the Chinese community in this country. Citing the Hulu Selangor by-election result, he said although the Chinese votes in the constituency had declined, it may not necessarily mean they have lost confidence in MCA (read here).

Hisham spoke like a party president. In cases like this, not even a vice president of other parties may tell Umno to re-engineer its relevancy to the Malays. Yes, Umno have had its bad time, Hisham did mention that.

But what does the 1,725 majority for BN in Hulu Selangor reflects? That majority of the Malays there voted for BN? Dont we think PKR is still a relevant political party? Remember Kuala Terengganu where we fielded a strong local candidate? We lost 'handsomely'. He himself is in charge of Umno Terengganu but does he really attend to the State's problem?

Is Umno Terengganu still relevant in the next general elections? Is Hisham himself still a relevant Umno leader to solve the problems and bickerings there? Or does he treat all that as irrelevance!

Its not that Umno has gone through a difficult period. Umno is still facing major problems in rallying support from the grassroots. Umno has become a party dictated by some people at States and national levels. Some division chiefs and their subordinates are screwing each other, trying to bring down one another.

Is his adviser a relevant person in feeding him with precision fact and figures or any information about Umno Terengganu? Compared with the time when he was an Education Minister, he is getting snobbish of late.

Or maybe he has never been under a difficult period since his childhood days. He is the son of our beloved former Prime Minister but will he gain similar affection and appreciation given to his late father? And is it relevant to have a descendant of a Prime Minister to become one when he grows up although he doesnt possess the credibility of a premier?

Sometimes, we also need to ask ourselves - is the chair we sit on fits us well enough? If not of politics and support from the grassroots, what are we today? With our present attitude, can we forever have their full support?

We like making decision. When we think its a big and a significant one, others call it stupid. When others cry, we laugh to ourselves. When we feel we can control a big organisation by ourselves, without taking advise and getting feedbacks from others, we may end up a bigot and later on fumble in so many aspects.

We may sound being so ambitious. Nothing is wrong with that but our moves and actions are not relevant to efforts in attaining our objectives.

So, what is so relevant and what is not here...

Sapo pulok la nok bunuh Nik Ajih ni?

Who wants to kill Kelantan Mentri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat? Bakpo nok bunuh dio nyo? Dio buak saloh gapo?

The death threat against the Pas spiritual leader has led to a few police reports being lodged yesterday (here). The threat appeared on a Facebook belongs to one Mohd Safuan Mohd Hilmi. Bukit Aman is still investigating.

I am not sure if this Safuan was serious. He could be a kid, a school boy or someone with loose screws upstairs. However, it was discovered on the same day a bodyguard to the Sultan of Kelantan was brutally shot in Tumpat. Any connection?

If he is a normal person, then he should be reprimanded. The motive must be undressed. It is not our political culture to resort to such a mafia-like method.

Anyway, we cant take things lightly.

Kawe nok tanyo demo, Safuey. Demo ni okay ko?

Saturday, May 1, 2010 - the darndest of them all

Another Jew-affiliated mindset. This news portal has been toying around with Malaysian events, sensationalising every aspect of it to the extent that it dug into the past, reliving what our leaders had said - just to draw cheap attention.

Its latest posting Malaysian politicians say the darndest things, none other was to provoke world's criticism towards us... again and again.

For example, as additions to what Rafidah Aziz, Nik Aziz, Rais Yatim and Puad Zarkashi had said about their respective issues, its main focus was to attack former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his 'anti-Semitic' statement and his blog-opinion on Sept 11.

Its call for readers' comment was a deliberate move to re-hatch attacks on TDM for his holocaust theory and his anti-West remarks.

Their motive is clear - to belittle us!

Now, let me draw readers comment on this.