Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ezam... a Senator?

Ezam Mohd Noor, the Senator?

I dont know whether we are making the right choice now but I think he should be given another few years. After being with Anwar for so long and once one of his strongest aides, he eventually re-joined Umno more than year ago when Pak Lah was the Prime Minister.

No, I am not questioning Datuk Seri Najib rights in making the selection nor am I talking for those who share similar thought.

I just think this guy should be given more time. After all, he is just an ordinary Umno member. The only thing that differs him from the rest of Umno 'ordinary' member is, he used to serve Anwar and a lot of people know him. Contribution to the party is average as there are still many Umno members who have dedicated their live to the party.

His appearances in some BN or Umno 'ceramah' during by-elections were mostly slotted to hammer Anwar. After a few 'ceramah', people were blase with his '6 boxes of evidence'. I covered most of the by-elections where he was invited as a guest speaker. Didnt you list listen to the what the rakyat said?

We make decision from time to time but when we think we are making the right ones, some of it are actually not wise as it backfires easily.

No further comment. Just wishing him.... congratulation for the easy passage!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Umno President, please look into this!

I hope Prime Minister and Umno President Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin got the time to read this. At least, their aides would alert them on this. Its all about an Umno division in Terengganu. To be precise - Dungun. I also heard similar problems in some other divisions. If it goes unattended, Umno will forever be labeled as a party for the rich and famous and for those with political connection. I did my own investigation and found out that most of the allegations are true. If MB Terengganu Datuk Ahmad Said is to be dragged into this, I am willing to bear the consequences. The compilation of complaints via SMS and conversation lead to this summary:

Kebanyakan ketua bahagian Umno sudah diserap dengan kepercayaan bahawa sebagai ketua, merekalah yang layak menjadi Ahli Parlimen. Tidak kiralah berapa lama mereka memegang jawatan. Pada mereka, penjawat lain seperti timbalan ketua bahagian, setiausaha dan sebagainya tidak layak langsung ke Dewan Rakyat.

Ketua Umno bahagian Dungun masih Datuk R. Dia pernah jadi Ahli Parlimen hanya sepenggal. Jika dia seorang MP yang bagus, berwibawa dan menyumbang kepada bahagiannya, dia seharusnya masih menjadi wakil rakyat hingga kini. Bagaimanapun, pada pilihanraya umum ke-12 yang lalu, Ketua Perhubungan Umno negeri ketika itu, Idris Jusoh menggugurkannya. Sebaliknya, timbalan Dtk R iaitu Matulidi dipilih sebagai calon dan memenangi kerusi Parlimen berkenaan.

Dua tahun selepas menjadi Ahli Parlimen, Matulidi menghadapi pelbagai masalah, Kebanyakan usahanya di Dungun tidak mendapat sokongan ketua bahagian. Malah dalam banyak kes, penduduk Dungun dihasut agar jangan menyertai mana-mana projek yang diatur oleh Matulidi. Khabarnya, ketua bahagian seorang yang berduit dan mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan Menteri Besar Terengganu. Jadi, apa juga karenahnya di Dungun tidak diendahkan oleh Badan Perhubungan Negeri. Apatah lagi tidak ada siapa pun yang berani campur tangan atau menegurnya.

Matulidi seorang yang berwawasan tinggi, mahu memajukan kawasannya, ingin melihat rakyatnya meningkatkan taraf hidup, mengurangkan kemiskinan, mengatasi masalah ibu tunggal dan mencari jalan membantu menghuraikan masalah generasi kedua Felda.

Beliau sudah pun menemui Timbalan Perdana Menteri bagi memohon apa saja projek yang boleh dibawa ke Dungun, umpamanya hospital, jalan kampung, projek ekopelancongan di pinggir Sungai Dungun serta projek memperdalamkan muara Dungun, membina benteng penahan ombak dan mewujudkan industri perkapalan kecil di sana.

Belum pun apa-apa, sudah timbul dakyah di Dungun bahawa Ahli Parlimen ini ingin membawa projek yang menyusahkan rakyat, kononnya semua projek ini akan disertai oleh orang luar dan bukannya penduduk tempatan. Ketua bahagian, khabarnya, berkuasa penuh melulus akan menolak semua projek berkenaan sebagai kapasitinya sebagai seorang ketua.

Ketua ini juga rapat dengan pihak berkuasa tempatan. Tidak hairanlah tiba-tiba sewa Pusat Khidmat Ahli Parlimen yang disewa dari Majlis Perbandaran Dungun dinaikkan daripada RM1,500 kepada RM3,000 sebulan. Di samping itu, ada ura-ura untuk menaikkan kadar sewa kedai dan pejabat di bawah PBT sebanyak 50 peratus. Ini semua akan dipersalahkan kepada Ahli Parlimen dengan harapan kebencian rakyat terhadapnya akan meningkat.

If this is what Umno is today, the next PRU will definitely see Terengganu fall to the Opposition again. Until such complication is addressed, Umno Terengganu which still have chronic problems since PRU12 will forever remain as a burden to its President. It may look petty but if it goes without any action taken, more scabs will grow and Umno will be seen as a party for those with muscles. In the end? I believe Umno needs more than just a good clean up.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

BN wins Hulu Selangor

Barisan Nasional today wrest power in Hulu Selangor when its candidate P Kamalanathan defeats giant Zaid Ibrahim of the Pakatan Rakyat in a parliamentary by-election.

'Kamal' of MIC polls 24,997 to 23,272 of Zaid from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). Majority is 1,725 votes.

Two days to polling, I sent a text message to Zahid Hamidi's political-secretary Shahrul that BN would win by a majority of around 1,800 votes. Immediately after the result was announced, he SMS me, saying: "Tahniah, bro... u are right."

A total of 48,935 out of 63,701 voters cast their votes (75.87 per cent) compared with 47,622 or 75.24 per cent in 2008 general election.

The by-election was called after the death of PKR MP Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad last month.

Congrats BN!

So... no slippers, just sleepers!

Just a hype. When the day came, nothing actually happened. No slippers... just a few anti-Blair banners and placards. It was really anti-climax!

Nope, I wasnt there as I had to attend a function. But I kept track via SMS and few calls to friends who were part of the anti-Blair campaign at the Sunway Convention Centre yesterday morning. Not many Perkasa members attended. Others were university students and NGO members (read here).

What happened? After so much excitement about the demo, it was suddenly reduced from a public rally to a small assembly. I was hoping to see at last 1,000 people based on the response and publicity on blogs and other media.

Poorly organised is perhaps the right word. What could had happened was some parties wanted to claim credit as the main organiser for the rally. I remember what took place when we rallied at the Australian High Commission in February... do you?

And finally, Blair the Liar emerged the winner. Also, organiser Success Resources of Singapore which made good bucks out of it. The former British premier is also paid handsomely for the talks.

Another reason, maybe, is the price of slippers suddenly soared after retailers heard about the 'Thousands Slippers' story. The organisers just couldnt afford it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Throw him some slippers, too!

If you see this guy (left pic) anywhere in Malaysia, give him some slippers too!

This is Richard Tan, the owner, founder and CEO of Singapore-based Success Resources, the PR consultant firm responsible for arranging Tony Blair The Liar's visit to Malaysia on the weekend. Not for the company that he established in 1993 but for speaking on behalf of the government and citizens of Malaysia - that Blair is a world hero.

Of course we dont argue about his business links with Israel as his country, too plays host to the Jewish embassy. Whatever they want to do within their compound is not for us to meddle with.

But to bring in the war criminal who helped killed over a million of Iraqis, depicting him as a realist, a true leader and a reformist to the eyes of Malaysians, is totally against our will and beyond the norms of diplomatic order.

He needs the slippers too. Let him share it with Blair. After all, he started his business with something to do with slippers, too!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hulu Selangor: My worries for BN

Character assassination, carpet bombings and slanderous materials took center stage on day 5 of campaigning for Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election. With 2 more days for both parties to sharpen their knives on each other, my worries are more for Barisan Nasional.

The Opposition were quick to point fingers at the ruling party when the 2 Independents Chandran and Johan Md Diah pulled out on the same day, accusing the government of 'buying' them for the reasons that Chandran - a former MIC division senior officer - and his about 10,000 supporters can now back up BN's P Kamalanathan.

Although Johan's size of camp is unknown, his pledge to support Barisan Nasional has nevertheless added ammunition to Zaid Ibrahim's campaign for the seat. To some extent, the withdrawal of the Independents had easily backfired the tempo of BN propaganda machine.

Worst is when Anwar Ibrahim's former personal medical officer Dr Halili Rahmat who left PKR to join Umno and now a regular speaker for BN's campaign, has turnaround the mood of the Malays to cast their votes on BN.

Ezzam Mohd Nor, another former Anwar's close aide, was also seen as a demon to the eyes of the Malays with his character assassination of his ex-boss, when he again brought up the issue of his 'six boxes of evidence' against him - which made the people blase. Each by-election campaign which Ezzam stood as a speaker, saw a lot of sympathy votes swung towards the Opposition.

I personally make comparison to the substances of speeches from both sides. Shockingly, it was the BN camp that produce more personal attacks on the Opposition. Had not for the visit of Datuk Seri Najib, Tan Sr Muhyiddin, Datuk Hishamuddin, Shapie and few ministers to the constituent, BN speech content would be all about Zaid's drinking and gambling habit, the incompetency of PR state governments and Anwar's sodomy case.

Ezzam, to me and most of my fellow-bloggers should not be invited at all for campaigning as he is only interested to shoot down Anwar. Dr Halili, too, should also be left out as he deserves no special treatment from BN camps. And the fact that he chose the by-election campaign duration to leave PKR and joined Umno, the rakyat were also quick to digest that he was also paid to do so.

By now, we should be able to see a trend here. The Opposition members and leaders would only leave their respective parties during by-elections. This prompted the people to question their sincerity and the motive behind it. Again, it provides ammo to the Opposition.

My other worries are about the influx of luxury cars driven by Umno members, including that of Putera and Puteri in Kuala Kubu Baru and other places. They didnt do much to assist the campaign. Instead, they just browsed around whithout a lead.

And today, a motion was moved at the Dewan Rakyat to refer Anwar to Parliament committee for privileges for accusing Najib of engaging Apco for his 1Malaysia concept, which according to Anwar is a carbon copy to that of OneIsrael. Although Apco has denied any direct involvement with Tel Aviv, it seems to be a topic that can jeorpardise BN chance of winning.

Analysts believe that Najib had sensed the problems in Hulu Selangor, thus prompted him to cut short his official visit to Japan, just to help with the campaigns. Yes, it did improve BN chance, judging from the big crowd attending to his speeches.

BN speakers should focus more on how to develop Hulu Selangor, improving the people's standard of living and help addressing the problems of Felda's 2nd generation, rather than shouting at non-local matters.

With 2 more campaigning days to go, I hope our BN speakers change to substances of sense in their speeches. Votes can swing anytime, especially those sitting on the fence. And of course, we could see a lot of sympathy votes this time around, either for Kamalanathan or Zaid.

If BN wins, its a big boost for Najib's 1Malaysia and his approach in dealing with national issues. However, if its otherwise, it means Anwar gets a lot of sympathy for all the verbal bash-up from BN speakers and pro-government bloggers.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The making of a new Kalimullah

Kalimullah is considered gone. No more big government contracts for him. He is living lavishly in London. He got the money to go anywhere he likes. He got the rights to befriend whoever he wants. And no point contemplating on when will he come back to Malaysia.... or Singapore, at least.

We should keep our business in tact. The government has laid down various development plans. We must monitor all this and ensure Malaysians get the benefit. Contract awards must not fall in the same group of companies, or people.

However, news that there is another Kalimullah in the making worries me. It is learnt that this chap, AB is getting one government project after another for his group and friends. And of course, he is with Umno.

The value of projects which fall into his stable over the last two years is said to be around RM1.6 billion. All ministers know him. All senior government officials process his application, including that of the open tenders, almost every week and every month.

His name really 'laku' for ministers and secretary-generals to resist. He bids mostly every open tender and does his rounds meeting respective officials to ensure that he wins the tender. He won some already and is going for more.

He is now a 'brand' at all ministries. Any good contract will either bear his name as one of the bidders or as someone already asking for it. Even a few million ringgit jobs are within his grab. The familiar catchline: "AB pun ada mintak job ni."

He got one too many. However, who to blame? At least we will soon see the birth of another Kali. We used to have good and bad Kalis. Bentong Kali is long gone. Kajang Kali (Kalai) is getting old now. Kali the Wrestler is making it big at WWE.

We wont miss Kali at all...'Berkali-kali kaya...'

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zaid is a rejected political product

YES, Zaid is a rejected product. When he was the MP for Kota Bharu, he failed to deliver. On top of that, he screwed many things, including the new Umno building there which was said to be over-budget.

I agree with what Kelantan Umno chief Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said in Hulu Selangor today that Zaid Ibrahim did not make any effort to solve the people's problem after winning the general election in 2004. Because of that, he was dropped in the 2008 polls (read here).

And now, this reject is trying to be a hero for Hulu Selangor, a constituent he himself is not familiar with. PKR, in the eyes of many Hulu Selangor voters, fielded a wrong candidate for the April 25 by-election. Minus his drinking habit (of which he claimed he has quit), Zaid is the best man for a losing and desperate team.

Pakatan Rakyat could have chosen someone local and with credence, instead of a rejected product who is not anymore welcome by Umno. That's why PR saved his politics of 'corporate and legalistic entity' - he refuses to take advise and is only interested for others to listen to him.

He will eventually become a 'pain in the arse' for PR in general and to PKR, specifically. During his tenure as a Minister at the Prime Minister's Department, he actually wanted a senior minister post, which prompted him to 'revolt' against the then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Anwar Ibrahim parachuted him from Kelantan to Selangor, hoping for Zaid's 'unpleasant' track record to fool the voters.

Nobody knows how long he can get along with people like Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, whom he used to lambast when he was with Umno. Being an egoist, Zaid may cause big problems to PR.

Should Hulu Selangor's voters pick him as their Member of Parliament, they will end up like the people of Kota Bharu - neglected and toyed around.

Not easy when you are spotted

Browsing the Opposition command centre and camps was interesting. As a journalist and blogger, it would be fun doing some investigating and fact-gathering IF YOUR ARE NOT SPOTTED!

Now we understand why some bloggers did not display their photo on their blogs. They just did not want to be recognised. Some label them as coward. irresponsible and only like to throw stones at people.

I got my picture on my blog, thinking nobody would bother to know how I look like, where I stay, etc. I was wrong.

Merely 20 minutes into conversation with some PKR people in Batang Kali last nite (around 10.30pm), a few men aged between 25-40 intervened, saying: "Awak blogger pro-kerajaan, kan? Saya kenal awak. Elok keluar dari sini."

In defending my presence, I said I had never written anything bad about them during the start of campaigning for Hulu Selangor. They didnt buy it. "Blogger kerajaan semua sama, semuanya memburukkan pembangkang."

Hey! What about their bloggers who keep on battering the government blindly?

So, I left the place (not intimidated), only to notice that a group of six people were leaning on my car. "Ni kereta encik ke? Patutlah ada sticker Press," said one of them. Lucky, they didnt smash up my windscreen or scratch its body. "Tak payahlah datang sini lagi."

My reminder to other bloggers on duty in Hulu Selangor, hide your identity for the sake of your safety, especially in the Opposition-controlled areas. I think that's part of the reasons why Rockybru, Ahmad Talib and some bloggers of disclosed-identity have yet to be spotted there...

A BN-PR bout after all

Its going to be a straight fight after all. Following the withdrawal of Independent candidate Chandran on Monday, another aspirant Johan Md Diah, 31 made similar announcement about 9.10pm in Felda Sungai Tengi, Hulu Selangor.

That leaves the bout to BN's P Kamalanathan and Zaid Ibrahim of Pakatan Rakyat.

The two Independent candidates are now throwing their support for Barisan Nasional, with Chandran proudly said that his 10,000 supporters would now give away their votes to Kamalanathan.

Johan did not say a word as to what prompted him to pull out but sources said he didnt have any chance of winning the by-election.

Both lost their RM10,000 deposits for pulling out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

PKR Dr Halili quits, Chandran to pull out

Latest: Hulu Selangor PKR treasury Datuk Dr Halili Rahmat left the party today to join Umno (here). This is yet another blow for Anwar and his PR...

If Independent V S Chandran pulls out of the four-cornered fight for Hulu Selangor Parliamentary seat, the chance for BN to wrest it from PR looks promising. As a former senior MIC divisional member, Chandran could spoil and split the votes for BN's P Kamalanathan.

News are rife that Chandran is pulling out today to throw support for BN. I personally commend his move (if he really withdraws). The Indian community will now see Kamalanathan as the best person to represent them and the constituent at the Dewan Rakyat.

There is a 'little' problem left. From 72 MIC branches in Hulu Selangor, only about 30 have pledged support for BN. However, the move by deputy president G Palanivel to also support Kamalanathan will eventually settle the issue.

Elsewhere, not much 'excitement' was noted after two days of campaigning except for the issue by BN about the Three Anak Ibrahim (namely Anwar Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim and Zaid Ibrahim), PAS still using some mosques as ceramah venues and matters pertaining to the incompetency of the PR governments in Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan.

On the Opposition stable, Anwar did give his ceramah via tape recorder. Issues like Apco, his sodomy case, the NEM and others are still their favourites.

Afternoon shower and drizzle which lasted till late evening also dictated the mood of campaign, which is expected to heighten two or three days before polling day on Sunday.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

BN must leave this guy out of Hulu Selangor

My words to BN campaigners in Hulu Selangor - dont 'employ' this 'just-rejoined' Umno member and dont resort to character assassination in your speeches. This former aide of Anwar Ibrahim may once again be engaged for a few 'ceramah'. His topic is well-known - to bombard his former boss.

His intention is good - to provide insights and steam to the by-election campaign. He had done it in the past, especially in Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Gantang and others. The topic remains the same. Its all about Anwar and the boxes of evidence in his possession which can bring Anwar down.

Hey... I want BN to win. But the rakyat, especially the Malays are getting fed-up of rhetoric and what is being claimed as proof and evidence. After rejoining Umno and with the grand publicity about this guy, he fails to come up with such boxes of evidence.

Nope! I am not protecting Anwar. He is a liar too, and so are the rest of his comrades, whether they are with him or with Umno or elsewhere. When a 'sifu' preaches lies, his students - regardless of race, religion and ideology - will subscribe to the teachings. And they are so good about it.

I got nothing against this former aide but people are getting sick and tired of the same old-junk stories. The rakyat want to listen to fact and figure and comforting words - how their constituent can be further developed and enhance - and not to stinging nonsense.

Carpet bombings, as you may call it, are common in any election campaign but when we keep on shooting at personality, blindly and senselessly, we are injecting confusion to the voters. When the start to get confused, it wont be good for us.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Its a four-cornered fight

From left: Kamalanathan, Johan, Zaid and Chandan

They said about 50,000 party supporters descended the small town of Kuala Kubu Baru this morning on the nomination day for the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election. Could be. I didnt manage to find my way into the the town as I got stuck more than two hours in a 3km crawl.

It was only two hours later that I got to the Media Centre next to the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil and gathered some information.

Its gonna be a four-cornered fight for the seat - BN's P Kamalanathan, Zaid Ibrahim of Pakatan Rakyat and two Independent candidates namely V S Chandran and Johan Mohd Diah.

No untoward incidents were recorded by the police although the BN supporters were overwhelmed by that of the Opposition. The list of candidates was announced by Returning Officer Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan, who is also the Hulu Selangor district officer, at the Hulu Selangor Sports Complex Multipurpose Hall in Kuala Kubu Baharu at 11.15am

Zaid was the first to hand in his papers, at 9.06am, followed by Kamalanathan at 9.30am, Chandran four minutes later and Johan at 9.36am.

The by-election is called following the death of incumbent MP Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad of PKR.

In the March 2008 general election, Dr Zainal defeated BN's Datuk G. Palanivel, who is now the MIC deputy president, with a majority of 198 votes.

The Hulu Selangor constituency, which has 64,500 voters including 799 postal voters and as huge as the size of Melaka, has three state constituencies namely Hulu Bernam, Kuala Kubu Baru and Batang Kali, all of which are BN-controlled areas.

Campaigning starts today and will end at 12 midnight on the eve of polling on Sunday, April 25.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Are we dancing to the American tune?

The Nuclear Security Summit which concluded two days ago was a success, not only in exploring new doors to Malaysia-US ties but in dragging some countries which had earlier opposed sanctions on Iran to dance to the American tune. We are of no exception.

When Petronas halted its gasoline delivery to Iran last month (here), we joined the likes of most Western and anti-Islamic nations in their propaganda against what is described as 'Iran's nuclear weapon program'. Teheran has reiterated that its uranium enrichment program is strictly to generate electricity for its industries. Even the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had in December confirmed that Iran had no intention whatsoever to develop the program into weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

In fact, Iran has been opposing WMD, the theory created by former British premier Tony Blair that gave permission to the US-led assault which devastated Iraq in 2003. And now, the US has come out with its own theory that Iran might shut the international oil passage in Shatt el-Arab and the Persian Gulf once its nuclear arsenals are ready and in place (here).

While countries like Turkey, India, Brazil and Venezuela are either opposing the sanctions or pressing for a more effective diplomatic solution, Malaysia chose to align itself to the US-style of confronting Teheran, knowing well enough that Iran has been under international sanctions for so many years that any additional measures would not harm its economy.

Latest investment figures show that foreign investments in Iranian oil-related business soar from USD8 billion in 2008 to USD12.7 billion last year. Ironically, most of the companies were from the US and other Western economies.

Malaysia's move might also jeopardise few contracts already awarded by the Iranian authorities to Malaysian companies. Among which is the USD2 billion sealed by a Bumiputera company for the Iran Metro Central project, which is similar to KL Sentral.

Our bilateral trade with Iran is also improving, and so are in politics and diplomatic. As co-members of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC), Malaysia and Iran share some common grounds toward international issue.

I think it is time to review our stand on issues like this before making abrupt decision just to please others. Malaysia has many friends throughout the globe, most of which look high upon us for our effective roles in many international forums.

We also need to accept the fact that the United Nations 'belong' to the Americans as the host nation and for being the largest single donor to the world body. And of course, Washington would love to have the whole world dancing to its tune!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BN vs Zaid

I agree with what DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin said - that BN has an equal chance of winning the Hulu Selangor Parliamentary seat on April 25, and that the ruling party must not be over confidence.

He made the comment a day before announcing the BN candidate for the by-election. Pakatan Rakyat has announced few days ago that former Minister in the Prime Minister's Dept Zaid Ibrahim will be 'parachuted' from Kelantan to Selangor for the job.

If I am Muhyiddin, I will not take Zaid lightly. The Umno-deserter was once a recognised figure with the government before quitting on personal reasons, only to join his mentor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim after that. I dont know him that much but Kota Bharu Umno members do, notably for the mess he left behind.

Who will stand for BN in Hulu Selangor is not important. The scenario now is BN against Zaid, and not MIC or Umno vs the 59-year old who owns the largest legal firm in the country. BN must choose someone of Zaid's credibility or the ruling party may have to add Hulu Selangor to its list of defeat.

Another factor which DPM said is the quest of Hulu Selangor voters is yet to be ascertained. Many had raised the point that its time for BN to switch it from the 'traditionally-must-be a MIC candidate' to Umno as the majority of voters there are Malays, whom we cant still detect which party do they favor most - BN or PR.

Some raised the issue of 'a secure victory' if BN fields an Umno candidate while some predicted a slalom for MIC choice.... to Samy Vellu's choice of candidate, to be precise.

And again, the question here is whether the government should go all out for a win or just to satisfy the MIC for the sake of 1Malaysia. Zaid is not a newcomer, bear that in mind. He knows how to cripple any effort to bring him down in politics.

Our DPM seemed to acknowledged the difficulty prior to the by-election. I believe he knows Zaid well enough as not to make any statement that would provide the Opposition with some good edges.

However, we must not discount the fact that the country is getting much better under the premiership of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The economy is improving fast and steady as compared to some other countries in the region.

Our level of security, too has been enhanced while the development plan has began to show positive results nationwide. IMalaysia is getting more appreciation from all sectors of the community, including foreigners.

The only problem now is to read the minds of Hulu Selangor's voters... who will do such readings for the BN?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sibu by-election next

As Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat make preparations for the parliamentary by-election in Hulu Selangor, the Sibu parliamentary seat fell vacant when its MP Datuk Robert Hoi Chew died on Friday due to long illness.

The Sibu MP from the SUPP was in control of the constituent for the past five terms.

Looks like BN and PR will meet up again in Sarawak, most probably in a month time. And of course, the result in Hulu Selangor will add boost to the party winning it.

I will definitely be in Sibu, which I last visited some years ago with a journalist from Bernama and I did enjoy the three days there.

To a few fellow bloggers whom I have been with in the previous by-elections, I just wanna ask them something in Iban - kemaya kitak ngagai Sibu?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hulu Selangor: Let us see...

Of course, its the prerogative rights of the Prime Minister as chairman of Barisan Nasional to decide which party will represent the government in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election on April 25. And I am sure Samy Velly is most happy now as the traditionally-held MIC seat is still intact (read here).

Najib has been very wise in making the decision. Samy is already a winner. The only question here is, can BN win the seat from Pakatan Rakyat?

I am not refuting the Prime Minister's decision. I am more concern about winning. Hulu Selangor suddenly reminds me much of Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election in January 2009, in which BN lost to Pas. Why? They fielded an 'unwanted' candidate when the voters prefered someone else.

Are we for the interest of MIC as a BN component member or for the sake of the ruling party? Do we really need a win or just to contest-and-lose in Hulu Selangor.

I dont know how much homework has the BN done in Hulu Selangor. I am not sure as to whether they acknowledge the sentiment of the majority there and take into account who do they actually want as their Member of Parliament. Didnt we learn anything from the last defeat?

No, I am not being bias. IMalaysia is good. Equality is to be upheld but there are times when we need to reconsider our position for the benefit of all, in this context to ensure BN winning the constituency. We have been very 'fair' in the last general elections but it didnt pay!

I better stop here. I am going back to Hulu Selangor...just to listen.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The minister who labels bloggers as insignificant

I know someone who started low with Pemuda, then made it to the Dewan Rakyat as a Member of Parliament before being appointed a Parliamentary Secretary before bcoming a full Minister. He was nice and okay then.

However, a Prime Minister aspirant now, he is getting snobbish. Many call him 'Menteri Sombong'. Maybe he got his own reasons but what I cant accept is when he regarded bloggers as 'insignificant' and 'cannot be trusted'. Wow!

I spoke to a few pro-government bloggers about it and they agreed that this guy should be sidelined and let him deal only with the mainstream media. He is a publicity-craze anyway as he calls for press conference mostly everyday and issuing statements with the hope of making it to front pages.

He doesnt take advise and doesnt listen to good words about how he should stay relevant - as a minister and an Umno leader. He got two deputies whom we seldom heard of, not in making statement nor in requesting for a press conference. Both are considered 'politically dead''.

This minister will appear in any dailies mostly everyday, even to announce something which a deputy secretary general of his ministry can attend to. Nobody else can find a space in the media. Its only him and him.

He made a few blunders but was neatly concealed with the help of friends and bloggers. He didnt impress much although he tries from time to time to create something to draw the public interest. Latest, I heard that one of his senior aides with the ministry is no more allowed to sign any letter while another is counting his days to be fired. His special officers, too got no work at all.

On behalf of my fellow bloggers, I would like to tell him that he should improve his knowledge about the importance of blogs in many countries and to many Presidents and Prime Ministers. In some countries, a team of bloggers are appointed to a special panel to assist the government in various aspects.

I am glad that our Prime Minister, his deputy and some ministers are running their own blogs and spend time meeting some pro-government bloggers once in a month or every two or three months, However, we treat this minister as a special case. Let us see whether he can make it to the pinnacle of his politics by ignoring the importance of blogs.

If you aspire to become a Prime Minister, you better work your way up, by yourself and by your nose.

After all, we bloggers are not so hard-up to have coffee with him!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear readers,

It left me to no choice but to delete two latest postings on APCO and some responses to it. Also, about 70 good published comments. Not with any intention to wreck anyone's reputation, especially those in the inner circle, the postings were meant to support the Government pertaining to the running issue. However, I have to pulled it down as not to be accused of committing an enormity. It is not easy being a blogger, especially when you dont have a master and not earning anything out of it. You are on your own. As a professional, I stick to my own principles. I dont think other bloggers, notably the hardcores will ever delete any of their postings upon request. Whatever it is... do accept my apology.