Sunday, February 28, 2010

The caption that costs NSTP RM45,000

I just want to write about a friend, a former NSTP staff. To be precise, he was a senior sports reporter with Berita Harian. He decided to leave the company in late 1990s after serving as a correspondent in Lumut (tempat dia berlumut).

Khairul Anuar Mokhtar (pic, in long-sleeve shirt), now in his early 50s, currently works for a broadcast organisation in Kuala Lumpur. I bumped into him at the Angkasapuri recently, days before he won the 10 years legal battle against the NSTP.

The Ipoh High Court had on Feb 22 gave a consent judgment between the two parties, with Khairul receiving RM45,000 following an out-of-court settlement in a defamation suit. Besides NSTP, he also named then-journalist Azmi M Anshar, Sharanjit Singh and the editor of the New Sunday Times, as defendants.

This suit followed an error in a photo caption that had appeared in the publication which had depicted Khairul as an alleged member of the Al Ma├║nah cult, when he was not. The photo and caption had appeared in the New Sunday Times on July 9, 2000.

As part of the settlement, the newspaper would also be required to issue an apology and retraction of the matter. The court did not, however, make order as to costs. Khairul had initially demanded RM632,000 as exemplary and aggravated damages.

He was represented by counsel Faizal Kamaruddin while NST and others were represented by lawyer Yau Her Lerk.

Its not the amount which he gets but the dignity which was reinstated. During that time, he may look like a peasant but I believe many people at the NSTP could recognise him.

NOTE: The news was only carried by Malaysiakini. I dont think the NSTP group of newspapers published it. Hmmm....I wonder why. I had also met some friends whom I didnt see after our Form 5 about 33 years ago, recently. We still recognise each other although some are either fat, thin, bloated, full of grey hair, bearded, bald and in many appearances. In Khairul's case, he just left the company a few years....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Foreign cahood in Anwar's case

Not surprising. Former Canadian prime minister Paul Martin has been Anwar's close aide at the latter's prime time as a DPM and finance minister. This 1995 picture of them shows how strong the bonds are.

Also no surprise. Part of the reasons why Anwar and his Pakatan Rakyat are resorting to delaying tactics in his sodomy case is to gather more international support, hoping for a massive diplomatic and political power that can apply mounting pressure on the Malaysian government to call off the trial and drop all charges against him.

No surprise at all that Anwar and former Australian premier John Howard are buddies. So, it led to more than 50 OZ members of Parliament to conveyed a protest note to our high commissioner in two weeks ago. Similarly, Amnesty International and other human rights organisations - almost all are pro-Western and pro-sodomy - are rallying behind him.

Paul Martin wrote in The Globe and Mail titled Speak Out For Anwar Ibrahim's Sake, writes among others '...If his country is to take its place among the progressive nations of the world, it is crucial that the politically motivated charge against Mr. Anwar be dropped and that he be free to pursue his vision of a democratic Malaysia, properly respectful of human rights and international law.'

This indicates how serious such words of 'political blackmail' are being applied by Anwar's friendly leaders and nations on the government. Nonetheless, there is a possibility of diplomatic constraints between Malaysia and some governments if Anwar is found guilty and re-send to jail.

Wall Street Journal's ''Raising Malaysia's Hackles'' printed a more stern warning, 'International attention may not change the course of Mr. Anwar's trial, but at the very least, it reminds Malaysia's elites that their actions won't go unnoticed—or, perhaps, without consequences.'

And read what Anwar's favourite writer from LA Times Mark Magnier wrote in the daily, 'Malaysian politician's sodomy trial publicises taboo topics' h e r e.

Since the High Court has turned down Anwar's request the lead time to gather more evidence for the case, we can expect more disparaging remarks from all over the world, as that is exactly what the Opposition wants.

However, its is also interesting to read what Sakmongkol writes under The goalposts keep shifting, quoting him as saying '...Here is where I encounter a problem. Anwar Ibrahim deserves justice. That we don’t dispute. But his accuser, the alleged victim also deserves justice. Why is justice to Anwar more important than justice to Saiful? We need to know whether this Saiful is a fool and a liar.'

Also read BBC h e r e.... 'Government critics believe it is no accident that the charge against Mr Anwar is sodomy - this is not white collar crime, a funding scandal or a conflict of interest, it is something which cuts to the quick of this Malay politician's identity as a good Muslim.'

When his trial resumes, we better browse the Internet as tonnes of articles supporting him will appear. While Micheal Danby compares Anwar to that of Aung San Suu Kyi, I told some friends that Sungai Buloh is not a house arrest!

If Anwar is clean (I hope he is), there shouldnt be any more delaying tactics. Get it over and done with... and without foreign interference. Read a good analysis by Outsyed The Box h e r e.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jihad against Switzerland? Absurd!

Latest: Minaret-opposing Swiss politician converts to Islam

On this day when Prophet Muhammad was born, I am saddened by a new development in Libya and Switzerland.

In Switzerland, a beautiful country which I had visited twice, some fanatics, according to reports, are demolishing mosques and Muslim praying halls just because the people voted against the building of minarets.

In Libya, leader Muammar Gaddafi (whom I met and interviewed in 1984 after the bombings of Benghazi and Tripoli by the Americans) has called for Muslims to launch a 'jihad' against the Swiss people and government (read Bernama h e r e).

Islam is a moderate religion. For Gaddafi to declare a war is not appropriate. For Switzerland to demolish the mosques and its despise for Islam is most uncalled for even though the Muslim extremism and Sept. 11 were used as the reasons.

Honestly, I dont agree with either Gaddafi or the Swiss government. I may call both as the worse than the extremist among Muslims, the Christians and others.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maulidur Rasul

To all Muslims, selamat menyambut MAULIDUR RASUL.

Sama-samalah kita bersalawat ke atas junjungan besar kita, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W yang dikasihi kerana membawa kita ke satu arah yang amat terpimpin dan penuh kebenaran.

Read an interesting piece about Maulidur Rasul by Big Dog h e r e.

Prime Minister urges Muslims to emulate the Prophet's qualities to achieve excellence h e r e

What songs?

Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Rais Yatim has compelled all radio stations to air local songs (is it local songs ONLY?) beginning March (read Bernama), a move equally lauded and chided.

Really? Only local songs? Or more local than foreign songs? No elaboration, actually. Ex-minister Zainuddin Maidin said he tried to do it but the authority was with another ministry.

What's wrong with foreign songs? How about the Indonesian songs which are hits among many Malaysians? What about those from other countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, the West and others?

Are foreign songs so bad for our youths to listen? Some songs are very educating and informative. Even our present genre of songs, too duplicate their kind of music. So, what kind of local songs are good or us?

And then, the Arabic songs from Egypt, Sudan and others which inspire many Malays who all this while bear the perception that anything about Arab is Islam. Not many Malays understand Arabic. Do we need to discard that too?

And... which radio station in particular only air foreign songs?

Hope the ministry can explain further. We are living in a borderless world now. Afterall, we have people from all over the world working, studying and settling in Malaysia!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Star apologises for Guna

The Star today published an apology in its Page 3 for last Friday's comment by its managing editor P Gunasegaram which was described by some quarters, especially the Muslims as deragotary and insulting.

I believe it was decided by the Star editorial team after its group editor-in-chief Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai (pic) was summoned to the Home Ministry in the evening. I was told he met KDN deputy sec-gen Datuk Fuad Aziz.
'The Star sincerely apologises to those who were offended by the content of the article...' (read h e r e for full statement). I believe its all over now. Guna is just like others who sometimes makes 'unintentional' errors. When I was with the NSTP group, there were also a few occassions when news and articles writen by staff reporters were subjected to legal suits. Opppss.... news is that, Chun Wai also received a showcause letter from the ministry. All this takes place within hours before the Star launches its weekly Bahasa paper (or is it gonna be just an insert to Sunday Star?) It also came to my knowledge that the Star was given a permit for a Bahasa daily (Massa something, if I'm not wrong) during Tun Dr Mahathir's era as the Prime Minister. What happens to the permit... is Star still holding it? Anyway, the apology is timely and well-accepted. Case is closed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What are you talking, Guna?

In my Feb 19 posting 'Caning: Non-Muslims should not interfere', I made it clear that the syariah law is only meant for Muslims and not others. However, some people of the non-Muslims still want to make an issue out of it.

I dont know what's the motive behind Star's managing editor P Gunasegaram's article, 'Persuasion, not Compulsion' on the same day, which I personally feel a bit overboard. As an individual, he got every rights to opine but as a journalist whose writings reach millions of readers worldwide, I guess it's very provocative (read h e r e).

With three women already having been caned for illicit sex, the way has been paved for more caning of women in the future. That will not endear Malaysia to Malaysians, let alone foreigners who are inevitably going to equate us with the Taliban. And who can blame them?... This is clear indication that there are laws in our statute books – both syariah as well as civil – which are outdated and need to be revised in keeping with the times and the recognition that individuals have personal rights.

Nope! I am not the right person to condemn him as, from the manner he wrote, he has no knowledge whatsoever about Islam and the syariah law.

I will just leave it to the Star editorial board to look into this matter. From what I know, Muslims who read his article are not feeling easy.

Dutch govt collapses over Afghan mission

Latest: Europeans want out of Aghan (h e r e)

AMSTERDAM - The Dutch coalition government collapsed Saturday over whether to extend the country's military mission in Afghanistan, leaving the future of its 1,600 soldiers fighting there uncertain. An early election is now expected.

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende (pic) announced that the second largest party in his three-party alliance is quitting, ending what had always been an uneasy partnership (h e r e).

The Dutch debate comes as opinion polls in many troop-providing European countries indicate growing public opposition to sending more soldiers to Afghanistan amid a global financial crisis and shrinking defence budgets.

Any Dutch withdrawal would be a worrying sign for NATO, which has struggled to raise the 10,000 additional troops that its top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, has demanded to accompany the 30,000 American reinforcements being deployed there

Dutch soldiers have been deployed since 2006 in the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan on a two-year stint that was extended until next August. Balkenende's party wanted to keep a trimmed-down military presence in the restive province, where 21 Dutch soldiers have been killed, but Labor was adamant that the Dutch troops leave Uruzgan as scheduled.

*** Meanwhile, protests have been held in Berlin on Saturday in opposition to Germany’s ongoing troop presence in Afghanistan. German news agency DPA reported that between 600 and 2,000 demonstrators turned out to call for a recall of the country’s roughly 4,400 Bundeswehr troops stationed in the north of the country.

Comment: That's the price you got to pay when you interfere in other country. Your own people may not like it...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sorry Anwar, no Parliament special session!

NO, we cannot allow the legislative to interfere in the judiciary. That's ridiculuos, said DPM Muhyiddin (h e r e). And for that, Najib said we cant allow the Dewan Rakyat to convene an emergency session to discuss Anwar's case.

The Parliament belongs to the people and the democracy. However, it wont be that democratic to discuss Anwar's case as it is a personal matter (h e r e). His trial has nothing to do with the Parliament and is not politically-orchestrated as claimed by Kit Siang. Its not a political trial as it involves only Anwar, Saiful and the Court.

For a seasonal MP like Kit Siang, he should understand the Parliament better. Exploiting the institution for personal and political reasons envisages an extreme avid for something which he himself is not so sure of. To cover a hangdog?

A special sitting can be called only to discuss matters of national interest e.g disaster, subversive etc. Anwar's case is of course a 'national interest' in the sense that it draws attention not only from Malaysians but the whole world. If Anwar is not the Opposition Leader, nobody would bother.

Anwar doesnt own the Parliament, neither does Kit Siang, Najib, Muhyiddin, Nik Aziz or Saiful. Even the government has to push for our legislators to table, debate and vote for any new Act before it becomes into effect.

Anwar himself has failed in his bid to throw out his sodomy charge (h e r e), he got to continue going to court until a verdict is reached. The government doesnt interfere, except for some foreigners who are his friends and sympathisers. If he is innocent, he will be a 'free, clean guy'. Just let the law takes its due course.

No matter how many judges he wishes to change and instal, it wont change the decision of the court if he's guilty or innocent. The Aussies cant help. Not even U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry can do anything about it...

All that Anwar needs is tangible evidence to proof his innocence... and God!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Caning: Non-Muslims should not interfere

Malaysia is facing another international condemnation over the caning of three women at the Kajang Prison on Feb 9 for having 'illicit and out of wedlock sex'. Even local NGOs, the Bar Council and Women's groups were furious about it.

Pix by Sin Chew

Here are some excerpts about what they said:

"They pleaded guilty to a charge under section 23 of the Sharia criminal offences act which prohibits sex out of wedlock and they were given whipping punishment of either four or six strokes together with imprisonment. Both the bar council and quite a number of the civil society organisations are quite shocked and disappointed that the home affairs minister has allowed this to happen when there was still an ongoing debate over the Khatika whipping punishment and whether that should take place. So we were all taken by surprise that this had happened. It appears rather surreptitious". - Lim Chee Wee, vice-president, Malaysia Bar Council.

"We are shocked and very very angry with this action that the government has taken in going ahead and caning three woman for adultery. Who gives the government the right to do moral policing and why should a personal sin be turned into a crime against the state... Malaysia's reputation and Malaysia's claim to be a modern Muslim country, a democracy, definitely this is a big blow to Malaysia's positioning. And for me, I am currently attending the Human Rights Summit in Washington, certainly it's a very embarrassing moment.'' - Dr Hamidah Marican, executive director, Sisters of Islam.

(Both made the statement during an interview with Radio Australia h e r e).

"Malaysia is a lawless state..." - Zaid Ibrahim, ex-Law Minister in his Facebook.

"The authority may claim this as the law of Malaysia, just like anal sex is illegal in the country. But it should be able to integrate with the international law. It must be reasonable and consistent with human rights." - a comment in Sin Chew ... (h e r e)

"These thousands of cases point to an epidemic of caning in Malaysia... the Malaysian government needs to abolish this cruel and degrading punishment, no matter what the offense." - Donna Guest, Amnesty... (h e r e)

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the caning was done according to the law, and that it did not result in any wound on their bodies. The only issue raised then was why did the government take more than a week to announce it, and why was it announced?

Some said the announcement was made to make it clear that there is no rooms for beer-drinking model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno to evade similar punishment, as what was decided by a court last year.

However, the three women said they deserved their punishment and that it would help stem sex outside marriage. "I deeply regret my actions as I should have married before having sex," the New Straits Times newspaper quoted one of the women who it said was aged 17, as saying in its Friday edition. She claimed that she had become pregnant and gone into labor while at school, losing the baby, and then had turned herself in to the authorities last December.

A second woman said she had to support her family after her father left home and had a three-year-old daughter out of wedlock. She said that she too turned herself in due to feelings of guilt.

Hishammuddin said they were carried out perfectly. The caning was done while the women were fully clothed and seated. The person administering the punishment was not allowed to raise their arm above shoulder level.

Nevertheless, the caning has received widespread support from Muslim groups in the country, where about 55 per cent of its 27 million people is Malay and Muslim. "The guilty have also repented and there is no proof of injuries at all. What is the problem now?" - Fadhalina Sidek, vice president of the Islamic Youth Movement.

President ofThe Malaysian Muslim Lawyers Association (PPMM) Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar said that the statements by several parties questioning the syariah caning on three women syariah offenders recently demonstrates as though they did not understand the dual legal system practiced in the country.

"It must be stressed again that the syariah caning is different from the civil caning. The syariah caning does not cause injury to the offender compared with the civil caning which leaves a scar," he said, adding that describing the syariah caning as cruel was extreme and lacked legal basis and Syarak Law.

Well... to those who don't know about the Islamic punishment, they better dont open up their mouth. I have read somewhere that such a punishment is acceptable in Islam since a thousand years before, and I think Muslims had accepted it.

The only issue here is those who try to lucre out the issue. Like Sisters of Islam, I bet Islam is secondary to them. What's more important is to align themselves with the Western-style of law (among others in accepting illicit sex, adultery and anal sex as legal).

As for the Bar Council, its their nature of getting attention.... it goes without saying. And for those who urge Malaysia to set up an Islamic rules that comply to international standard, I got this to tell them - comply yourself to the rules of common sense first (although common sense is not so common anymore)

Muslims usually dont interfere with other religions (lakum di nukum wali-yaddin), especially here in Malaysia. What our scholars and ulamaks do are for the well-being of the Muslims. Islam is not extreme.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Blog Anwar Ibrahim melaporkan bekas Timbalan Menteri Buruh, Kalakau Untol sudah pun melepaskan semua jawatan dalam syarikat berkaitan kerajaan dan menyuarakan sokongan terhadap Pakatan Rakyat.

Tidak ada apa yang menghairankan mengenai keputusan beliau meletakkan jawatan sebagai Pengerusi Superpanel (Sabah) Sdn Bhd, sebuah subsidiari milik penuh Lembaga Pembangunan Perumahan Bandar (LPPB) serta sebagai ahli Lembaga Pengarah Perbadanan Pembangunan Ekonomi Sabah (Sedco).

Ini dinyatakannya dalam satu sidang akhbar di Tamparuli, Sabah hari ini.

Ketika menjadi anggota Kabinet Tun Dr Mahathir di antara 1986 dan 1990, beliau tidak berapa menyerlah. Malah, perlantikannya sebagai salah seorang wakil negeri Sabah sedikit membingungkan kerana Kalakau bukanlah seorang ahli politik gred 1. Sepenggal sebagai timbalan menteri pun tidak menampakkan beliau menyumbang apa-apa terhadap pembangunan tenaga kerja dan penyelesaian masalah perburuhan ketika itu.

Kalangan wartawan dan politikus ketika itu hanya melihat Kalakau sebagai seorang 'seniman' berprofil tinggi kerana kasutnya yang adakalanya berlainan warna setiap sebelah.

Saya sendiri pernah mengajukan soalan mengenai isu pekerja dan jawapan yang diberikannya sering tidak memuaskan hati wartawan sehingga ada yang menggelarnya ahli politik tangkap muat negeri Sabah.

Sama ada beliau akan menyertai PR atau tidak, itu haknya sebagai individu tetapi tidak ada apa yang dapat ditawarkannya kepada rakyat Sabah memandangkan beliau sendiri sudah terlalu lama 'tenggelam' di negeri itu.

Kalakau, 55, juga pernah menjadi Ketua Pemuda Pertubuhan Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Bersatu (Upko) negeri selama 12 tahun sejak 1985. Bagaimanapun, kekalahannya pada pemilihan pucuk kepimpinan pada 1997 seakan-akan menutup terus pintu gelanggang politiknya.

Blognya, banyak berkisar kepada usahanya membela nasib rakyat Sabah ketika menjadi timbalan menteri, bagaimana beliau kecewa dengan segala tuntutannya untuk Sabah tidak dipenuhi semuanya oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan ketika itu.

Saya harap Tun Dr Mahathir dapat mengulas mengenai Kalakau agar rakyat Malaysia, khususnya di Sabah faham kenapa perlantikannya ketika itu hanya satu penggal.

Biarlah Kalakau dengan kelakarnya...

OZs turn to Jakarta (to save Rudd or the drug dealers?)

(Thailand and the Philippines stood at 9th and 10th position respectively in the world's top 10 countries most at risk from terrorist attacks, according to global analyst Maplecroft (h e r e). I dont see any credibility in this reports. Why? Because the rated Australia as the lowest risk, at no. 120. Do you believe that? They have terrorists within!)

And now, the OZs are turning to Indonesian government, trying to save their drug dealers from the firing squad.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, in efforts to win his second term later this year has his diplomatic team working it out in Jakarta. They told the Indonesian government that the execution of the three Aussie convicts will be a sensitive issue during this election year (read h e r e).

As Scott Rush, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran prepare last appeals against execution by firing squad, senior Australian diplomats met with the Indonesian attorney-general's office for talks on the legal hurdles facing the trio.

They are members of a group known as the Bali Nine, arrested in April 2005 in Denpasar with 8.3 kg (18 lb) of heroin strapped to their bodies, worth $3.5 million. Rush and ringleaders Chan and Sukumaran were sentenced to death in 2006.

If not for the coming election, I dont think Rudd's administration will launch such an intensified diplomatic effort to save the convicts...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rally: Bloggers sidelined

The peaceful rally at the Australian High Commission this morning went on as planned. No untoward incidents. The crowd was estimated at around 500 comprising members of Pemuda Umno, Pemuda MIC, Perkasa, MBM, Makkal Sakthi and a few NGOs.

However, I am disappointed. I think bloggers were sidelined. The petition signed by a group of political and diplomatic bloggers, including Datuk Rockybru, Syed Akbar, A Voice and mine failed to get to Aussie High Commissioner to Malaysia, HE Ms Penny Williams.

I was holding the petition, hoping to join KJ, his deputy Razali and a Perkasa rep into the embassy compound. Not allowed as only three persons were permitted. It was OK. I passed it to one of KJ's officials whom I dont know his name. We were cramping at the FRU barricade outside the mission. I thought the petition goes through.

When KJ and the two others left the mission about 20 minutes later, I saw the official whom I gave the petition earlier, asking him whether it went through, and he said "Tak sempat kasi KJ".

Thank you. Its my accountability. And the protest rally also turned out to be very political. In my postings earlier, I said those wanting to take part should not don any political symbols as it might give Anwar Ibrahim and supporters the edge to say that it was planned by the government.

However, everybody wants to claim credit for it. Well, take yours!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The rally will go on...

The planned peaceful rally at the Australian High Commission at 10am tomorrow will proceed, WITH or WITHOUT police permit. Its public holidays and the police normally dont entertain any request for permit during weekends and holidays.

Our High Commission in Canberra

I dont know who was the senior police officer quoted by the Malay Mail report (read
h e r e) but we already got a simple 'Go Ahead'.

Its gonna be a peaceful public rally and of non-political.

This is for the country, not for Anwar Ibrahim or anybody else! If we dont convey our message to the Aussies, may as well we let any country intervene in our systems.

Afterall, it wont take long as our only intention is to handover our note of protest to the High Commissioner, H.E Ms Penny Williams.

We got good diplomatic minds!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Why we should protest...

Respect Malaysia's Laws, Shafie tells foreign communities...

No, its not entirely about Anwar Ibrahim or other cases. This is about foreign interference in our domestic affairs.

We wouldnt mind if their media, NGOs and other Tom, Dick & Harry batter us but when it comes from their Parliament, it speaks for the whole country (thanks to Rockybru).

Yes, in borderless world, we cannot just stop anyone from buggering each other but in the general order of diplomatic, its a different story. A prime minister and the Parliament should observe a strict diplomatic approach before making statements about other countries.

Or you, Malaysians, prefer to sit tight and wait for more diplomatic assaults to come. So, be it. Sooner or later, foreign forces will decide who should become our Prime Minister and what kind of a political system that we should subscribe to. Let them dictate you in your every value.

So, if you really care for our sovereignty, you should support us. We are not doing it for anyone's political platform, agenda or mileage - its for Malaysia!

Note: Have not heard anything from our PM and FM... no comments so far

Saturday, February 13, 2010


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, may the Tiger's roar hinder all the bad things and bring us the good ones. This is our festival, a Malaysians'



I am calling on all pro-government MPs, NGOs, youth organisations and bloggers to joint hands in a peaceful protest next Wednesday, February 17 at 3pm, to convey our note of protest to the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia.

We need to express our concern over similar note of protest presented by about 50 Australian lawmakers to our High Commissioner Salman Ahmad, in Canberra on Thursday, demanding our government to drop all charges against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, and call off his trial (read h e r e).

We always consider Australia as a good partner. So much efforts have and are being carried out to foster more understanding between our two countries. However, when their Parliament decided to do so, we take it as a betrayal of relations.

We had never interfered in their domestic affairs but we would like to tell them to pay more attention towards their oppressed aborigines, their growing anti-Asian sentiment and their askance on non-whites. As much as we try not to meddle in other country's business, we expect them to reciprocate well enough.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Zahrain quits PKR

Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim finally quits PKR, citing his dissappointment over the leadership of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. His move is well anticipated as there was no more room for both parties to patch up or even reach a compromise (reports h e r e) The outspoken MP, however says he would remain as an Independent Member of Parliament and does not wish to support other political parties. Zahrain recently blasted Lim, accusing him of being chauvinistic, a dictator and communist-minded, which sparked a row with the Pakatan Rakyat state government and nationwide. Now, how about Kulim Bandar Baru MP, Zulkifli Noordin?

FOOTNOTE: Sudah sampai masanya PKR menimbang semula hubungannya dengan DAP. PAS juga harus berbuat demikian jika ia ingin melihat kesinambungan perjuangan politiknya. Biarkan DAP menjadi pembangkang dalam bentuknya yang tersendiri, sama seperti sebelum PKR dan PAS menyetujui gabungan PR. Anwar harus mengakui bahawa pakatan tiga penjuru ini tidak akan kekal lama. Ia makin bercelaru dan tidak terarah. Kembalilah ke tempat asal masing-masing. Guan Eng juga perlu berikir untuk kembali ke Melaka. Pulau Pinang memerlukan anak watannya sendiri sebagai pemimpin. Kesilapan inilah yang gagal mencerna perubahan di negeri itu. Kit Siang, Karpal Singh dan yang lain-lain harus akur kepada tuntutan rakyat Pulau Pinang dan bukannya memenuhi tuntutan politik peribadi masing-masing.

RPK's son attempts suicide

Our police investigators are getting even busier. Not only to distinguish all evidence in Anwar-Saiful sodomy trial but also other cases. Things are not getting any easier either. At the same time, the Force has to attend to its routine.

So many reports are lodged. Now its about Kit Siang and Nizar (who lost the legal battle with Zambry over Perak MB post... read Rockybru), the murder and sodomy of a toddler, bank robberies, rapes, blackmails, etc.

Latest is how RPK's son Raja Azman Raja Petra swallowed a razor blade and cut his wrist on Monday in what the police described as a suicide attempt. Azman, 34, is under remand at the Sungai Buloh prison pending investigation on four charges against him for housebreakings and theft (read h e r e...)

There must be reasons why he did that.... and where is his father Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the editor of Malaysia Today? Still enjoying life in London, staying in what is believed to be Kalimullah's apartment?

I think RPK should come back and visit his son, whom I think is under mounting stress. Or could his father was part of the reasons why Azman tried to kill himself? Hmmm...

No more comment.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Malaysia upholds the Rule of Law

Anwar's sodomy case continues hearing at the High Court today. Yesterday, the Federal Court ruled that Zambry is the lawful mentri besar of Perak. Nizar Jamaluddin has lost his legal battle. Now, how about Anwar against Saiful?

Anyway, this letter published in the Wall Street Journal draws my attention. Its from our minister Nazri Aziz who wrote 'Malaysia Upholds the Rule of Law' (with regards to Anwar's trial).

The editorial published prior to the beginning of the judicial proceeding against Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim (Anwar's second sodomy trial, Feb 2nd) resented a misleading characterization of the trial by focussing on the view of the defendent, rather than presenting a balanced account that included a fair presentation of Mr Anwar's alleged victim. As a consequence, the Wall Street Journal Asia falsely cast this trial as politically motivated and portrayed the defendent as the victim. This case is not political, but a matter to be worked through in our criminal justice system, as it would in any other country. The alleged victim and his family are seeking justice, as is their right under the law. Malaysia recognises the presumption of innocence, and this case is no exception. As is the standard practice in Malaysia, the rights of both the accuser and the accused will be respected during the trial of Mr Anwar. We support due process as each party has an opportunity to present their case to an impartial judge. Similarly, our government is dedicated to upholding the rule of law and the principle that no one is above the law. Again, this case is no exception. Malaysia's legal system has the obligation to proceed, not because the accused is Mr Anwar but because it has the responsibility to protect and pursue justice on behalf of Malaysian citizens, irrespective of politics.
Nazri Abdul Aziz
Prime Minister's Department
Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zambry is the legitimate Perak MB

So, its Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir. He is now the lawful Mentri Besar of Perak, as decided by the Federal Court today. Let's see if Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin and his supporters can accept and respect the decision.

The Court decided Zambry's appointment by the Sultan of Perak is constitutional. Means that such a decision cannot be contested any further after this. (read Rockybru)

A five-man bench led by Court of Appeal president Tan Sri Alauddin Mohd Sheriff unanimously ruled that the ruler had exercised his royal power to appoint Dr Zambry to succeed his opponent from Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, after he was satisfied that the latter had lost the majority vote of the state legislative assembly.

Alauddin sat with Chief Judge of Malaya Tan Sri Arifin Zakaria and Federal Court judges Datuk Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin, Datuk Wira Ghazali Mohd Yusof and Datuk Abdull Hamid Embong. Justice Arifin read out the judgment.

Let's hope Perak prosper further without anymore political chaos.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dont beTAKUT la, bro Anwar!

  • If High Court judge Mohamad Zabidin Diah is not fit to preside his case, then who actually does Anwar wants? Someone from Washington or Geneva or The Hague?

Our legal system has long been recognised as being almost fair to anyone - locals and aliens - brought to justice. I think the "almost fair" is the best terminology to describe our judiciary. Worldwide, no system is perfect.

Anwar seems to be discontented with the way his case is being handled by Zabidin. Or is it the court itself? (Read h e r e...)

Wanting him removed from presiding his sodomy trial doesnt guarantee Anwar anything. If he is in the wrong, other judges who take over will have no choice but to follow what the law should do. Unless, as I mentioned earlier, if Anwar wants someone from abroad to sit on the bench.

Anwar has been very sceptical at how his case is being handled, accusing the government of wanting to keep him out of politics forever. In other words, send him to jail for 20 years as by the time he is freed, he would be rubber-legged. He is already 62.

The presiding today, which lasted only for 10 minutes draws speculation that Anwar is back to his old tricks again, with the intention to prolong the trial or postpone it.

Well, we actually want the case to conclude as soon as possible. Anwar has nothing to worry if he is clean. If he's clean, then Saiful will have to pay a high price for all the lies.

A Malay proverb says "BERANI KERANA BENAR, TAKUT KERANA SALAH". So, why are you so TAKUT?

Nizar or Zambry?

So, who is your pick? Nizar or Zambry?

Come Tuesday, the 5-panel Federal Court bench makes their decision on who should be the rightful Mentri Besar of Perak.
Nizar, 52 and Zambry, 47 have been on a tug-of-war for the position since Barisan Nasional pipped Pakatan Rakyat by a narrow majority during a ''cross-overs'' and 'defection' last year (Bernama has the story h e r e...)

The five-man bench had deferred its judgment on Nov 5 last year after having heard submissions in the appeal from counsel representing both Mohammad Nizar and Dr Zambry.

The conflict over who the rightful menteri besar is arose last year after three Pakatan representatives quit their parties to become independent state assemblymen, leaving Pakatan and the BN with 28 assemblymen each in the 59-seat Perak legislative assembly.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A bad mouth from Down Under

"For the second time, the Malaysian legal system is being manipulated by supporters of the incumbent government to drive Malaysia's best-known leader, Anwar Ibrahim, out of national politics... For the second time, documents are being forged, witnesses are being coerced, evidence is being fabricated. This trial, like the first trial, is a disgrace to Malaysia, a country that aspires to democratic norms."

This are the words of Michael Danby, an Aussie politician who chairs the country's foreign affairs subcommitee, to the Parliament a few days ago. He was commenting on Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial, which he described as a shame to Malaysia.

Coming from a politician whose country is among the worst governments to practice racial segregation and oppressing its natives, it puts him at par with other Western writers and homosexual champions - that they are just a bunch of US-Jewish propaganda machine trying to belittle our judiciary and smear our image worldwide.

To them, Anwar is God and what he does are rightful. However, when Anwar was still a Cabinet minister, he was also subjected to their abuse. But of course, such politicians and journalists are much closer to the Opposition pact than that to the government news agencies. They either find amusement by manipulating Anwar's case or simply doing it for other reasons.

The Australian online news quoted Danby (I believe he's a Jew) as saying that the country is having a hard time holding things together, in the face of religious and ethnic divides, political battles, and economic challenges.

Quite surprisingly, this 'thief who calls others thief' has forgotten the fact that racial tension in Australia is turning into potential time-bombs. Asians, Arabs and Africans living in the country are finding it more difficult to study, work and do business as the result of racist statements made by Australian politicians, NGOs and some media players.

Just like Anwar who is good at finding avenues to distract public attention toward his court case, Australian politicians and their Western allies are in a cahood to cover up what their own government has failed - to redress racial sentiments in their own backyard and exploiting the rights of their natives. This is Australian-style of apartheid.

And where is this Danby getting such informations about Malaysia? Non other than Malaysian Oppositions 'war machine' or hearsay or what is being fed by their diplomats in Kuala Lumpur. Pardon me, is Australia the country Zahid Hamidi was referring to as trying to buy Malaysia's security documents?

An analysis by The Australian also summed up that Malaysia's economy is still being 'patronised' by neighbor Singapore.

You know how bad Najib's administration is to the eyes of the newspaper owner? Very bad... especially when we cancelled a planned second concert by Beyonce last October!

Security secrets on sale

So, who's actually selling our national security documents to foreign governments? How much are they being paid? Which country is so keen to have our military secrets? Are they so concerned about the ability of our armed forces or are they looking at us as a threat?

I was not surprise when Defense Minister Zahid Hamid revealed this yesterday. Neither was I feeling alarm about it.

This has been the world security trend since the end of the Cold War. Mostly every developed and developing countries are watching each other, watch and being spied on. In Asean, there is already a kind of alert when Singapore failed to honor the concept of Zopfan (Zone of Peace, Free and Neutral) when the Republic became its first member to host the Israel Embassy.

Among Muslim countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, Singapore's behaviour has pushed suspicion up above the diplomatic general order, thus drawing scepticism from among other members.

But it was not Singapore as denied by Zahid. The said country is a bit further. He did not elaborate. Could it be China? I dont think so as Malaysia-China relation is at its best since Najib Tun Razak became the prime minister last April. He cemented it further during his visit to Beijing.

Which country could it be?

Those rascals - whether they are from the public or private sectors - must be apprehended and sent to jail for a long, long time. They are lucky for staying in Malaysia (if they are Malaysians). In many countries like China, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Cuba, Russia and North Korea, the penalty for such a crime is death penalty, before the firing squad, the gas chamber or by the gallow.

Why was I not surprised? Because I have seen people selling government blueprints to others. My only question is, where do we keep such documents like blueprints and security secret papers so that it wont fall to this kind of people?

No, I was also not alarmed because we are such a friendly nation. We dont habor any ill-feeling toward others and neither do we have any intention to conquer others. Our armed forces may be inferior as compared to some countries in the region but they are well trained for special purposes, especially in keeping the country safe from any subversive activities.

Back to what Zahid said, the people who earn living by selling our security information. Who could they be?

Let us be sensible here. Do you think this is the first time this is happening? Do you believe when someone tells you how many times to went to the toilet yesterday?

I am sure that such activity has been going on and on for decades. It could has started during the era of Parti Komunis Malaya. Yes, they laid down their weapons in the mid 1980s but some of their cadres (in my personal opinion) are still at the ideology.

While are now so busy preventing crimes and other unpleasant elements that may disrupt our peace and harmony, there are still people spinning such an ideology. Are we able to distinguish them?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Anwar to subpeona Najib, Rosmah

WOW! Anwar to subpoena Najib and wife Rosmah for what he describes as the Prime Minister's political conspiracy to put him behind bars for a long, long time. This is yet another interesting episode in the Opposition leader's sodomy trial, which commences today.

Of course, if he gets convicted, the sentence is 20 years in jail, which will make him almost incapable to walk by the time he gets out. He is already 62 (read more h e r e...)

Anwar says the presence in court of diplomatic observers from the US, UK, European Union, Japan, Australia and other countries (they are all his friends, dont you think so?) demonstrates the 'concern and disgust' aroused internationally by his trial. (Who is aroused here?)

"I notice that the foreign observers at the Court are a pack of journalists representing newspapers and publications fond of making false and negative reports about Malaysia. I am not worried at all," said a blogger whom I met this morning.

I agree. They are all Hookway's (of the Wall Street Journal) alikes.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hookway (WSJ) and Anwar are more than buddies

When James Hookway of the Wall Street Journal (a dear friend of Anwar Ibrahim) described Malaysia as a race-based politics, I sent WSJ an e-mail but I wonder whether he read it of give a damn about it.

I wrote that when he finds it's okay to give such a description about Malaysian politics, then I would be free to say that the American politics is actually 'color-based'. The only colors most Americans (notably their leaders) are black and white.

When Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States of America, many cast their confidence that he would perform better than any of the white presidents. However, his heart is darker than his skin when he failed to deliver what he promised more than a year ago during his run-up to the presidential election.

Hookway is a typical white with a black brain. He sees Anwar as his subject to gain prominence. His articles and writings about Anwar are actually biased and contain to substance of jurisdiction in journalism. He is close to Anwar, alrite and gota first hand news and comment from him but the rest of it came from unreliable sources.

Just like Peter Arnett whom I met in Baghdad during my first war assignment in 1982. While most members of the Press were at the warfronts like Suleimaniyah (north of Iraq) and Basrah (south) to report what they saw and observed, he was reporting from the lobby of el-Rashid hotel (he was there once again when the US launched the Desert Storm in late 1990).

Manipulation is what they were taught of in journalism.

Hookway chose to be radical about outburst. How long has he been with Anwar, is another thing but he always portray Anwar as the king of news. I doubt it that more than half a million Americans know who Anwar is.

And now that Anwar's sodomy trial commences tomorow, just wait what Hookway will write about it.

The question I got in mind - why do WSJ give so much attention to Anwar. Does he hold any stakes in that publication?