Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cracks in Penang state government

Disarray is best to describe the Pakatan Rakyat-led government in Penang. Looks like Anwar Ibrahim has to figure out something extraordinary to patch up the rift between Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Zahrain Hashim of PKR.

Whether Guan Eng is really a dictator as alleged by Zahrain, there are reasons to support that sharp accusation,

In many cases, nobody can interfere in Guan Eng's decision-making. Even most of his DAP aides in the fragile state government are not allowed to meddle in what he plans for the state. His approach in often seen as practising corporate and legalistic entity - whatever he says and decides is a rule to follow.

The crack is imminent and is expected to be wide open if PKR reps refuse to collaborate further with him. In his comment, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the complications within PR state government in Penang is serious and nothing much can be done about it.

Guang Eng has his own way. Being an outsider (he is from Malacca), he has met torrid test not even from the opposing Barisan Nasional legislators but also from within PR state's legislator for his reluctance in compromising various issues.

And where is Anwar?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A gremlin in Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysians, you should read what Anwar Ibrahim writes in the Wall Street Journal. For me, I dont have any reason to collaborate that notion. What he envisaged in the article Muslims have no monopoly over Allah is nothing more than a desperate political effort to invigorate international hatred towards Malaysia.

Its a sad thing that he only mentioned the attacks on churches and Hindu kovils, blaming it on Najib Razak's government and Umno; while he himself has forgotten similar incidents that took place on a few surau. The latest, as mentioned by Rockybru is the pighead incidents at two mosques in Petaling Jaya.

(Also read Pasquale's piece, rebutting what DSAI wrote).

In my opinion, Anwar did what he got to do as his efforts to distract public attention towards his sodomy case has failed. Similarly, all attemps to reconciliate his Parti Keadilan Rakyat is fizzling out. Even his Pakatan Rakyat is losing more feathers due to bickerings among its leaders in DAP, PAS and PKR.

He has unwittingly left the fact that Malaysians are all against any forms of racial and communal confrontation, let alone seeing their harmonious livinghood being tattered by a few 'gangster'... like what some PR leaders are. He spoke too soon, not knowing that the upshot will be more on reflecting how superficial he is - trying to be a corker but ending up being a bete noire.

It is inconceivable for someone who used to be with the government, a respectful and knowleageable figure like him has lost his godly manner and instead falling for the Western way of degrading his own country, his own people and his own religion. He is now a faux pas.

He overtly went against the truth about the government and the situation of the country, just for the sake of winning some pattings on his back from his Western friends. And I am still searching for what is said to be his interview with one of the Australian dailies sometimes in December 2009 - during which he predicted ''religious problems'' would hit Malaysia in early 2010.

Also, rumours that he was trying to bring in Imelda Marcos money from abroad, said to be around USD20 billion for Imelda to run for the presidential election this year.

What actually are you pursuing, bro?

also read Another Brick in The Wall h e r e ...

Govt should call up Kalimullah

Let's hope the government will get to the bottom of this. The issue has been long-standing and becomes a 'time-bomb' since Dato Sri Najib took over as PM in April this year.

Its all about Kalimullah bin Masheerul Hassan, former media boss whom many believe got 'filthy rich' from various government contracts. The fact that one of his companies holds Malaysian confidentiality has prompted the public to start urging the government for some diggings.

Having the EPF, IRB and other public organisations to pump in all details about 'who and how much money', 'who goes bankrupt', 'who pays how much taxes' and so on has also moved some bloggers and the media to give it a priority.

So, if brother Kali is in London or elsewhere, do call him home. And if he's in the country, Najib has the prerogative rights to instruct for his attendance before him or an appointed committee to answer all questions. Nope, it's not interrogation but 'to clear the air', shall we say that?

The boiling question will, of course, be the manner in which his Virtual Print International Sdn Bhd (VPI Intl) was awarded the Inland Revenue Board contract worth RM1 billion (in 2 separate payments of RM500 million and RM400 million respectively). Besides, we dont know how much informations was feeded by the EPF and other 'money-info banks' about each and every Malaysian to the company.

VPI International Sdn Bhd was registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia on January 4, 2002, its business address being Lot 6 Jalan Astaka Ub/84, Taman Perindustrian Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Selangor. The nature of business is the provision of integrated outsourcing solution in data and document processing.

With a paid-up of RM5,000,000, VPI has two appointed directors, namely Elliza Abdul Malek and Shaik Aqmal Shaik Allaudin and two appointed secretaries, Chong Chen Tong and Lim Hoon Hwa. Shareholders are Efficient E-Solutions Bhd, Elliza Abdul Malek, Shaik Aqmal Shaik Allaudin and Maju Raya Sdn Bhd.

Its revenue as at January 2010 stood at RM126.1 million and among its major clients are Ambank (M) Bhd, OCBC Bank (M) Bhd, EON Bank Bhd, Malaysia Debt Ventures Bhd, Alliance Bank Bhd and AmIslamic Bank Bhd.

VPI is also linked with Regalia Records Management Sdn Bhd in providing document and archiving for IRB and some governments agencies. With a paid-up capital of RM10,000,000, Regalia also has Elliza and Shaik Aqmal as its appointed directors. Aqmal, according to sources ia Kali's nephew.

VPI and Regalia are shareholders for the group's holding company Efficient E-Solutions Berhad which was registered on 27 October 2003 with a total authorised share capital of 200,000,000.00. And again, Shaik Aqmal is one of the seven appointed directors which includes, among others Abdul Latif Abdullah, Syed Hussain Syed Junid and Cheah Chee Kong.

Among its shareholders are ECML Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd, Perspektif Padu Sdn Bhd, HSBC Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd, Mayban Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd and Asian New Century Capital Sdn Bhd. Also on the list are Amanah Raya Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd, BHLB Trustee Bhd and Alliancegroup Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd.

It doesnt matter how rich Kali is. Had he worked it out by his effort and strength, he well deserves it. However, the public needs to know who is/are behind all this contracts. All that we know is, Kali got it during the premiership of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Furthermore, Kali must have his 'team' for such a massive jobs. Who are they? Anybody from the Inner Circle involved? And what kind of kickbacks were there, if any...

Not just that. His fast emergence as owner, co-owner and shareholders of some big companies also raised the issue of hegemony and cronyism here. On record, the companies are:



















By simple logic, Kali is not alone. The assets are too big for one to manage with a small group of directors and advisors. Could it be people in the government's Inner Circle?


Picture from Gerakan Anti PKR blog... thanks bro

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amok gets another 3-year term

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar's tenure as the managing director of the government's investment arm Khazanah Nasional Berhad, has been extended until May 2013.

Appointed by former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on 1 June 2004, Amok gets the approval from Khazanah board of directors meeting yesterday. His contract is supposed to expire in May this year.

I do not wish to write any further. Perhaps my fellow bloggers would love to.

Anyway, congratulations Amok!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The legacy of 'King Ghaz'

King Ghaz has left us... and I agree with Datuk Najib for the memoirs of Tun Ghazali Shafie be compiled.

He was perhaps the best and most powerful foreign minister Malaysia ever had. His dictation over the world issues then was to the envious of many, including foreign diplomats.

I was a young reporter in the early 1980s when I first took the assignment to cover one of his events. During that time, the press conference at Wisma Putra was all about the Vietnamese boat people and their 'Hai Hong'.

King Ghaz was addressing the Press in English as the PC was also attended by foreign journalists. Q & A was also in English. About 50 people were there.

I didnt ask him anything. However, a Malay reporter sitting next to me asked him this: "How do we extinguish between the Vietnamese boat people from the economic refugees, Datuk?"

The floor suddenly exploded with laughter when someone at the back shouted: "Oi! Use the fire extinguisher laaaar!" Nope, I dont blame him, neither did King Ghaz who answered the question well (which appeared on the front page of all dailies the next day).

The reporter is now one of the senior editors at a Bahasa daily.

AL-FATIHAH, semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas tokoh istimewa ini.... Amin!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Malaysian Insider slams Dr M again

I got this e-mail alert from Salomon Smith Barney, about how the Malaysian Insider continuously throwing sticks at former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, accusing him of being inciting and racist.

(Salomon Smith Barney is where Amok was before Pak Lah picked him up to head Khazanah. I used to harrass him for interviews but he was OK then. The last time I saw him was at a clubhouse in Jln Tangsi last week. Unfortunately he might have forgotten me).

Blaming Dr M for all the political and financial chaos in the country, Malaysian Insider puts the blame on him, saying:

"He blamed the 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis squarely on currency speculators led by one George Soros, a Jew (which he then retracted after a meeting with Soros years later). Mahathir’s administration employed financial giants Salomon Smith Barney and Citigroup, also with clear Jewish links, to assist the country in climbing out of the crisis.

"The superficial antagonism of Mahathir towards Jews is a clear paradox to his irrefutable association with them.

"In fact, back in the 80’s his rumoured involvement in the Freemason movement put him on the backfoot, to the extent that he had to deny it in his speech during an Umno general assembly in that period.

"Mahathir can wear the facade of an anti-Semitic while behaving in the exact manner at almost the same time". (read more h e r e).

My immediate comment is, Insider has never say a single good thing about Malaysia, about the government or about the Malays. Everything about others are excellent in their eyes. I dont know what kind of brains do they employ. I know a few of them whom I describe as ''Malays without religion and without faith''.

"Nepotism, cronyism and abuse of power have been the order of the day.

"Mahathir feeds on the dogmatic and Malay-nationalist patriotic junkies with his often racist statements on Malay rights and supremacy of the Malay race.

"He started out as an Ultra-Malay, according to the first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. Mahathir then ruled the country for 20-odd years, displaying his liberal side but never lost any of his anti-imperialist and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

"By wearing the “Keffiyah” symbolising his solidarity with the Palestinians’ struggle, Mahathir has shown his ultimate chameleon side..."

P/S... is it true Kali has back off from the Malaysian Insider?

Also read SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 by Dr M. He somehow explains why the Jews are to be blamed.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Perginya seorang Raja mulia...

Berita yang amat sedih bagi saya dan rakyat Malaysia - kemangkatan Sultan Iskandar ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail, 77, sultan dan yang dipertuan negeri Johor Darul Takzim.

Sebagai seorang yang pernah belajar di negeri Johor, saya yakin rakan-rakan seangkatan yang sama-sama menuntut di Sekolah Menengah Sains Johor di Kluang (terutama lelaki Islam), pernah menjadi makmum kepada baginda di Masjid Kampung Melayu di antara tahun 1974-1977.

Negara juga merasai kehilangan seorang raja berjiwa rakyat kerana sifat baginda yang sentiasa merendah diri dan menemui rakyat di mana saja baginda pergi ketika hayatnya.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh baginda.


Singapore casino, anyone?

The first Casino will be a reality in a few days in Singapore.

The brand new Singapore Casino will be part of the huge Resort World Sentosa Complex which will be delivered in the following weeks, featuring 4 hotels and a Universal Studios theme park which are all part of the alternative development plan which the government is supporting to provide an alternative source of income to the country thinking in a similar pattern with the UAE (read h e r e).
The development of the project has already opened 35,000 new jobs and this number is expected to rise when the casino and all the other recreational services will be fully operational; statements from the local government has stated that the project is expected to boost the domestic product growth by 1 per cent.

During the last 30 – 40 years, Singapore’s main source of income has been the third party manufacturing industry; but as more and more international companies are seeking for cheaper labor costs in order to develop their products; income is migrating to China and Vietnam.

Bujai's comment: Our Genting Highlands casino is always flocked with Singaporeans on weekends and other public holidays. Perhaps its time for Genting owners to 'let in' more Malaysians whom all this while gamble on 'cruise to nowhere''. We cant stop them, anyway.

My other thought is that, is any of our tycoons, especially those Singapore-related got any interest in the new facility? Lets find out, folks!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kali - 'berkali-kali' richer!

Why do some bloggers and the media suddenly show a lot of interest in former media boss Kalimullah? He and me used to be together at NSTP during the 80s... we were buddies (those were the days).

Of late, he took centrestage in media coverage. Bloggers find it a must to at least write a few lines about this tycoon. It draws my interest, too to scribe something about him. If what I write is wrong, then its wrong. If its otherwise, then it is based on informations I have.

The topic - how rich is Kali?

Informations I get shows he is worth RM3 billion. It could be slightly less than that but it is possible for the figure to be more. His stable comprises well-known conglomerates and public-listed companies. He is either the single largest shareholder or the rightful owner of all.

Most fascinating is the news that one of his companies was awarded a RM1 billion worth of contract by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) during the previous regime. As to whether other people enjoy some sidekicks out of it, we dont know (not just yet). However, its obvious that he was not alone.

Some parties have been accusing him of being the 'man behind the scene' for the Malaysian Insider, of which he strongly denied but some people say he simply 'back off' when the matter was revealing.

Then came the news that he (which he also denied in The Star) is harbouring blogger RPK in one of his apartment in London. Also, the denial about his meeting with Anwar Ibrahim in London which was brought up by MP Puad Zarkashi last week.

His flat at 20, Trinity Court in Gloucester Terrace, London comes under a familiar name Helinna Hanum Dadameah and is estimated be worth 450,000 British pound, fully-paid on 17 April 2007. How much is that in our ringgit?

I am not sure whether it is the same apartment RPK is 'taking refuge' now but indications are that Kali does not own only a single property in UK. However, it is his money and business. The only question is how did he manage to shoot up in a short span of time under Pak Lah? Could anybody answer that?

Another burning question is another person who seems to be acting as one of his nominees or an alternate director in some of his companies - Shaik Aqmal bin Shaik Allauddin. Some say that Aqmal is very much related to his wife.

I am envious of him. Unfortunately I dont know how to move around like him, taking opportunity and exploiting circumstances.

P/S Lets read more after this... (I'm actually tired thinking about other peoples' money)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

PLEASE READ.... and comment!

I got this story from someone at the Senate recently. About a person who always wanna show off his legitimate power as a minister.

Not to mention any names, not just yet but I believe many would easily recognise him by his awkward behaviour.

Some months ago, a contractor was given a contract to replace IT equipments at the Parliament. We have to admit it that most of the desktops at the House were in bad shape. Even journalists covering the seatings had lodged several complaints to the minister.

So, the new sets of computers came in. The old ones made way to someone else (do we recycle computers?.... I dont know).

The tender price was said to be around RM13 million. For that sum of money, the whole House must be installed with the latest make of computers and other hardwares/softwares. However, the brand brought in was said to be a 'lousy' one.

A lady staff who is in-charge of the finance department protested, saying that the amount of money spent for such cheap computers was ''too much and did not make any sense.'' Hence, she requested for the minister to ensure that the supplier provides the House with a good and recognised make.

How did the minister react?

He instead asked the staff to shut her mouth up, do her work or get transferred to other departments or government agencies.

And so, she kept quiet.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Our sympathy for the Haitians

Our condolences and sympathy to those badly affected in the devastating earthquake in Haiti a few days ago.

To date, almost 100,000 people perished in the calamity which struck on a 7.2 Richter, damaging almost the capital city Port-au-prince.
I remember visiting the beautiful port in 1997, still having some friends whom their fate are still unknown.

I am calling on all Malaysians to share their sorrow by doing what we can to assist them. I hope some organisations would start a fund for them.

They are human like us. Here in this country, we should be grateful to God for all the blessings we get and share.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kali meets Anwar - what's up doc?

Kali denies meeting Anwar in London, says he was in Malaysia at that particular date... The Star

Well, leave it to bro Kali to admit his meeting with brother Anwar Ibrahim as reported by The Star. What was it all about? Meeting between two 'friends', an informal one? Or could it be a political agenda.

Cant say much. As Rockybru's case against Kali is still pending, I dont want to land in theh hot soup as I am such a poor guy (but not bankrupt with ideas).

Maybe DSAI can explain about the meeting as demanded by Umno Supreme Council member Piad Zarkashi. If the meeting has taken place, we need to know a little bit what was discussed as Kali is a media tycoon who all this while has been very close and 'supportive'of the government.

And now that Raja Petra is said to be staying at Kali's apartment in London; while Anwar is trying to divert the attention in the run-up of his sodomy case trial, I would say that something FISHY is going on.

Why would Kali meet DSAI in the first place?


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well done, Hisham!

I dont know how many Malaysians watched Hishammudin Tun Hussein on TV3 'Soal-Jawab' with moderator Ahmat Talib at 10pm yesterday.

Had you watched, then you'd understand that the sentiment over Allah issue was mostly aggravated by the Opposition.

Hisham made it clear that on the day the court made its decision to allow Herald to use the world 'Allah', he immediately called on Malaysians, especially the Muslims not to resort to any kind of action that would 'add fuel to fire'.

Malaysians, he said was advised to stay calm as the Home Ministry knows what is the next course of action to be taken in addressing the issue. Yes, the government then filed an appeal for the court to reverse its decision.

When I blogged about 'Dont Blame the Government', some readers hit out at me, saying that I am the one who dont understand the whole issue.

Hey, I am a Muslim and I know what Islam is. As a Malaysian, I love my country and for that I dont want to see any untoward incidents taking place. Unfortunately, when so many people and organisations did not heed Hisham's call, it led to some lunatics trying to play 'hero' by attacking churches and a surau.

A sensitive and delicate issue like this should be addressed by the authority and not politicians or NGOs.

Hisham may look relaxed and a bit 'soft' when aswering AAT's questions but he looked well-composed. He knew that he was in the best and right position to reinterate what he said about two weeks ago.

I personally believe he passed this big test...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bumiputra Kelas F 'boleh mati'!

We have about 68,000 registered Kelas F Bumiputra contractors. However, the new tender regulations are depriving them of any opportunity to get any government jobs worth RM200,000 and below.

Why? If we read the tender notices in local newspapers, there is this additional prerequisite which only a few of them acquire. Previously, they only need to produce their PKK (Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor) registration cert to buy tender forms.

However, the government has added that its a MUST for them to produce their CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) 'Kelas 1' certificate before buying any tender forms.

As far as the Bumi contractors are concerned, it is a method which dampens their hope to participate in small public projects.

Whose idea was it, we need to know and I personally believe this system needs to be reviewed before this contractors have to close shop!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dont blame the Government!

For the first time ever, I would like to differ from what Rockybru wrote today - blaming it totally on the government. Even what Lim Kit Siang opined about the urgency for Najib and Hishamuddin to act on the day the Allah issue erupted, was mere a political inveterate.

I dont work for the government, thus I dont have an eulogy for Najib or Hisham or the rest of them. However, Datuk Seri Najib was not irresolute, neither did he treat the matter as frivolous.

Afterall, those who forms the anti-ISA group are the ones coming back to the government for the Internal Security Act to be applied on those caught and convicted for torching up churches in the Klang Valley, Taiping and Sarawak. A 'surau' was also attacked.

Now that many parties have made calls for the Council of Rulers to intervene, some are also trying to lucre on the issue by making statements that can somehow invigorates others to join the 'blame-the-government' bandwagon.

The government's action was not too late. Perhaps its better to observe and study the matter first rather than jumping off the chair immediately after the court gave the rights for Herald to use the word Allah.

Why? This is a Muslim country, as stated in the Constitution. Had Najib avowed his dejection at the court's decision about two weeks ago, then the backlash will be upon the Muslim-lead government. Many would question his sincerity in managing a multi-racial country under his 1Malaysia concept.

There was actually no need for him to lose his balance as the upshot would be very, very damaging for Barisan Nasional. Umno would be blamed, too as being racist. In his capacity, Najib was wise as compared to some Opposition leaders who jumped out of vertigo.

Even Hisham didnt make any unpleasant statements after the court's ruling, apart from calling on all Malaysians, especially the Muslims to stay calm as the issue can be resolved. A few days later, the Home Ministry filed an appeal at the same court for the ruling to be overturned. As the ruling was made under the process of law, let the whole matter be resolved at the hands of law again!

Nevertheless, some groups were fast to take to the streets on the pretext of trying to protect the rights of the Muslims. These groups are mostly from the Opposition. Pas started it all by making unhealthy yet contradictory remarks about the issue. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was never heard except for what he wrote in his weblog.

The Opposition was leaving it to Pas to come up with counter statements. Even so, Pas made silly errors in doing so by saying it was actually alright for non-Muslims to use the Allah phrase (when speaking to non-Bahasa media). However, they were very protective by telling Bahasa media that Allah must be strictly for Muslims and Islam only!

When few NGOs with Opposition-link took to the streets, then came others. Had they heeded

Hisham's call for everybody to stay calm and just leave it to the government to settle the issue amicably, it wouldnt had led to some lunatics succumbing to their emotions by attacking churches and other place of worships.

And now, why are you looking at the government with askance? Why must you make so many circumlocutions? The government is in fact wanting to hold on to a policy of mediocrity as to avoid accusations of being partial in making any decision or action. Whatever action must lead to building new scabs on the old ones (I hope we understand this well enough).

Some politicians had since the last few days made superficial statements that what's taking place in the country now is a
spina bifida to the economy, that foreign tourists are beginning to shy away from coming to Malaysia. This is absurd, unless we let alone foreign media to exaggerate the incidents and blow it out of proportions.

Another question - are you sure that those who carried out the attacks are Malays? Could it be others who had the intention to create chaos in the country? Whom do they work for?

We have read reports that during the US occupation of Iraq, the Yankees were also involved in killing a few of their own countrymen to substantiate reasons to launch major military assault on the civilians. Its so simple - just kill one or two comrades and blame it on the insurgents. Is there any possibility to what happened here?

I remember during my short stint in Iraq in 1983. In Basrah, Saddam Hussein will normally troop a few thousand Shiite soldiers at the frontline of every offensive against the Iranians. They were the ones who got the bullets and the napalm gas first!

In this context, I dont Najib and his Cabinet members were late in their actions. There was enough pre-empt statements issued for the public to stay calms. However, political movements sparked it off and it gave steam to a few individuals to become gremlins.

Those involved, directly of not should instead be blame for this
faux pas. Some people or quarters are involved in this cahood. Some even turned the incidents as a beano, especially those who felt their way of attending to the issue is somewhat a success.

As Malaysians, we should appreciate what the government is doing to redress the issue. We cannot be shortsighted about it. Its time to stop pointing fingers at each other. This is our country that some people tried to wreck. Instead of finding faults in others, why not give the government a hand?

Dont you think bickering over this issue will lead us to nowhere?

Leave it to the authority when it comes to sensitive and delicate matters like this. We have the Malay proverb for this - ibarat menarik benang dalam tepung, benang tak putus, tepung tak berselerak.

p/s Bru, bro... no offend!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Amid the police going all out to hunt the attacker/s of 3 churches in the Klang Valley yesterday morning, leaders of the Metro Tabernacle Church said they do not harbour any ill-feeling against the culprits who set fire to their church and are thankful that the Government has strongly condemn the arson attack.

The statement of forgiveness is made as Christian groups, lawyers of all faiths and politicians from Sarawak loudly protest against any acts done to throw the country into chaos.

Metro Tabernacle’s senior pastor Rev Ong Sek Leang said the church did not condone such acts but would forgive those responsible (read h e r e).

“We have a congregation of about 1,700 who are Godly and forgiving. It is a very sad day for Malaysia but a great day to know that most Malaysians do not think like that,” he said.

This is what Malaysians is all about - forgiving. As only a few were involved, there is no point to aggravate the matter.

We should appreciate what Rev Ong said. Dont you see how tolerance they are?

Yes, they are forgiven by the churches but not by the law!

Friday, January 8, 2010


We dont separate mosques from churches!

Malaysians should therefore condemn any form of religious extremism in this country. For as long as we remain united and upholding our IMalaysia spirit of solidarity, we should together go against those attempting to incite racial disharmony.
Those who tried to torch the churches in Desa Melawati and Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya should be reprimanded and put behind bars for a long period of time. We dont want any Kerling case to shatter good relations among races and religious in the country.

We believe the culprits behind it are Muslims extremists as the Allah issue which rages the Malays nationwide since two weeks ago is still allowed to go unchecked.

That's what happened when you lose you balance. Although the Home Ministry had on Monday filed an appeal for the retraction of a court's decision to allow Malaysian Christians to use the phrase Allah in their bulletin, many parties seemed to be discontented.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak (read
h e r e), in condemning such arson has directed the police to come down hard on those involved. It's time for communal rules and regulations to be strictly observed by every citizen.

I am sad with this incidents. After May 13 1969, we have seen the country grew by leaps and bounds, almost all of it was achieved through good cooperation among all races in this country.

Those who tried to burn down churches, mosques, kuils and other place of worships should not only be kept behind bars but must go through a 'brainwash'. Yes, I do agree with
Rockybru that we are not Egypt or Iraq.

The time has come for each and every level-headed individual to bear in mind that for a multi-racial and multi-religion country like Malaysia, we share the pride of being ONE!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PAS double-vision in Allah issue

This is PAS, the only Islamic party in Malaysia. Claiming to be a perfect political sect, the party says it is okay for non-Muslims to use the word ALLAH. Each time their leaders answer questions from non-Bahasa newspapers, they will say such. Yes, that's what they told The Star, New Straits Times and others - that non-Muslims can freely use the ALLAH 'kalimah' or phrase. Fine!

Bagaimanapun, apabila pemimpin-pemimpin mereka ditemuramah oleh wartawan dari media aliran Bahasa Malaysia, misalnya Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian dan sebagainya, mereka dengan tegasnya mempertahankan bahawa kalimah ALLAH hanya hak agama Islam dan penganut agama itu. Cantik!

This is what PAS is all about. It gets more absurd. Its leaders are willing to do anything to safeguard their political interest.

While wanting to woo support from the Chinese, Indians and others, PAS is going ashtray. What happens, every Malaysian knows.

Its pact with DAP and Parti Keadilan in Pakatan Rakyat is turning its leaders into liars. They like it, indeed. Its the kind of game Anwar Ibrahim introduced some years ago - just do anything as long as your politics are on strong footing, even though you have to cheat your own Creator!

Since the Allah issue erupted last week, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim didnt comment anything. He was comfortable in leaving it to Nik Aziz and his information chief doing the talking. So, they simply made statements to any member of the Media. Nobody is blaming Anwar should Pas makes contradictory statements.

How about DAP? Almost no statement too.

So, Pakatan Rakyat is leaving it to PAS to answer all questions pertaining to ALLAH. Nik Aziz, who once said ALLAH is only for Muslims, now is having double-vision to keep PR intact. (Double Vision is also the song by Foreigners.... ever listened to it?)

Why not we request PAS leaders to sing it...

Our sugar is still very cheap

So many complaints when the government hikes up the price of sugar by 20 sen. Ironically, those complaining are urban folks.

Let's not politicise on this commodity. In many countries where the price of sugar is still much higher than that of ours, they people do understand the reason although only a few countries in world provide subsidies for sugar, and Malaysia is one of it, having to spend about RM1 billion a year to keep its price at bay.

Why must we complaint? Each time when the price of fish or vegetable go up, we just love to complaint without even trying to consider the plight of our fishermen and vegetable farmers. If we can spend a few hundred bucks every nite at entertainment outlets, is there a basis to avoid 50 sen toll gates and 50 sen/hour parking fee?

Actually, we are the ones who practise a lot of double-standards, dont you agree? As being well-educated and living in big cities and towns, everything about the government and its agencies are considered absurd. Why? Because we will be imposed penalty tickets if we fail to obey the parking meters.

If we go by logic, is it still possible to maintain the price of a cup of coffee at 15 sen in the 70s today? Do we really understand what demand and supply is?

We have to be fair to the manufacturer and sugarcane planters as well. Just like the fishermen and farmers, we only expect them to provide us with our daily needs without even thinking about their fate at sea and high lands.

If our sugar price is high, our friends across the border wont come flocking our groceries for it. Similarly, there wont be any sugar smugglers along the common border with Thailand.

Why dont we ever appreciate it when the price of other commodities such as rubber and palm oil go up? Dont you think it benefits the country and us as well?

Monday, January 4, 2010

F5E - no top involvement?

Let's make it simple. We dont need an Einstein brain to balance this fact. Our AG says no senior Mindef officials were involved in the F5E engine scandal.

He adds that low ranking officials might have been involved.
By simple logic, such a major transaction needs full authority from the top. No low-ranking official can easily take it in his own hand.

Furthermore, this is the Armed Forces we are talking about.
Even to purchase A4 papers needs endorsement from the right personnel. Any purchase of trucks and other military equipment MUST get prior approval. Who has the upper hands in this?

We have heard many government letterheads got smuggled out from various ministries and agencies. The culprit is of course people inside this offices. Its a small matter, I suppose.

However, this is a jetfighter engine weighing a few tons. How do you smuggle it out of the camp or from the maintenance lot? Should any low-ranking officials take it out, many would question it - who's directive? This is not A4 paper!

Who actually issued order for the engine to go to service? Who signed the invoice or related documents? Why was there not a single member of the 'inner circle' noticed that the engine is gone two years later? How did the engine find its way to Uruguay? By air? By sea?

Who was the person at the port or airport giving a 'pass' for such an 'export'? Someone with authority must be involved. Otherwise, how to carry out such an operation?

Yes, let us leave it to Bukit Aman to investigate but the burning question still hovers around who was actually involved. If not top personnels are involved, there must be links. Or... will there be another Razak Baginda?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

May 'ALLAH' bless Augustine Paul

Federal Court judge Augustine Paul passed away yesterday, a day after Tok Mat left us.

I only got this to pray for Augustine -
semoga 'ALLAH' mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya.

Why? As Malaysian Muslims, Christians and other religions are now allowed to use the word Allah, may as well we start using it more often in any religious ritual.

Dont blame me. Blame the judiciary, the Majlis Fatwa and those who are supposed not to make a fun out of it.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Journalists, politicians, friends and diplomats lost a dear friend today. Tok Mat or Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat, ex-Info Minister and BN's sec-gen, dies in his sleep at 8am.

At 72, he leff us just 3 days short of his birthday.

I believe my journalist friends of my generation will agree with me that he was among the best and friendliest senior minister we ever dealt with. Known for his diplomacy in speaking, he was once our ambassador to Indonesia.

His generosity, too made him 'a father' to many, especially 'naughty journalists like me. I used to 'rob' him RM500 at the Dewan Rakyat some years ago. Few of my fellow journalists, I believe will miss him sadly.

Al-Fatihah, may Allah finds you a place in his Jannah... amin!