Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two years after the massacre: A letter from Gaza

I personally would like to draw readers' attention toward this piece of letter, signed by 40 NGOs, students association, peace organisations, etc on the fate of Palestinians in Gaza, two years after the siege by Israeli soldiers.

We the Palestinians of the besieged Gaza Strip, on this day, two years on from Israel's genocidal attack on our families, our houses, our roads, our factories and our schools, are saying enough inaction, enough discussion, enough waiting – the time is now to hold Israel to account for its ongoing crimes against us.

On the 27th of December 2008, Israel began an indiscriminate bombardment of the Gaza Strip. The assault lasted 22 days, killing 1,417 Palestinians, 352 of them children, according to main-stream Human Rights Organizations.

For a staggering 528 hours, Israeli Occupation Forces let loose their US-supplied F15s, F16s, Merkava Tanks, internationally prohibited White Phosphorous, and bombed and invaded the small Palestinian coastal enclave that is home to 1.5 million, of whom 800,000 are children and over 80 percent UN registered refugees. Around 5,300 remain permanently wounded.

This devastation exceeded in savagery all previous massacres suffered in Gaza, such as the 21 children killed in Jabalia in March 2008 or the 19 civilians killed sheltering in their house in the Beit Hanoun Massacre of 2006. The carnage even exceeded the attacks in November 1956 in which Israeli troops indiscriminately rounded up and killed 275 Palestinians in the Southern town of Khan Younis and 111 more in Rafah.

Since the Gaza massacre of 2009, world citizens have undertaken the responsibility to pressure Israel to comply with international law, through a proven strategy of boycott, divestment and sanctions. As in the global BDS movement that was so effective in ending the apartheid South African regime, we urge people of conscience to join the BDS call made by over 170 Palestinian organizations in 2005.

As in South Africa the imbalance of power and representation in this struggle can be counterbalanced by a powerful international solidarity movement with BDS at the forefront, holding Israeli policy makers to account, something the international governing community has repeatedly failed to do.

Similarly, creative civilian efforts such as the Free Gaza boats that broke the siege five times, the Gaza Freedom March, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and the many land convoys must never stop their siege-breaking, highlighting the inhumanity of keeping 1.5 million Gazans in an open-air prison.

Two years have now passed since Israel’s gravest of genocidal acts that should have left people in no doubt of the brutal extent of Israel’s plans for the Palestinians. The murderous navy assault on international activists aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in the Mediterranean Sea magnified to the world the cheapness Israel has assigned to Palestinian life for so long. The world knows now, yet two years on nothing has changed for Palestinians.

The Goldstone Report came and went: despite its listing count after count of international law contraventions, Israeli “war crimes” and “possible crimes against humanity,” the European Union, the United Nations, the Red Cross, and all major Human Rights Organizations have called for an end to the illegal, medieval siege, it carries on unabated.

On 11th November 2010 UNRWA head John Ging said, “There's been no material change for the people on the ground here in terms of their status, the aid dependency, the absence of any recovery or reconstruction, no economy…The easing, as it was described, has been nothing more than a political easing of the pressure on Israel and Egypt.”



al-najef, KL said...

have we done enough to help them? the answer is not. in other words, we did almost nothing but leave it to the united nations to handle the situation.

the UN is marred with graft and wrongdoings, its hands a tied up by the americans, the britons and other western nations.

the conflict has been going on for more than 50 years now and no concrete effort was undertaken to apply pressure on the tel aviv.

so, what can we expect?

a palestinian in brunei said...

i notice you are among few malaysian bloggers who give special attention to the palestine cause.

may god be with you and your country.

we need more than material support to survive...

pls come to gaza or any parts of palestine to observe the actual oppression.

thank you

OKY said...

saya terharu dan simpati... tetapi siapakah yang akan mendengar suara dan rayuan mereka ni?

faleigh said...


Anonymous said...

actually, more died during the siege and attacks. more died after it ended. all hospitals in gaza recorded many deaths even a few months after the massacre due to severe injury and lack of medicine.

the world must know the whole truth about the atrocities!

su mah said...

dunno what to say, sir

its true that the un cant do much as long as its in the american grips

sangkakala said...

amat menyedihkan melihat dunia islam sendiri terbahagi dua bila memperkatakan soal palestin.

negara islam/arab yang kaya sudah tentulah memihak kepada amerika dan tidak langsung berminat untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian terhadap krisis ini.

sampai bilakah dunia islam akan berpecah dan bermuka-muka, wallahualam!

firasat said...

even if the entire palestine population is killed, israel would not stop.

it will look for other nations and race to destroy and kill!

Anonymous said...

blame it on the muslim world. they are not serious in helping the palestinians!

jeeva said...

they got nowhere to go. even egypt has closed doors on them.

so, the best thing is to watch them die in the hands of israeli soldiers.

that's what the world wants, actually!

tierra templada said...

bro jai,

the more we help them, the more they will ask.

sorry to say that.

samagagah said...

to al-najef,

i agree.

the united nations is helpless. in many conflicts, it didnt act accordingly

Anonymous said...

Hatred is not appeased by hatred;
hatred is appeased by love.
This is the eternal law.