Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stop him from coming to Malaysia!

This is Mr Bilahari Kausikan, the most senior diplomat at Singapore Foreign Ministry, the guy who badmouthed Malaysia as 'a dangerous country', thanks to Wikileaks.

Come Wednesday Dec 22, he will lead the Republic's delegation to Kuala Lumpur to finalise details of KTM land swap which was agreed by Prime Ministers of both countries recently.

This guy deserves no respect from us, Malaysians. After what he had said and told the Americans, he is more like an enemy to me and many Malaysians (you agree, right?). So, why must we let him in?

Just because the Republic harbors the Israeli Embassy and is so much closer to the Americans than they are to its Asean neighbors, its diplomats like KausiCUNT had breached the diplomatic code of conduct by belittling the Republic's business partners and friends.

Malaysia 'dangerous' decline, according to them, is fuelled by incompetent politicians, Thailand is dogged by corruption and a ''very erratic'' crown prince, Japan is a ''big fat loser'' and India is ''stupid'' (here).

And still, they call themselves diplomats, forgetting that what they had uttered are likely to spark intense political controversy in the region.

Awkwardly, our 'thick skin' negotiators will be expecting him on Wednesday for the talks, looking forward to sitting down with him at the same table, pretending that nothing happened! You like that?

The cables, leaked by WikiLeaks, detail the content of separate meetings between senior US officials and Singapore's foreign affairs chiefs Peter Ho, Bilahari Kausikan and Tommy Koh. The trio, who at the time of the 2008 and 2009 cables occupied some of the most senior positions in Singapore's Foreign Affairs Ministry, all give US officials damning assessments of Malaysia.

According to one cable detailing a meeting in September 2008, Kausikan told US Deputy Secretary of Defence for East Asia David Sedney that ''the situation in neighbouring Malaysia is confused and dangerous'', fuelled by a ''distinct possibility of racial conflict'' that could see ethnic Chinese ''flee'' Malaysia and ''overwhelm'' Singapore.

I believe most of us are angered by such statements. So, what should we do?


Mohd Ridzuan said...

For once i must agree with you regardless which side you are.


wikiLICKS said...

never give entry to people like him. i agree.

the singapore government must replace him with someone else.

even if he apologise, we still cant accept him

Anonymous said...

he is not a diplomat.

he is a pukimax!

adinda said...

macam biasa aku tengok je muka mamat ni... tapi di mana ya?

apa yang patut kita buat ialah teruskan rundingan tetapi delegasi singapura tidak perlu ada si mamat ni. jangan bagi dia masuk... buat semak je!

ikan todak said...

takda siapa pun di pihak singapura yang minta maaf pada malaysia atau negara yang dicarut oleh kausikan dan gengnya.

nampaknya singapura tidak peduli apa orang kata asalkan hubungannya dengan amerika dan israel kekal kukuh.

Anonymous said...

ban him from entering our country.... unless if he apologises.

AMR, bedok said...


i am a singaporean and i am ashamed of what our diplomats had done. i am sorry but i hope it doesnt affect the good people-to-people relation.

what they did was uncalled for... i am sorry again

telur separuh masak said...

muka dia tak macam melayu, tak macam cina, tak macam india, tak macam mat saleh, tak macam filipino, tak macam jawa, tak macam bugis....

dan tak macam manusia pun!

Anonymous said...


Mustaqim said...

Yeah but I don't believe PM Najib has the balls to disallow this big-mouth to enter our country!

This idiot should be taken into custody for belittling Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

if he is named as one of the delegates, let him come....just show our displeasure as SNUB him, address all talks and negotiation to some one else, even if he leads, address to the 2nd in command.

that will show him and his delegates...

no place for kiasu's in malaysia....

six star said...

a diplomat should promote good ties with neighbors but this asshole is doing the opposite.

we dont expect the singapore foreign ministry to apologise but the officers involved in badmouthing us and other countries should... or face stiff action.

Anonymous said...

if he comes, dont entertain him, dont talk to his delegation.

our govt should postpone the meeting.

budak sekolah said...

muka dia macam gampang je!


jake dragon said...

pegawai kita macam dah takda maruah nampaknya sebab masih nak duduk semeja dengan s lahanat ni.

mana perginya harga diri kita?

ray band said...

dear AMR,

no malaysians blame u or the singaporeans.

we appreciate your concern and apology.

its involved a few personnel at your foreign ministry. what's best to do is for them to extend an apology. its simple.

otherwise, what's their point of coming to kl to resume talks?

i respect your stand!

cargo said...

si kausiCUNT ni patut ditegur oleh menteri luar singapura tapi diorang buat tak endah je.

dalam pada tu, nak hantar dia sebagai ketua delegasi ke malaysia.

tak ke menyirap darah kita dibuatnya!

flybait said...

an embarrassing moment for singapore. looks like their diplomats will have to work extra hours to appease the countries they badmouthed!

crook said...

bagi la dia masuk, takpa.

lepas tu, baling je dengan telur busuk! dia takkan bau punya sebab hati dia lebih busuk dari tu

mat gombau said...


takdo sapo2 ko nak anjur tunjuk perassan dopan kedutaan singapugho lak, macam kau buek kek kedutaan australia awal tahun ni?

Anonymous said...

no worrries.

singapore is getting important to us...

Anonymous said...

What wikileaks exposed is really only a peek-a-boo impact.

What they really think of Malaysians especially the Malays are much worse if you get to hear the ordinary citizens talk.

Tun Dr M has the advantage of knowing harry lee quite a bit and that is why the red dot have difficulties "buying him over" in other words con him.

paklah with sil help was easy bait. Najib if hampered by his discrete gentleman style will also become easy bait.

You can replace this fler but you will get more of the same even with a new fler. They all come from ONE specific mould - the same political school, otherwise they will be booted out.

Malaysia will do well to engage in hard negotiations - put aside ALL graciousness and sympathy - these people do not value such kindness.

Remember the saying - never caste pearls before swines.

Anonymous said...

Civil Service
Mr. Bilahari Kausikan, Second Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore

Prominent Indians in Singapore, who have made significant contributions nationally or internationally in various fields.

Anonymous said...

When asked about the re-training for low-income workers and the relentless influx of foreigners by blogger Gayle Goh in an email exchange in 2006, this fler replied callously:

“We have to be realistic. There is a limit to how much re-training we can do for some workers, so we have to look overseas. Look at my generation, more than half of them didn’t even complete primary school education. What are we going to do? They are not going to conveniently die off…”


Anonymous said...

apa nak heran.

singapura memang barua amerika dan tali barut israel!