Friday, December 31, 2010

Now, their backs are on me!

I just want to wrap up my 2010 with a short and simple story - about a ministry, Rocky's Bru and me. How promises were made but not kept and how chummy they were when your service was most sought.

Nope, I am not raking the past. Neither do I take it personal but I believe Rocky shares my sentiment that some people at the top are just a nauseating lot!

About a year ago, a high ranking official of this ministry called Rocky and me to discussed something. The discussion centered along strategies, blogging, how bloggers could help the government and the nation... bla... bla... bla...everything positive. It lasted for 90 minutes and a packet of clove cigarettes.

We finally agreed on the agenda and left after the officer said: "Jai, dont worry..." I was not. Months later, nothing happened and when I told Rocky about it, he was shocked and said: "Waaaa... nak kena mamat ni!" However, I understood they were having some problems, so I just shoved it behind my head.

But at the height of Rocky-Rais 'crisis' a few months ago, they came back to me, trying to make me an arbitrator just because I posted 'Rocky and Rais: Shake hands!' on my blog. I knew they did their best to bring Rocky to the minister or at least to his secretary-general but failed.

They called me around the clock and met me on several occasion in PJ, Bangsar (Big Dog can testify this) and Angkasapuri. I didnt want to interfere, honestly but as 'friends' whom I knew for such a long time, I reluctantly tried. Why? Because I know what kind of a man Rocky is - he stands by his principles and hates broken promises.

They didnt give up when I told them that it would not work. They kept on calling again and again, even from overseas, irrespective of the hour. And finally when I told them to stop, they did just that.

Recently, I called few of them to verify something. Unfortunately, non of them answered my calls or replied my SMSes. Even a senior officer whom I met two weeks ago (in a jovial mood) refused my calls and text messages. My college buddy at the MCMC also 'got to attend a whole day meeting' everyday.

So, thats what this people are made of. Come 2011, I will opt for killing more snakes!



ajau, bintulu said...

bro, is that yours?

better dont show it to anwar... kih kih kih!

dr K said...

next time dont believe in politicans and their officials. they are good suckers!

i experienced it many times, bro. unkept promises is common to them. they just want you to render your service and when its done, they just chuck you aside.

btw, i dont blame you for your role in bru-rais row. you meant good.

happy new year jai!

Anonymous said...


Baru kena penendang mereka ker?

Problem with some Gomen people, tak kisah BN atau Opposition, being paid monthly by the public funds, tapi lagak macam tok bapa depa yang gajikan mereka..

We can easily identify these groups easily...

Yang action semacam, bermakna mesti kaki makan suap, kaki kuat Rasuah.. gaji bulan is nothing, thru their position, they are being fed more from the sides...

Next time you pass by these persons, just kentut ajer..tak kira apa saja pangkat dia, biar mereka rasa busuk sikit. hahaha

Yang very humble and approacheable, ini yang memang menghargai tiap sen gaji yang mereka terima, dan tahu kedudukan sebenar mereka... there to help and serve the rakyat..

selamat tahun baru..


Anonymous said...

Try endorsing the below :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

If you can, then I'm glad I found your blog.

PANJI HITAM 61 said...

Tahniah, Bro. Hentam tetap hentam.

Having been working with Rocky since 2007, I can attest to your opinion below:

"Because I know what kind of a man Rocky is - he stands by his principles and hates broken promises."

Selamat Tahun Baru 2011, kawan kawan.

Yang haq tetap haq, yang batil kita dedahkan.

ubaidullah said...


dah lumrah alam. bila orang nakkan bantuan kita, masa itulah kita dianggap laku dan dihormati.

bila taknak, macam2 helah diberi dan semua janji tidak tertunai.

jangan pedulik itu semua. ramai melayu bersifat demikian. adakalanya lebih baik buat urusan dengan bukan melayu kerana mereka lebih kuat berpegang pada janji!

spring said...

nice butt but who's?

you sound sulky bro. but what you and bru had been thru is only a minor case.

many others were dumped by the govt people...

samagagah said...

jai, remember when we were in penang during the early 80s?

a senior politician from that state asked us to do a lot of things and promised something in return.

after winning his seat, he avooided us.

i thought you have learnt something from that episode. anyway, rllex bro!

Anonymous said...

one thing for sure, those people dont have good backsides.

otherwise, anwar would have grabbed them a long time ago!

hj taksin said...

once an egg is rotten, better throw it away. if not, so many people will get stinky!

this kind of people dont deserve their positions!

Anonymous said...

Some wise men used to say trust no one, not even yourself. It holds true, because promises are always meant to be broken.

Even RPK the great breaks his promises as in Desi vs RPK, what more politicians?

By the way, when you laugh,they laugh together. When you cry, they still laugh at you. Ever heard that one?

Anyway,let's bury the past and kiss 2010 goodbye, to fight another day. Happy new year!


potpuri said...

what did they promised u? money? contract?

and what did they ask u to do?

if you were assigned, then they should pay la!

ikan todak said...

lepas ni, jangan dekat lagi dengan manusia macam ni. kalau orang politik dah sedemikian sikapnya, lambat laun dia sendiri akan jatuh. tunggu dan lihat saja, jai!

Anonymous said...

oi! jubo siapa tu bro? elok jugak gamaknya!

biasanya orang berjubo elok ni la yang kentut paling busuk punya... wa cakap lu

Anonymous said...

one thing about you, you never mention names.

why so afraid? they wont sue you if you got the facts right

a mirror said...

when the boss is bad, he brings down the whole ministry. his officers are getting snobbish, i agree. i had the same experience dealing with some of them.

Anonymous said...

happy new year bro.

make sure u dont deal with them again.

kulup ludin said...

pegawai tu cuma ikut arahan. tu memang tugas dia patuhi arahan bos. nak salahkan dia pun tak boleh sebab dia bos kecik. salahkan bos besar dia yang menyuruh dia panggil korang dan buat deal. kalau dia tak kotakan janji, bukan masalah pegawai tu tapi masalah bos besar ketiak masam ni. tala dia cukup2 jai, jangan bagi can. aku dah dengar banyak kes menteri, timbalan menteri dan ahli politik mungkin janji ni. kalau kau dan rocky yang kena, memang tak patutlah sebab korang ni wartawan. yang ramai lagi kena tu.... kesiannnn!

pro-PKR said...

tugas utama jabatan penerangan dan jabatan penyiaran ialah MEMBOHONGI rakyat!

tu pasal la korang pun kena tipu!

snakecharmer said...

yeah. kill more snakes next year. dont let them spoil barisan nasional in next national poll

they better drop dead or we batter them for good.

my advise to u, bru and other good bloggers - dont fall to their good gesture! its venomous!

penggali kubur said...

kalau orang kerajaan sanggup mempermainkan wartawan seperti korang, apatah lagi dengan rakyat biasa jai.

banyak janji terdahulu pun belum ditunaikan. ni nak buat janji baru.

so, macam mana barisan nasional nak menang besar atau kekal berkuasa pada pilihanraya umum akan datang?

yang merosakkan nama baik kerajaan ialah pegawainya yang macam ini. bos diorang pun sama... macam setan!

Anonymous said...

they were trained that way - to opportune and lie!

zenith said...


lets forget about them.

lets celebrate 2011 eve this evening, on me.

call me at 8pm

kublai khan said...

bontot tu lawa bro.

sepatutnya untuk gambarkan diorang, kau pakai gambar bontot yang ada kudis ke, bisol ke, kurap ke...

biol said...

cian kau bang.

jom kita masuk komunis je la

kepala kelapa said...

ha ha ha...

what a year-end wrap up. i like it bro.

rammu said...

next time, always be careful when dealing with govt officers.

they are being paid to lie and con. i am very familiar with the system, especially during by-and-general elections or when the bosses are having trouble.

Anonymous said...

But as I always say, when we want to help we must help honestly. Never expect anything in return. And when we do that, we will speak the truth.

Bloggers are like the supporters of a team. Do you c Man U die hard supporters asking Ferguson for money? No right.

Its all about the team. Its all about Setiakawan

So my advice is to do things without sincerely. When we are not sincere people can read thru us. I am glad, that whilst I was blogging, I never once had this problem because we speak the truth, which does not cost anything but is priceless.

A blogger who choses to remain anonymous

PS: We know the parts of the story you have chosen not to highlight, but as we are ethical bloggers, we don't go and publish this.

karipuley said...

just forgive them, bro. they are just human.

sooner of later, they will vacate their seats.... know what i mean?

Anonymous said...

orang kerajaan memang suka bagi belakang kat orang, di samping pandai membelakangkan rakyat.

kita tengoklah nasib mereka pada pilihanraya umum akan datang ni.

buku lima said...

kalau aku yang kena, aku dah debik dah sekor2 orang kat kementerian tu.

apsal diorang ni asyik nak menyusahkan orang lain je?

kecik2 taknak mampus, dah besar menyusahkan orang!

deep shit said...

"dont turn your back on me, baby... dont turn your back on me baby..." - petikan lagu smoke on the water, deep purple.

agaknya diorang belajar kat sini la.

maae said...

Be honest with yourself bujai. That's what your motto will be in 2011.Dont wrap anything yet!

Sekor kebau bawak lumpur takkan sume tepalit...lembu tak bawak lumpo,tapi beghak tengah jalan... iktibar nya? dua-dua sama nama kan?

Lagi teruk kalau,dalam diam kita jadi penyamun dan perompak,ambil dan guna semua hak kerajaan,akhir nya kemudian beri sanjungan pada pembangkang!

Jika salah seorang dari pemberi komen di sini dapat 'position' macam tu,agak nya apa jadi?

Better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 31, 2010 9:01 AM said...Try endorsing the below :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

If you can, then I'm glad I found your blog.

heh heh, a cheap shot eh?? The above so-called 'wishes' may appear honourable BUT they can also be construed as "unconstitutional" based on Malaysian context.

But people are entitled to their daydreams ...