Friday, December 17, 2010

More Filipinos at Citibank Malaysia

How come? I thought any foreign banks operating in Malaysia should give more space to qualified locals. Of course no locals could sit at the top (although few foreign banks in the country are lead by Malaysians) but employing more non-Malaysians is quite unbecoming.

Or not many Malaysians qualified for the jobs? And dont tell me Bank Negara or the Finance Ministry cannot dig out the provisions which regulate the status of local entity in foreign banks' operating here!

If a financial institution like Citibank employs more Filipinos than Malaysians, then something was not right.

Of course, the National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE) knew the situation better. If not, they would not have picketed in front of the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur yesterday in avowing their dissatisfaction over the issue (here).

Means that if we open our door to any foreign banks, including from Bangladesh, Nepal, Russia or Argentina, they are free to employ more non-Malaysians!

Take a look into this issue please, Mr Finance Minister!


tebing tinggi said...

What went wrong heare ?,does it our system or negligance of our leaders.
DONT tell me that locals dident want to work in the banks too.

1sekolah 1bahasa 1negara

Malaysian in Spore. said...


the same problem has happened in spore when LKY decided to bring in Foreign Talents to curb the rising wages of locals talents.

it has been going on for the past few years especially in the banking and IT industries and making many local sporean out of job now.

LKY even give some of them PR and some citizenship in order PAP to get more votes.

If left unchecked, malaysia will end up with the same problems.

kush2 said...

this is malaysia. everybody can come, invest, set up business and banks and are free to employ locals or not.

our govt is so blind. this is 'rakyat diutamakan'.

if we cant regulate foreign banks from employing foreigners, may as well we forget about out motto

Anonymous said...

no wonder so many filipinos are in malaysia...because the govt just let them in!

ong ong said...

indons, filipinos, banglas, nepalese, indians, chinese, burmese, vietnamese, cambodians, sri lankans... name it.

they are all over, from driving our taxis, operating pubs and restaurants until senior govt positions.

malaysia is losing its identity due to lack of sensitivity among its leaders.

anyway, its good la. in 10 years, who knows.... we will have a nepalese as our prime minister!

wikiLICKS said...

bank negara dan kementerian kewangan memang tutup mata je tehadap bank asing yang beroperasi di negara ini.

sama ada mereka ambil pekerja tempata atau tak, yang penting mengekalkan kewujudan bank2 itu di sini.

maklumlah, nak jadikan malaysia negara maju, mestilah bebas kepada mana2 bank di dunia datang sini dan buat suka ati.

asalkan ada bank asing je, kita dah bangga sampai kembang lubang hidung!

Anonymous said...


good lor... some of them are pretty!

mr kudita said...

bagi je PR status kat filipino tu, lepas tu bawak masuk lagi ramai untuk kerja dengan maybank, public bank, CIMB, bank muamalat... dan kalau boleh dengan bank negara malaysia!

macamlah orang malaysia takda yang bagus dan layak kerja dengan citibank.

ni semua dah mengarut la ni. kerajaan buat hapa ntah sampai biarkan peluang kerja rakyat sendiri terjejas.

mangkuk hayun!

Anonymous said...

Why pick on banks only? How about Malaysian telecommunication companies and some other GLCs companies. Many of them are holding high positions. And EPF, TH, PNB are investing heavily in these companies and have representatives as Directors.

Are we Malaysian really sucks due to our education systems that our fellow Malaysians don't trust our own talent. Who are losers and winners here.

Bujai. Thank you for this article. But wish more could be done.

Lufty said...

kat hotel-hotel besarpun sama, byk pangkat tinggi-tinggi diisi oleh orang luar :(

ma wong said...

its part of making malaysia an international nation. everybody can come, do business and work here. they can even take whatever they want... no control maaa!

Anonymous said...

tak lama lagi, orang arab akan datang sini ternak unta.

conti said...

nothing's wrong with having the filipinos working at citibank.

they can sing while attending to clients!

tierra templada said...

what control are u talking bro?

najib has liberalise the banking sector. so, its up to the bank to employ whoever they want.

sooner or later, we will see more cubans and negros working at our school canteens!

wanna bet?

justin said...

those filipinos aaaaaa.... male of females?

if females, good la... they are good sucker... let them suck citibank's fund dry

NUBE member said...

najib's only concern is to make malaysia a hub of international banking. he couldnt care less if the banks employ more foreigners than locals.

Anonymous said...

they treat filipinos as americans. that's why they are given the jobs.

Anonymous said...

the mistakes lie with the govt policy. if they are strict enough, this wont happen bro.

our regulators are not blind but just refused to interfere

Anonymous said...

Jai, sala kah Filipino kerja kat Citibank? Najib dah liberalise banking sektor, dan JAI, kamu org tu dah ketingallan ZAMAN.

Rakan Bru

Ryzal72 said...

PLEASE look INTO CELCOM aka TELEKOM...who is on the top. Malaysian?....Malay?...Piirahhh!
Bujai, u did a very right issue being highlated! Very GOOD.
Further more....we wait another 10 years pinoy, negro, gagak hitam, myanmar, bagla bla..bla.. will demand fr equal race...PERCAYALAH! hehehhehhe! Bravo Jai!

Anonymous said...


You obviously have been paid $$ to spin this piece. The facts were half truth, sorry, one quarter truth and you know it.

Anyway, don't think you would allow my comment to get through your "censorship".


bujai said...

dear ex-citibanker,

nobody paid me. this posting was based on NUBE's statement (pls read).

also, read some of the comments which insinuated to other local entities that are led by foreigners.

btw, how many years have you left citibank? i guess you were a senior officer then...

thank you for leaving your comment. good to have it from someone who USED to be with the bank