Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The minister and a Weakylicks Datuk

It was around 10.30am Sunday morning, at a minister's residence in Ampang. A Datuk from Kuala Pilah arrived and was greeted by the minister who was clad in a T-shirt and a track bottom. He just finished sweating it out on the badminton court.

The Datuk entered and spent about half an hour with him. I guess the minister knew him from a senior officer serving with a Commission under his ministry, the Datuk's son.

About 11am, the Datuk was just about to leave when the Minister said aloud: "Dioghang tu semuo pembohong bosa. Jangan pecayolah!'

The Datuk then became another Assange of Wikileaks but knowing him well, he would be happy to lead anything like a Weakylicks.

So, the centre of their conversation - apart from this Weaklicks Datuk trying to re-establish an already loosened relationship - was about the accusations against the minister, his officials, his sec-gen, his ministry and this and that scandals.

A few bloggers were pinpointed. Rockybru, Big Dog, Unspinners and me are on the hit list. I believe the Weakylicks Datuk was very persistent in asking him such questions, which prompted the minister to be quite jumpy.

I wonder whether the Weakylicks Datuk got any project before he left in an abrupt manner!


Wake UP! said...

Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

a friend said...

now i understand.

actually the 4 or 5 of you are together. one may come up with a different version while the one will stand up for the real issue.

he he he... bloggers' polemic, i think.

anyway, its good. being a team does not mean all share the same opinion. its good to have professional argument.

keep it up guys!

criminal said...

rais ka?

i know he stays in ampang hilir.

minyak sapi tulen said...

whatever it is, bro, he got every rights to deny your allegations and accusations.

until he is proven guilty, he is an innocent man.

the only thing is, will prime minister take notice of all the postings you people did? and will there be further investigation?

Anonymous said...

go straight to the point la, bujai. dont hide behind the bush. name him. why? takut kena saman ka?

biol said...

takda siapa pun nak mengaku berak tepi jalan!

managua said...

saya heran dengan bloger pro-kerajaan ni. asyik2 hentam rais. kalau betul dia bersalah, dah tentu polis atau sprm akan siasat dia. tapi ni senyap je.

tolonglah jangan buat dosa besar dengan memfitnah orang.

Anonymous said...

come what may, najib will not take any action on his cabinet members.

just wait for the next reshuffle, this guy will be retained...

class monitor said...

kalau dia dah kata korang bohong, keluarkan semua bukti supaya rskyat tahu.

biarlah bukti yang sahih, bukan bukti yang boleh diada-adakan. pada zaman moden ni, gambar pun boleh super-impose!

Anonymous said...

biaso eh, orang yang kato orang lain pembohong tu lah pembohong bosa!

Anonymous said...

you people sucks!

give us a solid proof, not a loose one!

pity this minister as you bloggers are hunting his ass....

fius lama said...

datuk dari kuala pilah tu bloger jugak ke jai?

apsal dia heboh nak tanya pasal yang korang tulis?

mat gombau said...

sebona eh, den maleh nak komen pasal bondo ni tapi bilo mentori tu kato bloger pembohong, den pun nak yo cakap sikit.

selamo ni dah banyak bloger macam kau, rocky, bigdog, lempoyang dan lain2 tulih pasal rais tapi takdo tindakan pun daripado pihak berwajib.

den tepikir la jugak, mungkin bukti yang ado tak cukup atau memang bukti sengajo diado-adokan untuk menjatuhkan rais.

den bukan dukun tapi den gaso pun tak begapo elok la kito fitnah orang tanpo bukti kukuh.

apa pendapek kau jai?

GOTCHA said...

if he can play badminton, means he is very healthy and can afford to screw more girls... or maids!

zanordinx said...

I agreed with class monitor.. Remember Tian Chua did a stupid superimposed photo on Najib and Altantuya..The body of Najib was so big, it didn't commensurate with the size of the dining table, morover there was no plate to show he joined the meal.. Satu Malaysia tau dia tipu, yet he is a PARLIAMENTARIAN NOW.. in spite of his stupidity.. n Scott free some more...PKR suporters said the picture was true..

Anonymous said...

Rise to the occassion?


wan wang said...

memang ada bloger yang kuat bohong. ada pula yang berani dedahkan kesilapan orang. agaknya yang mana lebih baik?

phua said...

only rais yatim, i am sure, stays in ampang hilir.

must be him.

no reason for him to be jumpy if he is innocent.

Anonymous said...

badminton or bedminton?

Anonymous said...


apsal datuk tu sengaja dedahkan apa yang dia borakkan dengan menteri tu?

dia spy kau ke?

jessica low said...

someone of a minister level should be able to take up any amount of pressure.

the attacks came from bloggers... and not his own BN colleagues... imagine if someone else in the cabinet exposes him!

akob klebang besau said...

berani kerana benar. kalau tak salah, tak perlulah melatah.

kalau dah melatah tak tentu pasal tu.. paham2 je ler, hawau!

Anonymous said...

A lot of neutral centrist bloggers are secretly supporting Rais because the group attacking him have made a lot of enemies. In a funny way, I was unhappy with Minister Rais' "change my mode" antics but now sympathise with him. I know that this group of bloggers very well, having been a victim of their personal attacks.

Just remember bloggers, a lot and I mean a lot of your readers hate your guts. You'll are never consistent on issues, and try to threaten people thinking your so powerful.

Perhaps this time you'll have bitten more than you can chew.

Anonymous said...

who is the dato bro

TaibMahmud said...


apsal wa negok muka bini datuk seri mcm mona pendi la plak..

No wonder la darling datuk seri goes for the indon..

EEEeeee yuck... belengas n melekit la jang oiii.. bucuk!!!!

maae said...

Tak yah lentok lah hal ni.

Bloggers seperti anda mesti ada pendirian.Mesti tulus dan mesti gah dengan perjuangan.Kita tak mahu bloggers yang menulis apakebende, sentimen bodoh,menyokong tak tentu pasal,meludah dan memaki oghang.

Please stay on your track.They are all experienced politicians any way!..And you are among the defined bloggers.To justify their move and make assumptions will only show your weaknesses.

Let it be for a while.Nothing to lose!

Anonymous said...

Kerja kerja memfitnah ni kerja Dajjal. Jangan kita terikut ikut cara MahaDajjal yg takut anak didik dia sendiri sampai sanggup memfitnah kawan tu. Ini kes yg malang utk Msia dizaman kita perlu kpd ikatan saudara seugama.