Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Call off talks with Singapore, ban Kausikan!

"Simple analogy – imagine sitting with someone that you know who has been bad-mouthing you to others. How would you feel?" - by Mergawati Zulfakar of The Star newspaper under the headline Singapore's Disdain Exposed.

I agree.

She was referring to the Malaysia-Singapore meeting on Dec 22 where the Republic's most senior officer at the Foreign Ministry Bilahari Kausikan will lead a delegation to discuss KTM Berhad’s land swap deal.

Malaysian officials will be sitting down with the very man who claimed, among others, that Malaysia was “confused and dangerous, fueled by the distinct possibility of racial conflict”, as exposed by Wikileaks.

Now, where is our dignity? We have been 'bowing out' to Singapore on many occasions. The KTM land deal, the water concession (the cheapest in the world), our Woodlands naval base and most but not least the manner they won Pulau Batu Putih.

We have been very tolerance each time their jet fighters invade our air space and closed our eyes to their reclaimation of land across Johore which is environmentally-hazardous to our marine lifes and affecting the income of our fishermen.

What else? We help them becoming rich all this while and let them re-export of products with their 'Produce of Singapore' labelling.

There were never sincere as far as our two-way relations are concerned. They are selfish and only took us for a ride. To them, Malaysia is a low-class nation and will forever never be at par with them.'

Sickening! And we still want to say 'hello brothers' to them? Do we need to pretend our displeasure when both sides meet up next week? I think its better to call off or postpone the meeting indefinitely until someone apologizes.

After all, they have been treating us like cheapskates!


Labuchi said...

najib will be chicken shit to do anything about the leaks.

there are more leaks to come and i bet those fella will do the matrix thingy of dodging bullets.

Anonymous said...

His name not Kausikan but Kiasukan.

man on da street said...

When we attend a meeting for mediation, and its a known fact that a member he/she is known for belittling us, and who is having a mightier than thou/holier than thou mentality, might as well we call it off. No point in pursuing the agenda. Its a wasted effort. What not in forking out the money for preparations , the logistics and knowing very well it will not turn out good.I suggest Dato Anifah to request from the government across the causeway to replace the delegation head.Otherwise might as well use the money to contribute to rumah anak anak yatim lagi berfaedah.We do not want anymore of Pulau Batu Putih outcome.

Anonymous said...

We desrve to be treated as a cheapskate because we have been behaving like one for so long.

Anonymous said...

well said!ban kausikan indeed!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I for one, is looking forward to another "13 May". The question is when.

So, if the Singaporeans intel specify only Cinapeks will "overwhelmed" the island. Indians tak dak ek?

Mat Bonk

ex-diplomat said...

we wouldnt mind if countries in europe or in latin america badmouth us.

but when it came from our closest neighbor, the hurt is multiples.

singapore is so close to us and share the same history, languange, people and others. when it came from them, we felt like being socked all over

jacques said...

those at any foreign ministry or foreign office, irrespective which country they are, should be well aware that their main task is to develop good foreign relation with others.

making disparaging remarks would turn sour a relationship and that is bad for any government.

we are not questioning singapore's sincerity here but their perception toward malaysia and other countries will erode foreign respect for them.

i believe singapore-india trade is mounting but by calling india 'stupid' has sparked an anti-singapore bandwagon in the small continent.

is that good for singapore and is that what they want?

geram said...


i think we should forget about the new bridge across selat johor.

what we should do is demolish the causeway and build no bridge.

when too many singaporeans cross into malaysia, they only step on a 'third world' country.

what the heck?

Anonymous said...

kausikan ni jawa atau bugis atau apa?

apsal mulut dia macam pukimak?

tak payahlah bagi dia datang. elok gak tangguh dulu meeting tu, biar dia faham perasaan kita.

Anonymous said...

it hurts more when it comes from our close friend and neighbour

anak tebrau said...

mana ada keikhlasan dalam hati pemimpin singapura. diorang rasa negara merekalah yang paling maju. sebab itulah mereka lihat negara lain seperti malaysia, indonesia, thailand, india dan sebagainya macam sampah je!

hardcore said...



annoyed said...

sepatutnya seorang pegawai kementerian luar bertanggungjawab menjaga hubungan baik dengan negara lain.

ni tidak. si kausikan lahanat ni sebaliknya menghentam pulak kita dan negara lain.

sepatutnya kerajaan singapura memecat je pegawai yang begini kerana menjejaskan hubungan baiknya dengan negara lain.

Anonymous said...

kalau mamat ni kat israel, dah lama kena tembak dah.

nasib baik dia kat singapura!

wikiLICKS said...

i think wikileaks will expose more about singapore badmouth towards us and other nations.

just wait!

masih di BH said...


meeting tu penting untuk selesaikan isu tanah KTM.

tapi aku rasa elok gak tangguh dulu sampai sejuk isu KASI CUNT ni!

Anonymous said...


call it off. we always tolerate what they did.

Anonymous said...

This Bilahari Kausikan fellow and the two other WOCs (Westernised Oriental Chinamen) should tender their resignation or be demoted/posted out of the MFA, if they are really people of honour. LSL should also tender an apology to Malaysia for the "bad mouthings" that his MFA senior officers did. BTW, is this Kausikan a keling? He looks very fair and chinese.

Anonymous said...

There will be leaks from Malaysian Diplomats in due course...... Dun throw stones when you live in glass house.

Anonymous said...

singapura ni macam filipina yang lebih mengaku sebagai orang amerika daripada asean.

jadi, tak hairanlah jika mereka memandang rendah dan mempersendakan jirannya dalam asean dan negara lain.

singapura lupa asal-usulnya... orang yang lupa cawat biasanya akan tergigit lidah sendiri

karipuley said...

yeah man,

why should we allow him entry to malaysia? keep him out of the land he badmouthed!

tongkang said...

a person like kausikan or whatever his name is, forgets the fact that without malaysia, the island would not become what it is today. they 'stole' our names and brands in order to survive.

cilaka punya republik!

tauke babi said...

if spore foreign ministry doesnt take any action against this guy, forget about coming to the meeting!

if they dont take action, means the republic's leaders are in support of what he had said!

Anonymous said...

dia pernah ke malaysia tak?

kalau pernah, takyah bagi dia datang lagi.

kalau tak pernah, haramkan je dia pijak bumi malaysia!

Anonymous said...

what's the fuss, bro?

our leaders are as soft as cotton bud, only good to pick our ears!

quek mambo said...


stage a demo in front of the singapore high commission to avow our displeasure at them.

although what kausikan and other officers said did not reflect the singaporeans at large, their govt must take some actions against them.

Anonymous said...

kausikan ni bukan melayu, bukan jawa, bukan cina, bukan india atau bukan benggali.

dia ni lahanat yahudi!

kan ke singapore ada kedutaan israel di sana!

tukang cat said...

sebab pulut, santan biasa...

sebab mulut..... singapura akan binasa!

lion king said...

i think singaporeans are embarrassed with what happened as they were not then ones who badmouthed malaysia and other countries.

it was their few officials.

so, better their govt or prime minister consider touch action against them.

or at least, make them apologise for what they had said!

otherwise, dont think of coming to kuala lumpur for the talks!

Anonymous said...

they must apologise!


on-call said...

apa agaknya reaksi thailand, india dan jepun mengenai kata2 nista yang mereka lemparkan?

duduk diam aje je new delhi, bangkok dan tokyo?

padan muka! dia ingat dia hebat sangat kerana bermuka-muka dengan amerika syarikat!

Anonymous said...

just remember never caste pearls before swines

if they don't even know the value of graciousness then forget about being kind and generous

deal with them as direct competitors not as neighbours