Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zahid Hamidi is right!

I have to come in support of Zahid Hamidi, our Defense Minister and Umno vice-president. Like it or not, the conservative mind of most Malaysians still lingers on the believe that the Malays' duty is to defend the country, the Chinese shape up the economy while the Indians flourish the commodity.

No, sir! I am not racist. Facts are facts. Zahid is neither a racist nor a Malay warrior. But what he said at the Parliament yesterday should not be misinterpreted, especially by MCA President Chua Soi Lek and the non-Malays.

Zahid was talking about the pathetically duty of the Armed Forces, the no-interest shown by the Chinese and the Indians. He was not questioning the loyalty and integrity of the non-Malays but their poor response to new intakes in the armed forces.

There were only 903 non-Malays in the Malaysian Armed Forces who had joined the service within the last two years. They comprised 82 Indians, 26 Chinese, while the remaining 795 were from other ethnic groups from Sabah and Sarawak (read here).

He was not being insensitive by attributing the 'less sense of patriotism' among the non-Malays for their poor response toward calls to join the armed forces.

"There was also a possibility that it was because of the fear of the strict discipline in the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), less attractive pay compared to the offer from the private sector, lack of encouragement from family members, and that there was less encouragement to join the ATM among the ethnic community because of the various negative prejudices," he said.

The Chinese is the second largest community in the country compared to the Indians but their participation was the least. Why?

Such a question normally draws simple answer - that majority of the Chinese are more keen in business and building up their own economy. Making money and getting rich is their utmost objective in life, no matter where they are.

Indonesia, the United States, Australia and Canada where many Chinese from the mainland had migrated a long time ago, the same pattern thrives. They are less concern in national security matters. When communal riots erupted in many parts of Indonesia in the late 90s, many Chinese millionaires fled the country for Singapore, Hong Kong and other nations.

So, what Zahid said is nothing new. He was reminding the needs for Malaysians (rpt, Malaysians) to come together in defending the country. I guess this is one of few major issues Prime Minister Najib got to address before he can claim success in his 1Malaysia. The other is to introduce 'Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua'.

There is no need for Chua and others to make a fuss out of it. It is a fact that the Malays are more concern for national security and defending the country. The number of Malays and Chinese in Malaysia is almost compatible, yet the Chinese is not keen (except for defending their money and property).

We cant blame them because they are such. In fact, its a good practice. The Malaysian Chinese have been sentimental in developing Malaysia's economy, and so are the Indians. The Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races of Malaysia have been living together with that 'understanding'.

But please dont accuse the police (where most of its members are also Malays) of being racist too. As records show more crimes are committed by the non-Malays, they (the non-Malays) are drawn to a conclusion that they police is always bias and racist in expediting their duty.

Lets not rekindle the past as to why their ancestors came to this country a long time ago. Did they come to defend Tanah Melayu, if one may ask? As far as I can recall, the Gurkhas did help defend Malaya!

My apology... but let us think about it.


Anonymous said...

so what if the chinese only care about making money and becoming rich?

without them, malaysia will not achieved today's development!

kelingking said...

agree, sir.

the malays guard the country for the chinese to make it rich.

unless if the chinese form the majority in a country, they will defend it.

look at singapore, china and taiwan!

tukang sibuk said...

apa nak dihebohkan sangat. inilah 1malaysia yang najib nak tengok. dari dulu sampai sekarang, sikap tiga kaum terbesar ni tetap sama, tak berubah. selagi kita tak ubah sistem pendidikan kepada sistem satu sekolah untuk semua, macam tu jugaklah yang akan berlaku. dah susah nak ubah dah. nak salahkan kaum cina dan india pun tak boleh. kita saling memerlukan. dalam keanggotaan angkatan tentera, orang cina bukan pandang rendah tetapi mereka lebih berminat memajukan diri. ini bukan sikap yang salah. jadi, eloklah kita terima hakikat ini dan hidup bertolak ansur. apa yang zahid cakap memang betul tapi jangan dipolitikkan. orang cina dan india kena akui yang mereka tak berminat masuk tentera dan polis. jadi, apa isunya di sini?

Anonymous said...

dont blame zahid lor.

not that the chinese are not keen in defending the country but they find it more important to develop national economy.

national economy? kah kah kah!

mukadimah said...

orang cina yang datang pada zaman kesultanan melayu melaka adalah pedagang. mereka amat bagus dalam memperkembangkan ekonomi. mereka bukan datang untuk membantu melaka melawan portugis atau belanda.

orang cina yang datang pada zaman yap ah loy adalah yang ingin mengambil kesempatan daripada lombong bijih timah. mereka membantu tanah melayu menjadi terkenal sebagai pengeksport bijih timah terbesar dunia. mereka juga bukan yang membantu mempertahankan tanah melayu daripada serangan siam.

orang cina yang ada di malaya pada zaman pra merdeka adalah yang turut membantu orang melayu mempertahankan malaya dan sama2 menuntut kemerdekaan. orang india juga turut membantu. merekalah golongan yang amat menghormati raja2 melayu dan adat resam melayu.

orang cina selepas zaman merdeka pula ramai yang menyertai parti komunis malaya. mereka berjuang dalam hutan dan berperang dengan pasukan tentera.

orang cina hari ini sudah mula mempersoal dan mempersendakan hak raja2 melayu dan hak orang melayu yang turut diiktiraf oleh nenek-moyang mereka sebelum ini. mereka lebih mementingkan wang dan harta daripada sama2 mempertahankan negara.

orang cina malaysia akan datang, aka pula sifat mereka?

biol said...

its fact la. so, lets live with it. no fuss..

peace everybody!

Anonymous said...

one man meat is another poison, stupid!

what the fark it got to do with patriotism ?

zaheed just prove the dr kerala correct when he said " malay are stupid bcos they are so inbred"

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you in saying that Dr Zahid is right in what he reckoned the reasons non malay were reluctant to joint the arm forces.

To even think that what he said was racist is rather irrationals. Zahid was an officer in ocbc-oversea chinese banking corporation after he graduated from MU.So he knew how the chinese attitude first-hand.

What transpired in the parliment was his answer to question raised by an MP on why was the non malay were reluctant to joint the arm forces.

Dr Chua Soi lek perhaps did not read the hansard thus his response was off target.

Anonymous said...


For those who thought Dr Zahid does not know Malaysian history and the origin of Malaysian immigrant, please be informed that he taught history and I am one of his student who scored principal pass in history during my HSE-STP exam.

So he knew what he is talking.

Anonymous said...

bukan orang china dan india tidak minat masuk angkatan tentera...tapi ..kalau setakat jadi tukang sapu kasut pegawai tinggi melayu...tak perlu maa...

inilah hakikat sebenarnya. cuba fikirkan secara rasional. betul...tak betul?

Anonymous said...

Anom 11.46 PM,

Malaysia will achieved today's development even without Chinese. Look at Indonesia. The Chinese are rich.Are they helping the country? No. Because they just care about themselves.

jalil tebuan said...

tiba2 je bela zahid ni, apsal?

tapi aku pun sokong apa yang dia cakap dan yang kau tulis. memang kaum cina nak minat masuk askar dan polis. mereka lebih suka penuhkan tempolok sendiri

Anonymous said...

yes. i agree to the fact that the chinese will only defend the countries where they are the majority.

jembalang tanah said...

hapuskan semua sekolah cina dan tamil, semua rakyat malaysia perlu belajar dalam satu sekolah. barulah semua kaum berkongsi semangat patriotik terhadap negara.

Anonymous said...

are u blaming the chinese?

u r a racist!

dangdut said...

inilah silapnya bila tiga bangsa terbesar negara ni ada tiga sistem sekolah.

ini menyebabkan setiap bangsa menyimpan prejudis terhadap satu sama lain.

sudah tiba masanya datuk najib meneliti hal ini dan mencari jalan menjadikan orang cina dan india malaysia ni benar2 bersifat malaysia, bukannya bersifat cina tanah besar dan benua kecil india!


i was in jakarta in 1999. during the riots, the chinese were busy packing up, hiding or trying to flee the country. the indon chinese are rich but they dont really support the government, just like many chinese in malaysia. their only concern is to exploit a country's good condition to make good bucks. whatever happens to the majority or the natives is none of their business. like u mentioned, the same situation happens in the united states, canada and other countries.

chiba-geigy said...

i agree with MUKADIMAH

the present chinese generation in malaysia is malaysian but their mentality is not malaysian.

even the chinese in great china have changed... but not the ones here!

melayu berani said...

harap chua soi lek teliti dulu apa yang zahid cakap. jangan main terjah je. dia sendiri kena akui yang bangsa dia tidak minat masuk tentera dan polis sebab asyik nak kayakan diri sendiri. dah memang sifat orang cina macam tu, walau di negara mana pun diorang berhijrah dan beranak-pinak. ini takda kaitan dengan perkauman tetapi kenyataan. kita bukan anti-cina tetapi cuma berkata bahawa mereka tidak minat masuk askar dan polis sebab tidak berapa patriotik. orang melayu mempertahankan negara ini sebab ini negara nenek-moyang mereka. bangsa lain mungkin tidak beranggapan begitu atau lebih senang menyerahkan tugas ini kepada orang melayu.

spring said...

i salute those chinese, indians and others who are already in the armed forces. they are truly malaysians!

Anonymous said...

i am in support of what zahid said too.

the non-malays should at least admit the fact that they are not interested in defending the nation because they still think malaysia is not their country!

terompah said...

kalau berlaku kekacauan di malaysia ni, aku rasa cuma melayu je yang akan berjuang... untuk melindungi bangsa lain!

empat mata said...


melayu pertahankan negara, pastikan keamanan.

orang cina dan india yang dilindungi oleh melayu ni, gunakan keamanan yang ada untuk buat untung dan kaut kekayaan.

sebab tu melayu banyak ketinggalan. kita harap bila kita pastikan mereka jadi kaya dengan keamanan ni, mereka akan bantu melayu. malangnya tidak!

Anonymous said...

we are all human. as human, we should learn to be tolerance and be loyal to our motherland.

however, it is sad to note the chinese main concern and interest is money.

should anything happens to malaysia, will they defend the country or their assets?

Anonymous said...

memang benar cakap zahid. kaum bukan melayu kurang semangat patriotiknya kerana sebahagian besar mereka tidak menganggap malaysia sebagai negara sendiri.

mereka lebih agungkan negara asal nenek-moyang mereka...

lee marvin said...

whats d point of the non-malays joining the armed forces if the pay is so little and they cant do business?

everybody needs money, i mean good money to live and survive.

u cannot be rich by joining the armed forces!

thats why we leave it to the malays! let us, the non-malays take care of the business and economy.

fair or not?

Anonymous said...

tanpa keamanan yang ada, bangsa lain pun takkan dapat hidup makmur.

apa salahnya mereka sama2 mempertahankan negara daripada mempertahankan sifat tamak masing2?

ini pun najib nak bagi lagi banyak projek kat diorang!

MAHAGURU58 said...

I await to see the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, DAP and what have we to practice what they preach come the Malaysian Armed Forces recruitment day?

I wish to see them prove Zahid Hamidi wrong!

Do it first then we can agree that Zahid Hamidi is bloody wrong in stating the obvious!

Think all these noisemakers will rise to the occasion?

Purple Haze said...

No need to talk about race on this issue.

Just ask Zahid or any of the UMNO ministers if any of their children have enlisted.

If there is deafening silence, is the issue really patriotism or just an excuse for Zahid to bash the non-Malays?

Anonymous said...

bagi orang cina, lebih baik jadi kongse gelap dan buat keje haram macam jual vcd lucah dan rumah urut, daripada masuk tentera. duit pun banyak, kan?

Anonymous said...


the gurkhas were better than the chinese. they were loyal!

purple rain said...


zahid was not bashing the non-malays. what he said is true, dont u think so?

the fact is, the malays are defending the country so that the non-malays can sleep well and get rich!

have u yourself ever thanked the armed forces for safeguarding the country? i dont think so... u are just like your pals in other nations!

nyot2 said...

melayu jaga negara, kasi aman damai

bila negara aman damai, orang cina, india dan lain2 bangsa boleh tinggal selesa, boleh kaut untung banyak2, bikin duit dan elak cukai.

bila kerajaan silap sikit, diorang hantam kaw2. bila ada intake tentera, diorang diam.

ini macam la diroang ni. tak pernah terima kasih kepada negara malaysia, kepada angkatan tentera dan polis.

nanti kalau malaysia kena serang atau terlibat dalam perang, diorang ni cabut ke negara lain dengan harta2nya. sorilah nak join melayu pertahankan mlaysia.

najib ada sedar ka?

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today:
“I have not read (about what he said) or was in Parliament then but from the reaction of various quarters, perhaps is best Datuk Zahid explain his remarks and stand on the matter.

“As for us, we do not see it that way, even if there is a lack of participation (of non-Malays in the armed forces), I think we should not question the loyalty of citizens, be they Malays, Chinese or Indians... maybe there are other reasons,” he told reporters.

JAILANI it seems your VIEWS are AGAINST Muhyiddin.WE HAVE NOTED IT.

Wargamas said...

Zahid is right. As a senior citizen who have lived through post-Merdeka times, I've seen it all right before my eyes. Now it's getting worse - demand after demand, trying to change our nation's history, etc. rather than working together toward nation building.

But I'm not interested in the message, I'm more interested in the messenger - Zahid. We all know who he is and what he represents. Why did he come up with such statement? We've seen his plummeting popularity and credibility after making many stupid statements and decisions. Is he trying to regain popularity or lost grounds? Is he playing to the gallery to prop up lost support?

If he is, then I'm afraid it would be futile. People can see through him. He question others about patriotism, but after what he has said and done, that question is equally applicable to him.

bujai said...

dear anon 7.50,

my perception is my personal domain. what the tpm said was more political and what i wrote is fact.

when attending to issues like this, one must look from the logical aspect of it. as a national leader, perhaps TSM was more concern about the racial sensitivity surrounding it but from someone who sees it from a wider scope, i second zahid.

u too deserve the rights to your opinion but u dont have to dictate mine.

a politician is a politician.

thank u sir

Anonymous said...

if the non-malays are not keen to join the forces, let them.

i think its better that the malays control the armed forces and the police...

Anonymous said...

if we go to war one day, the chinese will be the first to pack up and fled this country with their belongings and riches. Look at what happened during the economic crisis many years ago. They were transferring their money out of this country to our "beloved" neighbour. even now they are so in love with our neighbour ... why don't they all just migrate to that country if they love it so much?
many of them claimed that they worked hard to be where they are today (financially, economically) ... no doubt for some of them. But many of them are also crooks ... ah longs, pirated vcd/dvd business (big money in case you dont know), prostitutions, robbery, scratch and win scam ... you name it. I always remember what my mother used to say about chinese business people .. "tak tipu tak kaya lor".

conti said...

i think its better that the malays control our armed forces. but the non-malays must not accuse them of anything....

Anonymous said...

saya sanjung dan hormati orang bukan melayu yang menyertai pasukan keselamatan kita.

kepada mereka yang enggan dan memandang rendah kerjaya angkatan tentera, termasuk melayu yang menjengkelkan, sedarlah bahawa kemajuan hari ini tidak akan dicapai tanpa pengorbanan mereka

Anonymous said...

maso lopeh merdeka dulu, penduduk keturunan cino tak la gamai tapi gamai daripado diorang tu yang masuk pkm...

cubo ronongkan balik

STH, lumut said...

open up your eyes la mr bujai. we chinese are looking forwsard to the future. since the malays are already in the amed forces, we are helping the nation to grow. not that we are not patriotic!

din boroi said...

jangan harap la nak tengok lebih ramai belia cina masuk tentera. sekolah aliran cina tak sebut pun kepentingan nasional. sebab tu kena buat satu sekolah untuk semua, ajar sivik dan tatanegara agar semua rakyat dapat diserap semangat nasionalistik yang tebal.

api dalam sekam said...

agaknya apa akan jadi kalau orang cina dan india jadi perdana menteri atau sekurang-kurangnya timbalan perdana menteri di malaysia ni....

cuba bayangkan!

tak payah sebut pasal benda lain. melayu kena fikir dari sudut ni je.

nyamuk said...

soi lek, lu pikir la apa yang zahid cakap. ni bukan isu perkauman tapi kenyataan. nak nafi apa pulak dan nak marah apa pulak?

jumlah orang cina dan melayu tak jauh bezanya. bilangan orang india pun kecil tapi lebih ramai orang india masuk tentera.

ni apa citer ni, apek?

gua respek orang india!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:09 AM:-

bukan orang china dan india tidak minat masuk angkatan tentera...tapi ..kalau setakat jadi tukang sapu kasut pegawai tinggi melayu...tak perlu maa...

my comment: so kalau Melayu sapu kasut pegawai Melayu takpe ke? kau cuba cakap kerja bawahan ni semua untuk Melayu ke? bodoh racist punya komen kau ni

Anon 11:57 AM:-
are u blaming the chinese?

u r a racist!

my comment: we're not trying to find people at fault, find a solution! Instead of accusing people of racism, you can:
a) come up with a better argument (in which case you'll be focusing on the problem) OR
b) suggest actions to improve the statistics (in which case you're focusing on the solution)


Anonymous said...


My China man office mate said he sembahyang duit.Lets face fact,this is a money making world.o money no talk.


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:50 PM, here. I am not attempting to dictate your views. Your view, is yours. We just NOTE that your VIEWS are AGAINST the TPM and for ZAHID. You nor I should SPECULATE what are the intentions of the TPM in making the statement.

Anonymous said...

If you believe that the chinese is patriotic in defending the nation in times of might as well believe that pig can fly too.

The chinese believe in money...making lots of it so that they can shaft it down the malay throats. You see they are the biggest perasuah. Earning small money from ATM is not on their agenda,might as well they work in Singapore Shipyards as a general worker where the average pay is $2,500 sing dollar.

With that kind of money they can buy bungalows in Malaysia if they save enough within 5 to 10 years.So when Zahid Hamidi invite the chinese to join ATM it is just a sindir menyindir cos' he knew the greedy chinese won't sahut the cabaran.

padi huma said...

agaknya elok kalau kita tubuhkan regimen askar cina dan regimen askar india macam regimen askar melayu.

macam arwah tun ghafar pernah cakap, agaknya rakyat malaysia ni nakkan lampu kuning untuk melayu, lampu putih untuk cina dan lampu hitam untuk india.

kalau masing2 nakkan hak untuk kaum masing2, tak jadi apalah 1malaysia gamaknya!

ingat sikit! said...

tak tau why tpm nak salahkan zahid pulak. agaknya muhyidin suka dengan keadaan skrg ni, melayu jaga keamanan, bangsa lain kaut untung!

kalau bangsa lain rasa negara ni pun mereka punya, apa salahnya sama2 jaga keselamatan negara!

muhyidin saja nak jaga hati orang lain, bangsa sendiri diketepikan.

gemini man said...


looks like the it will only the malays to take care of their homeland.

those non-malays still think this is not their country. if anything happens of if malaysia goes to war, they will leave for good... and the malays will stay on

Anonymous said...

there's no racist remarks by zahid on this matter. please read the parliament hansard...i was there when he answered the question on the matter. sorry to say that the opposition MPs have spin the words...

jia hua...

borhan said...

Nampaknya ramai orang yang tak boleh disentuh tentang taat setianya kepada Malaysia. Habis dato nenek suku sakat dan pupu poyang poyangnya mengamuk. macam secred cows ..boleh berak di mana-mana.

Blackscreamerz said...

I am a Chinese. I believe it is my duty to defend the country when the time comes. But when time does not come, can i pursue the other career path i want?

Been a full time soldier does not mean at all that person is patriotic.

Besides, what about the allegation that there is selective recruitment in the military?

Anonymous said...

The opinions expressed by your readers continues to express the "stereotype" that Non-Malay Malaysians are inherently unpatriotic!!

Being Malaysian born and of Chinese heritage (both parents borned in Malaysia)..I had always wanted to join the Arm Forces/Police. However any donkey will tell you that your Career promotion and opportunities is always gonna be limited and discouraged by existing government policies.

It is not so much that Zahid's comments are seen as racist. I see him as perpetuating the "Malaysian stereotypes" which co-incidently reinforces the current racist campaign to force to make the non-Malay Malaysians feel more disheartened !!!

Likewise the Malaysian stereotype that Malays being associated with mediocrity and less industrious should also be disregarded.

Non-Malay Malaysians love Malaysia and they have NO loyalty to China or India. Also in war torn is the RICH (which is not race-dependant) will flee.