Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Msian Chinese refuse to join the army - 'Govt's faults!'

They are pointing fingers at the government, accusing the present Malay leadership of being bias not to accept the non-Malays into the public service, and of course 'tak cukup makan' if they join the army (making Singapore as a comparison).

MYSinchew.com guest writer Koon Yew Yin, an engineer, a corporate figure and a well-known philanthropist (what?) wrote (here) that "the sense of patriotism is a complex one but it does not include supporting your country and your government all the time. It can include supporting your country but not the government of the day, especially when that government is perceived to engage in policies and programmes that treat you as second class citizens.

"Unfortunately, the Malaysian Chinese do not feel that the current government has treated them fairly or deserves their loyalty. They have come to the point when they are now saying “Go and do your own killing”.

(My argument - Second class citizens? In countries all over the world, any second class citizens are not as rich as the Chinese in Malaysia. In fact, second-class citizens are not allowed to dominate the economy. So, who are the second class citizens in Malaysia?)

He went on: "I concede that there may be other reasons to explain the Chinese reluctance to join the military but these have nothing to do with the lack of patriotism. There is a Cantonese saying “Hoi chai mu tong ping, hoi chai mu cho kait”. Literally it means that the “good son does not become a soldier and good wood does not become sandals”.

"Perhaps this deep seated cultural aversion to the military also explains why Chinese youth are reluctant to join the military. However, a fair, just and widely admired government and equitable policies can overcome such cultural complexes."

(What equitable policies and what cultural complexes? Is it by amending the Federal Constitution for the non-Malays to become Prime Ministers or to have a special ministerial portfolio in-charge of the non-Malays?)

"Let’s not forget that the courageous defence to the Japanese takeover of Malaya in the Second World War was mainly put up by the Chinese who paid for their patriotism to the country with countless lives and other sacrifices. Let’s also not forget that the emergency was won with Chinese blood and that the majority of Chinese rallied round a non-communist government. The historical evidence is clear that when their country is in danger and they are fighting for a cause they believe in, Malaysian Chinese are not lacking for patriotism."

(The Japs were after the Chinese. They hated the Chinese in their colonialisation scheme. Any country they went, they would look out for the Chinese first. In Malaya then, the Chinese were their victims. The Malays did not kill or attack the Chinese but helped them, instead. So, the Chinese had to defend themselves... is that patriotism? Why must you rekindle the past? Again, if I may ask, for what reason did their ancestors come to Malaya a long time ago? To defend the country?)

He also said: "Hundreds of thousands of patriotic non-Malays are trying daily in vain to get employment in the government services. That is why so many non-Malays immigrate to find better countries to live in. Many have gone to work in nearby Singapore which incidentally is doing much better than us as a result of this non-Malay exodus."

(Come on laaaa.... they are not keen to join the public sector for its low wages. Nothing's wrong with that. The Malays are OK with it. As the Chinese are good traders and prefer to do business, especially after the late 1970s when we first moved into industrialisation programme).

"Patriotism in Malaysia – if you are a non-Malay -- does not find you work in the government service or pay your bills. It does not ensure a bright and equitable future for your children. Umno leaders – rather than mourning and groaning -- should appreciate the fact that millions of non-Malays continue to be loyal and patriotic to the country despite the many reasons for not doing so."

(Let me give you this Malay saying - di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung. Since we are citizens of this country, we must abide and respect the laws. Or, shall I remind you of what I wrote recently about the Chinese? That they are good in business, they help in boosting Malaysia's economic growth. In that sense, the Malays have long accepted the fact that the Chinese who are citizens of Malaysia are free to do what they want to and will live with it. The Malays will defend the country to enable the non-Malays to get rich and in prospering themselves. I am also of the opinion that the Chinese will only be interested to join the army and defend a country where they form the majority. In the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries where they form a 'bigger-minority', they are still not keen to join the armed forces!. Singapore used to be 'not a Chinese territory' but they now control the armed forces because they are the majority. So, dont make Singapore a comparison!)


kolonel AMH said...


saya setuju. kurangnya minat bukan melayu untuk masuk tentera bukanlah menunjukkan mereka tidak patriotik. mereka sebenar patriotik dalam aspek yang lain.

dan memang hakikat bahawa orang cina lebih suka berniaga. kita tidak pernah menyalahkan mereka pun kerana berjaya dalam perniagaan. ia banyak membantu membangunkan negara.

mengenai apa yang tuan sebut bahawa mereka hanya menyertai tentera jika mereka menjadi kaum majoriti, memang ada kebenarannya. ini tidak boleh mereka nafikan. bagaimanapun, ia bukan menunjukkan kelemahan atau kekurangan mereka. memang perniagaan adalah darah daging mereka.

corus said...

why must they blame the govt? the armed forces and police are also part of the public sector. why must they only prefer the non-army and non-police if they are keen of joining the civil service?

i have worked with the JPA for more than 30 years and also involved in recruitments. can one imagine the cold respponse from the non-malays?

the govt, in fact gives priority to the non-malays who want to join the sivil service by loosening some tight screws on it but still, their response is not up to expectation.

and still they put the blame on the govt!

Anonymous said...

taking singapore as a comparison is STUPID!

why not take indonesia as a good example? where did the chinese go during the riots in 1998 and 1999 in indonesia?

drebar bas said...

bagitau penulis tu, kalau nak sebut sejarah lama, banyak yang tak baik. elok bincang dalam konteks hari ini je

Anonymous said...

jai, apa yang kau tulis tu memang betul. melayu tak penah salahkan orang cina kalau mereka maju, cuma mereka tidak pentingkan semangat setiakawan!

lin na said...


i am not a racist. neither are you. but as a chinese, i admit the fact that we are more enterprising, and business is in our blood is very true. but that doesnt meant we dont love this country. maybe what you wrote is true. the malays guard the country and the chinese develop the economy with their entreprising malay partners. i think there is no issue here.

lee, grik said...

you *)(8*(*(WhoxIO lKNLnkN!!!!!

if we are not patriotic, we would have migrated a long time ago!

some malays migrated too... why?

biol said...

siapa betul, siapa salah, gua tak pedulik.

janji gua ada nasik untuk makan!

Anonymous said...

That Chinese Writer just talk about shit!!....that was the most silly and idiot reason.

The right reason is because when there are in the Army they have to keep on dicipline and follow every rules in the Armforces and they didn't like that..

Chinese people prefer to be a businessman that can make a lot of money insteed being burning by the sun when they are in the drill training..get shouted by the Jurulatih and etc..

Why you have to make your self get in trouble by joining the Armforces, the trainig is hard, the salary is low..it's better to open up a business, make a lot of money and do what ever they want to do...

No body will get shouted, there's no punishment, and there's no rules.

Nevertheless...we can call them as a "bangsa tak tahu diuntung" becoz they will never satisfied live in Malaysia.

Untill they race have took over the goverment and ruled out this country by their own rules and becames the superiors or the decision makers so that they can give more and more advantages just to their own race..For example in Singapore...such a racist type of people they are..similar as what have Jews done in the many europe countries..they like to use another people to dies for their own good.

But the most sad thing is..there are certain idiots Malays still supporting what ever they do..such as in politic scenario in Malaysia, they are one of the minority community but they voice getting over the majority.

But,whatever goverment do for they, they will never satisfied and by the end they still keep blame on the goverment because of their own faults.

If your are a good citizens, you may not asked what the country have done to you, but you've asked your self what you have done to your's country.

-Such an idiot reason by the idiot peoples-

coyote said...

mangkuk tu tulis ... dont deserve their loyalty.

since when did they are loyal to malaysia?

they want everything but wont share theirs.

apa ni?

SiamangBukit said...

Some malays migrated too. This is what I have to say. They are not patriotic too!!!!!
Komen yang Adil dan saksama.!!!!

Anonymous said...

See this is how "patriotic" they are! You can see their reluctance to "get hurt" and earning pittance.

They want big money so the defending can jolly well go to the Malays/Bumis. They want peace to make millions. They want to be tycoons, Malays can fight for them to enjoy the business making environment.

The red dot makes NS (national service) compulsory otherwise most would not sign up

so much for patriotism!!

empat mata said...

adakah dengan menyertai pasukan keselamatan negara akan membuktikan seseorang itu bersemangat patriotik?

bagaimana pula mereka yang berjuang dengan kerja sukarela, bekerja keras untuk memastikan negara maju, menunjukkan iltizam yang kuat dalam menyatupadukan masyarakat berbilang kaum dan sebagainya?

patriotisme bukan mudah diukur, wahai manusia!

Anonymous said...

patriotik ka tak patriotik ka....mana ada beza.
Semua cari makan, mau hidup di bumi ini. Kalau tak selesa dan tak suka . boleh cari lain tempat. Melayu ka..cina ka... india ka... lain lain ka...semua boleh belah.

Apa yg penting , kita jaga malaysia daripada penyagak negara...

Anonymous said...

agree. they will only join the military if they are the majority of a nation. singapore is a good example.

anggota briged said...

amat malang bagi melayu jika mereka terus mengambil tanggungjawab mempertahankan keselamatan negara untuk memberi ruang kepada bangsa lain memperkayakan diri... adakah bangsa bukan melayu ini menghargainya? yang saya tahu, ramai bukan melayu tidak sukakan polis dan mencemuh mereka...

jackie chong said...

di mana bumi dippijak, di situ langit dijunjung...

... hmmm.... in other words you are saying the chinese never consider malaysia as theirs, right?

Anonymous said...

if the chinese contribute to the well-being of the nation, its the part they play. so, why are the malays quetiioning them?

melayu deli said...

the writer took singapore as an example, perhaps with the dream of making malaysia just like the republic - chinese-dominated.

perhaps they will be satisfied if they control the government. only then will they show interest in joining the security forces!

no ticket to ride said...

najib sebut di kuantan - peliharalah institusi raja2 melayu.

yang hormat raja melayu cuma orang melayu. tu pun ramai bukan melayu dapat anugerah.

tak tau la nak cakap apa! fikirlah sendiri

Anonymous said...

bukan ke bilangan melayu dan cina di negara ni dah hampir sama!

apsal diorang tak minat masuk tentera macam kat singapore tu?

haloba said...

penulis tu cina kaya. di malaysia ni, sama ada cina, melayu atau india, bila dah kaya-raya akan mulalah melihat kerajaan sebagai musuh. dah jadi tabiat buruk rakyat malaysia ni agaknya. masa susah, sanggup mintak projek itu dan ini. bila dah kaya, kritik kerajaan dan hentam pemimpin. korang semuanya sama - melayu, cina dan india!

Anonymous said...

seperti yang terjadi di indonesia, saya masih ingat, jutawan cina kebanyakannya lari ke singapura, taiwan dan hongkong membawa duit dan kekayaan mereka.

jika hal yang sama berlaku di malaysia, mereka akan lari jugak... namun nak mempertahankan negara... sori lah!

jalak lenteng said...

penduduk keturunan cina pada awal merdeka adalah yang paling best. mereka dapat hidup dengan bangsa lain tanpa curiga dan perjudis, malah saling membantu.

malangnya, makin moden negara ini, makin radikal sikap mereka terhadap kerajaan dan makin prejudis terhadap melayu.

1malaysia ni boleh ke agaknya?

Anonymous said...

Ingattak. Dalam tahun-tahun enam pulohan apabila kerajaan mengishtiharkan undang-undang kerahan rakyat "perkhidmatan Nasional" (National Service) untuk mempertahankan negara ini dari serangan 'Ganyang Malaysia" siapa yang mendaftar untuk berkhidmatan dan siapa yang cabut lari ke luar negeri ke negeri asing untuk mengelak dari kena kerah.Jangan salah orang kalau dituduh tidak patriotik.

gary said...


this is why the non malay tidak berminat untuk menabur bakti untuk ibu pertiwi.

Anonymous said...

Tuan2 dan Puan2 sekalian,
yang penting kita ni sama-sama rakyat Malaysia. Suka tak suka, Cina, Malay, Indian, Iban ke, kita semua keluarga sendiri. Yang penting kita fokus untuk memajukan negara. Setakat hari ni, negara tak dapat maju ke tahap mana2, tak lama lagi kita pulak ketinggalan dibelakang Indonesia, Vietnam dan Philippines, disebabkan rakyat berbalah sesama sendiri dan menjahanamkan negara sendiri, sebab perasaan syak wasangka dan curiga antara kaum2. Akankah baik kalau kita semua saling menerima perbezaan dan diversity untuk menjayakan negara dan membina budaya dan masyarakat yang bersifat sivik, matang serta mahir dan berkemampuan untuk mengharungi cabaran dunia masa kini.

Mek Cina

sephysycotic said...

i pernah apply dengan tldm but as usual not accepted.dengan majlis perbandaran ,same and lastly dengan jabatan haiwan sebagai driver pun kena reject ,dunno why ,kelayakan cukup maybe its bcoz of my name started with liew i guess maybe who knows