Monday, November 29, 2010

The United States of Amerijuana

I found a 'marijuana' article in quite interesting. Amid the US on big hunts for drug dealers, especially in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and other countries, its control on domestic consumption can be contested.

Marijuana is sold openly in all parts of the country under the pretext of 'medical purposes'. Although there are laws prohibiting it in many cities, no record has shown any local pushers being slapped with heavy punishment.

Excerpts: The medical-marijuana industry relies heavily on such genteel euphemisms. To medicate is to smoke pot, and no one in the industry calls pot pot anymore; it's medicine now. Dealers are called caregivers, and the people who buy their dope—medicine, medicine—are patients. There's no irony here, no winks or nudges to signal that someone's leg is being pulled.

The euphemisms are an important element in the larger movement to bring marijuana use out from the shadows, as advocates say, so it can take its place innocently on Americans' nearly infinite menu of lifestyle preferences, from yachting to survivalism to macrobiotic cooking. So far, the strategy is working. Colorado and 13 other states, along with the District of Columbia, have legalized medical marijuana in the past 14 years.

re than a dozen other states are considering the idea. Overnight, dispensaries have sprung up in hundreds of towns and cities; billboards touting one outlet's pot over its rivals' are plastered all over Los Angeles. In some parts of California—where marijuana is the biggest cash crop, with total sales of $14 billion annually—medical pot has become such an established part of the commercial base that cities are moving toward taxing it.



benjo said...

that's what the us is all about.

they are too concern for what takes place in other countries but never give a damn on their domestic problems.

the next thing we know, obama's cabinet will be fulled of drug dealers!

Anonymous said...



taknak cakap apa2 laaa....ishk!

suu suu lee said...

during my student days in idaho, pot smoking was a normal thing. no one would say you were doing the wrong thing.

perhaps it is part of the american culture....

jalil tebuan said...

patut la hilary clinton nampak stone je masa datang malaysia ari tu.

heh heh!

Anonymous said...

holy toledo!

i like it man! this posting reminds me much of my student days in the us... and i failed!

green pot said...

why not? all the drug kingpins are either in the US or its neighboring countries like mexico.

nobody was sent to jail for more than 10 years in the US for trafficking cannabis.

i think obama himself smokes one!

seluar yengki said...

mengata dulang, paku serpih.

itulah amerika yang diagung2kan oleh dunia, termasuk sebahagian besar raskyat malaysia. dalam menjalankan operasi di negara orang, memecat dan membunuh pemimpin asing, maslah dalamannya lebih teruk daripada apa yang digambarkan.

agaknya kalau anwar jadi pm mamalysia, ada peluang kita jadi macam tu.

Anonymous said...

pasal ganja ni la gua hilang keje kat petronas 12 tahun lalu.

celaka betul!

Anonymous said...

Wow! People who have no real experience with America and Americans shouldn't judge. Seems to me that you seem to be just as concerned with what we're doing as you think we are of what you're doing.
Chances are, whatever areas of the world the people commenting are from, you probably have a fair amount of marijuana in your country, as well. And the Drug King pins that you seem to think come from here: News flash, they mostly come from India, Columbia, Spain and other countries. They go to America because It's a better life, like so many many other people from all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Bro, Penangites called it "Ubat", in the 70's. But many of its users became dry, skinny addicts at last.

Sorry Americans, we are one step ahead of you in this area.

--Kaki Basuh