Thursday, November 25, 2010

Singapore, the land of nepotism and cronyism

Our Prime Minister gets a monthly salary of only RM22,826.65, his deputy RM18,168.15 while the Cabinet ministers are paid RM14,907.20, according to the Members of Parliament (Emolument) (Amendment) Act 2005 which came into effect on Jan 1, 2004.

The monthly salary of a political secretary effective from Jan 1, 2004 was RM5,709.99 (

So, critics and allegations that the PM receives more than RM50,000 a month is baseless. And those who all the while look up at Singapore as
the most 'graft-free' nation, again they are wrong. Perhaps, Singapore is the country with the highest record of cronyism and nepotism.

ingapore Prime Minister's Salary $US2.47 million, or about six times more than the U.S. President, who currently takes home US$400,000. The monthly pay for a Singapore Member of Parliament (who does virtually nothing) is S$12,000 (US$8,600 ) per month or S$144,000 (US$103,200 ) per year and tax free.

A website about The Greed of Singapore's Rulers also reveals how the Prime Minister, his wife, his brothers, his father, his friends and 'culai' holding senior positions at leading conglomerates. The MPs too are given equal special 'seats' as board of directors in the government's most privileged companies.

Note: At age 55, Singapore Ministers collect both a salary and their full pension.

United States:
President Barak Obama: US$400,000, with US$50,000 expenses
Vice President Joe Biden: US$202,900
Cabinet Secretaries: US$157,000 - $186,600
Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) - $186,600

United Kingdom: Prime Minister: $US279,000

Australia: Prime Minister: $US229,000

Hong Kong: Prime Minister: $US516,000

Japan: Prime Minister: $US243,000

Canada: Prime Minister: $US246,000

Germany: Prime Minister: $US303,000

France: Prime Minister: $US318,000

In addition to their inflated salaries,
the Singapore elite gets extra pay as appointed company directors!

That's what Singapore administration is all about (and controlled by one single race).



kimmy said...


i think i better migrate to singapore, get into politics and win the election.

who knows i might own temasek holdings!

usop phua said...

i dont like your last line... controlled by one single race.

although singapore is chinese-dominated, the other races are living much better than the malaysians.

why must you add to such a line?

OKY said...

abis tu, mana najib dan menteri lain dapat duit buat macam2 function, bagi kat pengundi dan sebagainya?

ada orang spponsor ke?

gaji banyak tu mana cukup bro. untuk pm at least 50 ribu, baru la ada kelas.

kesian gak kat diorang ni, ek?

black belt said...

i thinks its ok if the govt revive the salary for pm, dpm and cabinet members.

ex-singaporean said...

i knew about singapore a long time ago before my family moved back to johore in mid 80s.

nepotism was very high them, even during lee kuan yew. the controlled everything, including one's asset from overflowing abroad.

lee lap tiang said...

they can afford high salary what. being one of the highest in world's GDP, what is wrong with that?

...except the nepotism and cronyism which surprised me!

Anonymous said...

it's time to increace PM salary to 30k or 40k

dotsnodds said...

dont look at it in a prejudiced way la bujai. the singaporeans are doing well economically, everybody's happy, even the minority malays are not complaining much. if it were our leaders here getting that much (as compared to what we are getting at), would we be making much noise? one or two leaders getting so much, who cares! why don't u compare what the common people here are earning as compared to the common singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

I suppose an MB would be paid much lesser. But how do one explain, an MB who manage to build for himself a RM24 million house.
And look at how these people live their life ...

soroche said...


that;s why moer malaysian chinese like migrating to singapore. they love cronyism to its utmost... just like prostitution which started in china 1,000 years ago

Anonymous said...


our GLCs are a carbon copy of singapore. so, better watch them before they turn 'singaporean'!

the signs are already there

Anonymous said...

they are against corruption but they are perhaps the most corrupt people on earth!

suck your own dick lor!

agustus said...

waduh om. terang-terangan kronismenya, nggak seperti di indonesia. yang nyata, di singapur itu semua pak menterinya kaya-raya bukan dari hasil gajiannya tetapi habuan lumayan korporat!

Anonymous said...

nampaknya menteri2 kita kena cari 'duit luar'.... ye ke?

Anonymous said...

singapura memang macam tu. open lagi, takda sorok2 punya. rakyatnya tau hal ni.

ibnrusd said...

tukang cuci tandas kat s'pore bole dpt SGD1500/mth, pencuci tandas kat m'sia cuma dpt RM300/mth... moralnya? sama2 la kita fikir2kan...

Anonymous said...

usop phua, don't ever state a shallow opinion without the benefit of SOLID verification

have you done any research eh?

one Malay Singaporean citizen ask lee hsien loong NOT to regard Malay problems as community issues but as a NATIONAL issue

This same concerned citizen question the reluctance of the PAP govt in proactively tackling the BIG GAP of educational achievements between the races

you should read the Straits Times to find out the clever answer given by lee hsien loong

and then come back here to say, "although singapore is chinese-dominated, the other races are living much better than the malaysians"

this time with REAL conviction

Anonymous said...

dotsnodds should wait for the UN human rights report on singapore which will be completed in mid 2011 before opening his mouth to prove his ignorance

3036 said...

The nepotism & cronyism will be even WORST if "Parti Anak-Beranak" yang memerintah M'sia nanti. Better watch out people.

abs said...

Gaji aku lebih banyak dari gaji pak menteri M'sia, tu sebab aku tak nak jadi menteri. Yg pelik kenapa ramai berebut2 nak jadi Menteri kejar gaji kecik?

Anonymous said...

I'm a singaporean and i can attest that many Government-linked jobs are reserved for the sons/daughters and relatives of those in positions of power currently.

Even in army, we have a "white horse" classification meant for the sons of elites and government officials. The army fanatics cannot "touch" these people.

Singapore has a stealth system to blur the outlines of nepotism and cronyism.