Friday, November 5, 2010

Obama will not get any coconut in India

I had a good laugh. I dont know about you people. However, the Indian Government was serious... dead serious. A few days ahead of Barack Obama's visit to Mumbai, the authority has removed all coconuts from the trees around the Gandhi Memorial Museum as to avoid one from falling on the US leader's head.

Such action was chided by some American media. NY Daily News said, "While President Obama may have taken one on the jaw in Tuesday’s elections, officials in India are seeing to it he doesn’t take one on the head during his upcoming visit..."

City officials in Mumbai have ordered the removal of all the coconuts from the trees around a museum dedicated to Gandhi for fear one could come loose and fall on the President’s head. CBSnews also made fun of it, saying 'Obama's head is already swollen with problems, and the coconut is not a threat'.

Similarly, Atlantic Wire published a comment, "...Okay, so the Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi didn't go so well. Not to worry. When Obama visits India on Friday, all will be made right. Local officials don't want any screwups this time, so to make sure the appropriate areas are secure, they are removing coconuts from nearby trees. Why? They're worried, reports the BBC, that a coconut might fall on the president's head, killing him..."

I think if Obama plans a visit to Iraq or other Arab states, the host will have to consider other safety precaution to safeguard the US leader. However, knowing how good India is at winning the Americans, they are more than willing to paint their face white to impress him.

And what about his planned trip to Indonesia? Will Jakarta order the Merapi to stop erupting?

What would our leaders do if Obama comes to Kuala Lumpur? What extra measures do you think Najib and his team might take?

I just hope Malaysia will not play so many balls!


mama bama said...

huaarrrgghh huaaarrgh huarrrgh!

what a joke!

the indians must have thought obama's head is smaller than a coconut.

uwaaarrrghhhh ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

if obama visits malaysia, i believe najib will have to see that rosmah doesnt get a chance to meet him

lee lap tiang said...

manyak cilaka ini joke.

manyak cilaka ini obama

manyak cilaka ini blog, kasi gua kitawa masa gua belak!

karipuley said...

why didnt they pluck all the coconuts when manmohan singh visited mumbai?


kah kah kah.... u know the answer, right?

Anonymous said...

oh ba maaaa!!!! looks like the indian govt was too concern for obama's head than feeding their own destitute people.

inoch said...


to countries like india, saudi, pakistan and some others, obama or any US president is like god to them.

they cant survive without the americans.

i think they will provide obama witha golden toilet bowl too...

Anonymous said...

anwar ibrahim is outmanoevered by
najib.robert gates is coming.hillary came.they love najib.they want to open naval base around sea and expect najib to support.he will.

azmin is loosing d presidency election of pkr.zaid will do a khalid on dsai.najib knows it.daim supports zaid thru soh chee wen.jeffrey kittingan dsai
will have a d president who will not listn to him.najib knows it.

chinese in galas like the economic transformation programme of idris jala.again,dsai is finished.

look at how khalid mb run selangor.he looses 300k a day on sand,he spend 400k a day on 'free'water,he looses 400k a day managing selangor government instead of making,pkps got nomore money,so is kdeb,spa is everywhere..pkr cannot manage a state.

SO how?

Anonymous said...

you support obama, means you support the jews!


Anonymous said...

the indians will also appreciate obama if he farts...

kah kah kah kah kah!

bukit apit said...

kalau dia datang ke malaysia ni, kita kena tutup klia kepada semua penerbangan lain. kita juga kena renovate hotel kelas mewah yang ada agar jadi macam bilik dia. kita kena buat mengada-ngada dgn mengatakan kita sokong semua dasarnya. kita mesti pastikan semua pegawai pengiringnya memerintah kita sepanjang lawatannya. kita mesti arah semua media dan akhbar arus perdana buat supplement khas lawatannya. kita mesti sanggup berbelanja besar untuk lawatannya dan sanggup batalkan beberapa projek agar peruntukannya dapan menampung lawatan obama... banyak la lagi

biol said...

bagi india, kentut obama pun lebih wangi daripada minyak wangi seluruh negara tu. mesti berebut-rebut nak bubuh dalam botol punya...wa ckp lu!

Anonymous said...

anon 9.44 AM

What a stupid opinion. Barat semuanya tak baik. Yang baik pandangan awak yang meleset.

Anonymous said...

How childish some people in the blog/comments.
Surely coconuts can always fall anytime and India didnt want it to fall on Obama.
Also India is no longer the old easy to bully India, they will soon be right there among the TOP.
Even we Malaysia are clamoring for India's attention.