Saturday, November 6, 2010

Misappropriation of relief fund?

Sometimes in November 1991, I was with the then Deputy Agriculture Minister Shariff Omar making rounds on a boat in Pinang Tunggal, an area heavily affected by flood. Apart from visiting the victims, we also handed out blankets, food and medical supply to them.

Although we didnt manage to meet all victims (a few thousands of them), we knew that there were other people and agencies - volunteers, the army, police, the Red Crescent, Rela - carrying out similar duty in assisting them. And such an operation would not be successful without financial aids from the government via the National Disaster Relief Fund (Tabung Bantuan Bencana Kebangsaan).

Since it was formed in the late 1980s, about RM30 million was allocated to help to help those struck by disaster, namely flood, landslide, typhoon, fire, etc.

When Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak issued a directive today for ample assistance be extended to the flood victims in Perlis, Kedah and Kelantan (read here), a few questions came to mind.

First, how much money was allocated since the Fund was established? How much of it was spent or disbursed to respective parties, authorities or people in charge of relief operations? Did all victims get full assistance in form of cash money to repair their damaged properties?

Most important question is whether all the money allocated and disbursed was audited by qualified auditors. According to an officer with the Fund (at the Prime Minister's Department), most of the money was not properly audited, and this opens up doubt that some of the funds might have been misused by certain people.

I agree. Over the last 10 years or so, no official record was publicised or revealed to the public. We are still in the dark as to whether the money was used appropriately in helping out disaster victims in the country.

Could there be fraud? Could be, and could be not until the respective authorities responsible for the fund come up with a clear statement of expenditures.

The money is for badly-stricken people. Should any of the officials enthrusted with the responsibility are found using it for their own personal need, then the MACC should step in and investigate.

And now that Nazri Aziz is the chairman of the Fund, he should look into this and start digging.

I have valid reasons for making a posting on this issue...


jeeva said...

go ask those people in charge of disbursing it.

why not get official receipts from them?

they may claim that rm20k was given to a group of victims but only rm5k was given out.

so, how to distinguish such cases?

i believe there people who wallop a big amount of money from the fund on the pretext of helping the victims.

el condor pasa said...

just like the political funds. if one million ringgit is collected, only half is disbursed. its easy to hantam this kind of money because the bosses only want to know that their subordinates are doing their job.

masih di BH said...

ni kes berat ni, jai!

memang aku sendiri pun rasa ada pihak yang songlap duit bencana alam ni.

elok la siasat

Anonymous said...

It is disgusting to note that even in time of disaster TV stations are being manipulated to gain political mileage by ridiculing the state leaders under opposition for not helping out. It is even more disgusting when you see an Indian UMNO Putera trying to get some publicity while helping out.
When you have everything under your disposal (fund and equipment) to help out why not just help? If you are really sincere why the need for the publicity and the need to ridicule others? After all they are not your money that you are disbursing and I too suspect that you are pilfering some for your own benefit.

Anonymous said...


When the fund was not audited than it will invite temptation to deceit on the part of the fund manager.

So I totally agree with you that Nazri should immediately conduct a thorough audit when he takeover the managing of the fund- in corporate governance, we term it as handing over auditing.

In the event that the fund is not accounted for than the previous manager should be answerable.

The amount is consider huge. We don't want it to be misuse.

Btw Jai, you should something brewing pertaining the fund eh?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the tendency to songlap this kind of money is always open.

those who got it will not (not all) disburse all to those in need

semangka said...

sdr bujai,

saya ada salah seorang petugas bencana alam negara pada zaman 90an dan pernah mengikuti seorang pegawai yang diamanahkan mengagihkan wang rm200 seorang kepada kira-kira 2,000 mangsa banjir di pulau pinang dan kedah.

seingat saya, ada yang dapat 100 dan ada yang 200. bukan semua mendapatnya.

saya pernah bertanya kepada bos saya itu, ke mana wang lain. dia dengan mudah menjawab, 'upah kita la!'

Anonymous said...

siasat segera jumlah wang yang diperuntukkan sejak 10 tahun lalu, audit dan keluarkan laporannya!

datuk nazri juga perlu jawab di parlimen jika ada soalan

Anonymous said...

i also believe there was lot of cheatings in disbursing the fund.

the govt MUST investigate!

sondol said...

salah guna wang bencana banjir, bencana alam, duit kutipan amal dan sebagainya sering berlaku dan amat mudah dilakukan oleh mereka yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

jika ia tidak diaudit, maka ia akan terus menggalakkan penyalahgunaannya

maka oleh itu, siasatlah segera wahai datuk najib!

Anonymous said...

valid reasons? waddaya mean? u know anyone misusing the fund?

chief said...

not audited?

that's our money! the rakyat's money u fools!

Anonymous said...

nak suruh siapa siasat? ini seperti menyuruh penyamun siasat pencuri...siapa lebig banyak dapat hahahahaha. malysia boleh, dulu,kini dan selamanya.Gilang. terbilang dan temberang