Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MCMC falls to Wikileaks as well?

Wikileaks is taking its toll. China is said to have secretly harbored its support for the unity of Peninsular Korea with Seoul becoming its administration center. That would, of course, come as a tight slap to the faces of North Korean leaders.

Some countries like it while some (especially the economic capitalist of the West) are taken aback. A few governments even pointed directly at the United States for 'planning the wikileaks game' as to suppress its competitors.

Iraq admitted the fact that such a leak has an adverse impact on its relation with Iran while Turkey and the Middles East group finally realised how they were being toyed around by Washington.

However, an article in the Columbia Journalism Review draws my attention. Its about telecommunications industry in the US and Malaysia.

Julian Assange, Forbes cover boy this week said during an interview (whether he is a free market proponent):

Absolutely. I have mixed attitudes towards capitalism, but I love markets. Having lived and worked in many countries, I can see the tremendous vibrancy in, say, the Malaysian telecom sector compared to US. sector. In the US. everything is vertically integrated and sewn up, so you don’t have a free market. In Malaysia, you have a broad spectrum of players, and you can see the benefits for all as a result.

And on why transparency is important to free and fair market, he said:

To put it simply, in order for there to be a market, there has to be information. A perfect market requires perfect information. There’s the famous lemon example in the used car market. It’s hard for buyers to tell lemons from good cars, and sellers can’t get a good price, even when they have a good car. By making it easier to see where the problems are inside of companies, we identify the lemons. That means there’s a better market for good companies. For a market to be free, people have to know who they’re dealing with.

I was wondering how our MCMC disburse its telecommunication contracts...

Also read Rocky's Bru as this 'transparency' issue is very much related to us.


maskman said...

no transparency in many things.

the govt is not transparent, some ministries are not too, most agencies are also not transparent.

so, how to monitor who and what got govt contracts and jobs?

green pot said...

i dont buy what the guy said about malaysia telecommunication sector. i only aye to his words that there are many players but not on the transparency.

where got transparency here? mcmc has never been transparent!

Anonymous said...

no need for wikileaks. we got so many leaks already maaaa...

Anonymous said...

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Kelas A, B, C, D said...

ketelusan sebenar belum wujud di negara ini bang.

banyak kontrak kerajaan yang tidak ditender, tiba2 je dah ada orang dapat.

ni kerajaan telus ke?

Anonymous said...

the only thing that is transparent is our undies!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

what transparency are u talking about?

MCMC? sorry dude... they are only transparent to rais yatim

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