Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its time to reduce 'political-related' contractors

Will the Federal Government engage new contractors to salvage its mega projects in East Malaysia or not is not an issue. The burning question is whether engaging new takers would mean additional budget.

The Transport Ministry yesterday promised to ensure the completion of the runway for Kota Kinabalu International Airport and Tanjung Aru flyover projects following the bankruptcy declaration against its contractor, Tan Sri Dr Ting Pek Khiing.

Dr Ting is Managing Director of Global Upline Sdn Bhd (GUSB) that was awarded the two mega projects in Sabah (here).

It is a normal practice for new contractors to review the BQ, costing and other aspects based on current market price of building materials. Both contracts are already behind schedules.

Ting, 67, the developer of the Bakun Hydroelectric Project via Ekran Berhad, of which he is Executive Chairman, was declared a bankrupt after he withdrew his application for the bankruptcy order not to be enforced on him on Nov. 12.

Ting's bankruptcy declaration follows a legal suit initiated in 2004 after he defaulted on a loan by Bank of Commerce Bhd. That loan was to part-finance his subscription of shares under Ekran's rights issue in 1997. As at July 2005, Ting owed some RM60.79 million to the bank.

And what will happen to Bakun?

Our government has got this habit of awarding mega projects to 'selected' contractors. They are the big brothers of the industry. Over the last 20 years, few big names were awarded 'out of tender' to carry out important projects, and some had faltered.

I am not sure. Is the government still skeptical in trying out the new and upcoming players? While we chant the 'level playing field' slogan, we dont really put them to test. It doesnt mean the big players do not have problems.

In fact, some new players are much better as they, too want to get fast recognition from the government.

Over the years, the big chunks of contracts are given out to the same names like MMC, Gamuda, YTL, UEM and others. During the 80s, Renong and Landmark were the heroes but what happened to them now?

I think its time to spread our choice and selection. If we fail to try out the new players, we wouldnt know their strength and ability, thus depriving them the equal rights to compete. And if we keep on depending on those 'political-related' conglomerates, we would be frustrated should they fail.

Please la, bos! Orang lain pun nak cari makan jugak. Kalau orang yang sama je dapat kontrak, tutup je PKK!

If we keep on looking for the best in life, we may end up getting nothing...


Kelas A, B, C, D said...

new and upcoming contractors, u say?

sorry bro, not this govt. they will choose their friends, as always.

new contractors may go on begging... and 'tertonggeng'.

Anonymous said...

jai, u really reminded me of landmark, the company close to anwar at one time.

where are they now? defunk!

lori simen said...

bagi la kat syarikat yang sama, sampai bila2.

dah jadi macam pek khing ni, baru padan muka. itu pun kalau boleh dia nak cari kawan jenis yang sama jugak.

mana la kerajaan nak cuba syarikat yang tengah naik, takut gagal. kalau orang macam pek king yang gagal, mereka kata tak apa laaaaaa. boleh kautim!

toncet said...

aku ni dah abis puluhan ribu ringgit beli borang tender, turun-naik semua kementerian dan agensi kerajaan. aku ada kelas a dan c tapi sejak 12 tahun ni, tak pernah dapat apa pun. tiap kali check kedudukan tender, mesti ada nama yang biasa aku dengar yang dapat job tu.

macam ni kalu, gulung tikar la nampaknya. mau tak mau, aku terpaksa ambil upah tebas ladang dan kerja2 lain untuk bayar gaji pekerja.

kerajaan apa tau. semua kat atas tu dah senang lenang, dan kaya.

bagero said...

macam dr ting pun boleh muflis ke?

he he he... padan muka. kalau boleh, semua projek besar nak kasi dia ni!

bagi la lagi... dan lagi... dan lagi!


A minor said...


setahu saya, banyak projek besar tidak ditender dalam akhbar. banyak diberi secara terus kepada kontraktor politik ni walaupun datuk najib pernah cakap tidak ada runding terus untuk projek kerajaan.

ni apa cerita ni?

Anonymous said...

the govt can always engage another contractor from the same pool of rich companies.

no problem lor!

frust said...

nampaknya kontraktor kecil tak akan mampu jadi besar jika keupayaan mereka tidak diuji.

ramai kontraktor kelas A yang tidak ada kerja selama bertahun-tahun kerana sering tewas kepada kontraktor 'kerajaan' ni.

apalah nasib kalau macam ni berterusan. seharusnya kita beri satu dua projek besar kepada kontraktor sedang naik dan berwibawa ni tapi mereka juga akhirnya akan makan nasik bubur jugak... sama macam kelas C, D dan E

spring said...

of course it will incur additional budget.

the new contractor will ask for extra, based on the current market price.

its the govt that got to comply with their conditions... or the projects would be delayed or abandoned

Anonymous said...

that's what happened when we bite more than what we could chew....

Anonymous said...

ok la. give more projects to the same people and the same companies. choke them until they are dried down.

its a govt's bad habit, actually. i remember during the boom of landmark, almost everything was given by the finance minister to the oompany.

and eventually, the co run into trouble and members of the BOD disappeared.

arent we learning anything from this?

haji sakai said...

special offer.

siapa nak beli syarikat kelas A aku. dah 15 tahun ditubuhkan, tak penah sekali pun dapat kontrak kerajaan. duit simpanan boleh tahan, modal berbayar 2 juta, pekerja ada la dalam 18 orang. mau tak mau, buat keje2 kecik macam buat longkang, servis lif dan sapu sampah untuk tampung overhead.

agaknya kerajaan tak prihatin ke dengan syarikat macam ni?

Anonymous said...

govmn pipel, bersuara plis