Wednesday, November 3, 2010

European Union is being absurd!

Press freedom, human rights, minority rights and democracy are among the conditions set by the European Union before Malaysia can enter into a free trade agreement with them. Absurd and unbelievable!

Visiting European People's Party member Dr Werner Langen said at the Parliament lobby on Tuesday that the EU would be looking into this areas, which includes public procurement and social services.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz agreed with Langen, saying that Malaysia needed to look deeply into matters such as affirmative action. Not sure whether he agreed to the conditions or with what he only understood. We have yet to hear from Tok Pa, our MITI minister.

However, the EU dropped such conditions on Singapore and South Korea. Even Thailand, a country with so many coups and political instability, was given a leeway by having its democracy, human rights and public procument spared.

Such conditions do not reflect a well-composed EU. Many of its countries are still plagued with minority problems. Denmark, Germany, Spain, the UK, Holland and Switzerland still hold a bad record when it comes to minority treatment.

Minority Muslims and foreigners are still being oppressed and mistreated by local authorities, if not by the government for certain rules and restrictions.

Some countries still hide the fact that they too are actually racist and anti-immigrants. I wonder why Turkey (for its bad public procurement and political instabililty), among EU's newest member was accepted easily while Croatia (a peaceful and fast growing economy, its per capita among the highest in Europe) was slapped with so many pre-requisites.

Did Nazri give a good answer to the EU envoy? Did he try to explain the nature of our politics, our freedom of the Press and human rights to him? I doubt it (and why must he was chosen to attend to Langen).

And the fact that Langen also met with Anwar Ibrahim and Suhakam (apart from his meetings with Foreign Minister Anifah Aman and the Federal Land Development Authority) tells us everything. Suhakam, in collaboration with Anwar must have given Langen (and their allies in the West) a distorted picture.

Speak for your EU, Langen! Tell them that Malaysia is better off than some of its member countries in the context of human rights, Press freedom and minority rights. And we dont separate mosques from churches like what they are doing.

Malaysia has signed many FTAs with other countries and organisations. Only EU and the United States imposed silly and unacceptable conditions on us.

We wont lose anything if we dont sign up with them!


marahmu said...

why not we send langen to galas and mrs clinton to batu sapi. let both observe how we conduct by-elections.

both talk cock!

Anonymous said...

they r good bullies!

parameswara said...

no need to sign with them. we are confortable with our asian friends. after all, our trade with eu is in favor of them

Anonymous said...

eu human rights status is worse than that of myanmar!

satira said...

tak perlu perjanjian yang diasaskan kepada syarat yang tidak munasabah. kalau politik anwar dijadikan ukuran oleh kesatuan eropah, suruh diorang sain dengan anwar dan pakatan rakyat je.

bangang punya orang!

wan wang said...

they should mirror themselves first before imposing such conditions on others.

in many parts of europe, minority is being ill-treated and deprived of their basic rights.

Anonymous said...

democracy is self-defined as you deem fit to your liking and disliking (by others).

be bold like myanmar, to hell with the world. my country, my way.

be bold like iran. nuke them.

a whim of a 1malaysia castrated by umno, primadona, pondans (see tv), suckers, non-patriots, al-juburi ...

france once the epitome of freedom sent a-packing the Romas, (gypsies) the black sheep of europe back to romania.

germany said the immigrants (mainly turks) don't speak (german) and social integration failed.

the swiss say minarets are rockets.

Anonymous said...


Emm, wonder why Dtk Nazri was attending to EU delegates? The pre-requirement set is too high and I agree with u that most of the EU countries are bogged down with their human right issues.

Anonymous said...

And when did Turkey became EU's newest member?

-Just Ask

Anonymous said...

he he., why must we chose nazri aziz to attend to the eu guy? he knows nothing about trade....

Anonymous said...

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