Thursday, November 4, 2010

BN ready for next PRU, says Najib

BN is ready for the next polls, said Prime Minister Najib. And the ruling party will not be intimidated by the ongoing sodomy trial of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

He made the statement a few hours before voters decide on who should represent them in two by-elections - Batu Sapi parliamentary seat in Sandakan, Sabah and Galas state seat in Gua Musang, Kelantan.

"We are willing to compete against anyone, this is democracy. Let the best party chosen by the people form the government," said Najib, who is also BN chairman (read here).

He made these remarks in a recorded interview on CNN's TalkAsia aired Wednesday night when asked by anchor Anna Coren whether Anwar, the former deputy prime minister, would be a threat to BN in the next general election.

Najib also refuted claims that the trial was politically motivated to keep Anwar, the current Opposition leader, out of the picture in the next general election, which some speculated would be held next year.

I must commend the premier for showing some guts, finally. He hardly comes down that sharp on Anwar and Gang.

I also hope what he said will have a positive impact on Batu Sapi and Galas. By the way, I dont think he simply chose the eve of polling for that interview...


Anonymous said...

So, what the hell you are waiting for? Just dissolve the parliament and let the people to decide the future of all Malaysians.

twins said...

if we win galas and batu sapi, it will give bn the boost.

otherwise, dont dream of an early general election

Anonymous said...

i heard we will lose batu sapi but will take over galas with a slim majority.

bn has to be shape up first before we can talk elections.

to me, najib is being pessimistic

Anonymous said...

so, why not call for a snap election now?

ada berani ka, tok najib?

kemenyan said...


aku rasa kita kalah both galas dan batu sapi.

tengok je lar nanti macam mana yakinnya datuk najib mengenai apa yang dikatakannya

lord draman said...

jangan pandang rendah kemampuan pakatan rakyat dan anwar ibrahim

dalam pru akan datang, bn akan diganyang cukup2 sampai susah nak bernafas.

pebicaraan anwar hanyalah tipu helah kerajaan untuk menghalangnya daripada mengambil alih putrajaya