Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Straight fight in Galas

Its a straight fight for Galas state seat by-election, only Umno (BN) and Pas (Pakatan Rakyat). No nomination from the much publicised Akim and an Independent.

It will be between Abdul Aziz Yusoff of Umno and Dr Zulkefli Mohamad of Pas. No objection was recorded during the one hour time given after nomination was closed at about 10.30am at the Gua Musang Land Office.

About 10,000 supporters from both sides accompanied their respective candidates to the nomination centre, causing traffic congestion in the remote town since 8am.

Campaigning starts today until the eve of polling on November 4.

Here are some facts and figures about Galas:

Constituency: N45 Galas

Candidates: Abdul Aziz Yusoff, 49, (BN), former Kesedar operations manager; Dr Zulkefli Mohamad, 44, (PAS) (medical practitioner)

Incumbent: Che Hashim Che Sulaima, 46, (PAS) (Che Hashim died on Sept 27 after suffering from colon cancer. He won the seat in 2008 general election after defeating BN's Mohamed Saufi Deraman by a 646-vote margin)

District: Gua Musang

Number of voters: 11,553 (127 postal voters)

Composition: Malay (7,125 or 61.7 per cent), Chinese (2,317 or 20.06 per cent), Indian (185), Orang Asli (1,889) and Siamese community (10).

Economic activities: Agriculture and business

Returning officer: Wan Mustapha Wan Abdul Hamid

Polling: Nov 4, 2010

Polling streams: 25

Polling centres: 13

Number of polling districts requiring helicopter service: four in Orang Asli area (Belatim, Balar, Bihai and Hau)

Vote-tallying centre: Dewan Pusat Sivik Gua Musang, Jalan Pesiaran Raya, Gua Musang.


Anonymous said...

Blogger Bujai, why arent you commenting about MCMC, Rais and Rocky anymore?

Kawan Bru

Wake UP! said...

Vote Barisan Nasional to change the living conditions in Kelantan.

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Even in the heydays of Kesedar, the Post Brooke Orang Aslis in a village adjacent to the Kesedar office were neglected. They were not part of the agricultural development in terms of training, farming and other opportunities.

In the early 90's Japanese volunteers were helping Kesedar to train selected youths in modern highland agriculture.

Below are excerpts of previous comments on OA in several blogs including that of Ku Li.

Living with Pak Belang:

Seeing the pitiful state of an Orang Asli household, I asked them,”Mengapa tak bela ayam?”

“Pak Belang datang nanti”, Dolah answered.

We have encroached into all Orang Asli reservations with logging, development, and modern agriculture. They are driven further into the jungle to gather food sources and materials to trade. Alas, the resources are so meagre that they have to resort to hunting tigers for much needed cash.

Don’t blame them but ourselves for destroying their ecosystem and not doing enough to provide means of livelihood.

If you really want to see how marginalised and ill-treated they are the perkampungan Orang Asli Lojing, Kelantan is such a pitiful state. Several years ago their kampong was surrounded by greeneries but now much bulldozed to their very doorsteps. The river where they used to bath, wash, and fish is murky with eroded soil.

Is this humanity in the land of Nik Aziz?

kawan said...

aik! kata nak pulau galas dan batu sapi.

tapi takpa bro. berjuang untuk umno.


Anonymous said...

looks tough in galas.

not an easy passage for umno as pas has got its strong roots here.

umno needs more than promises of projects to win the seat

chin li said...

the chinese in gua musang wont waste a single vote for barisan nasional. not only now but since they were dumped by the malays and ku li.

pemerhati said...


di batu sapi pun bn belum sure menang sebab ada yong teik lee, bekas ketua menteri sabah.

di galas pulak, pas masih kuat. banyak lagi isu yang menyebabkan rakyat masih tak puas hati dengan bn.

nampaknya bn akan berputih mata lagi kali ni

pak belalang said...

ini ramalan saya:

separuh melayu akan undi umno, separuh lagi undi pas

dua pertiga orang cina akan undi pas, satu pertiga undi umno

kebanyakan orang india akan undi umno

dua pertiga orang asli akan undi pas dan satu pertiga lagi undi umno

maknanya - pas akan menang dalam 700 majoriti

Anonymous said...

jai, takda sponsor ke?