Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saboteurs within Umno

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said in Galas on Sunday that Umno members should stop sabotaging their own party, especially during by-elections if the leaders of their choice are not made candidates.

"I give my assurance that there wont be any more acts of sabotage during campaign for Galas state constituency by-election." (read Bernama).

I dont know what he meant. Were Pemuda members involved in such acts in the past or whether he acknowledged that such activities had taken place somewhere during the previous 12 by-elections.

However, I agree to the fact that there are many saboteurs in Umno, and those involved are not only members at the grassroots but also at the mid and top levels. In previous general elections and by-elections, there were reports of such activities but no severe actions were taken.

We got to admit the fact that there are 'sour grapes' within the party. Those denied a place at a branch, division and other party position may lose their heads and will form their own groupings while remaining as party members.

I know some cases where Umno division heads launch a backstabbing policy to ousted their own deputies or secretaries elected as State Assemblymen or Members of Parliament. Most division heads are of the perception that since they head their respective divisions, they should be elected to a State Assembly or the Parliament.

I think Umno President Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak failed to tick this issue during the just concluded general assembly. He should realise that this 'virus' is spreading and could at anytime ruin the beloved party.

Yes, we should not be ignorance of saboteurs within Umno. We lost a lot of seats during the last general elections, partly because Umno members chose to vote the Opposition. And there are still too many of them out there.

Nope. It is not an easy task but if we fail to contain such acts, it would turn into a tumor and Umno would be very much affected later on.

However, have we ever wondered why these 'sour grapes' are going all out to secure a position in the party, by all ways and means? The answer is POWER and MONEY!

Do I have to say more?


Anonymous said...

what is the value of his assurance? zero?

Anonymous said...

Mr Bujai

Politic means uncertainty and it could be interpreted both ways ,positive and negative . Today you are friend while tomorrow you are my political enemy. You can be an elected leader to day but tomorrow you are nobody and no where. That is why many Political Leaders would do nothing to strengthen the party he represented but "himself" and his group, while allows the party to divide under the "divide and rule' concept.

I have not seen Political leaders in any Party particularly UMNO , who are sincerely dedicated towards the course of their party Constitution exceptionally a "FEW". Many had personal agendas by portraying their make believe undivided political stand on certain issues to attract members to support their struggle.In actual of facts they do it to ensure safety and safely strong in the party UMNO.

The reasons being that these leaders were nowhere before they
were lifted to be leaders just for a reason known best to them and their groups.

I knew of an UMNO leader now being a state leader ; what he is doing is completely disastrous
to the future of UMNO and the rakyat.

I wonder whether The UMNO President knows this and whether we are going to support UMNO in the next GE.


whackthembugger said...

There’s nothing wrong chasing power and money, its human nature, it’s so apparent in DAP, PAS, PKR and even BN component parties. However, be reminded what UMNO stands for and in particular instance PM has outlined the 7 pointers for transformation amongst which party (comes) first before personal interest, must reach the masses and be accepted by them. On this score alone, every delegate will recognize KJ as unfitting, a misfit, a lousy and divisive performer who is unacceptable by them and especially the most important deciders namely the Silent Majority. And on that score again, how can he and his stooges (for lust and money) not be considered as “saboteurs” to the Malay agenda? Worse still, he is simply praised by the DAP on certain issues not acceptable to the Malay Agenda, thus casting doubts on his ability to lead the most important and largest represented Malay party. Cut the ugly heads of Medusa and UMNO will not be blinded!

Anonymous said...

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sabun buku said...

haaaa!!! ni memang betul. dalam umno sendiri memang ada pengkhianat yang jadi duri dalam daging kepada parti.

orang macam ni senang dikenalpasti, kebanyakannya yang gagal dapat jawatan atau yang kalah dalam pertandingan.

nak buat macam mana kalau pucuk pimpinan pun tak ambil tindakan!

Anonymous said...

kj better speak for himself!

umno supporter said...

in the last pru, many umno members voted for the opp because they were fed up with the leadership.

the leadership, up to today fails to get rid of some corrupt people and revamp the party.

in the recent general assembly, this issue was not brought up, so the members are still not represented.

in the next pru, umno will face the same problem. datuk najib, pls wake up!

mat sentul said...

petualang macam ni harus disingkir dari parti secepat mungkin sebelum umno rosak teruk. dari dulu dah sebut tapi takda langkah pembesihan diambil. takut pilihanraya akan datang ni umno akan kalah banyak kerusi lagi...

Anonymous said...

'there wont be anymore....'

means that kj was admitting pemuda involvement in some acts of sabotage in the past???

kawan di beluran said...


kau buat apa ke galas?

gi la batu sapi, lagi best! aku tunggu kau kat sandakan... dah dua tahun tak jumpa kau kat sini... hhehehe

kaniney said...

its a normal thing in politics, bro. even it happens in mca, mic and gerakan. dap too. those losers and sourgrapes are all over us.

Gangooly said...

KJ trying his best. give chance lah!

kemenyan said...

kj ni pandai cakap je bro. walhal dia sendiri pun lebih kurang macam tu jugak.

napa tetiba je cakap hal sabotaj ni?

pemuda pernah sabotaj umno ke sebelum ni?

pelik la mamat ni!

Anonymous said...

politic is a dirty game. one who plays politics without subscribing to evil touch, will remain on the sideline.

so, kj is smart!

Wake UP! said...

KJ the loser is one of the saboteurs.

KJ the loser.