Tuesday, October 5, 2010

RPK won't leave Anwar & Gang laaar...!

Raja Petra Kamarudin @ RPK has threatened Anwar Ibrahim that he will withdraw his undivided support for Pakatan Rakyat if the party fails to deliver what it promised during 2008 general election campaigns.

He told this to Anwar during a meeting in London last week. Sounds interesting. However, I dont buy what he said. It wont happen. Its unlikely RPK will sideline Anwar and Gang, especially his good buddy Zaid Ibrahim.

Deputy premier Muhyiddin Yassin was fast to comment about it by saying it reflected the waning support for the political party which comprises Parti Keadilan Rakyat, PAS and DAP.

So, what IF the Malaysia Today editor really turns his back on PR? Will he throw his support for BN? No... odd possibility dudes!

After all that happened, he will continue his 'confrontation' with Prime Minister Najib's administration. There is no single reason for him to turn back...

It was just a political drama!


Anonymous said...

no way he will leave his group. as zaid and kali are supporting him, withrawing support for pr will make him poor.

nobody will believe him even if he says he wants to throw his support to bn!

inoch said...


potong ayam pun gua tak caya dia akan tarik sokongan kepada anwar.

dia ni pandai pura2... rupa pun macam kura2

hairless said...

we cant trust a liar.

unless he unveil the content of his statutory declaration and proof some truth in it, nobody will trust him again.

another thing, never trust a botak man!

Anonymous said...

if he does, pakatan rakyat wont die and wont lose anything.

RPK is nothing to anybody, actually!

kemek said...

saya syorkan raja petra join parti buruh england je.

sekurang2nya ada gak rakyat malaysia jadi ahli politik di luar negara.

kalau dia balik malaysia ni, dia cuma layak jadi imam kuil subramaniam je...

Anonymous said...



serpent said...

dont criticise him lor.

at least he got balls to warn anwar. maybe he is sincere. never discount the possibility of him turning his back on anwar... but it will be dangerous for him if he does... hehehehehehe!!!

Anonymous said...

He writes much better than you Jai, and he does not make gramatical error. I can only say that because I cannot judge you or RPK, as I dont know you or him on a personal level.

Kawan Bru

rudy said...

ceh main wayang macam gampang

mel malam said...

eh. mana la tau kot2 dia akan sokong bn dan bekerja kuat untuk najib pulak.

lepas tu boleh jadi calon pru akan datang atau jadi senator, macam ezam md nor.

bukan ke kita suka bagi jawatan pada orang yang berpaling tadah dan bermuka-muka?

Anonymous said...

if he is sincere, come home.

will u do that, rpk?

Anonymous said...

Eleh...gemparq keling. Penipu. Come back to Malaysia if you dare RPK.