Sunday, October 3, 2010

Open house craze

Most Muslims are still in Hari Raya mood. Open house here and there. The roads in KL are still congested on weekends as they rush from one open house to another.

I attended a few. My tummy can only fit one open house in a single day. I dont know about my fellow-blogger A Voice, Big Dog and House PK (sorry bros). However, I do envy those who can really eat, and most of the big eaters are not usually fat or big in sizes.

My point here is, how many times does a minister, a deputy minister, a ministry secretary-general, a deputy sec-gen and other high ranking government officials have to organise open houses? Since the past few years, I notice a trend that some ministers will play host to at least two open house feats.

Sometimes last week (as an instance), a minister hosted an open house using his ministry's name at his constituency in Negri Sembilan. A few days later, he hosted another open house in Kuala Lumpur. And then, his sec-gen hosted another open house for the ministry at Carcosa Seri Negara.

Another minister who had also hosted similar event in Johor held another one in the capital yesterday. I guess only Members of Parliament host a single open house at their respective 'kampung' while those with Cabinet designate are 'obliged' to organise it at his kampung level, ministry level and senior officials level.

When they host Raya open house at various places under the label 'Hari Raya Bersama Rakyat anjuran Kementerian.....', who actually pays for the bill? The person himself? Or the ministry, which means the government?

I believe the government bears all expenses. We got another week to go before Syawal ends on Oct 10. How many more open house still in the counting? How much more does the government has to fork out?

Yes, open house is good. It brings together people from all walks of life into a cheerful atmosphere. However, it is wise to host so many open house feats for a ministry? Why must everybody with such portfolios exploit their positions? Unless they pay their own bill, then its okay.

But they will produce the claims to the government on the pretext that the open house was organised for the rakyat. Doesnt matter if a minister got to host three or four open house, its for 'the rakyat' and the government is more than willing to pay everything.

I think its a waste of money. A ministry should host one open house. We got so many ministries, each can choose which state to organise a national-level open house, instead of letting its minister, the deputy and sec-gen having it separately.

And, please... we dont need posters, buntings or banners to invite the public. Its suffice to have the newspapers and other media passing the message around.


Pak Zawi said...

Agree fully. They are spending the rakyat's money like nobody's business.

pro-najib said...

haha. diorang la yang beraya sakan, jai. buat open house lebih dari sekali. mula2 kat rumah kat kampung, lepas tu rumah kat kl, lepas tu kat pejabat pulak.

kau ingat dia guna duit sendiri ke kalau guna nama kementerian atau jabatan? potong jari la kalau pakai duit sendiri.

tu semua duit kerajaan. lepas buat je, hantar claim berpuluh ribu. kalau sorang menteri, timbalan menteri, ksu, tksu dan ketua jabatan lain hantar claim dalam rm5 ribu sorang, cuba bayangkan berapa juta kerajaan kena bayar balik.

aku setuju dengan syor kau. mulai tahun depan, setiap kementerian buat sekali open house je. kalau ada 13 kementerian, pilih satu negeri setiap satu. tahun berikutnya, rotate.

jadi, semua rakyat dapat mendampingi kementerian terbabit bersama menteri dan pegawai2nya.

kalau ahli parlimen tu, buat sekali je la kat kawasan masing2. buat pun, jangan over. apa kata najib?

Anonymous said...

who cares?

on the pretext of hari raya, they spend lavishly.

its normal, esp for ministers

mel malam said...


pada masa2 lepas, aku dengar ramai caterer sakit sebab duit catering untuk rumah terbuka vip tak dibayar walhal vip tu dah ada peruntukan. macam nilah melayu!

valderrama said...

go straight to the point la! it was rais who hosted his ministry open house in jelebu while his ksu held another open house at carcosa.

what a waste of money!

gurkha said...

takda isu lain ke nak tulis?

open house ni perkara biasa masa hari raya. lantak dioranglah. bukan duit kita pun. sama ada duit sendiri ke, duit mak bapak diorang ke, duit kerajaan ke, duit ceti ke, dah diorang suka buat macam tu. cakap sampai pecah suara pun tak beri kesan gak. takyahlah nak menyebok!

lee lap tiang said...

its bad habit and show off.

some got sponsored from tauke babi also!

panther said...

i second your suggestion for each ministry to choose a state each year for its open house. it will bring the minister and his officers closer to the rakyat. but will najib accept it?

orang jasin said...

saya nak tanya satu soalan je.

apa ke jadahnya ali rustam buat rumah terbuka di rumah melaka jalan bellamy, jumaat lepas selama sejam je, 5-6 petang?

jumaat hari paling sesak di kuala lumpur. untuk sampai ke tempat tu pun dah ambil masa.

ini idea bodoh namanya... atau ali memang kedekut?

atanjamilselamat said...

if it held to show off and have certain hidden agenda then it is unIslamic but if you NIAT is clear that is for unity and celebrating our have it by all means. But must it be for a MONTH?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. But you dont like Rais and Hisham so you bantai them. You are baised.

Dj Reme