Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chickens in Namibia and Malaysia...

I was in Namibia in 1997. Its capital city Windhoek was as big as Bentong, except for a few 10-storey hotel and new apartment buildings jointly-built by foreign and local investors. They were 20 years behind us then.

Its 2.1 million people rarely eat chicken. It was too expensive. I was shocked when told that a kilogram of chicken could easily fetch USD3 (about RM10) and some Namibians had never tasted it before. Why? There wasnt many chickens in Namibia. They import some from South Africa for hotels and the rich.

However, I am glad reading a news story about the changes in Namibian 'chicken policy' (read here). The Namib Poultry Industries company is in the process of setting up a poultry project between Okahandja and Windhoek to produce chickens for the Namibian market.

It is also to make Namibia self-sufficient in the supply of chickens. The project will commence with production in November next year and will provide 600 job opportunities.

Now, compared to us in Malaysia, we eat chicken mostly everyday. We have many chicken farms, some of which are managed with modern technology. Chicken products are aplenty and easy to purchase at all towns.

However, there are few times in a year when issues such as chicken and egg prices, its shortage and quality keep on bursting. It happens every year. On top of that, we export chickens and poultry products to Singapore and Thailand.

We even politicise the chickens. The Opposition and the ruling parties are oftenly engaged in verbal war about who should defend the chickens and the eggs. And during supply shortages, where did our chicken go?

Namibia is certainly 20 years behind us but they are planning not to be embroiled in a 'chicken politics' situation like Malaysia 20 years later.

PS: How many of our politicians are like chickens... they always chicken out!


sakuntala said...


our high quality chickens are for export.

the low quality are for local consume.

when there is shortage in supply, the chickens go to the drain.

hehehe... i like your footnote - yes, some of our leaders are like chicken also. they always chicken out when it comes to serious issues.

gogok said...

chicken out?


people like hisham, nazri, ibrahim ali, and najib too... they only know how to talk!

Anonymous said...

i thought that 'chicken'.

i agree that our chicken politics worsens every year.

i would like to suggest to those poliicians involved - give them thai 'chickens' - they will enjoy it!

jembalang tanah said...

kita harus puji kerajaan namibia yang membuat perancangan sedemikian. mereka berpandangan jauh ke hadapan. semoga mereka berjaya

Anonymous said...

hisham is a chicken. he didnt dare to act on namewee!


Anonymous said...

notice or not..chicken price will go up during hari raya but go down during chinese new year.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.

too many chickens in najib's cabinet, esp hisham who is always scared to take stiff action against those who flout the law.

kaki ayam said...

alaaa... ayam kat malaysia ni memang mahal walaupun ada beratus reban dan pusat ternak.

yang jadi masalah ialah penguatkuasaan.

tiba je time perayaan, mula la naikkan harga, desak kerajaan agar timbang permintaan naik harga atau bekalan akan dikurangkan.

apasal kita tak ternak je ayam kat rumah, dua tiga ekor ke...

daripada ternak AYAM siam, china dan lain2 bangsa tu, elok ternak betul punya ayam...

inoch said...

at least the namibians are very forward thinking.

all the best to them

Anonymous said...

you should write about our politicians - who chickens in and who chickens out.

it wud be interesting, you know!

biol said...

kalau ayam belanda boleh ke malaysia, kenapa ayam malaysia tak boleh ke namibia?

hantar je 10 kapal!