Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bloggers! Stay away from Rais, Galas and Batu Sapi!

After reading Rockybru, Outsyed the Box, House PK and Big Dog about Rais Yatim and his police report against Rocky, I came to understand that this minister is untouchable. He is more than a king who controls and dictates others to the extreme. He practices corporate and legalistic entity.

Being the first minister to lodge a police report against a blogger, he is tearing apart the close collaboration given by this group of top bloggers to the government. Even Rais has plunged himself deep into trouble.

Much has been said about him since the last general election. Some accused him of mobilising the ministry's staffs and vehicles to assist his campaigns. I dont know how true was it but some people at the Istana Budaya and his former ministry told me. I am also not sure whether it was the right thing for him to do.

And this police report shouldnt be made in the first place. He could have at least summon Rocky to his office for clarification. I met his DG Datuk Tiger at the Sultan Abdul Samad building around 5pm yesterday. As Rais was also there, I did ask Tiger whether I could see the minister for a few minutes. I guess Tiger tried but Rais was in a furious state. So, I had the answer for his reaction over Bru's posting (here).

But still, I cant believe he would lodge a police report. What ministers or politicians normally do is to issue a statement of denial or requesting an apology from the writer. We are talking about pro-government bloggers here, who are suppose to work hand in hand with Rais' ministry.

If he didnt lucre from the dealings with MCMC, why cant he just deny it? But he chose to complicate the matters.

And as such, I would like to call on all pro-government bloggers to stay away from Galas and Batu Sapi. Let Rais and his officials attend to it. Let him proof that the ruling party can withstand the pro-Opposition bloggers onslaughts, and that he is the king and key to BN's victory.

I believe he has forgotten the role of pro-BN bloggers in the previous 11 by-elections, how most of us had voluntarily entered the campaigns, working hard to woo the voters and spent our own money to help the ruling party. Yes, we won some, we lost some but when Prime Minister, his deputy and other ministers recognise the importance of blogs, Rais is putting up a fight with us.

So, let him be another Hishammuddin Hussein who treats pro-government bloggers like dirt. Let's watch Rais and people like Hisham in the next general election...


bananarama said...


rais was fast to lodge a police report on bru but he didnt on namewee and others.

i think he and hisham can swap places, let him take over home ministry for his fast action while hisham (who likes publicity) and take charge of the information.

red ink said...

in the first place, why did rocky write that? can he proof it?

Anonymous said...

i agree.

pro-govt blogger should stay away from the by-elections this time around. let rais do the job. he is a superman, rite?

airman_1 said...

red ink, writer can rite anything go to hell with other....kah..kah

Anonymous said...

Don't know whether to comment or not. Might end up in jail for it.

While the Hon. Minister may want to rise to the occassion, it certainly does not augur well for his popularity, unless he plans to join the opposition.

Wrong move, Mr.Minister. It is becoming worse than DAP's gag order and bloggers may seek to defend themselves by digging up more dirt than needed.

Perhaps an apology from the accusers should suffice, or a total ban be imposed on all blog sites.

Emperor Shi Huang Ti once ordered the burning of all books . Should we revisit the feudal times and burn all computers too?


Anonymous said...

rocky said that rais's family is involved with getting part of a
RM1 billion deal

rais have the right to defend himself and his family

why boycott galas and batu sapi?

it is rocky VS rais


it is a personal matter between two umno members

remember who pays your monthly income rocky!

I dare you to resign from malay mail!

Anonymous said...

jangan itu macam bro. dont let bn down. tapi aku tau kau melawak je ni

pedati said...

rais is against transparency. what d heck is that rm1b for?

Anonymous said...

rais ni ahli perkasa ke?

sikit2 repot polis, sikit2 repot polis!

red alert said...

a sad day for transparency in malaysia. rais has shown the way for others to make do without transparency.

what is happening to this country, prime minister?

Anonymous said...

pada pru akan datang, ganyang dia cukup2 bro. biar dia kalah!

Anonymous said...

Kalau seseorang itu tidak BERSALAH tidak perlulah mengambil saksi ketiga iaitu polis untuk "membersihkan" cuma jawab semua dengan bukti-bukti.Cukup susad seperti Tun Mahathir dahulu apabila dia menyelesaikan kes kroni ynag diutarakan oleh Zaid Hamidi semasa perhimpunan Agong UMNO dahulu.Seseorang yang menggunakan polis untuk kes seperti ini hanya cuma untuk menyulitkan lagi kes i ni atau untuk mencari "diversion" supaya menunjukkan dia tidak melakukan perkara tersebut>Selalunya "JIKA TIDAK ADA ANGIN MASAKAN POKOK BERGOYANG"

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Blogger,

As an advocate of the BN, of late I am really befuddled by the some of the actions of the BN Govt we support.

Its as if there are agents provocateur within the ruling party bent on seeing the end of Barisan Nasional.

That is my observation.

Thank you

noble mind said...

aku tau la bru tu sepupu kau tapi ni antara dia dan rais.

tak payahlah hukum kerajaan sampai nak pulaukan galas dan batu sapi, bro.

timbanglah semula...

aku rasa rais dan bru boleh setel tu.

Anonymous said...

what about big dog? he also hammered rais on the same issue.

to me, big dog is a pure shit!

red ink said...

to airman 1,

it was a blatant lie what rocky wrote. he didnt have anything to proof. he slandered rais and the minister took the right move to defend himself.

a writer who writes anything he likes must be willing to bear all the consequences!

masih di BH said...

woi bloger pro-bn,

jangan terburu-buru pulaukan galas. janganlah sebab kes rais dan rocky ni sampai nak tengok kerajaan kalah lagi. tak elok la otak kau, jai! ni dah menghasut namanya. korang ni penting kepada kerajaan. rileks la

Anonymous said...

alaa..macam tak biasa bro.. skrang ni bru n rais juga yang famous.. lepas habis merepot-repot ni diaorang le dok semeja gelak2.. hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Looks like you and your small handful of misguided band of bloggers are losing sight of the forest for the trees. What kind of allegiance and patriotism do you have, i wonder. Nothing more than unprincipled bunch of mercenaries.

what an audacity to hold the govt and BN to ransom just bcause they don't pander to your demands. Get a life.

You think all of BN's successes are solely in your hands as the much 'respected' band of bloggers? puhleez...

Dr.ZTM said...

Next PRU i.e PRU 13 (2011/2012), Rais dah tau dia tak akan jadi calon,so PULUN lah mana yang boleh sapa yang makan cili.. dia terasa lah PEDAS,tak gitu, bro?? Perhati aje gerak geri Rais dan Maznah(the wife),ikut bontot Najib dan Rosmah dalam majlis2 tertentu,nampak betul kaki kipas dan mengampu..!!!Ada udang di sebalik batu kot? Now,bila RAKYAT question sikit pasal Broadband Projek,mengelabah macam bersalah..!

PM,DS Najib patut singkir Rais ni, dalam rombakan kabinet yang akan datang..orang2 UMNO macam ni dah patut diPENCENkan dari terus menjadi DURI dalam DAGING BN/UMNO!!

Zorro Team Malaysia

airman_1 said...

dear red ink, damage is done kumpulan penggabung suara yg turut sama dlm menyerang pemimpin umno, aku hanya orang biasa, tapi kalau aku pun akan marah juga kalau orang mmbuat tuduhan dgn tidak menggunakan saluran yg betul, kalau ada bukti sila buat lapuran kpd pihak brkuasa buat apa tulis2 suka2 saja....kah....kah...kah

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Your previous posting on chicken in Namibia is heartening for it deals with food for the people. Now that Rais got 1billion to spend on IT how much the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries got to strengthen our food security? Our rice production is till at 60%.

The severe flooding in many countries seems to be a global trend. The omen is that rice production in Thailand and Vietnam, our main suppliers, also in Malaysia may be ravaged by above normal flood during the coming monsoon.

My guesstimate is that the Ministry of Agriculture would require 5billion to open up major rice bowls especially in Sarawak and Sabah, and to set up a national rice research institute/board to coordinate all development - land, water, crop, processing, by-products, marketing etc on rice. Indonesia and Japan can be self-sufficient why not us?

Food security is national security.

ben hassanuddin said...

jangan itu macam la mau gaduh-gaduh dan lawan-lawan, tatak baik ma. lu punya hati sikit juga ada busuk. lu jangan kasi hasut lain orang marah sama itu gomen ma. gua tahu lu sama itu rocky satu kampung dan lu punya sedara ka itu rocky. lu patut kasi baik sama dia olang ma, bukan kasi gaduh. jangan itu macam la bro.

kingnek said...

Rais Yatim dan Hishamudin Hussein Onn berada di dalam awan kayangan, mereka fikir cakapan di cyberspace tidak bermakna

Fikiran kolot macam gini lah yang akan menyumbangkan kepada kehancuran BN. Walaupun aku anti-Anwar dan DAPigs, aku rasa, BN ni kadangkala, masih hidup di dunia fantasi

Anonymous said...

gila vavi punya rais~

Anonymous said...

Bro jai...
Aku nak sangat tengok kau orang boycott batu sapi dan galas. Bukan apa...aku dengar ramai bloggers kocek kembong mengampu...