Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shall we flush out the 3 million Indons?

Its about Indonesia again. While both governments are doing the best to patch up things, there are certain quarters in Indonesia who preferred us to part for good. The latest demonstration at our ambassador's residence in Jakarta was regretted.

About 500 Bendera and other members of anti-Malaysia groups demanded the envoy to leave the country in two days of face the consequences. From territorial dispute, it spread to the latest maid abuse in Penang.

I (can I say we?) would like to tell Jakarta (where some ot its politicians also joined the anti-Malaysia bandwagon) that by virtue, Malaysians too got the right to stage similar demo at their embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Why? We host about 3 million Indonesians in the country, almost one third entered our territory via the back doors. By right, we can easily flush them out for violating our law. However, we legalised some of them as there were demands for workers in various sectors.

We announced the amnesty plan mostly every year for the illegal to go home and we only impose a RM800 penalty each for an exit visa. Even that, many got reduction on humanitarian ground as some of them could not produce sufficient fund for it. And of course, some Malaysians help them out, too.

Now, did we ever complaint to the Indonesian government about a few thousand Indonesian who breached our law here? When you in Indonesia made noise and politicised the issue on the detention of Indonesians waiting death sentences and those behind bars, did we simply catch and punish them?

They are murderers, rapists, kidnappers, armed robbers and drug traffickers. Some of this 'high-ranking' convicts of yours are also on your wanted list. When they killed and raped Malaysians, did we show any kind of protest or stage an ugly demonstration in front of your embassy or your 'Rumah Indonesia'?

What about those who indulged themselves in vice activities, theft and others? Did we blame the whole Indonesia for what they did here?

We do understand that out of 3 million Indonesians in Malaysia, we cant help but accept their wrongdoings and, of course, we have to reprimand them. Is that also wrong? Or is an Indonesian of the same class as an American where none of them should be produced in overseas court?

And your plan to 'sweep' Malaysians out of Indonesia - what would be your gain? If you still want to advocate yourself to Sukarno's 'Ganyang Malaysia', may as well we break off. Malaysia wont lose anything. We can always recall our major investors home, the few hundreds students and at the same time tell the 3 million Indonesians to go home as well.

You may not be able to export you clove cigarettes to Malaysian (admit it that its sales is one of Indonesia's major revenue earners), no more Indon movies, no more 'dangdut' albums and no more Indonesian delights for Malaysia. That's okay.

Remember when you made an issue out of culture and dances? One of your dances was Indian-originated but no Indians made noise about it but when Malaysians performed it, you accused us of stealing it.

I believe those who showed such a protest do not know history. Please acknowledge that many Malaysians have their ancestors in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and other parts of Indonesia. When they migrated to Malaysia many years ago, they brought with them similar culture, language and the way of life. They practiced it here. Aren't you proud of it?

So, when you told our ambassador to go home, shall we tell your 3 million people here to leave as well? I believe you (those anti-Malaysia groups) are serious about it!


mossa said...

righto, brave one!

malaysians are most tolerant. at the rate of crime the indonesians committed here, we deserve every right to flush them out.

but again, we are still human!

don, cheras said...

yang anti-malaysia tu memang tak sekolah bro, tak tau sejarah hubungan malaysia-indonesia.

takyahlah kita salahkan diorang. kerajaan indonesia pun macam tak pedulik je kat diorang.

bawah pusat said...

mak oiii...

looks like we need 3 million toilets to do so....

hehehehehehe.... sori bang. saja melawak!

Anonymous said...

just ask them to leave.. including the ambassador and all his staff.. Most Malays, me one, dont need maids anyway... Only the Chinese families need maids and they do all sorts of thnings to the maids who are mostly MUSLIMS. Tell the Indons to leave and see what happen to our industries, plantations, and homes.. Or its time for us to have Chinadolls as maids.. they are filling all the fu...k houses in most towns making money, why not get them as or maids....

Anonymous said...

we malaysians are cool lots, bro. otherwise we would have taken to the streets too to protest the indons crime in malaysia!

opera said...

kerajaan indonesia sendiri pun macam tak sungguh2 mengawal tunjuk perasaaan tu.

macam ada satu 'keizinan' untuk mengadakan tunjuk perasaan itu dan memaksa kita menaarik balik duta ke jakaarta

kaniney said...


we wont lose anything. we can divert our investment to other countries like vietnam, cambodia, laos and myanmar. we have better relations with them.

Anonymous said...

We should also ask those Malaysian who had zncestor from Indondsia to also go back to Indonesin and dont claim to be bumiputra. Nzjib is one of them. these people are thieves stealing the rights of the real bumiputra of Malaysia. Go home and give me back my country.

Anonymous said...

your anger at several indon's staged demo is making some elements happy

those that want to create diversion would clap hands to see you getting hot and bothered

this is what they want by cmapaigning for chin peng's return, anti-ISA demo, tbh justice etc etc

those few are not representative of the majority

Anonymous said...

Can we form up a group to stage a demo to push the goverment to flush out all the INDONs?

Anonymous said...

just returned from One Utama. There was a visit Indonesia launch going on. Heard some angklung music and people filling up chairs for some VIP or something. Wanted to stay to catcall "what for, only for you to ganyang us?!!" But decided to rise above it.

Anyway, they want to "sweep" us out there. Fair enuf, after all they "sweep" us here too -- our floors, roads, drains etc.

Anonymous said...

jai, we dont have the heart to do it. we are nice people here, the malaysians.

regardless of what happens over there, we still want to call them friends.

ex-bandit said...

sebenarnya masih ramai lagi yang terpengaruh dengan 'ganyang malaysia' yang diketengahkan oleh mendiang sukarno, punca konfrontasi malaysia-indonesia pada awal 1960an.

indonesia pernah menyerang malaysia dan masih ada lagi rakyat yang ingin berbuat demikian.

oleh itu, eloklah kita berhati-hati dengan mereka. silap kita ialah membenarkan terlalu ramai rakyatnya masuk ke sini atas alasan cari makan. mana tau dalam 3 juta tu ada yang sudah diasuh membaut kacau di negara ini!

Anonymous said...

alaaa... kalau takda kretek, tak best la.

biar putus hubungan, jangan putus kretek bang!

joyo said...

i trust the indons more than the singaporeans!

Rasputin Beliong said...

Kita pun bodoh juga. Dah tau orang seberang tu tak tau berterimakasih, masih lagi kita nak terus bergantung kepada human resource mereka yang bukanlah ada kualitipun.

Kerajaan kita kenalah proaktif sikit bagi mengurangkan pergantungan kepada pekerja hapraak ini.

Buat undang-undang memastikan syarikat-syarikat dan jabatan-jabatan kerajan megujudkan taman asuhan sendiri berdekatan tempat bekerja supaya ibu-ibu senang menyusu anak mereka. Beri cuti bergaji penuh enam bulan kepada ibu-ibu yang baru melahir anak. Selepas itu bagi opsen ambil cuti tambahan separuh gaji dan seterusnya tanpa gaji.

Ini lebih baik dari menanggung bebanan generasi akan datang hasil dididikan pembantu rumah yang tak berpelajaran dan tak beradab dan merempat dinegaranya sendiri.

Bagi menggantikan pekerja-pekerja industri pembenaan, perladangan dan perkilangan pula, kerajaan kenalah beri insentif secukupnya memodenkan taraf teknologi industri-industri ini ketahap hi-tech and knowledge based. Takkanlah kita masih nak berpuashati dengan tahap low-tech sampai bila-bila.

Let's once and for all give the correct signal to those ingrates across the Malacca Straits that we mean business. Otherwise we'd be forever taken advantage of in their unending blame game.

asri said...

Siapa nak petik buah sawit d kebun saya. Mereka bayar levy dan kerja bagus. Kalu boleh nak bagi kerja nak orang tempatan tapi mereka semua naka jadi PM tak mahu kerja kotor atau orang2 BENDERA take over the job.

Ozz said...

Dear readers,
Please read this, I had a very disgusted Sunday yesterday:

Malaysian in Jakarta.

Anonymous said...

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