Monday, September 27, 2010

Najib must takeover Home Ministry!

What Cabinet reshuffle? People are talking about it already, that Prime Minister Najib Razak will 'streamline' his Cabinet after Hari Raya. A minor one... and the guessing game makes me quite excited as well.

Some say Pemuda Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin will be given a seat in the minor shakeup. I know many people are against him for 'being the son-in-law' of former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (ha ha ha...) but its the prerogative rights of the Prime Minister to include KJ if he wants. After all, KJ is said to has done a good job in rallying Pemuda members behind him.

Rumormongers also help Najib, in a way or another, by hitting out at Minister at the PM's Department Nor Mohamed Yakcop, hoping for him to face the axe.

Who else? Nazri Aziz? Hmmm.... that's unlikely. No matter how much controversy he creates, he is a survivor.

However, I dont care. My main focus is the Home Ministry. It is high time for the portfolio to go back to the Prime Minister. That's the tradition we had since Independence.

Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the last premier to hold that important portfolio. When Pak Lah took over, he 'gave it away' and took over the Finance Minister position instead.

Dr Mahathir was forced to hold the Finance portfolio after the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim. I guess at that particular time, nobody else was fit to replace Anwar. However, Pak Lah failed to recognise the importance of such a portfolio to be put under him.

And Najib follow suit. He was more keen to become a Finance Minister at the same time when there is/are candidates suitable for that post. He too fails to identify the significant of holding the Home Minister portfolio while expediting his duty as a Prime Minister.

I dont want to say anything about Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. While many say he is not a performer and doesnt fit well into that position, some quarters say he is doing okay. So, better leave it to Najib's discretion.

Whatever it is, Najib should take care of the Home Ministry!


homester said...

home ministry should be treated as most important. it involves national security and political stability.

a prime minister must hold the portfolio as decision over any matter, especially which commands urgent implementation, can be just passed at his level, instead of another minister having to seek his prior approval.

the police, immigration and few other departments must be put under the ministry. a young and inexperienced minister cannot tackle sensitive issue like religion and race without seeking the consent of a premier.

that is why the portfolio belongs to a prime minister as he can decide as to where and when to take action on matters like that

Anonymous said...


home ministry is another gold mine. that's why najib appointed hisham to that post.

u know the game laaaa!

six star said...


where to put hishamudin if najib holds the home portfolio?

i got a suggestion - make him a minister at the pm office

panther said...

no different between najib and paklah. both want to control the finance ministry as it would be easier to monitor their P & L!

satira said...

hisham memang tak berguna satu habuk pun kat situ. banyak kes yang tidak diendahkannya. kes yang sepatutnya menerima hukuman keras cuma dikenakan amaran. so, yak hairanlah orang panggil dia menteri amaran dalam negeri!

pedati said...

saya setuju bahawa kdn perlu diletakkan di dalam bidang kuasa perdana menteri. bukan untuk memperlekehkan hishamuddin kerana beliau juga menteri yang berwibawa. mungkin hisham boleh menjaga portfolio lain seperti pendidikan atau pembangunan luar bandar. yang pentingnya, kdn perlu dijaga oleh najib sendiri kerana ia membabitkan banyak isu keselamatan negara dan perpaduan kaum. sesuatu yang memerlukan keputusan segera hanya boleh diptuskan oleh najib kerana beliau tidak perlu merujuk kpada kabinet terlebih dahulu.

Anonymous said...

alaaaa... najib mestilah nak pegang kewangan. bila paklah dah set contoh tu, dia pun ikut. dr mahathir pun pernah buat macam tu. apa salahnya. lagipun dia bukan percaya kat orang lain untuk tadbir kewangan negara. kalau ada pun, mungkin nazir boleh dilantik sebagai senator dan jadi menteri kewangan!

crook said...

hisham fails to deliver, bro! he is slow and very indecisive!

Anonymous said...

i think if najib is not a pm, he too will want to become a finance minister.

susah la like this!

jacques said...


i second your opinion. najib MUST put KDN under his arm. a prime minister should hold the portfolio.

home affairs is not something we could discount. it needs a careful attention. as we face many sensitive issues of late, a solid and non-bias decision has to be made from time to time.

hisham has tried his best but in many occasions, he faltered. najib should reconsider the fact that anything to do with internal security, he is responsible because he is the no.1 leader.

Anonymous said...

I wish both Najib and Hishamuddin are not in the cabinet. That would make me very happy.

sri hartamas