Saturday, September 4, 2010

Malaysians against Burn The Quran Day

Its still Ramadan. Muslims in Malaysia are expected to celebrate the Eid (Victory Day) on the Syawal moon on Friday, Sept 10. In other parts of the world, incuding the United States, the Eid is on Sept 11, the date already set by an extreme Christian group for 'Burn the Quran Day'.

Met with heavy criticism from all over the world, including fundamentalist Christian organisation in the US, India, Canada, UK and others, the group led by little-known preacher, pastor Terry Jones in Florida is organising it to symbolise their hatred towards Islam for Sept 21, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre building in New York, which since then has labeled Islam as a religion of terror.

Since last week, Islamic, Christian and religious groups in various countries have called on Muslims worldwide and others to unite against Jones and his group, describing them as religious extremists which may dampen efforts to clear Islam of the tragedy.

Terrorists come in many forms and got nothing to do with religions. We have seen Christian, Tamil, Sikh and Buddhist extremist on rampage in the past but nobody blamed their respective religions. Similarly, we dont hate the Jews for what befalls the Palestinians but we are against the Tel Aviv administration for its continuous atrocities on them.

In India, church leaders in the country will condemn the burning of Quran by the 'fanatic' Christian groups in US (here). Catholic and Protestants leader will come together in Mumbai on Wednesday to stress on Christianity's message of peace and condemn those acting contrary to it.

The meeting will be attended by the Catholic archbishop of Mumbai, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, along with bishops of the Protestant Church of North India and other Christian groups.

In Gainesville, about 20 religious leaders representing three faiths and a number of denominations stood together on the steps of City Hall at noon Thursday as a show of solidarity against a small Gainesville church that has commanded worldwide attention for its plan to burn the Quran on Sept. 11 (here).

With the city at the “center of a spiritual storm,” the Rev. Larry Reimer, the minister of the United Church of Gainesville, US called for citizens to rally around Muslims “in a time when so much venom is directed toward them.”

However, what Diana Clark of the Canadian Free Press wrote, drew my attention. "...Certainly, the Bible cautions Christians to reject false doctrine. But that is a very simple and personal act of turning away, in your own mind, heart and actions, from that which subverts or denies the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Nowhere in the Holy Bible, however, does it tell us that we are to control the minds of others. God gave men Free Will, because He intends for each of us to make our own choices, for which He says He will hold us accountable..." (here).

Muslims in Malaysia are going to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri in peace and joy. However, those in the US are in fear of the Sept 11 backlash. And in Malaysia, Muslims, Christians and other religions are also against the Burn the Quran Day, aren't we?


firasat said...

u are rite bro.

as muslims, we dont hate the christians and others. we hate extremism.

we dont hate the jews but the israeli regime.

no religion asks its followers to subscribe to terrorism.

in fact, islam is so moderate!

vincent said...

any form of extremism is against any teaching of all religions, including christian.

that jones is just trying to get some cheap attention here.

parameswara said...

kalau ada yang nak bakar al-quran di malaysia ni, cubalah.

tengok apa akan jadi nanti!

anak haram punya mat saleh amerika!

usop tocang said...

kepada rakyat malaysia, khasnya yang beragama islam, ingatlah umat islam yang sedang menderita sekarang ketika menyambut kedatangan syawal nanti.

jangan over sangat ketika berhari raya.

ini hari kita, mana tau esok lusa hari diorang pulak.

selamat aidilfitri

insight said...

unfortunately, none of malaysian religious leader has come up with any statements about the burn the quran day.

even muslim scholars are keeping quiet.

arent they aware of the campaign in the united states?

STEEST said...

As a Malaysian, I am against it! Doesn't matter what religion we believe in or practise, the act of burning the Quran is unacceptable!

zalili said...

di malaysia ni pun ramai pelampau dan ekstremis.

ada yang menghasut isu perkauman, ada yang meniup isu agama dan tak kurang pula yang kuat memfitnah.

ni semua la yang merosakkan hubungan baik sesama manusia.

di waktu yang sama, ada pulak blog yang macam tu... ekstrim

kimmy said...

of course we are sad with happened on sept 11 2001 but associating islam as a religion of extremist is not at all right and just.

as you said, extremists come in many forms and religions but we cant blame any religions for their actions.

we should feel fortunate to live in malaysia!

Anonymous said...

change it to BURN JONES DAY!

a bastard like him should be friend in hell!

annoyed said...


ni soal agama jugak. dua pemuda melayu yang cuba bakar gereja tu dah pun dipenjarakan 5 tahun.

yang kena tangkap serang masjid itu, apa cerita?

ntah2 dah bebas!

Anonymous said...

as a buddhist, i condemn such an act. buddhism prohibits any move to belittle other religions.

justin said...

similarly, we dont call those who attacked churches and mosques in our country by their religions.

we call them extremists and mad people, whoever they are!

kuyup said...

tu di amerika.

di malaysia ni, siapa2 yang bakar quran, memang nak kena bakar la jugak!

kita pun tak bakar atau hina kitab agama lain. tak elok buat macam tu, kan bang?

jega said...

not only muslims. those from other religions too must stand with our muslims friends in opposing what jones is trying to do on sept 11.

Anonymous said...

namanya duduk di negara maju dan bertamadun konon. tapi otak masih kuno. bodoh punya orang!

suriram said...

terry jones is a fucked up american. his religion aside, he is doing that simply to provoke the american muslims from ccelebrating the eid on sept 11.

he tries to play hero in commemorating sept 11 2001 but he himself is being sidelined by many christian groups.

those who listen to him are idiots like him!

biol said...

ni pehal nak bakar bakar quran plak ni?

cuba la bakar sate ke, bakaar ayam ke, bakar daging ke...

semua orang boleh sama2 makan. islam ke, kristian ke, buddha ke, hindu ke... sama2 nikmati kesedapannya.

ni nak bakar quran, nak buat apa? buat orang marah, ada ler.

susah2, bakar je si jones ni, cicah air asam!

tina said...

malaysian christians in malaysia will also deplore terry jones. it doesnt reflect the teaching of the holy bible!

tak suka hisham said...

ni lawak ke apa ni, nak bakar al-quran.

melampau betul. kang kalau orang islam bakar injil, diorang marah pulak.

kalau taknak orang buat, kita jangan buat!

binatang punya orang!

Anonymous said...

we really appreciate those who are also against terry jones and gang.

whether we are muslims, christians or what, we should observe co-existence and respect each other.

i believe all religions teach that!

osemak said...

how come obama is not doing anything to stop those people?

or he is permitting them on the context of free speech and free to do anything you like?

Anonymous said...

We need some fatwa on this act. Pass around this jones guy's photo, and make sure he lives the life of Salman Rushdie and Kurt Westergaard , both have tasted their own medicines. Don't worry, God knows best.

Anonymous said...

Salam Jai,

Di Malaysia ini tidak ada lagi orang cuba membakar Quran tetapi menghina agama Islam dan menghina Tuhan dengan mengatakan "Allah my ass" dan "Tuhan mencarut" adalah.

Jika dibiarkan,perkara ini mungkin akan merebak kepada perbuatan yg lebih teruk dan merbahaya yg boleh mencetuskan perbalahan diantara kaum di negara kita ini.

Anonymous said...

biarkan je si terry jones tu.

dia akan mati dipanah petir yang amat dahsyat!

kitabon said...

he is just another salman rushdie, anti-islam and finding ways and means to belittle the religion.

the lord will not permit him!

royalis said...

this isnt the first time that the holy quran was burnt.

few years ago, some anti-islam groups in europe also burnt a few quran to demonstrate their hatred towards the religion.

fortunately for the muslims around the world, they dont hate other religions.

i wonder whether burning quran is preached by the bible!

cockscrew said...

ini sifat orang tak bertamadun. amerika masih mempunyai ramai manusia jenis ni. nampak je pandai tapi otak kosong.... macam bush dan blair jugak!

Anonymous said...

i am glad this is malaysia where cases like this is so remote. had there been, it involved a lunatic!

orang minyak said...

pergi jahanamlah sama itu jones. kalau gua jumpa dia, gua sumbat kasut dalam bontot dia... wa cakap lu!

lee marvin said...

we must condemn all religious intimidation, not only against muslims but against others.

such an act will not augur well in bringing mankind together.

terry jones is a mad person and i dont think he reads the bible

Anonymous said...

Ulamak...fullamak kerta besar dia orang ni jual ilmu ka ? ulamak kena berani MENEGOR bukan tengok aje..tegor pemimpin2 melayu yang tersilap/terkucil betulkan..ini pun salah satu tanggong jawab para ulamak kenapa takut pemimpin lebih dari ALLAH SWT..tegur dan betulkan semoga mereka mendapat hidayat...

Anonymous said...

ibrahim ali mana suara awak???
ibrahim ali ini sultan merayu bukan bansa lain .ibrahim ali mana awak hilang atau balik kampong beraya atau tidak mahu campor hak melayu lagi ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ibrahim ali mana awak

Daniel Zahrin said...

Stand up and protest it. No single religion in the world endorse this kind of hatred act! Jones and his group is already become an extremist. Can't anyone see that..?

I represent myself, Zaren Enterprise, it's subsidiaries and associates company heavily protest it!

Jaipur said...

I'm against the burning of any book especially in hatred. What are we, the Spanish Inquisition?