Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mainstream media has to lie, Mr PM!

Prime Minister Najib, I got two questions here - do you trust the mainstream media, and do you believe in everything they write and publish?

Your immediate answers (I guess) would be - "of course I do (in publishing what I said and in putting the national and the government interest above all... that they have Barisan Nasional at their upkeep... and that their editorial policy should support the legitimate government..."

As for question no.2 - "they report the truth, we believe in them. Afterall, if they tell lies, their printing permit will be at stake..."

My apology, sir but when mainstream media is put to question, many would say that they belong to BN and its components like Umno, MCA, MIC and others. To some extent, they would ask 'who isn't Umno?'

At the NSTP on Thursday, you advised the mainstream media (namely NSTP, Media Prima, Utusan group, RTM, Bernama, Nanyang Siang Pau and a few more) to base their reporting on actual fact and figure (here). Which is wise and smart.

You were also admitting the fact that they (the mainstream media) was facing a stiff challenge from the new media such as blogs and websites (some of which are more factual and precise in reporting the truth).

Now, the problem with mainstream media is they cannot and are not allowed to tell the whole truth about anything. Why? To protect the government, the leaders, the banks, the GLCs and others. There are some blankets being applied. We could understand that as it is one of the ways to lure foreign investors to Malaysia and not to frighten and chase them away.

The mainstream media will always be very protective of the government and its leaders, regardless of whether certain policies do work or if some Cabinet members are involved in graft of other irregularities.

They become so protective that they are willing to lie to the rakyat and the readers. Politicians from the ruling party are also allowed to ride on this mainstream media for their political and personal interest, on reasons that should their wrongdoings are exposed, it would humiliate the government and will cost them dearly at the next elections.

The bosses of this mainstream media are all pro-government and the best 'Yes men' around. For instance, if Rosmah gets more or as much publicity as Najib, that is because those 'Yes men' feel oblige to report anything she does, from A to Z. Compared with other First Ladies in the whole world, none gets so much publicity and in some cases, we hardly read them in newspapers or watch them on television.

Yes, mainstream media is the greatest liar and the best 'Yes man'. So, when blogs and websites published what they refused to publish, it puts them in a limbo. When more people go for blogs and news portal, their readership and circlulation are very much affected.

But it leaves them to no choice but to go on lying and hoarding facts for the sake of their 'masters'.

That is why mainstream media should be free of political control. The government already have Bernama, RTM and its radio station. Tying Utusan to Umno, NSTP to Umno or Nanyang Siang Pau to MCA, for instance will only make them the government tools and propaganda machineries.

We are not living in the 60s, 70s and 80s where newspapers and TV stations were very important in disseminating news and information. The Information Department (Jabatan Penerangan) used to be very important in carrying out such tasks but I think it is high time for it (Jabatan Penerangan) to be dissolved for its redundancy.

My conclusion is, the mainstream media cannot help but to go on spreading lies, exaggerations and bias reports. The business is good but its political attachment will continue to change the rakyat's perception on them, that they are just a propaganda machine!


chiba-geigy said...

jai bro,

they have to lie for business survival. those at the helms are not only yes men but also good ballsuckers.

they carry whoever balls that can benefit them - pm, dpm, politicians, businessmen and others.

Sideline said...


Your are spot-on about the present state of main stream media. By saying yes all the time to the ruling party but silent on the important facts of the news are actually hurt than helping the government. Far worst they insult the intelligent of many people who are internet savvy which not necessary accept whatever publish in the newspaper or government controlled media.

Ahirudin Bin Attan said...

Bro, in almost all cases involving MSM editors kow-towing to their political masters, it's about strength of character and the will to upholds the profession's ethics and principles.

Kalau seorang editor itu lemah syahwat, he's impotent and is therefore in no position to say NO. There are many editors like that,now and in the past.

Let's not forget that the history of local journalism is also filled with brave editors who had to be hacked down, imprisoned and cold-storaged because they wanted to get the job done.

It's no different with judges, lawyers, top cops, A-Gs and other professionals -- the quality of a profession is always down to an individual's commitment to his or her profession.

Thank you.

que sera said...

the political strings attached make them liars. they cant help it as it is part and parcel of the agreement with their political masters.

they wont publish any bad things about the government and the leaders. they will try at their very best to protect their interest.

also part of their duties is to slam the opposition.

thats very normal

masih di BH said...

oiii bro.
dulu kau kerja dengan nstp, tu pun mainstream media gak. bila kau dah blah, kau belasah diorang pulak.

tapi kan.... aku setuju sangat dgn apa yang kau tulis ni.

aku pun kadang2 kena tulis temberang gak!

Anonymous said...

he he he...

i think najib was too much on the buka puasa food!

odd rider said...

newspapers and tv stations (not govt-owned) must be free of political strings and become business entities instead.

when they are attached to the govt, of course they will have to protect the govt and its leaders from opposition assaults.

in many countries, editors and bosses of newspapers and tv stations are close to the leaders but their business is free from any govt interference, unless they go against the law.

in malaysia, the govt should monitor the mainstream media and not control them. just ensure they follow all regulations and never abuse their printing permit.

otherwise, sooner or later the media operators will be seen as dogs!

pro-PKR said...

sebab tu lah kita ada akhbar pembangkang dan akhbar nyamuk yang lain yang turut dituduh berbohong oleh penyokong serta media prokerajaan, walhal mereka ni lah yang cuba menyiarkan berita benar dan tulen

Anonymous said...

pls understand that the mainstream media is a govt mercenary. so, when they lie, they also lie for the govt!

bawah pusat said...

dont deny that most blogs also lie a lot and got to moral like malaysia today, malaysiakini, parpukari, husin lempoyang, pure shiite, lampongkaram and others. you wont find substance of their write in the mainstream media but at least the mainstream media maintains its moral of not to take issues to personal!

Anonymous said...

what is wrong if they lie.

some bloggers lie too!

panther said...

jai, kau dulu dengan nstp gak, sebuah pertubuhan media arus perdana.

masa kau wartawan diorang dulu, kau pun terpaksa bohong jugak ke dalam tuisan kau?

karim, penang said...


sebab depa banyak tipu la punca bn kalah banyak kerusi pada pru12 yang lalu.

padan muka depa! sokong bawa rebah!

jake dragon said...

that's why najib asked them to report facts - because he knew they have been telling so much lies before!

Anonymous said...

newspapers should be free from politics. as long as they feel they have to cover someone's butt, they tend to lie.

the prob with mainstream media nowadays is, they follow instruction from the top blindly

cekodok said...

media aliran perdana mempunyai fungsi besar dalam membantu kerajaan menyebarkan maklumat kepada rakyat secara telus dan bukannya berbohong.

apa jua pembohongan media pada zaman teknologi maju sekarang akan mudah dikenal pasti dan dipantau oleh rakyat.

kerana itulah makin ramai pembaca memilih blog dan portal tertentu untuk mencari kebenaran, menyebabkan akhbar atau media arus perdana hilang kredibiliti.

Anonymous said...

the media only takes care of najib and rosmah.

that is good enough what!

laban said...

hiding the facts mean to cover wrongdoings and the truth. in this manner, we collaborate with those crook.

no wonder some media players employ crooks to work with them

Anonymous said...

memang ada masanya diorang terpaksa bohong beb!

tapi bohong sunat je!

batu 6 said...

BH - berita hairan

UM - utusan mengarut

RTM - radio tv musibat

TV3 - stesen tiga kali penipu

Anonymous said...

I believe the main stream media. I believe that superman really exist. I believe that the Beatles actually came from MARS. I belive that Obama is actually a Chinese guy. I belive that chairman mao was a Japanese. I belive so many things, which are false, but most of all I belive in Najib. heheheh go figure. I'm going to toilet for a dump.

Anonymous said...

The editor has no choice but to toe the line. It's their rice bowl. They have to think for their family too. Who is going to feed them if they are out of job?