Thursday, September 2, 2010

Listen to Yudhoyono

We wont go to war with Indonesia. There wont be any. Malaysia and Indonesia are like brothers. We share many special and common assets. Issues pertaining to our border dispute can be ironed out anytime and without prejudice.

So, why must there still be protest in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta? This time around, it involved thousands of university students. And why didnt Malaysians 'reciprocate' by hurling human feces to the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

And why didnt there any reports about any Indonesians became victims of tit-for-tat in Malaysia?

There are more than two million Indonesians in Malaysia - some entered the country legally while the rest through back doors. They are safe, their security guaranteed not only by the government but also by Malaysians. So, we just dont understand why they are still against us.

Let's listen to Presiden Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono who described Indonesia-Malaysia relations as most important (read

Yudhoyono said the two nations have historical and cultural relation and "We have the responsibility to nurture and continue this brotherhood," a relation which Yudhoyono claimed as the important pilar in the big family of ASEAN on which the four decades of robust growth of the region is based.

"At least two million of our fellow countrymen work in Malaysia, about 13,000 Indonesian students are studying in Malaysia and about 6,000 Malaysian student study in Indonesia. Malaysian tourists are the third largest coming into the country, and Malaysia has 285 investment projects in Indonesia in the last five years worth US$1.2 billion," he said in an address to his irritated nation last night.

So, to Indonesians and Malaysians - listen to Yudhoyono. He is among the best leaders both countries ever had.


jockey said...

SBY memang pemimpin yang bukan saja disegani dan dihormati di indonesia, malah di malaysia.

beliau amat mementingkan semangat setiakawan yang wujud di antara kedua-dua negara dan mengelakkan hal2 yang boleh menjejaskan hubungan baik itu.

sebagai rakyat malaysia, saya sendiri melihat SBY sebagai diplomat antarabangsa yang amat prihatin dengan perhubungan antarabangsa.

semoga beliau memerintah indonesia selagi termampu.

Anonymous said...

nobody wants war, bro.

our both countries have cemented its strongest ties since najib took over from paklah, and neither side would want to lose it just because of the petty matters

petrus said...

saya sendiri bersama teman indonesia amat bimbang jika negara kita dan malaysia bersengketa. ini kerna malaysia sebuah negara yang akrab sama indonesia. mana mungkin kita mahu korbankan segala!

lee lap tiang said...

solve it diplomatically. ignore bendera, both countries will be okay maaaa!!!!

Anonymous said...

bro, if we want to stage similar demo at the indonesian embassy, we can but what is the point?

we dont want to be as stupid as those in jakarta

keturunan jawa said...

jgn ribut2 dong!

ini soal enteng!

padi huma said...

yang mengamuk kat kedutaan malaysia tu semuanya sudah diupah. kebanyakannya rakyat miskin yang mahukan sesuap nasi. bila ahli politik pembangkang macam megawati hasut mereka dengan nasi, maka datanglah mereka beramai-ramai.

susilo tahu hal tu tapi tak boleh buat apa2, kecuali arah polis berkawal je.

Anonymous said...

apa nak gaduh2.

elok malaysia dan indonesia bergabung tenaga lawan israel!

unicorn said...

susilo is a good leader, bro, much better than the previous presidents of indonesia.

he always refer to malaysia as an important partner of indonesia.

what happened between us is a minor issue which can be resolved amicably.

Anonymous said...

kalau kita nak balas, ada berjuta rakyat indon kat negara ni tapi diorang selamat.

inilah orang malaysia yang penyabar dan tidak mahu gaduh dengan siapa2.

orang indon ni memang suka gaduh kot?

Anonymous said...

yudhoyono should be respected both by indonesians and malaysians.

he dared to instruct his people not to let things out of hand and use diplomatic means instead.

hail u, yudhoyono!

Anonymous said...

dont blow the issue out of porportion. neither indonesia nor malaysia wants the bilateral relations to falter.

as for jakarta, they should quell the demonstration fast. the longer they prolong it, it wont be good