Sunday, September 12, 2010

KJ needs a diplomatic lesson

"He may be an intelligent young man but he is not necessarily wise." Foreign Minister Anifah Aman threw this at Pemuda Umno chief Khairy Jamaluddin who asked the government to recall our ambassador to Indonesia if Jakarta fails to quell the anti-Malaysia demonstration in that country (here).

Personally, I dont agree with KJ either. Such a statement is equally diplomatically provocative, or a step closer to severe all ties with the Indonesians.

As there were no more demonstrations in front of the Malaysian Embassy since Tuesday, leaders from both sides are relieved that efforts to put our ties in order again have showed positive signs.

Although KJ got a point that the Indonesian authority was not at their full swing in putting the demos under control, Malaysians and Indonesians are well aware that relations between both countries should be maintained best.

Recalling our ambassador will lead to Jakarta to recall its envoy to KL, too and that, in diplomatic scope, would not stop just there. The end result is always unpleasant for both sides.

So, we are not going to advocate to such an act. As the diplomatic approach is still wide open while the Eid has somehow diffused the tension along our common border, let us observe a good sense of belonging here - that Malaysia and Indonesia are inseparable!


Ahirudin Bin Attan said...

I remember when we recalled our envoy to Yugoslavia during the Balkan atrocities. After that it was no holds barred, Malaysia went for the jugular at the NAM Summit in Indonesia, demanding the sacking of Yugoslavia from Non-Aligned Movement that Yugoslavia helped found. And from then on, Mahathir never eased the pressure on Belgrade, the UN and America.

Recalling a country's ambassador is no trivial matter, you are spot on. You and Anifah Aman are spot on bro!

Anonymous said...

this kj fler has taken actions that are not good for Malaysia

someone should monitor his movements to ascertain that he isn't an agent for a foreign country

he was complimented by singapore's tony tan as a promising young politician

tony tan even went as far as wishing that singapore has more of such "talent"

huh? singapore should bid for kj to cross over

Anonymous said...

Whats so special about Indonesian-Malaysian relations?
We should treat them as we would any other country with which we have diplomatic relations. The Indonesians are certainly not treating us as "saudara serumpun". We should like wise do so. "saudara Serumpun" do not treat each other like what was done to our embassy in Jakarta. And KJ does have a point, that the time to be docile is over. Recalling our ambassador may not be a timely action. But can't we summon the Indonesian ambassador and give him a piece of our mind to show that we consider very seriously actions insulting our sovereignty. The Indonesian Police definitely did not do enough to stop the Indonesian hooligans from trespassing and defacing our embassy in Jakarta. Anifah Aman didn't act strong enough to show our displeasure to Jakarta.

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...


thats painful, bro.

i dont kj can take it... esp when it comes from u

jokot said...

my suggestion to najib, make kj an ambassador to indonesia. after his statements, i think the indonesians would receive him warmly.

kus2 said...


dah lain macam je kau kali ni. tetiba hentam kj. dulu bukan main sokong lagi.

ada apa2 yang tak kena ke?

sori beb... saja tanya

anchorman said...

what's wrong with his suggestion for malaysia to recall our ambassador home?

look at what the indonesians are doing. they failed to control the unruly demonstrators at the embassy.

he only suggested for such an action should the indon authority fails to put an end to that demo.

and now that its over, better still.

come on guys! kj got his point there

tiongnam said...

saya tak tau dari mana kj dapat idea suruh panggil pulang duta ke indonesia.

ini memang tidak masuk akal, jauh lagi daripada menyelesaikan krisis yang ada.

seperti yang anifah kata, memanggil pulang duta kita samalah seperti menghampiri langkah akhir iaitu memutuskan hubungan diplomatik dengan indonesia.

saya rasa kj terburu-buru

Anonymous said...

send him for a short diplomatic course, then he will realise what he suggested was against what we want to do

Anonymous said...


too young to be a leader!

dedak said...

he talks too much nonsense of late.

he should consider his position in pemuda and umno!

Anonymous said...

apsal tak syor je agar kita putuskan terus hubungan dengan indonesia. pastu bagi cadangan agar berperang pulak. kan ke elok, kan bang?

bangang punya budak!

a blogger too said...

ahaaaa... finally i got a wise statement by u about kj.

when u helped him winning the pemuda umno chief, what did he give u?

only shame!

KuGaris said...

In diplomacy and political maneuvers,recalling an ambassador is not just a slap on the hand of the neighbor. It is more like a kick in the face with a filthy boot. Relations will sour for many years and the usual way out is for a third party country to mediate and mend the fences. This could take years. Meanwhile, most Indonesian workers would most likely be recalled immediately. Hence, no maids and factory workers for a while. Coal shipments would be routed elsewhere so our IPP's would have to source coal from Africa or Australia. Electricity costs would rise accordingly.Infrastructure projects would stall due to the lack of workers.

Yes, let's listen to KJ...are we willing to make the 1st move?

Anonymous said...

I think kj got a point there...just to register his displeasure just like many of us (but dare not. I,m sure he knows what's coming.

Anonymous said...

kj is just one in an orchestra where the conductor is invisible

the loudest one though

Anonymous said...

Recalling our Ambassador to any foreign country (except for transferring him out for another post, promotion etc) would be the last thing to be done by any sovereign country, if diplomacy is concerned. Recalling ambassador is considered as near to severing the diplomatic relation and getting near to declare war. What more for a neighbouring country like Malaysia. Urging the government to recall our ambassador is unnecessaryly putting ourselves at par with the demonstrators in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

KJ ... you did good and did RIGHT as well. Pemuda UMNO must be an Ultra entity and be decisive in every actions. You cannot be like Anifah who once "merajuk" when not made a Minister.
I love to see another Singa UMNO in the form of KJ just like Syed Jaafar Albar of Johor .. respected by friends, feared by foes.
Be decisive and be strong KJ .... we all know that you're not a Minister like ALL the previous UMNO Youth leaders BUT you're the BEST Youth leaders ever... be wise and smart all in one. BUT don't you be a "merajuk" one!