Thursday, September 30, 2010

AG must give priority to Kelantan royal tussle too...

Latest: Sultan strips younger brother's titles

The Federal Court has set Oct 23 to decide whether it has the jurisdiction to hear Sultan Ismail Petra's petitions on the legality of Tengku Faris appointment as the new Sultan of Kelantan, and whether the latter (as a Regent) has the executive power to amend the state constitution.

Looks like the bitter feud between a father and son is far from over. The Palace is ripped into two while the rakyat, too is divided over the issue.

However, there are serious aspects which entailed the crisis to be considered, not only by the Court but also by the government. Reports lodged by both sides had since failed to arouse concern at the Cabinet and judiciary. AG Gani Patail who is directly involved in the case got his mouth sewed while Prime Minister Najib and Home Minister Hishammuddin were tightlips over the matter.

So much attention are given to the murder case of Sosilawati and three others, Namewee's U-Tube and others, with no indication given to events and reports about the royal feud, among which are the U-Tube which clearly showed UTK ambushed the deposed Sultan at gunpoint and the murder of a Palace guard earlier this year.

Former IGP Musa Hassan is seen to have 'washed his hands' from the case but as long as the legal proceedings are concerned, no stones will be left unturned. He will be required to give statements to the court when required, and so will Kelantan police chief and a few officers. Even Tengku Faris and his brother Tengku Fakhry can be summoned for their statements too.

As many had said, the royal feud should be left to the Palace to solve but when so much publicity involving outsiders interference (including the UTK and Bukit Aman) are confusing the public, its not becoming the Palace domain anymore. After all, there wont be a Sultan without the rakyat and Constitution support.

There were some intriguing arguments raised by different parties. Although Faris appointment was said to be valid and approved by the state government, a few issues had brought about some points of contention.

Some of the issues are whether the amendment to the state constitution was done accordingly, whether a Regent is empowered to amend any clause of the constitution, whether the amendment comes into force without having it gazetted for a stipulated period, and why the Rulers Council was not informed of the appointment of a new Sultan.

Sultan Ismail's counsel Param Cumaraswamy said it was premature for the Regent to arrogate to himself the power conferred to the Sultan as the issue was still being considered by the Federal Court, and secondly, it seems invidious that the Council of Royal Succession, whose very existence is in dispute, can choose and appoint the Regent as the Sultan.

The unpleasant news is, Sultan Ismail himself did not recognise Faris as the new Sultan, and his son too did not visit his parents (like other Muslims should do) during Hari Raya.

Of course, the court is just the right avenue to solve the crisis. The question here is whether it will be conducted thoroughly and get cooperation from all parties. Otherwise, the war will rage on...


Anonymous said...

the so called squabble does not affect the price of eggs in the market.orang kelantan tahu apa yang berlaku.orang yang berhasrat untuk berkuasa menggunakan press untuk mengapi-api isu which was originally a non-issue.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, the Kelantan royal tussle is not being given priority because, those handling the communications FAILED to do it, in a manner that could grab NATIONAL attention.

If instead of you, it was ROCKYBRU that was highlighting these issues, maybe the level of IMPORTANCE to the issues at hand, would have changed dramatically.

You, cannot demand a MOUSE to fight a battle set for a LION.

Zoo ray Mi.

gempita said...


although the manner tgku faris was proclaimed the new sultan of kelantan, nothing can be done by the federal because they dont want to get entangled into it.

at the same time, hisham is a close buddy of the sultan and there wont be any investigation into the UTK case.

najib too will support whatever stand taken by the home ministry in dealing with the UTK unit which ambushed sultan ismail.

dont you see the point here?

pacal yang hina said...

biarlah mahkamah persekutuan yang putuskan nanti.

kita sebagai rakyat biasa ni, cuma perlu tengok je.

kita boleh buat apa? durian dengan mentimun!

anak yatim said...

eh. betul ke dia langsung tak jumpa mak bapak dia pada hari raya?

dah lain macam je ni!

tak baik la buat macam tu... berdosa!

komander P said...


u better stop highlighting this matter.

leave it to the court.

Anonymous said...


apa nak herankan kisah kerabat diraja ni? dah diorang perangai hodoh, biarkan je la. diorang nak gaduh ke, nak perang ke, kita bukan boleh campur.

cuma pepatah ada menyebut - raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah!

guruh said...

maka putuslah hubungan silaturrahim dua beradik ni nampaknya....

inilah kemurkaan tuhan. kita perlu takutkan bala yang bakal menimpa...

Anonymous said...

ampun tuanku. kenapa sampai begitu sekali? apakah sebab2 untuk singkirkan adik sendiri, darah daging sendiri sebegitu rupa?

LANANG said...

the court will take a bias approach sir.

whether the appointment of the new sultan is lawful or not, they will have to take a bias stand.

that's what our courts are all about

Anonymous said...

sultan berbuat demikian kerana merasakan adiknya boleh mengancam kedudukannya.

dengan melucutkan semua darjah kebesarannya, fakhry tidak ada kuasa sedikit pun untuk mencabar baginda.

Anonymous said...

i think the kelantan royal family is torn apart...and soon will fall!

Anonymous said...

Tg Fakhry terlalu banyak kontroversi.Lagipun isu ini telah dibawa ke Mahkamah. Perkara yang pasti ialah:
- peguam yang mewakili Tg Faris akan ketawa berdekah-dekah sebab dapat yuran guaman yang lumayan
- penulis blog ini tidak elok menyebut tentang isu yang sudah pun ke mahkamah, dikhuatiri menjadi satu kesalahan mencampuri urusan perundangan.

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

Zoo Ray Mi, why are you INSULTING Bujai. He is no MOUSE lah.

Zhu Raei Mei

Rasputin Beliong said...

The UTK ambush on a head of state should go down as the darkest point in Malaysian history. Can we ever be closer to a police state?

Don't the rakyat deserve to know what really happened and why?

If a sultan could be thus treated, is there any reason to believe that in future the PM, and maybe the Agong would not suffer the same fate?

Anonymous said...


Let the court settle it since our PM najib, home ministry hisham,prev IGP ,and lastly nik aziz don't want to commit suicide
The people will wait for 23oct,n hope everythg will b settle.
Just hoping that nobody will try to give "influence" or "hand" into the matter