Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Malaysia depends on its Chinese, right?

"IT is generally recognized that the Chinese are the merchants that drive the (Malaysian) economy, the Indians are the lawyers that facilitate the economy and the Malays are the politicians that skim the profits off the economy. Most Chinese and Indians that have the financial ability; leave the country. The best and brightest students all head for Singapore where the playing field is more equitable or Australia. In Singapore, their top students each year overall is usually from either Indonesia or Malaysia and these kids half kill themselves studying so they can be offered residency rather than go back to Malaysia/Indonesia."

No! It didnt come from me. If you read some comments about the Malaysian economy in Time.com, you will come across it. Not sure whether the writer is a Malaysian or not, it painted a 'not-so-right' picture about us, dont you readers agree?

Another one reads: "...the most important feature of Malaysian politics/social life is the NEP and NEP is more importantly based on race rather than economic status. The native Malays or Bumiputera or Bumis for short are given for example 7% discount in housing which other minorities like Chinese and Indians who fall in the low income bracket do not get. All companies listed in the KL stock exchange must have 30% Malay ownership... Government projects must be tendered by Bumis..."

We have heard too many of this but an article written by Michael Schuman has 'inspired' such criticism toward Malaysia.

Who should correct this 'perception-cum-impression'? Dont we have sufficient and efficient counter-mechanism for such attacks?


pinky said...

mr bujai,

there are some truth in it, esp the second comment...

we cant deny that the govt has been giving priority to the bumis all this while.

nothing to complaint anymore...

podin, sh alam said...


elok jangan siarkan benda2 macam ni. hisham dah mula marah dah tu.

ps... dia sambung ke tak kontrak IGP?

Anonymous said...

malays only know how to skim the profits of the economy.

a kurang ajar statement. i think the person who wrote that is a malaysian chinese.

lebai malang said...


MASTANA said...


den syak ini kojo pembangkang, mungkin dap sobab dio yang dah sobut bondo ni banak kali.

dap ni memang untuk orang cino tapi kito taklah kisah sangat.

tapi kalau dio buek bondo ni sampai hebahkan ke satu dunio, dah nak kono carut la jawab eh tu!

tek mak kau!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!

very true, indeed!

malayawatak said...


malaysia depends much on the wisdom of the malay leaders who have and had tried to accommodate the national interest.

it also depends on the tolerance of the malays who are willing to share everything with anybody with good heart and intention.

if not for such a tolerance, there wont be any chinese and indians and others in the country!

bear that in mind!

noble mind said...

dah la tu.

elok kita hentikan rasa curiga sesama kaum ni. tak elok untuk generasi akan datang.


Anonymous said...

ni semua kerja jembalang asing yang diternak oleh anwar ibrahim. dialah yang menyediakan segala bahan bongok macam ni untuk disebarkan kepada media asing atau dia sendiri yang tulis komen tu.

TOOTH said...


the more we write about this issue, the more dangerous it gets as it incites uneasiness among all races.

the govt should put a stop at this kind of posting. have u read rockybru today. the article written by one chinese senior journalist?

in iran, such a person will face the firing squad!

heng NS said...

so, whats wrong with such comments?

it contains truth and evidence!

biol said...


pinjam 25 sen, nak beli peluru kapur. nak tembak sapa2 yang buat keje hina ni! nak tembak lidah dia je!

Anonymous said...

bloody swine!

bloody hell!

bloody true!

selendang merah said...

this is the result of 1malaysia. you give equality, so they start to complaint about the rights of the bumis.

whats next?

jake dragon said...


gua tengah geram ni, jai!

kalau gua dapat orang yang tulis benda ni, gua sumbat dia dalam lesung, buat emping je!

segaran, ipoh said...

what la u people. this things have been going on and on since merdeka. the malays, chinese, indians and the rest of malaysians are aware of such a policy to put the bumis above all.

so, why only now they make a fuss out of it?


on-call said...


suruh je brahim ali jadi pm. kalau tak dapat, rampas kuasa je. dia boleh jaga orang melayu... kononnya!

Anonymous said...


if not for the malays tolerance, the chinese wont be in malaysia!

raja S said...

semua orang india ni lawyer ke?

memang! sebahagian besarnya loyar buruk!

tapi lawyer terbaik pun orang india jugak!


Ahirudin Bin Attan said...

The keyword is LOYALTY. Jai, let's take a look at Malaysians who migrate to Australia, the US, the UK, even Singapore and other "greener pastures". Who are they, from which ethnic groups, and for what reasons. Most of them migrated because of economic opportunities. Others because of marriage. The bottomline, however, is still loyalty.

Anonymous said...

ni semua bertujuan melaga-lagakan kaum yang ada di malaysia.

siapa punya angkara?


graham said...

najib is burdened with the heaviest task to unite malaysians as the anti-integration agents like this will never stop their mission to break up malaysians apart.

only malaysians themselves can decide whether to fall into such a trap or continue to remain resilient and work together for their common interest.

in this borderless world, we cannot help but listen, watch and read unscrupulous remarks written and hurled at malaysia and malaysians.

to all malaysians -let us remained united!

Anonymous said...

although there are lots of truth, malaysians should ignore this opposition-led campaign. anwar, karpal, kit siang and others play a part in this

lebai apong said...

apa nak kecoh2 ni...

jom gi pancing udang la jai. kat telok gong ada tempat baru.

kat situ, orang melayu, cina, india dan yang lain elok je duduk sama2, borak2 sambil memancing. takda pun sentuh isu kaum dan siapa jadi bos kat negara ni.

heh heh!

Anonymous said...

Is there nothing else in the mind of an ethnic Chinese or Indians in Malaysia except to scrap the special position of the Malays? If this is so, why don't the Malays, while they are in power (politic?), get rid of these ungrateful people before these people get the full political power to get rid of them? Come on, lets have some wars and then we'll be able to see who will be victorious. Then we'll all be happy ever after (or in the hereafter).

Anonymous said...


Guna la peribahasa sikit.

"Kita kena berkasar untuk kebaikan."

Jangan bagi muka dan manja sangat. Baru ada kesedaran.

Pegang kepala mereka dan pcywar sikit.

Ooiiii Pemimpim Melayu semua , tolong jangan lupa diri. Buatlah sesuatu untuk kuatkan orang Melayu.

Semangat Melayu

Anonymous said...

50% true, To those who wishes to migrate , you may go.

30% Bumi equity is bullshit. Mana ada, semua ali baba .

The rich and famous bumi are UMNO and its cukong. NOT the bumi.

Anonymous said...

seorang Prof. bukan melayu pernah berkata,"saya lebih percaya org melayu memerintah menjaga politik Malaysia dari bangsa saya sendiri"...sebab Keamanan negara yg melayu perintahlah bangsa lain boleh majukan ekonomi negara.

Anonymous said...

You're obviously in denial. What is there to fix? You're one of many parties responsible for the misconception, defending those who marred our reputation. Have you not notice the rampant racism, corruption and idiocy demonstrated by those in power?

Ketua 40 Penyamun said...

senang je bujai...
x puas hati dgn malaysia, cari aje negara yang boleh ditumpang...ini dah mereka lakukan tp negara tumpang lagi teruk...sbb tu x puas hati...
sekarang ni x puas hati lagi... lempar taik pada pentadbiran negara... nampak mcm nk menjadi... sbb tu sana sini berani cuit itu dan ini... tp jika mereka fikir negara ini makmur dengan hasil usaha mereka sahaja, mmg x sedar diri lah tu...eloklah mereka beredar dari sini agar kekayaan mereka itu tidak dirampok oleh melayu/bumi.

Anonymous said...

OMIGOSH this is soooo rude, rude, RUDE. So insulting, insulting, INSULTING.

I feel so embarrassed for Malaysia when people blare this kind of comments for the whole world to read.

Anonymous said...

Ahirudin: "The keyword is LOYALTY."

Many moons past, an American friend argued that loyalty to country is so last millenium. He pointed to the John Lennon song Imagine - "Imagine there's no country ..."

He said that birds, fishes, and animals give not a hoot about any political, artificial boundaries - they go where they like. He asked if animals can have such freedom why then should humans be so restricted? Why shouldn't you and everyone else declare that this whole planet, every continent, every island, is your home, it belongs to you?

He posited that all these national, political borders are an artificial construct due entirely to man's selfishness. Man arrives at a place, declares it his own arbitrarily, and warns others to stay away, that it is his alone, he owns it and no one has a right to enter.

Well, it seems like he has a point there. What do you think?

Anonymous said...


kaum cina di malaysia ni lain daripada yang di tanah besar china, indonesia dan singapura.

oleh kerana mereka menguasai perniagaan dan ekonomi, mereka besar kepala.

di indonesia, mereka tidak berani kerana takut dengan melayu indonesia.

ex-bujang 87 said...

dah betul apa yang ditulis, dah dari dulu lagi.

apa yang nak dihebohkan?

Anonymous said...

The TRUTH is the REAL BUMIS are the ORANG ASLI......semua lain ia lah pendatang.
Melayu dari Indonesia
Cina dari China
Indian dari India
Jika tak suka bagi tanah balik ke ORANG ASLI Tuan Rumah Malaysia !
Apa faedah kami bergatuh ?
Lets work together to bring greater sucess to Malaysia !
Reduce politicking,Increase the size of economic cake so all will enjoy fruits of sucess !