Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scrap Lahad Datu's coal-fired plant!

A posting by Rockybru on Friday, Aug 20 about the billion ringgit coal-fired plant in Lahad Datu near Sandakan, Sabah draws my attention. And taking the Q from him, I would like to add a few lines (or facts) about it.

I wonder whether Che Khalib Mohamad Noh is still one of the directors of Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd who was also responsible in 'approving' the project. And, is his buddy at Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Abdul Razak Majid still holding similar SEB directorship? (here)

If so, both can give a lengthy asnwer to the progress of the coal-fired plant, which was met with criticism not only from people in Lahad Datu and Sandakan but NGOs and environmentalists alike. And the rumors that it was meant as a 'parting gift' for Pak Lah and his friends (who could they be?) has opened up questions to possibility - that it was a syndicated political project.

However, I dont want to go into its depth. What concerns me and many is the fact that the EIA reports was in favor of such a plant, which has been banned in many countries like most in Europe for its devastating air pollution impact.

What went wrong at the EIA agency? Who got the order to tamper with its originally 'obstructing contents' and gave it a 'clear' for the construction of the plant? If nobody wants to answer this, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will have no choice but to set up an inquiry on it.

Something was not right with the site report, either. It was originally proposed some 10km from the shore but it was then agreed that it must be built by the sea as it would accommodate the setting up of a port for ships ferrying coals.

Another burning issue is that, the Bakun Dam project which is expected to be completed in 2011 should be able to supply enough energy to the needs of Lahad Datu and Sandakan.

The argument is simple - the government, via TNB, plans a 676km submarine cables across the South China Sea to connect Bakun and Peninsular Malaysia, when in fact the distance from Miri to Sandakan is only 480km. Besides, the idea to sell Bakun's electricity to Brunei and Kalimantan has to be reconsidered. Why cant we sell it to the people and industry in Sabah and Sarawak first instead of providing it to other countries?

Maybe we could also consider the summary of the EIA reports here and comments by those who have read it.


Transportation via marine vessels will generate waste oils and bilge water. If not properly managed and disposed, these will lead to pollution of marine waters. Piling and trenching activities will increase the turbidity in the construction and adjacent area. According to the hydraulic modelling results, the suspended sediment concentrations in excess of 50mg/l in the worst case scenario (during the North East Monsoon) are limited to only within about 150m from the piling and trenching sites (on both sides).

I am not an expert. Maybe Rocky and the rest of you can understand it. But my summary is simple: stop the plan, fully-utilise Bakun's supply and leave Lahad Datu's shores clean and healthy. To those who wanted to benefit from the project, you are doomed!


Anak Limau said...

Parting gift to Tun Dol kah? Aiyama ... penjarakan mamat tu lah. Istana kat Carcosa tak cukup, lu nak perkosa Sabah pulah. Jangan main-main ba .... nanti PRU13 itu BN boleh blah baaaa...

ex-husband said...

is it a 'tradition' to give a project to a prime minister or a minister before he retires?

if so, then i believe hundreds of projects have been given to ex-ministers, ex-deputy ministers, ex-senior govt officials, ect.

do we have any record on that? we should reveal it to the people

Anonymous said...

'a parting project for pak lah...'?

that's interesting, bro. does kj get some of it?

kitabon said...

oi orang malaysia!

apa salahnya bagi satu projek kepada paklah dan pm serta menteri yang pernah berjasa kepada agama, bangsa dan negara.

takkanlah mereka cuma buat kerja sukarela dan membuat orang lain jadi kaya sedangkan mereka tak dapat apa2 'hadiah' daripada tugas selama ini?

fikilah sikit, sahabat.

semua pemimpin ada baik dan tidaknya. kita lihatlah kebaikan paklah ketika jadi pm, jangan lihat sangat keburukannya. kalau nak ikutkan keburukan, pemimpin lain pun ada jugak, termasuk mahathir.

projek macam ni bukan dia sorang yang dakat. dia mungkin daoat sikit sebagai menghargai sumbangannya.

jadi, apa salahnya paklah dapat sikit sebab pm lain pun pernah dapat habuan masing2?

tok nobat, beluran said...

tapak untuk projek itu memang cantik, pantainya bersihnya, pinggir lautnya dalam dan sesuai untuk dibina sebuah pelabuhan.

bagaimanapun, projek ini tidak sesuai kerana akan melemahkan sistem akuakultur dan merosakkan sistem maritim di sekitarnya.

nelayan lahad datu dan sekitar akan menjadi mangsa keadaan, jika tidak dalam setahun dua, dalam lima tahun akan datang.

perairan di situ juga adalah sumber udang kertas besar bermutu tinggi yang dieksport ke banyak negara.

jadi, janganlah hapuskan sumber pendapatan nelayan di situ hanya kerana kita ingin memajukan industri tenaga. banyak lagi tempat lain boleh kita cari sebagai pilihan.

tok nobat

fenin lalat said...

macam tu la kita ni, jai

ada minyak, banyak dijual ke negara lain hinggakan minyak pasaran tempatan tak cukup dan harganya naik.

ada loji tenaga pulak, elektriknya nak dijual kepada negara lain sedangkan masih banyak kawasan belum ada kemudahan ini dan masih ramai rakyat hidup dengan lampu pelita minyak tanah.

entah laa....

a bird said...

that particular are is good as tourist getaway. develop it and the whole nation will reap the fruits.

why must we spoil the nature?

underworld said...

we dont need it.

as u said, fully utilize the power from bakun.

some people do lots of nonsense jobs. thats why laaa

Anonymous said...


u are making musa aman angry. he is suppose to get his also from that project.

Anonymous said...

bujai, ask kj la. i think he knows better. the project was approved when he was there with his in-law. he must know a lot of things that we dont know.

biol said...

anak limau,

betul tu bah.

jangan buat taik di sabah, bah

projek tu tak baik, bah

sekali air bah, sekali pasir berubah, bah.

abah kau bah!

Anonymous said...

tanya sama itu che khalib hud hud, dia tau semua hal pasal projek ni. walaupun dia dah ke maybank, kroni dia masih ramai di tnb.

guruh said...

u bloggers are bastards!

stop writing about pahlah. no need to dig his past. it will embarrass none other than the malays!

dorani said...

kesian paklah, asyik kena je dengan korang.

kenanglah jasa beliau sikit. jangan dok tengok silap dia ja

20 minutes said...


u are really a pundek.

thats not the way to appreciate a leader.

if he is a good one, ok la.... but not paklah, not kj, not that mata lebam!

u are a pundek!

el condor pasa said...


actually people in sandakan need the project, but NOT a coal-based.

we got good lakes and river to be turned into a huge dam to produce hydro-electricity, just like kenyir and temenggor.

why didnt they think of that?

jurugegas said...

i agree that bakun must be fully-utilised to cater for power needs in sabah and sarawak.

whats the point of selling to others when our local people and industry are not fully supplied yet?

dont be a bloody fool!

Anonymous said...

before it gets started, pls call it off, najib!

its a waste of money and hazardous to the environment in lahad datu and sandakan.

lee lap tiang said...

ask kj to answer. i believe he knows every detail!

u takut kj ka, bujai?

chiba-geigy said...

go hydro-power la, u fools!

study the map of lahad datu and u will see some good locations to build another dam for that purpose. its clean and environmental-friendly

Fikri said...

Sad to say that although a hydro-powered dam is cleaner and environmental-friendly than a coal plant, the dam does have an adverse effects towards the surrounding area.

Google it first.

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