Saturday, August 21, 2010

M'sia ranks 37th, Finland (a country of extremes) is top - Newsweek (or News Weak)

Helsinki, capital of Finland

Newsweek ranks Malaysia as the world's 37th best country and among the best in Asia, just below Japan (9) and Singapore (20) in terms of education and economic dynamism. Top three are Finland, Switzerland and Sweden (here).

I dont know how precise Newsweek's ratings are. Obviously, some Finns didn't agree with it at all, citing the domestic and social problems as criteria to be taken into consideration.

Malaysia is also listed as the eighth best in education among the upper middle-income countries. Singapore ranks top in the economic dynamism category. Newsweek attributed it to Singapore’s 'manageable' size.

The Guardian said, for a country of extremes, Finland doesnt deserve such a rating. "But what about suicides, depression, alcoholism and our cold, dark winters?" many Finns protested yesterday after the announcement by the magazine (here).

"But gloating does not come naturally to us, even though Finland has topped the OECD global education assessment three times in a row. There is an underside to the educational excellence. Two bloody school massacres, in 2007 and 2008, claimed 20 lives," it added.

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tops the ranking of the world's best leader. Read the article 'India The Best Place To Fly A Kite...' by Times of India.


class monitor said...


at least we dont need to be ranked among the 3 countries. they are the centre of porno... i believe thats why newsweek chose them.

in terms of moral decay, the 3 countries are also top.

Anonymous said...

so, who says the united states is the best place to live?

warlord said...

malaysia ranks first in asia in terms of harboring immigrants.

we have more than 2 million of them. for a small nation like us, we should be proud that foreigners have so much trust in our growth.

otherwise they wont come here looking for jobs.

JY said...


US is not the best

UK too is not the best

at least in asia, we rank among the tops.

biol said...

newsweek patut buat kajian mengenai politik.

kalau ada, malaysia mungkin di tempat paling atas di segi politik caca merba!


Anonymous said...

indians like to fly kite...


insight said...

finland, swiss and denmark deserve it for their robust economy... and also their moral decay

short-circuit said...

we must comparing malaysia with singapore.

i hate singapore!

i hate singaporeans!

i hate kalimullah!

neng said...

newsweek should rank the states as the worst country to live... for its anti-Islam

celaka punya amerika! celaka punya newsweek!



nama ibu negara dia pun HELL SINKI

sebab tu dia layak.

vincent said...

i would like to tell those who belittle malaysia, their own country. they are lucky for being born and bred here. had they were born in tibet, palestin or other countries, they would instead want to migrate to malaysia.

this people are very ungrateful. they made tremendous success in the country and yet continue to say bad things about her.

what kind of bastards are you?

Anonymous said...

india the best place to fly a kite!

what a headline!

i agree!

Anonymous said...

wah. united states is not among top 10. they claimed the us is the best country for everything.

they are terrorist, actually

jalak lenteng said...

tak payah masuk senarai tu pun takpa. kita tau malaysia memang best! tak caya, tanya le mat2 bangla, indon, nepal, india, vietnam dan pendatang lain kat sini. kalau boleh, diorang pun tanak balik negara sendiri

Anonymous said...

pity the americans.

they always thought they are the best when it turns out to be the worst of all devils!

inchon said...

india should be voted as the most exotic nation, while denmark as the most erotic.

fly kite la indians!

Anonymous said...

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