Friday, August 27, 2010

Indonesia issues a warning

Update at 4.40pm - Indonesia and Malaysia have agreed to discuss the border dispute in Kota Kinabalu on Sept 6 (read here).

No discount from the Indonesians! Settle all border and territorial disputes or face a 'hard' action - such are the warnings issued by Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur amidst escalating tension that sours Malaysia-Indonesia diplomatic relation.

“The Malaysian authorities should understand that Indonesian people anger has been accumulated for the continuous border dispute between the two countries,” the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission 1 chairman, Mahfudz Siddiq from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), told reporters in Jakarta on Thursday.

He also said that the Malaysian government should have acted wiser before issuing a travel warning for its citizens to visit Indonesia. Such a move, he added, was an over-reaction that could deepen the crisis (here).

Back home, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak expressed his disappointment over the incidents at the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said Najib had expressed his disappointment at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday after he was given a briefing on what had transpired.

"Of course he was very disappointed. He finds it is wrong for them to do that. But he has faith in the Indonesian authority, he has faith in the President that this matter will be settled," he told reporters after receiving a courtesy call by a delegation from the Duta Belia 2010 Indonesia at Wisma Putra, here Thursday (here).

Now, either Malaysia or Indonesia, what are the leaders doing? Just sit tight and wait and see? Or keep on issuing statements and making new remarks? Until when? Until someone dares to pull the trigger?

So, stop making disparaging statements and go to the round table, instead. As far as our cooperation is concerned, it remains intact. What happened should serve as a lesson to both parties to be more serious in managing whatever dispute between them. Prolonging it will not only make the people 'sick' but will adversely affect their spirit of brotherhood.

here is a comment by blogger Ozz in Jakarta, quite interesting:

As a Malaysian in Jakarta, I view those incidents at our embassy as "pukul anak sindir menantu". BENDERA is a body that was set up under PDIP-Perjuangan lead by Megawati, the opposition. Even their headquarter was once PDIP's office in Menteng. Anything that will hurt SBY will be taken as opportunity to condemn him and Malaysia is the victim. Those demonstrators were just paid opportunist that will just feel satisfied with a pack of rice and some pocket money. Opposition politicians are behind all demonstrations held there. Government to government relations are very strong and not easily can be provoked by some political monkeys. Most of my Indonesian brothers and sisters have more important things to think about. I stick to my opinion as Indonesia's politicians always think they are the big brother of ours and arrogantly couldn't accept if the younger brother is much better and more prosper than them.

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bronx said...

a lot of malaysian look down at indonesia as the same way a lot of singaporean look down at us

karipuley said...

so, they are being paid, according to ozz.

no wonder they are doing their best... and thats why the indonesian authority did not act to disperse them from the embassy gate!

Anonymous said...




dusk to dawn said...

lets warn each other,
lets protest at each other
lets sit tight and do nothing
lets our people be at risk!

bot leaders are stupid!

ex-husband said...

indonesia taknak mengalah, malaysia pun sama jugak.

elok lah biarkan je.... kita sama2 untungkan yahudi kalau berperang. kita guna senjata buatan diorang.

royalis said...

jangan begitu dong!

kita saling MEMBUTUHKAN satu sama lain!

ini soal GAMPANG, soal KAPAN diselesaikan bergantung pada kewarasan kita.

nilampuri said...

if megawati leads bendera, then she is not our friend anymore. when she was president, she was so loud in avowing the importance of malaysia-indonesia relations but look what she is doing now...

the arbitrator said...

dont add fuel to fire!

find an amicable solution to the dispute. tolerate each other and stop making sensitive statements.

malaysia and indonesia need each other.

Anonymous said...

nothing serious la bro. i dont think we will go to war. indonesian leaders are level-headed. they need us as much as we need them.

this issues can be resolved. we can work on it together.


Anonymous said...

get all indonesials out of malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Ini ombak dalam cawan. Biarkan anjing-anjing itu bikin kacau sebab kantongnya keringan dan mereka kelaparan. Kapan perutnya sudah kenyang dan kantongnya ada sedikit uang , tiada lagi demonstrasi dan kerja rioh-rioh ini.

Biarkan kerajaan Indon selesaikan.
Siapa lebih berkuasa Bendera (Megawati dan Pembangkang) atau SBY. Jangan ketepikan kemungkinan tangan dari Malaysia juga terlibat. Singapore musuh dalam selimut.

Anonymous said...

What? War with Indonesia? First we have to send back the 2 million Indonesians .If not we have 2 million musuh dalam selimut.


Anonymous said...

What? War with Indonesia? First we have to send back the 2 million Indonesians .If not we have 2 million musuh dalam selimut.


Ozz said...

Deep in my heard, I have a feeling that "a third party" involved in the disputes between these beloved countries.

Please read more in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Peace no war...

Anonymous said...

Saudara bronx,

Siapa peduli kalau orang Singapork (kata bloger OpEd) memandang rendah kepada kita Malaysian. Mereka sengaja hendak berlagak kepada kita konon-kononnya ekonomi mereka lebih baik daripada kita.

Tapi aspek ekonomi bukan segala-galanya? Betul tak? Kita di Malaysia lebih hebat daripada mereka dalam aspek-aspek lain. Mereka kalau keluar rumah yang macam rumah burung merpati akan terlanggar rumah burung merpati yang lain. Pergi jauh sikit, jumpa rimba batu bata. Pergi jauh sikit lagi terjun ke laut!!!

Negara kita sangat luas yang jika hendak dibandingkan dengan mereka hanya sebagai 'red dot' di selatan Johor. Kita di Malaysia boleh beriadah ke gunung, ke rimba,
tepian sungai dan tepian laut.
Itu baru satu aspek sahaja.

Lihat di hujung-hujung minggu atau cuti umum berderet-deret kereta dari Singapork masuk ke Malaysia untuk sama sama menikmati udara segar, kawasan luas dan pamandangan indah di Malaysia. So mengapa perlu mereka 'look down' kepada Malaysia (jika adalah!)sedangkan mereka turut 'menumpang' menikmati kelebihan di Malaysia?

Warga setia

Anonymous said...

what the heck... u see peeps look at the Guangzhou asian games everybody using their talents and their heads why dont we learn to use it too, jgn turut pa itu emosi kalian g tau yahudi punya military base di singapura klo kita perang sapa yg untung singapura ma israel bis tu kita di "benahin" kaya palestina sblum kejadian jangan maen sruduk....