Monday, August 16, 2010

Hisham admits it, what about Najib and the rest?

Finally, Hisham admits the fact that Umno members are actually fed up of infighting and bickering within the party. Whether he really sees and understands the whole situation in Umno, especially in Terengganu, is not important but his approach counts.

I am not sure whether he acknowledges the worsening infighting among Umno leaders, notably at states and divisions level as he himself has his politics in command of him. Whether he will advance further (he used to avow of aspiring to become a prime minister) or getting saturated at where he is now, only God knows.

He is not as friendly as before, so say many of his friends and colleagues. He gets snobbish by the day. He despises bloggers, including pro-government bloggers whom he describes as 'menyusahkan'. In other words, we are just a pain in the ass. But he loves the Press, calling press conferences and issuing statements frequently. Any difference between the mainstream media and bloggers?

Even efforts by his aides to arrange a 'bloggers meet Hisham session' was either called off or rescheduled many times. Afraid, maybe?

Now, does he understands what infighting among Umno leaders is? (read here) What kind of info did he get from Ahmad Said. Does he believe in all the feedback feeded to him by Terengganu Umno? Does he trust the people who gave him such info?

Terengganu is a 50-50 state at this particular moment. Should we call for a general election this year, the state will fall to Pas and the Pakatan Rakyat. Not only Terengganu, Kelantan will remain as a Pas stronghold, Selangor will see almost all Umno state seats fall to the Opposition, Johor will have more Opp Aduns, Kedah and Perlis will go to PR, Perak is a doubtful winner while in Melaka, Ali Rustam himself could lose in his own constituency.

What about the Dewan Rakyat? Barisan Nasional's majority would be reduced to between 6 and 10 seats. Will Hisham survive his?

Umno leaders like Hisham should look deeply into problems plaguing the party. Dont deny the fact that many Umno members have voted for the Opposition in the last general elections, hoping for the leadership to change. They were taught a good lesson.

Sadly, nothing seems to have changed. Umno leaders still love rhetoric, calling on members to continue supporting them. 'Siapalah kita tanpa Umno!' but what would become of the party if more and more members leaving it for Pas or PKR?

We are happy and proud to read news by the mainstream media that more and more Pas and PKR members are joining Umno but at the same time do we notice how many Umno members are crossing over? In Terengganu, situation gets worse each day. Does Hisham know that there are political empires at few Umno divisions in the state? What is he going to do about it? What kind of a picture that you got from Ahmad Said?

Most of Umno top leaders today were born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Najib and Hisham are sons of former premiers while the others are descendants of the rich and famous. They take things too lightly. Whatever happens at the grassroots is none of their business, just leave it to the state or division heads to attend it.

Umno members do not fancy stuck-up leaders who come with dozens bodyguards and luxury cars to their branch or division. As most division heads are also like many Umno leaders - getting rich quickly after being appointed to their respective positions - they only choose their own people to safeguard their interest. They only call on members to 'buy' them in the next party elections.

Some divisions have its own political empires. Apart from being a division head, his wife is the Wanita chief, his daughter as the Puteri chief while his son holds the Pemuda division chief. Umno leadership is aware of this ugly trend but there is nothing they can do about it as the precedent has been set.

So, like it or not, let the members judge the party and its leaders again in the next general election! You may not want to read posting like this but let me tell you this - Umno is getting irrelevant by the day because of its leaders' ignorant game!


Anonymous said...

Mr Bujai

You really hit hard on their head and it's bulls eyed.
The question is whether they read your mind and our negative opinion on them is secondary. May be they rubbished off when we talk negatively on them.

Actually the question goes 'who is Najib and Hishammuddin without the UMNO members'. While They should have thought that they them self were nobody
in the very first place they should evaluate our disclosures particularly on the negative side of it and make changes where necessary if there is credence. Please don't simply brushed them aside.

UMNO at divisionals and branches level are in deep shit. Just imagine an UMNO Divisional Leader has got a gut to pass a very unbecoming remark by saying that UMNO is 'washed out' in the next General Election (PRU 13). But this Malay UMNO bastard who is still a wakil rakyat since the last five terms had been pressuring the MB for more project for him.

This is the charactor of UMNO leader of today. What about those who have nothings?.

Untuk Renungan Bersama.

magenta said...

infighting in umno doesnt seems to end, bro. u know la. in tganu for instance, idris jusoh's team is still against mat said, and vice versa.

in johor, some divisions are against muhyiddin while some are with him. some want to see hishamuddin hussein jumps the political ladder while others say its enough for hisham.

leaders normally lead to the formation of factions, and this factions will fight for those they support. this indirectly contributes to more factions at divisions branches levels. no way to make it subside as it keeps on burning until they achieve tneir objective.

they dont mind stepping on others head as long as the leaders they support arrive at their finishing line.

umno will forever remain like this, and the malays will continue to be divided within their own politics.

captain said...

trengganu is a gone case but nothing has been done to address the problems. hisham is not suitable for the job. najib should intervene instead

orang minyak said...

what? hisham... as a pm?

plzzzzzeee.... i dont want to imagine!

selisih malaikat 44!

kanebo said...

elok gak pilihanraya umum diadakan sekarang ni. tengok sejauh mana pemimpin umno yakin dengan kemampuan mereka.

kalau tak terngantuk, tak terngadah!

Anonymous said...

a boring topic.... dont write about umno la bro...

as a member, i am fed up already with the leadership

sadikon said...

mana boleh hisham jadi pm. jadi tpm pun susah. dia ingat semua anak bekas pm akan jadi pm. pigi daaaa!

suruh dia lawan muhyiddin dulu pada pemilihan parti akan datang.

ada berani ka?

samagagah said...

najib agaknya sedar masalah dalaman umno yang meruncing tapi manalah dia ada masa nak jenguk semuanya.

sebab tu dia lantik pengerusi perhubungan negeri untuk pantau.

malangnya pengerusi perhubungan negeri pun tak berapa nak buat kerja. sebabnya - mereka cuma wujudkan hubungan baik dengan ketua bahagian. ketua bahagian pulak dah macam raja kat kawasan masing2.

masalah sebenarnya bermula di peirngkat bahagian lagi tapi setiap kali kemuka laporan kepada pengerusi perhubungan, semuanya dikatakan baik belaka.

pemimpin umno dah makin kerap menipu untuk tutup kelemahan cawangan serta bahgian masing2. pengerusi perhubungan pun terima je semua laporan yang kononnya baik dan dikemukakan kepada pucuk pimpinan parti.

maka bungkus la nampaknya!

Anonymous said...

ye la.

ramai orang dah kata muhyidin dan najib dah berapa ngam tapi dinafikan.

macam dr mahathir dan anwar dulu, ingat tak? tiba2 je meletup!

Anonymous said...

maaf le kalau hisham nak jadi YAB.

boleh huru-hara kerajaan dan orang melayu!

masih di BH said...

jai, kau boleh kena pecat dari umno ni!

berani kau tulis macam ni!

true citizen said...


shall we form another party for malaysians?

umno is for the malays

mca is for the chinese

mic is for the indians

gerakan is mostly for chinese

pas is for the malays too

dap is mainly for the chinese

pkr is for anwar ibrahim only

no party for 1malaysia. lets consider a 1malaysia party representing malaysians regardless of race and religion. we can work together without prejudice.

Anonymous said...

najib doesnt realise that few of his cabinet members from umno are non-performers. until he make changes, umno will be seen as a party of cronyism

kawan rosmah said...

hisham memang makin sombong. cara dia bercakap dengan kita pun dah lain, seolah-olah dia tu perdana menteri atau presiden.

nantilah... masanya akan tiba bila kesedarannya sudah terlalu lambat

Anonymous said...

one of the problems being at the top is, you cant see what is happening down there....

pro-PKR said...

elok semua ahli umno masuk pkr je...

usin begok said...

macam dr m kata, melayu mudah lupa.

maknanya melayu yang dah pegang jawatan tinggi dalam parti dan kerajaan, mereka lupa asal usul mereka dan lupa akan masalah orang bawahan

EYES said...

muhyiddin pun banyak masalah kat bahagian dan johor. jadi, dia takda masa nak dengar masalah tempat lain.


Anonymous said...

memang akan malang nasib umno kalau pilihanraya umum diadakan dalam masa terdekat.

tak tau la kalau datuk najib yakin sangat umno dan bn boleh menang

on-call said...

i challenge datuk najib to dissolve the parliament to pave for a general election this year or latest by mid 2011.

if bn wins by a bigger majority, he is fit to stay on.

if otherwise, he better quit umno as well

Anonymous said...

tak tau la berapa ramai ahli umno dah kuar parti.

aku rasa kat baling ni je dah 300 orang sejak pru12

hering said...


kasi tarok cili sama garam lagi. susah nak sedarkan pemimpin kita ni...

atanjamilselamat said...

why not give the "alternatif" a chance to govern us in 2012? see what it's like? if we don't like them, just kick them out democratically!

Anonymous said...


sometime back i was stuck in a three hour traffic jam otw to seremban on plus highway. all of a sudden came half a dozen of police cars and outriders and it was the PM. my god, i had to wait for three hours to reach seremban. and the pm who i voted in just came around and asked us to move aside and let him passed thru. i made a mistake in casting my vote the last time. feel sorry for myself

jalak lenteng said...

those at the top are getting more corrupt than before. so much so, they cant do anything to division heads who are also corrupt.

that leaves the ordinary members as just a tool for their leaders' political platform.

what will happen if these members got so piss off and leave en mass?

Anonymous said...

jai, aku pasti najib, muhyidin, hisham dan yang lain2 tak baca apa kau suarakan. kalau baca pun, diorang tak pedulik.

tak guna kita menyalak bukit. baik kita pulaukan pru akan datang...

tak suka hisham said...

pengakuan hisham cuma untuk sedapkan ati ahli bawahan je, kononnya dia peka dengan apa yang berlaku. di tganu pun dia tak boleh handle, ni pulak di tempat lain. saja nak menunjuk yang dia ambil berat. dia bukan tahu kesusahan orang. dia anak orang kaya beb!

Anonymous said...


umno dah tak boleh diubati. susah dah, tggu tenat dan lingkup je.

carilah penawar, dah hampir takda.

krulayar said...