Thursday, August 19, 2010

BN too is in deep shit...

'Ban PERKASA - This group is only good at making police reports'. Interesting piece written by a Star reader under its Citizen's Blog column. The comment was meant for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

Image from Free Malaysia Today

Among others, it reads: "...Imagine this, UMNO has PERKASA, and then MCA has another "WARRIOR" group, and MIC has "SAMMI CHEN" group. All parties fighthing among each other within BN. All parties making police report against each other. How do you expect Malaysian will support BN in our next general election?"

So, the 'war' rages on. Adding fuel to the fire is Utusan Malaysia which posted a stinging article against MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and MCA. MCA is, of course Chinese.

I am not sure whether it is wise to ban Perkasa or 'Sammi Chen' or other one-race organisations but I am sure of one thing - that Barisan Nasional is heading into the ravine should all this frictions are not resolved by the next general election.

During Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's era, any dispute within the BN was discussed at special meetings. There was always a way out to every problem. The cooperation spirit among component parties remained high.

What happens after his era is really beyond comprehension. Cross-accusation and back biting becomes so rampant since BN 'losses' in the last general election. Nobody wanted to take full responsibility for the poor results that saw Pakatan Rakyat cutting BN's traditionally two-third majority at the Dewan Rakyat.

It went on and on until former premier Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said non-Malays too can become a prime minister of Malaysia, which opened up the 'floodgate' to social-beatings among the three dominant race in the country. To some extent, the Malays accused the Chinese as getting 'big-headed' with such a statement, and as such are working closely with the DAP to realise that dream.

On the other hand, the Chinese were accusing the Malays of wanting to 'rob' what they have achieved thus far, and when Perkasa came into the picture with its 'fight-for-the-Malays' slogan, the friendship gap was widened. With more Umno leaders and members joining Perkasa, the Chinese and Indians felt that they, too must establish their own Perkasa-like organisation.

And when Chua made such a statement during the Chinese Economic Congress last Saturday, touching on the Malay equity and quotas, plus a soft warning about the possibility of MCA 'agreeing' with DAP in terms of the Chinese interests, Umno leaders jumped from their seats. Even Najib's deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin reminded Chua not to loose his footing over the sensivities of the Malays.

Adding salt to the wound was the mainstream media, especially Utusan which blasted Chua and the Chinese, forgetting that if BN goes down the drain in the next general election, they would be among the first to face the music. Then came Perkasa, lodging a police report against Chua.

So, where are we heading to? What is there to offer the voters if no simple calculation can mend the rift before the Parliament is dissolved? If more and more people want to become heroes of their respective race and sect, may as well we surrender the government to Anwar Ibrahim now! At least, he knows where and how to screw you people!

I do not wish to add anything. If our leaders read this, I dont think they realise and want to admit their mistakes. Sesungguhnya aku sedang berpuasa...


MCA member said...


utusan malaysia, an umno-owned newspaper, has been shooting endlessly at mca and the chinese since datuk najib become prime minister. their motive is unknown but what i sure of is, it is not healthy for barisan nasional and the spirit of national unity.

am i too much to label utusan as a racist newspaper? if utusan is not, why must they shapen their knives on the chinese every now and then when there is an issue brought up by chinese politicians which touches the malays and bumiputras?

on several occasion, utusan exaggerated such issues and blew it out of proportion. who owns utusan, umno or perkasa?

we hope to see a malaysian integration under najib but when a mainstream media like utusan plays its part in belittling a bn component, hitting hard at the chinese and adding fuel to fire (like you said), utusan IS a racist newspaper!

Anonymous said...

where does the shit come from?

from umno and media like utusan and media prime group! they are the ones who caused all the fumes!

guru BM di sekolah Cina said...

perkasa memang anti-china. sebab itulah apa-apa saja yang dilakukan oleh parti orang cina, mereka akan cari kesilapan dan buat laporan polis.

kalaulah perkasa jadi parti politik, saya yakin malaysia akan jadi huru-hara.

apakah ini yang disokong oleh kerajaan datuk seri najib?

ex-bandit said...

umno is in deep shit

mca is in deep shit

mic is in deep shit

... just vote for pakatan rakyat lar!

pro-PKR said...

you are also in deep shit, jai. najib will expel you from umno for criticizing the government, umno, bn and rosmah.

takpa bro, join pkr. i am sure u will be welcomed!

kubota said...


apsal kau nak bela sangat mca ni? kau tau apa pasal agenda diorang?

RSK said...

najib is aware that barisan nasional is in disarray but there is nothing much he can do.

he is not mahathir who is known for his ability to put things under control. najib doesnt acquire that skill. in fact none of present politicians have that talent.

Anonymous said...

perkasa is good for the malays but they PERKOSA national unity!

CTN said...


hand over the govt to anwar. let him be pm, kit siang dpm, nik aziz finance minister, karpal as law minister... good composition what!

bn is no more relevant

wartawan senior said...

utusan nampaknya bermain sentimen yang merosakkan imej barisan nasional secara keseluruhannya.

banyak berita utusan sejak akhir2 ini mirip kepada menghasut orang melayu agar menentang orang cina malaysia.

sebagai orang melayu sendiri, saya bimbang akan kesan buruknya terhadap bn pada pru akan datang, bimbang jika orang cina sendiri tidak lagi mengundi bn dan mca atau gerakan kerana duduk bersama umno, parti yang menguasai utusan serta media aliran perdana lain yang turut mengecam bangsa cina.

kepada utusan, fikir-fikirkanlah!

Anonymous said...

i think BN especially UMNO have to do something now. 1Malaysia already doom. They have to come out with something else.

chihuahua said...

i hope both parties can put behind such a stupid argument, and work for the national interest instead

stop bickering!

usop tocang said...

kepada pemimpin umno dan bn, jgn berasa terlalu selesa dengan perkembangan sebegini.

buruk padahnya nanti. bertindaklah dengan wajar

Anonymous said...

if utusan keeps on with this ugly work, they will eventually pay for bn defeat in the next general election. just watch out!

lee lap tiang said...

i wonder why the malays are allowed to say anything unpleasant about the chinese and other but the chinese say something similar about them, the malays and their leaders would react as if we, the chinese, are declaring a war on them?

so, this is 1malaysia, i suppose!

si pitak said...


kita ni ibarat anjing menyalak bukit. pemimpin kita, baik melayu atau cina atau india, tak peduli apa kita kata.

kita sama2 tengok dua tiga tahun lagi...

anak malaya said...

selepas hilang dua pertiga pada pru12, bn nampaknya tidak belajar apa2 daripadanya, malah parti komponen utamanya terus bertelagah dan bertegang urat mengenai hal2 remeh yang sepatutnya boleh diselesaikan segera.

ini tidak. malah pemimpin umno dan mca saling melemparkan tuduhan dan tidak mengendahkan keresahan ahli akar umbi mengenai kemungkinan bn tewas terus pada pru akan datang.

ini ditambah pula oleh organisasi satu kaum seperti perkasa yang mengeruhkan keadaan apabila campur tangan dalam hal-ehwal barisan nasional.

apa pendirian kerajaan mengenai perkasa, tidaklah diketahui dengan jelas walaupun tan sri muhyiddin berkata tidak ada salahnya perkasa ditubuhkan.

apa sebenarnya yang berlaku sekarang lebih menjurus kepada masalah perkauman, dan ini akan melarat ke tahun2 akan datang. apa kesudahannya, kitan tengok la nanti... siapa yang akan menanggung akibatnya... rakyat atau kerajaan!

Anonymous said...


hang li poyo said...

jai, when a chinese paper makes a racist statement, the kdn immediately summons the editor and issues a stern warning.

however, when a pro-govt newspaper makes a racist statement, no action, not even a warning was issued!

is the government racist too?

Anonymous said...

Najib, kalau tak tahu bertanyalah Tun M tu. Janganlah tanya Rosmah atau Nizar. Tun M sudah tentu rela memberi nasihat dan tunjuk ajar bila-bila masa. Minta nasihat dari seberapa ramai orang; lepas tu timbangkan dan buat keputusan sendiri. Be consultative, man.

Anonymous said...

ban perkasa.

thats right!

put a stop to all this nonsense!

IB said...

only if dr mahathir is still the bn chairman.

i remember, all matters pertaining to bn components and its problems were discussed behind closed doors.

today, its free for all


MASTANA said...


tak guno kito heboh2 pasal bn ni. dioghang pun bukan pedulik amek apo yang kito cakap. tak diapekkannyo.

kita cuma kono buek kojo untuk bagi keluargao makan. kalau tuka kerajaan pun, tak guno gak kalau kito masih macam ni.

elok undi diri sendighi jo...


gua respek soi lek sebab dia berani.

takkanlah melayu je boleh cakap pasal memperjuangkan hak melayu.

orang cina, india, kadazan, dusun dan lain2 tak da hak ke?

buat malu melayu je korang ni!

Anonymous said...

i have the right gloves for muhyidin and chua.

anyone with a good arena?

nazareth said...

ban perkasa!

ban utusan!

ban back street boys!

betok said...

sebab pulut, santan binasa; sebab mulut badan binasa.

badan siapa yang nak binasa ni?

badan berkanun ke?

Anonymous said...

one day, the malays would realise that people like ibrahim ali has caused them lots of problem!

karipuley said...

after all the effort and money spent for 1malaysia, the wider the racial gap grows.

najibs must be frustrated with it... but not muhyidin, i think!

S M SALAM said...

di mana2 pun, kaum pendatang akan buat hal, termasuklah di amerika syarikat sendiri. tak kiralah kaum pendatang tu bangsa cina, arab, cuba, india dan sebagainya, mereka akan menuntut bermacam-macam daripada kerajaan negara berkenaan, seolah-olah merekalah anak watan negara tersebut.

yob lekior said...

kau kat mana jai?

bila kau nak sokong perkasa ni? apsal kau tak berapa suka perkasa ni?

Anonymous said...


memang sukar diramalkan akan akan jadi pada bn pada pru akan datang kalau beginilah keadaannya sekarang

Anonymous said...


bn cant rule forever

pelesit said...

mansuhkan semua srjkc dan srjkt dan jadikan sekolah kebangsaan untuk semua rakyat, tidak kira bangsa dan agama.

dari sinilah kita akan lihat asimilasi kaum di negara tercinta ni.

jangan akur kepada bantahan orang yang tak reti bahasa ni. ini semua untuk kebaikan mereka juga.

apa tunggu lagi muhyiddin - mansuhkan aliran cina dan tamil!

yong tau fu said...

jai bro,

u r d bestest!

hope you are sincere with what you have written.

let us all be true malaysians!

biol said...


letih lar mikirkan masalah negara ni.

jom masuk tido.

kang nak bersahur pulak... pastu tak posa!

Anonymous said...

utusan is racist!

if hisham plays dumb about it, dont ever blame the chinese media again!

Anonymous said...

oi mat.. apa ke jubonya doa khutbah jemahat sebut nama cina kominis tu?


Anonymous said...

Utusan is run by PKR agents. They make UMNO and BN look bad so that people will vote PKR.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir.

The poor performance of BN in the 12 GE was the result of weak leadership and the complacency attitudes of BN component party leaders particularly the BN Chairman and UMNO President the Snoring Slumberjack.

This slumber jack was made to sleep by the Chinese leaders who pretend to support his stupid policies. At the same time they allow him, his family members and cronies to "balun and sapu" what ever he could take for his retirement.

The Chinese particularly leaders of MCA , Gerakan and others knew that UMNO leaders were also busy making ill gotten money and wealth through their corrupt activities and illegal means.

The Chinese knew that UMNO leaders were busy topping up their coffers and for sure these UMNO guys failed to realize DAP ,Keadilan and a small part of PAS had agreed for a cooperation otherwise a marriage of convenience long time ago for the 12th GE. As a result BN was caught with its pants down short of "Telanjang Bogel" and surrender the power to the Pakatan Rakyat.

To day BN is still living in yesteryear of 2003-2008.

Now BN and its components party is embroiled with intra and inter party squabble that seemed not to be immediately settled.

There's no point to ban PERKASA. Let it be there

The best thing to do in order to settle these issues is for UMNO and Orang Melayu to get ready for GE 13 and prepare the best strategies that the Malay brains can think of to face the election.

If you are a MALAY , please think like a positive MALAY.

Buang segala hasad dengki , busuk hati , tamak and what have you for a while for we are starting a new life after this election.

If we find PM Najib is unsuitable then we get rid of him and get a new one to replace him.

I am a MALAY

orang kampung said...

TDM is a strong leader who perpetuates a strong leadership. During his premiership who dared to main-main. Not that he didn't listen but you must be fully prepared with your briefing.

The scenario is different when the country's stewardship changes hand. Who would imagine for heads of BN component parties less UMNO submitting a memorandum to the premier whereas it could be discussed and settled behind closed doors? And it is simply disgusting to see in TV S Vellu and KTKoon quarrelling in front of AAB.

That is already history but history seems to be repeating itself under Najib judging from current development.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the solution is simple - reduce chinese shares of the economic pie

then they will be kuai kuai

Anonymous said...

a party led by a video film star cannot truly help to shape the nation's future

his lapse will perpetually haunt him with regards to moral values

the moment csl is mca's no 1 man, the party is rendered ineffective