Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who actually lied here...Anwar, Muhyiddin or Rais?

Now... which is which. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday accused Anwar Ibrahim of paying the CNN for his interview in the 'Connect The World' programme, while the CNN today denied such an accusation, saying it was fabricated (read here).

In a related issue, former US ambassador to Malaysia Mr John Malott wrote in Malaysiakini that Rais Yatim and whoever accused the Opposition Leader of becoming a CIA agent should apologise not only to him but also to the US and Malaysian premier Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, arguing that Washington was never involved in any espionage mission in this country.

And of course those with the accusation were asked to come up with proof and tangible evidence, whether Anwar is really a CIA agent (here) and whether he really paid a sum of money to CNN just to have him interviewed on the programme.

A CNN spokesperson said today it was disturbing that no effort was made to contact the network and "independently verify these groundless allegations before they were subsequently reported as fact". Over the past few days, a number of people had commented about Anwar's appearance on the CNN programme.

They had based their comments on an article by Joshua Trevino in The Ledger, a US online publication, which was also quoted by one or two local newspapers in Malaysia. Trevino had only alluded to the fact that those who had been hired by Anwar to run his public relations campaign in the United States had solid media contacts.

Malott wrote, "...it amazes me that today people in Malaysia still continue to disseminate the nonsense that Anwar is a CIA agent for their own political gain. I dealt with this issue 10 years ago in an article I wrote for Malaysiakini ('Anwar was never an American spy', Sept 2, 2000) in which I said categorically that Anwar is not and never has been an American agent.

"If I was lying 10 years ago, then why couldn't Mahathir - after 22 years in control of the Special Branch - prove me wrong? And why hasn't anyone been able to prove it in the seven years since Mahathir left power? Why can't they prove it today, instead of relying on the ramblings of mountain top bloggers in New York? Why hasn't Anwar ever been arrested on espionage charges?"

And then, former premier Tun Dr Mahathir who said Anwar was not loyal to the country for associating himself with Jews and the CIA, has also been accused of 'not being loyal to Malaysia for engaging Salomon Smith Barney and Goldman Sach during the economic downturn in 1997, as reported by Malaysiakini titled Mahathir a creation of the US?.

"Mahathir reconciled with George Soros, a Jew he once despised, when Soros visited Malaysia a few years ago and openly declared (for reasons which are still a mystery) that Soros was not responsible for Malaysia's financial crisis.

Jack Abramaoff, a Jew, arranged a meeting between Mahathir and former US president George W Bush after Mahathir's government paid US$1.2m to the Heritage Foundation that was managed by Abramaoff.

These are just some of the instances of Mahathir-Jewish partnerships. So who is the good friend of the Jews? Mahathir or Anwar?"

like to ask the readers and Malaysians - Do you like all this?


violet said...

all are liars, including malaysiakini, free malaysia today and the likes of malaysia today.

those people, regardless of ideologies, are damn good at telling lies to attract public attention to their personal agenda.

nobody can proof anything to implicate each other as they know bloody well it is just a political game. for what? to distract people from other boiling issues such as inflation, high interest rates, poor standard of living for the low income bracket, the ballooning price of daily goods, etc.

our politicians, especially are good at pointing fingers at each other. anwar ibrahim is a gone case but still pretending a hero to the malays and malaysians when in fact he is fighting for himself, his family and his cronies.

govt leaders, too are no less trapped with anwar's kind of games. so much so, their only focal point is to bring down anwar while forgetting their service to the people. they speak too much about irrelevant things, trying to become champions of barisan nasional.

tv reports, newspapers and blogs are too fond of hitting out at anwar, mostly every now and then to the extent that the plight and quest of the poors are being neglected and sidelined.

what is all this?

ombudsman said...

where got proof to accuse anwar of being a CIA agent, of to substantiate claims that he paid CNN for the air-time?

all this are political propaganda... cheap propaganda!

Anonymous said...

siapa penipu?

semua ahli politik memang kuat menipu, tak kira la dari kerajaan atau pembangkang.

sama je... dua2 kaki pendusta!

karipuley said...


thank u for being wiser this time, and not taking side.

as much as u sound fed up with it, i am more disgusted with those people whom we call leaders.

it will go on and on and on...

dicky said...



pro-mahathir said...

when dr m employed salomon smith barney, the firm was found not to have any connection with israel or jews.

so, stop arguing on it!

Anonymous said...

yang banyak menipu ialah anwar

yang banyak kelentong ialah rais

yang banyak temberang ialah muhyiddin

yang takut bini ialah.....

reena, klang said...


malaysiakini memang antikerajaan. so, setiap tulisan yang menghentam malaysia akan disajikan kepada pembacanya.

tak hairanlah sebab pendokongnya pun memang antikerajaan

tali barut said...


bohong tu satu kemestian untuk menceburi politik.

tak pandai bohong, tak boleh main politik.

tu pun tak tau ke?

gerimis senja said...




Anonymous said...

let anwar be a cia agent.

next time, we can produce a good movie about him.

cincin belah rotan said...

kalau ditanya pendapat orang ramai, saya yakin sebahagian besar akan berkata mereka dah muak dan jelak dengan benda2 semacam ini. mereka sudah bosan dan tak sanggup lagi mengikutinya.

inikah tugas sebenar pemimpin kita walhal banyak lagi isu rakyat yang belum diselesaikan.

kalau orang macam rais dan muhyiddin pun tak sedar bahawa anwar tu sengaja nak pesongkan perhatian umum terhadap kes mahkamahnya agar dia dapat simpati rakyat, susahlah.

dalam hal ini, anwar yang nampaknya menang sebab selagi tidak ada pihak mengetengahkan bukti bagi menyokong segala dakwaan dan tuduhan, dia tetap akan menang dan sudah tentulah makin ramai yang simpati terhadapnya.

betok said...

kalau aku kata rais kentut dalam botol, korang percaya tak?

mat gombau said...

aku ni melayu, ahli umno pulak tu tapi aku tak setuju la kita tuduh anwar tanpa bukti. kalau diorang ada bukti, aku pun akan belasah si anwar tu.

tak elok orang islam tuduh dan fitnah saudaranya dengan cara itu walaupun untuk maksud politik.

dulu kita kata pas macam2 tapi sekarang ni umno pun dua kali lima jugak nampaknya, malah lebih hebat daripada pas di segi fitnah-memfitnahnya.

rilex laaaaa

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


why dont u work together to develop the nation and help those in need, instead of political infighting?


si pitak said...

agaknya ramai rakyat nak muntah tengok benda macam ni berlaku di negara kita.

macam dah takda maruah dah sekor2...

gurkha said...

hidup CIA!

hidup anwar!

hidup rosmah!

eh... tersasul lak

pelesit said...


ada senapang tak, nak pinjam.

nak tembak je diorang ni.

kecik2 taknak mampus, dah besor nyusahkan orang je!

Anonymous said...



kelingking said...

kah kah kah!

dah macam citer james bond la pulak malaysia ni.

kalau dah ada agen cia, tentu ada jugak agen mossad, kgb dan sebagainya,.

menarik ni

Wake UP! said...

Tipu-tipu UMNO pun, takde la sampai akhbar utama Yahudi dok promosi Anwar Ibrahim jadi PM Malaysia.

Selalunya orang Islam dibenci Yahudi sampai di Gaza pun setiap hari ditembak mati.

Ini ada hubungan lubang belakangkah antara Yahudi dengan Anwar Ibrahim?

Anonymous said...

rais is the biggest liar, actually. he lies about helping out his constituency!

he lied about his high moral value. ask him how many staff of istana budaya and the transport he used during pru12!

coyote said...

anwar has to lie because he is on the opposition.

is he is with the govt, there is not need to lie.

if najib is with the opposition, he too will have to lie

so, lying is a political trait.

tambak johor said...

siapa cakap bohong?

muhyiddin kot!

tanya orang johor masa dia jadi mb, banyak ke jasa dia?

koyak rabak said...

yang saling menuduh ni semuanya melayu, yang amat terkenal dengan sifat hasad dengki, kuat memfitnah, mengata, menghasut dan mengampu.

bangsa lain cuma lihat dan ketawa di belakang kita sebab merekalah yang kaut untung daripada perpecahan orang melayu.

ke laut leeeerrr!

Anonymous said...

malaysians are good at fabricating false. when one starts, the rest follow suit. from the top to bottom

tierra templada said...

kalau betul anwar jadi ejen CIA, dia patut dihadapkan ke mahkamah dan dikenakan hukuman.

tetapi jika tidak ada bukti ke atas segala dakwaan dan tuduhan, mereka yang membuat tuduhan patut juga dikenakan tindakan dan meminta maaf kepada anwar dan rakyat malaysia amnya

Anonymous said...


they have been here long time ago, together with mossad. they came from singapore since israel set up their embassy there.

bandito said...

they are all liars, good liars!

so, stop paying attention to them as attention is what they actually want.


Ni Mr Brown lah said...

English Class (for everybody):

Wrong Headline:Who actually lies...
Correct: Who actually lied...

Sebab : guna past tense (pembohongan dah berlaku, so guna past tense. bukan sedang berlaku which is present continuous tense.

CIA said...

Korang percaya ke yang Mallot kata CIA tak pernah terlibat dalam kegiatan perisikan di Malaysia? Mungkin CIA ini ni sebenarnya pertubuhan dakwah , kebajikan kot? Tugas mereka ialah untuk memberi bantuan kemanusiaan. Iraq and Afghanistan tu takda kena mengena dengan CIA. Itu semua dilakukan oleh extremis Islam . Takda kena mengena dengan CIA.

cm said...

Politician speaks thru their nose .When will Malaysia grow out of this mentality!
It is sad ! To be able to achieved developed country means nation must be able to think maturely.
Just a bunch of kampung boys!
God help Malaysia

Anonymous said...

jai my bro, apa lu cakap ni. lu kata lu wartawan terer sampai dapat interview saddam hussain but then lu tak tengok ke background wartawan cnn farid zakaria yg interview mr handsome anwar ibrahim tuh. lu tak tak tengok ke background si bedol john mellot tu. dua-dua depa kan sahabat karib al-gore. malam yang the so call nak jatuhkan kerajaan malaysia...si john mallot lah tergedik-gedik dgn al-gore dan madeline albright tunggu kerajaan malaysia. so kalau lu lebih percaya pada depa...so sorrylah...tak tau nak cakap babe.

Anonymous said...

The liar is the one who: -
Promised Sept 16th
Claimed Arsenic poisoning
Claimed assassination
Claimed back-ache
Now what would his name be?


bujai said...

thank you, mr brown.

kluangman said...

tambak johor said...

siapa cakap bohong?

muhyiddin kot!

tanya orang johor masa dia jadi mb, banyak ke jasa dia?

Baru hidup ke kau ni tambak johor, selain Othman Saad, tunjukkan aku MB Johor mana yang lebih hebat dari Muhyiddin?

Ghani? ..kau belum sunat lagi kot tambak johor.

kluangman said...

Membuktikan siapa bohong pun sebenarnya tidaklah sebegitu penting dengan kenyataannya bahawa 'rahsia keselamatan' negara itu sangat penting dari dibocorkan kepada pihak luar negara.

Amerika sudah terkenal dengan kegiatan risikan ini dan sudah biasa tidak meninggalkan apa apa kesan bukti atau menafikan keterlibatannya.

Siapa yang terdesak... Marlott, Anwar, Muhyiddin atau Rais.