Sunday, July 4, 2010

The football of politics

update: I wrote this posting immediately after midnite July 4 while Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak made similar statement in the afternoon (here). Whatever it is, my worries for Umno is more than that of his. Why? He only cited the problems in Umno Kelantan, not knowing that Terengganu and few other states is worse than expected. Anyway, he is the party President. Whether he gets the right info or not, he should be aware that Umno needs a total 'clean up'.

earlier posting

Tasik Kenyir in Terengganu is one of the best local retreats I have been. So tranquil, so fascinating. Never had I imagined how this man-made lake has turned out to be Trengganu's most popular hideaway. You may easily get enchanted.

However, yesterday added to my joy. Watching how Holland buried Brazil to advance to the semi-finals of the World Cup football in South Africa, made me realize that the best does not always rule. I am also glad that my prediction about England and Argentina was correct. How did England, Brazil and Argentina fail to make it to the last four, is now up to their respective team manager and coach to answer.

In politics, it applies. Being among the top leaders/politicians does not guarantee you of anything. You may be a Prime Minister, a Deputy Prime Minister, a senior minister etc but should you resort to wrong sets of policy and strategy, you may find the exit soon.

A leader might be happy to introduce something new for the rakyat. While making the minority happy, he fails to take into account the interest of the majority. Just because the minority controls the economy and other sectors, he thinks it is important that their quest for anything and their demand be fulfilled. The majority, most of whom depend so much on government subsidy and discretion, are now being sidelined. While the minority is allowed to build big supermarkets in the city, the majority is only given license to operate a 'keropok lekor' stall nearby.

Being the best too does not necessarily make us popular. Our approach may be obsolete. While England, Brazil and Argentina are so comfortable being among the best in world football, they failed to acknowledge the fact that other countries are fast catching up to their standard, and in some cases emerged to be better than them in terms of tactic and approach. While the best are getting saturated, the others are leaping forward to take over their standings.

Remember what did FIFA say about Holland before the start of the Finals? -- that Holland is among the no hoppers!

Here in Malaysia, our FAM keeps on trying to find the right tuning for the soccer team. So much was spent, so many foreign coaches were engaged and thousands of players were tested but the standard is still declining.

I think its nothing wrong to look out for the best. However, if we keep on looking for the best, we may end up having nothing.

Our politic is the same. While we keep on believing that our policy is the best, it finally backfires. In trying to provide the best for the rakyat, we actually offer them product of the lowest class. Why? We dont have enough knowledge about their actual need. While encouraging the retailers to multiply their business, we build a special complex for them... and they are so much happy. A year later, we allowed a wholesale supermarket to open next to the complex, forgetting that this retailers have been buying from the wholesaler all this while.

And finally, the retailer complex has to be closed down. Its tenants, too have to 'gulung tikar'. Our best assistance to them was actually the best, silly error to kill them. Anyone knows anything about Wisma Yakin? Its no longer 'meyakinkan'. Most if the small retailers and petty traders had left.

Umno, too is trying to stay relevant. While its President, deputy president and other office bearers are so convinced that the next general elections would see the party wresting more seats from the Opposition, they failed to distinguish the problems at grassroots.

The grief of grassroots member is not for them to listen. They have their own division and branch chiefs. Unfortunately, most of them those chiefs are rotten politicians. Not only that they feed the leaders with wrong info, they also turned up as 'division dictators'. Again, such an approach is not relevant anymore. Umno may end up just like Brazil - claiming to be the best for the Malays but is actually meant for the rich Malays.

So, football and politics are more or less the same. If you ignore the might of your opponent, you may fall down to your knees. If Umno thinks Parti Keadilan and PAS fail to attract more Malays, they are wrong. If Umno leaders feel comfortable with the feedback they got from down and bottom, they may end up reeling during the next PRU.

England players have gone home, and so are the Brazilians and Argentinians. It will take them years to recover from the agony of defeat. Brazilian coach has declared that he would resign. That is only soccer. Will any of our leaders willing to resign should his/her policy backfires and upset the rakyat?

One thing for sure - we are not Japan!


santos said...

the main problem when u are at the top is, u tend to be complacent, forgetting that others are fast improving, bro.

as for the dutch and the brazilians, they are more the less of the same class.

only uncall errors made brazil succumb to that defeat

kimmy said...

waaaahhh! football of politics. i like that.

but its true, politicians play too many balls!

Anonymous said...

umno is getting from bad to worse. its leadership, too is like argentina, thinking they are at their best to manage the party

tali barut said...

jai, fam memang dah tak bole pakai dah. banyak politik dalam fam ni, banyak perebutan kuasa. sebab itu pegawai dan pemain letih dengan karenah mereka ni. main pun nak tak nak je. kalau menang, yang dapat nama bukan malaysia tapi mereka yang pimpin fam!

Anonymous said...

brazil was shown the exit because they don the favourites. holland was the underdog.

its always not good being favourites. when we lose, MALU BESAR!

sidek martin said...

'if we keep on looking for the best, we may end up having nothing...' perfect, jai!

labisman said...

two things - foot and ball.

my foot goes to rotten leaders and politicians

my ball goes to.... u all!

Anonymous said...

jai, siapa yang kau nak hentam sebenarnya ni?

tajam dan pedas semacam je.

cakap la direct, takyah berkias-kias macam rais yatim

blue henna said...

england is the most proud team. we should stop watching the EPL and instead turn to german or the dutch.

remember when dr mahathir launched the BUY BRITISH LAST?

Anonymous said...

they always tell us - when u are too high, dont look down...

don juan said...

umno memang macam fam. segala masalah ahli dibuat macam bola, disepak sana sini tapi tak sorang pun nak selesaikannya.

pemimpin umno lebih senang terima laporan je daripada kaji betul2 masalah yang diajukan.

aku pun ahli umno gak, dah lebih 30 tahun. masalah dalaman parti makin berat, silap2 boleh telokop masa pru akan datang.

pemimpin umno peringkat negeri yang paling teruk, melindungi ketua bahagian yang macam setan.

zol said...

betul kata kau. wisma yakin dah jadi wisma kecewa. ramai peniaga melayu gulung tikar sejak kerajaan izinkan wholesaler mydin dan yang lain dibuka di sekitar kawasan berkenaan.

kerajaan lupa bahawa peruncit di situ turut membeli barang daripada pemborong.

misalnya, peruncit beli kain ela daripada mereka dengan harga rm3 semeter dan menjualnya kepada orang ramai dengan harga rm5. bila pemborong yang sama membuka gedung di situ, mereka jual dengan harga rm3 jugak.

matilah semua peniaga kecil jika kerajaan hanya mementingkan kutipan cukai daripada pemborong ni tanpa mengambil kira nasib peniaga kecil.

adilkah kerajaan kita ni kepada rakyat?

Anonymous said...

umno leaders are the proud ones.

bola lisut said...

i think umno leaders must not rely too much on reports put forward by states liaison chief. they should instead employ a special team to peek into the real situation in all states. a few chiefs refuse to admit problems in their respective state as they dont want to be seen as being ineffective.

ehsan, kl said...

aku sokong si TALI BARUT.

fam memang dah tak boleh diharap dah. anak orang kaya yang tak boleh main bola pun diterima sebab mak bapak dia bagi sumbangan kepada badan induk tu.

so, memang patut la mutu bolasepak malaysia ni tak meningkat.

zaman mokhtar dahari, james wong, hasan sani dan santokh singh dulu, kalau tak tau main bola, jangan harap la dapat sarung jersi negeri atau negara walaupun dia anak orang kaya

thairupalsumasevam said...

hebat la kau jai. aku rasa najib yang tiru apa yang kau tulis dalam blog ni. mungkin pegawai dia yang baca blog ni bagi idea kat dia. kalau nak ikutkan, najib mana ada idea macam ni.... kan?.... kan?

Anonymous said...

apa yang pemimpin kita buat tu semuanya betul ler, hawau!

Anonymous said...



meatball said...

some of our leaders play balls, some got balls while the others got no balls....

thats why laaaa!

Anonymous said...

our soccer management sucks!

synx said...

taking a fall from a height is painful... climbing up is even more painful...

bung karim said...

saya tabik sdr kerana berani buat kenyataan macam ni. apa pun, najib pun dah buat kenyataan yang serupa. maknanya apa yang sdr sebut ni ada kebenarannya. semoga umno dapat diselamatkan

sang kelembai said...

kepada tv3 dan rtm, tak payahlah lagi berkiblatkan siaran bolasepak england. mereka dah terlingkup. apa kata kita cuba bolasepak german, belanda, jepun, ghana atau korea?

Non-partisan said...

You wrote 'whether he got the right info or not.....'

Yes, at the time when UMNO/BN is yet to recover from the 2008 GE debacles, the chances are they are either misinformation or disinformation to further destabilise the party.

What DSNTR gravely needs as from now is solid intelligence from highly reliable sources on the polemics and intrigues within the party at all levels PLUS the reality as to how the various strata of the society from all nook and corner of country coping with their everyday life.

Those who are tagging along with the PM day and night and those arm-chair analysts, more often than not are just useful to give him a sense of good feeling.

Anonymous said...

Komen Jai: "While the minority is allowed to build big supermarkets in the city, the majority is only given license to operate a 'keropok lekor' stall nearby."

The "majority" can only operate a keropok lekor stall mainly because of 2 things which are lacking -

(1) capital (modal), dan
(2) know-how/knowlege.

Maybe highly educated and capable people like you and others can extend a helping hand to these small business people and lift them up the economic ladder. These people are not stupid and lazy. NOT AT ALL! What they really need is help and guidance from experienced businessmen and a fair bit of mentoring, and surely many of them will eventually achieve successs in their enterprise.