Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is Zarinah Anwar so powerful?

Yeap! Why is SC chairman Zarinah Anwar so powerful? What empowers her? And who gives her the rights to intimidate business reporters whose duty is to report facts and figures?

My question - is the reports on Kenmark wrong and subjudice? Subjudice to who and what? Why is Zarinah so protective of the 'leaks' from SC? Whose interest is she upholding?

The reports was to seek justification from those involved and has in no manner breach the ethic of journalism. Should the SC has a different set of provision that can sue and send journalists to jail for doing their job, then I would suggest for the Press to impose a total blackout on Zarinah and the Securities Commission.

Journalists have played an important role in helping to boost the economy and build confidence to the bourse. The SC, notwithstanding has been using the Press all this while to paint a rosy picture of the market, whether the sentiment was positive or not.

Taking the cue from Rockybru, I think Zarinah's action in interrogating the reporters who wrote the story is suicidal as it would lead to many business reporters, both local and foreign, to dig up for more 'leaks'. Have anyone ever wondered why the likes of Vincent Tan, Kalimullah and others were let off the hook by the SC?

And I personally believe that the MACC should step in to check the irregularities. Why? I dont think the Finance Minister would interfere in what is going on at the SC, neither will he be bothered with Zarinah's action.

So, its time for her to consider everything. She may proceed with the legal suit against the reporter and enjoy her tenant (for how long?) as the SC chairperson. By the way, does she remember under which provision that she was appointed to the position?

My call to the Prime Ministeri and Finance Minister - just sit tight and do nothing about it!


hashim chonel said...


In answering your question, I would like to highlight that she is from a blue blood family with good connections and her sister is the strong unmarried taikachee of sister in islam-Zainah Anwar.

Zainah Anwar is the one that says, she does not want to get married because she do not want to be slave to a man.

So when compared to the your journalist colleagues of yours, aparachiklah...,

Well, najib Razak has renewed her contract ang the agung has conferred her Tan Sri, so this denote that she has done a good job.

Well, you all journalist ang blogger just shut your mouth, turn off your laptops and joint 1Malaysia and just buy Kenmark shares, if Ishak is the main shareholder because the company sure fly,.......,

Jai, who are you to make noise, buang masa aje..., ha...ha the other alternative is joint Najib team like Sang Kelembai.....

Anonymous said...

woi jai u jgn kurang ajar dgn zarinah. tempeleng hang bau tau siul.


Anonymous said...

It's the Anwar in the name

armed said...

of course she got the full power to swing.

who gave her such a power? the government la, stupid!

nilampuri said...

kita hidup di zaman apa ni, sampai nak penjarakan wartawan yang bertungkkus lumus mencari kebenaran untuk dihebahkan kepada rakyat yang membayar cukai?!

jika zarinah berbuat demikian, maknanya dia sendiri terbabit dengan pelbagai salahlaku di SC and dia patut disiasat oleh SPRM.

bukan ini caranya untuk menjadi popular, kecuali zarinah memang melindungi sesuatu yang tidak patut diketahui umum.

datuk najib kena beri perhatian terhadap kes ini kerana ia akan menjejaskan kepercayaan orang ramai dan pelabur terhadap suruhanjaya sekuriti.

amat malang jika keterlanjuran zarinah dibiarkan.

satu soalan - mengapa dia membiarkan kj turut terlepas?

Anonymous said...

nothing was wrong with the reports, bro.

the only thing the reporter did not do is seeking permission before writing it.

kawan bujai said...

hashim chonel,

aku masih ingat, adik dia zainah tu memang bergetah suatu masalah dahulu... hehehe

Anonymous said...

let us see whether prime minister steps in or not.

if he doesnt, means zarinah is the pm in this case.

kanebo said...





phua said...

let zarinah do he work la. i thinks she's in the right position to execute the reporter. such a report would not only bring down a good business but shatter so many dreams

Anonymous said...


jangan kacau zarinah.

dia cantik ler, hawau!

Anonymous said...

macam mana ni? najib pun tak berani campur tangan.

ada kepentingan jugak ke?

lambretta66 said...

the reporter should first of all lodge police report for what she had gone thru.

let zarinah proceed with her plan to execute her. the NUJ must also handle this case accordingly to the code of its profession.

journalists are well protected in this country, so why worry?

Anonymous said...

journalists are not always right when attending to their duty.

some are good and the rest are just idiots!

kulop ludin said...

apa kau nak risau jai.

mac tahun depan tentu kau dapat datuk kelantan.

jangan marah haaaaaa!

hering said...

she protects so many people. that's why she didnt want the press to get such a leak.

dont tell me that zarinah is only happy with her salary.

by the way, how much is she getting monthly?


Anonymous said...

i like zarinah. she is gorgeous!

anak syarikat said...




marciano said...

i understand why rockybru is going all out to defend the reporter.

because he is malay mail boss!

otherwise, he wont bother to write about it

steady la rocky!

Anonymous said...

i agree that the local Press should impose a blackout on the sc

Anonymous said...

i agree that the local Press should impose a blackout on the sc

Anonymous said...

najib wont dare to get near zarinah. why? rosmah will get jealous!

soman gagap said...

takkan la orang secantik zarinah ni sanggup buat benda macam ni, bro.

kalau dia terlibat, hilang la cantiknya!

gua pun syok tgk dia

Anonymous said...

Najib tak berani. Ini Rosmah kena ajar itu iron lady. Iron lady vs first lady

borhan said...

Is anybody out there can do the checking...Is Zarinah related to Najib and Hishamuddin ?

Anonymous said...

dalam kes kerja penjawat awam , yang dapat keja
kerna di masok dalam geng 'kenal sapa'. si zee ni
kenal de cinderalla-doollah.

the first duty for zee ialah jaga kepentingan tuan
dia si doolah dan keluarga kj. ini macam cerita jangan
pandang belakang. zee hanya perlu buat aksi jangan
pandang kes kes itu

geng chingkie vingkie tan/ geng mamakutty /'pundek'lingam

rule no 1

ada kemungkinan si zee ni lebih tahu pasal 'i tolong u, u tolong i'
dasar penjawat awam thingy.

untuk gerombolan di atas , no question
asked- jangan pandang pandang!

geng geng lain , gunakan rule no 1 jugaklah

kri , kru pun oklah asal ada 1 for u, 1 for me thingy

bila ada kes macam kenmark, lagi dah dapek pulak kat dio
de tan seli thingy, it became incumbent upon her.
untuk tunjuk taring. dia pun try gertak nak kenakan
denda /jel konon kat jorno.

as sc ceo, she is not the hakim besar, merely an officer
administering a quasi-judicial thingy aje. so her decision
is always subject to review by de mahkamah dinggi


zarinahtakesapaycut said...

Dear Sir,

We are tryig to bring this to the public eye, a clear example of abuse of power.

Would appreciate any links you can put up to us. Thank you.


Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar must take a RM100 paycut
Audit Oversight Board -Chronology of formation and...
Accounting fraud. Recent history from around the w...

3036 said...

Ahhh come on Bloggers.. Get a live laa! Just leave all the Pakatan's kinda tactic in order to bring Zarinah down. This is soooo Anwar Ibrahim way okay *boring*. Anyway, she has whatever it takes to be in that position. No doubt!

I'm so bored! M'sia these days full of speculations, as if they can do the job better laa? Yes, people can say whatever they want, but pls make sure you got the right fact. Or else, see you in court! But foodcourt also can LOL :P haha

ONG BEE YONG said...

tak kan nak buka bekung sendiri pulak